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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  July 23, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> lightning hit right over my head and i was just trying to get off the golf course and i heard a guy get hit. that's all. >> scary. >> scary stuff. >> we are hearing it was beautiful and then -- >> storming. kept getting. >> bad thunder and lightning and clears up. when the lord calls your number, stand in line. >> i think he might be okay. >> the good news. we understand he is going to be okay. it feels like we are out in the tropics here. it is intensely humid and you can see the kind of energy that's building in the atmosphere here and the potential for some series lightning storms so watch out. lesli, back to you. >> that's right. if you hear more thunder, bruce, you do the same thing. >> you got it. >> a severe thunderstorm warning just expired for part of our area but scattered storms are expected for much of the evening. we get the latest from topper shutt in the weather center. >> good news is the warnings expired but bad news is we are not out of dohe twoods yet. want to go back in time and show heyou the lightning.
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this is ouabt the time t hamavepry havemabeen ckrustruo na l.ess a couple things. lightn g heisinmb t1 ernu ll here hein teofrm s wer-at d teenevts. and you can see right rehe this is just outside the beltway is where congressional country club is and when we show you this, this is really serious stuff. let's go back to the tape if we could. this is where it was hit earlier. this is now live. we still see lightning off to the east and off to the north west but the lightning earlier this is right around congressional and, again, this is cloud-to-ground strikes. when thunder roars go indoors. let's go back to the computer now. this is live. pretty good thunderstorms just north of andrews and up by as well. tonight, we are not done. ourg, dymuggy. low temps 65 to 70. let me show you live doppler quickly. we are looking at big storms. i've got to tell you these are
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big storms that rolled out of loudoun into frederick county. hail. you can bet on winds. everything is going to move off to the north and east. these will move across the bay over towards shadyside. 270 heading up toward baltimore. i would not be surprised if we get a warning on these storms again. so we will certainly keep you posted. we will zoom in a little bit. big storm up 270 towards gaithersburg. you have to go through the storm once you get past gaithersburg. south and east at 301 and over towards north beach. drifting off to the north and east. this will move across 270 and this will move across 4 into the bay. we will keep you posted. could be a busy evening. back to you. >> thank you. a 6-year-old boy is , in critical con ndioitr aftenearly drowning afat a day camp in loudoun count. digital correspondent peggy fox
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has the story. >> reporter: just after noon today in this pool a life guard noticed a child who looked to be drowning in the deep end. police say he did what he was trained to do. >> the child was located in the deep end of the pool. a life guard became aware that he was at the end of the pool and dove down and brought him to the surface and began rescuing him. >> reporter: the life guard pulled him out and started cpr. the emergency response team from the national conference center arrived and assisted. >> he was having difficulty breathing at that time. again, he did have a pulse. but because of his condition again he was transported very quickly to the hospital and he has been sense flown to fairfax. >> reporter: he is a 6-year-old boy who has been attending an 11-weekday camp with dmv sports. it has been held here for seven years. the center's general manager says dmv sports has never had an accidents like this before and he credits the guards for their fast response. >> today's incident in loudoun
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count is certainly not the first emergency at a pool this summer. in fact, yesterday a little girl nearly drowned in arlington county. it happened at the upton pool on wilson boulevard. friends of a 7-year-old girl spotted her on the bottom of the pool in 4 feet of water. >> obviously got to be aware of the child's capabilities, how well they can swim and also just be aware of where they are in the pool and make sure you keep an eye on them. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9news now and a life guard at the upton hill in arlington started cpr on the girl. as for the boy in today's incidents he is in critical but stable condition. we are told he is able to move his arms. an attack on g. tisinthe im ck gg g. this time in rockpark. it haedpprk. it happened yesta.m. paa.m. ona jogging path near bingham drive and now police say they peve a person of interest y whe
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r rson is in custody. gary neurenberg has the story. >> reporter: some of this morning's joggers didn't know. >> a woman was attacked in this very spot. >> reporter: they look at each other and realized it could have been them. the attack on a woman jogger took place on a jogging path just off a bridge on beach drive. she says she had just run by the suspect, a stocky unshaven man smelling of alcohol speaking spanish to himself. a description helpful to police. >> we have made some progress on this investigation. pretty substantial progress by identifying a person of interest. >> reporter: joggers who talked to 9news now say they take precautions. >> we don't come after dark. we don't go alone. >> reporter: smart say park police. >> using good common sense procedures will certainly help keep you safe. but it is overall a very safe area within the district of columbia. >> reporter: but is the case solved? has the danger disappeared with the identification of the person of interest? is he under arrest? in custody? >> i'm not going to go into the
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status of that. >> reporter: gary neurenberg, 9news now and a boy has beenken ta intot custody. police say the boy grabbed a her down a llgged ha eoy bis 5'10" inches tall. ntveoylly let the victim go accordinto lepolice and ran into one of the offices in the building before officers eventually picked him up. now for the latest in the investigation into that deadly metro train collision. investigators now say that metro signaling system that detects stopped trains on the tracks has been having problems for a year and a half in the area where the crash occurred. the ntsb says records show a second circuit has been intermittently malfunctioning since a piece of equipment was replaced in december of 2007. today metro's general manager explained what he thinks the new findings show. >> it had some fluctuations in
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it and what it does mean in a layperson's term that means like the lights in this room or lights in your house. at times they might glow a little brighter and get a little dim. >> he says there is no evidence that trains were not being detected because of a newly discovered problem. he called the new finding another piece of the puzzle but not the smoking gun. metro is now reviewing all of its maintenance data to learn more. there will be a huge transportation bill that is expected to be approved by congress today. it is a decade-long commitment from the federal government. >> there will be $150 million as a down payment towards a $3 billion commitment over the next two years. >> the congressional delegation representing the dc area pledged to continue its support for metro at a news conference. president obama says he is okay with congress not making his deadline on a vote for
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health care reform as long as lawmakers keep working to that end. late this afternoon the president told a public forum in cleveland americans can't be afraid to make changes to a system that is already broken. joel brown has more. [ applause ] >> hello, everybody. >> reporter: president obama is trying to rebuild the momentum for health care reform. he held a town hall meeting in ohio hoping to win back the growing number of americans skeptical of his health care overhaul plans. >> as badly as i think it is necessary i won't sign it if that reform adds even one dime to our deficit over the next decade and i mean what i say. >> reporter: the president came to the town hall from a tour of the cleveland clinic, an example of what he wants to see across the country. better care at lower cost. >> because better care leads to fewer errors that cost money and lives. >> reporter: the white house wanted congress to pass a health care bill before its august recess but that's growing less likely by the day.
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the senates top democrat leader said the president's plan cannot be met. >> better to have one based on quality and thoughtfulness rather than trying to jam something true. >> reporter: while the senate hopes to return to senate in the fall they have tried to slow legislation in the house that they will believe will hike taxes too much without bringing costs down enough. >> that's the debate that's been taking place. >> reporter: the president all but conceded his timetable may be off. what he is trying to hold on to now is the political will to get health care reform done. joel brown , cbs news, the white house. >> according to a recent "associated press" pole the number of people that disapprove of the president's health care plan has jumped from 28% in april to 43% now. the prosecution's case in the banita jacks' murder trial is winding down and the last two witnesses relied on insects
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to draw a time line. audrey barnes reporting from the courthouse. >> reporter: today's testimony played out like a science class with insects taking center stage. their life cycle telling a story of a mother who may have lived with her children's corpses for several months. they believe she lived here with the daughter's bodies for up to seven months. after looking at the insects on the remains and in the bedrooms, a witness said he believes the children were killed sometime between april and november of 2007. their remains weren't found until january of 2008 when marshalls came to evict their mother. dr. william rodriguez who worked on a bbc production relied heavily on flies and
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other bugs for his testimony too much the mature beetles indicated britney died first probably in early april. after examining photos, tissue samples and other evidence gathered at the crime scene rodriguez says that he was absolutely certain those were knife wounds found on the teenagers abdomen. while witnesses talked about how bugs ravaged the daughter's bodies banita jacks answered questions from her defense attorney and suggesting others. >> reporter: the last prosecution witness was a forensic anth anthropologist. he believes the girls were strangled probably around september 2007. their bodies weren't discovered until the following january. the defense is scheduled to begin their case tomorrow afternoon. back to you. >> thank you for that, audrey. fairfax county police on the hunt for a woman
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responsible for two bank robberies. one was wachovia lorton. if you have any information call fairfax county police. stocks reach a milestone on their recovery on wall street. that's coming up next. >> i support the president of the united states 110% but i think he is way se >>the base. >> e caridge police partmentsaid ba they did nothing wrong.
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if we don't act, medical bills will wipe out their savings. if we don't act, she'll be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. and he won't get
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the chemotherapy he needs. if we don't act, health care costs will rise 70%. and he'll have to cut benefits for his employees. but we can act. the president and congress have a plan to lower your costs and stop denials for pre-existing conditions. it's time to act.
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9news now. brought to you by dc's number 1 professional car wash. on wall street stock market back in rally mode reaching levels it hasn't seen since the beginning of the year. the dow ended the day up 187 points to close at 9068. nasdaq rose 47 points and s&p 500 climbed 22 for the day. investors were reacting to better than expected news from the housing sector. the national association of realtors says sales of previously owned home jumped 3.5%. it was the third increase in a row marking the best sales record since last october. labor secretary saying tomorrow's increase in the nation's minimum wage will generate an extra 5.5 billion.
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the federal minimum wage increases friday from 6.55 to 7.25 an hour. a white police officer who arrested a prominent african- american scholar at home is not backing down. the cambridge police sergeant refuses to apologize even though charges against henry lewis gates jr. have been dropped. the sergeant says he is disappointed that the president has weighed in on controversy it is reported. >> reporter: president obama has jumped into the debate over the controversial arrest of harvard scholar henry louis gates jr. >> the cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof when they were in their home. >> reporter: the police showed up at gates' home last week after two african-american men were seen trying to force the front door open. gates was already inside and angry at the police intrusion especially after he identified himself. when he demanded the sergeant's badge number he was arrested. disorderly conduct charges have
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now been dropped. >> there is a long history of african-americans and latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionat ateley. the arresting officer says he does not have all the facts. the sergeant said he followed procedure and insisted he arrested gates because gates became belliggerigerently. >> reporter: family members say gates is disheartened. >> my father might be the last black man on earth who believed in the justice system. >> reporter: the mayor apologized to mr. gates on baffle of the city. >> the arresting officer is a police academy expert on racial profiling. the cambridge police sergeant has taught a class on racial
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profiling for five years after being picked for the job by the former police commissioner who happens to be black. >> you can feel the soup gathering in the area. >> a little soupy. >> pea soup. >> that's right. >> best shot we will start with. i made an exception. i was feeling benevolent. >> great shot. >> she is from silver spring. i didn't have a name because it was such a great picture. if you want to send us a picture it is easy to do. go to you click on the weather and then you submit, upload your picture and the best shot -- bunch of photo galleries. pick your best shot but please include your name and town and location and a brief description because you have plenty of room in the description room to do that. all right. next three days. here we go. tomorrow an isolated storm
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possible. upper 80s. then we kind of start playing with 90 degrees for a while. isolated storm on saturday. couple of storms on sunday. most numerous as we mentioned yesterday will be tonight on this thursday. for tonight, partly cloudy. muggy. showers and stoppers. some could be heavy. low temperatures 65 to 70 and winds light easterly at about 5 to 10. i'm going to show you live doppler 9000 and there are no warnings. remember you can access this via the web we will zoom in and first we will put this into motion. the next hour we will tell you where these storms are going. these storms are going to move across 270 eventually toward baltimore and these storms will work their way into southern maryland. going to have heavy rains with them. no doubt about that. but again, there are no severe thunderstorm warnings at this moment. we will certainly keep you posted. we will zoom into the south. pretty big rain makers. when you feel the humid in the air. we are looking at perhaps 1 to
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2 inches per hour. again, we will see these kind of sink off to the south and east kind of right down 4 past chesapeake beach headed toward st. leonard but weakening as they move. live picture now. we will go back to the north and some of these are also hefty. these were originally a severe thunderstorm warnings in loudoun county. you go north of gaithersburg a big storm. these will pass to the east, move across and move to clarksville. we will certainly keep you posted. back to the computer we go. we will talk about tomorrow morning. partly cloudy. warm. 60s and 70s. by afternoon partly cloudy. very warm. slight chance of a thunderstorm. 85 to 90. here is a satellite picture radar combined. we do see a lot of showers off
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the coast. nothing tropical. producing pretty big rains through new england at least tonight and tomorrow. next seven days. 87 tomorrow. and then we are going to be around 90 looks like. little streak of 90s. we have a bolt every day but they will be few and far between. 91 on saturday. 90 on sunday. then we kind of end up in the low 90s next week through next thursday. so we escape the 90s for a while but they are creeping back in. >> here they come. >> how about an electric bill that reads 0 every single month? in tonight's living green report we will show you one area home where that is likely to become reality. 9news now weather terrace brought to you by . . . my husband and i, we love to go to steakhouses
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would you like to have an electric bill that reads 0 every month? >> yes. >> the owners of a home under construction that is likely to be their reality. 9news now meteorologist and green guy howard bernstein explains. >> reporter: it is not your typical home with a flat roof garage and window panels but gary nash isn't your typical builder either. now building green homes is his passion. >> two-hour lecture i was so moved by it that i saw right away that it was bigger and broader than anything i could handle myself. i talked with the guy that gave the class. i took my whole company. i hired him to come back from colorado and train on my entire staff. >> reporter: gary is building a net zero home in bethesda. >> it produces as much energy as it uses. >> how? >> it will do it through solar panels. >> particular attention is paid
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to the thermal envelope. base of the house. comes up the side of the house and the whole exterior shell is heavily insulated on steel. >> having energy saving mechanical systems also helps to produce energy usage. >> another unique feature of this 0 house is the crawl space is insulated not just on the floor above us but there is 2 inches of insulation. there are added costs of building this way but the financial costs are plentiful. more than just slashing your energy bill. >> your mortgage is tax deductible. your utilities are not. if you reduce them monthly then you are able to capitalize more on a tax benefit through your mortgage. >> in bethesta i'm howard bernstein for 9news now and webb we. >> so the home has 9.6- kilowatts of solar power energy
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and uses geo thermal energy for heating and cooling. for more about it visit our and check out living green. >> remembering a pioneer in journal of course. paying final respectses to walter cronkite. a former dc newsman reveals a secret has inkeepg foinepkefog more anthive fyears. ckwivll wibeghri >>9news > w is brought to you by dc lotteries new dc 5. nob@
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reset some of the top stories in the news now. a pro golfer was struck by lightning at congressional golf club. he is expected to okay. a 6-year-old boy is in critical but stable condition after nearly drowning at a day
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camp at loudoun camp. he was attending a sports camp. investigators now say metro is he metro -- . the. a second circuit between fort totten and takoma had been malfunctioning since a piece of equipment was replaced in 2007. former news anchor dell walter guarded a big one until now. he says he opened his leesburg home to michael jackson five years ago during the rumors of child molestation charges. surae chinn talks to the journalist about how it came to be and how he is able to talk about it now that the pop star is gone. >> reporter: it was a difficult time for the king of pop who cannot escape the media. his entourage was on the hunt for a hideout but were running out of ideas.
5:32 pm
>> they were just exhausted of possibilities and stopped for a bite to eat at a safeway and saw the magazine. >> reporter: it just so happened wathe lters were featured on the cover of the washington magazine about great places to live. >> guess who wants to stay at my house? i said who? michael jackson. he should bring the pope as well. >> reporter: he met his michael jackson once before in kansas city. now he had to decide whether michael jackson would stay with his leesburg home. after consulting with his manage th>> he needed shelter from the storm. >> reporter: michael jackson had the whole run of the house while the er ltwas stayed in a hotel. 14 people in all including jackson's three children stayed here. >> each child had a nanny, a personal assistant, two chefs. his bodyguards. >> reporter: and they definitely made themselves at home. >> i think he took a liking to
5:33 pm
del's cologne. >> reporter: jackson stayed in their master bedroom. >> he slept in my bed. >> when you deal with michael jackson they refer to him as the client and the principal. >> we called him michael. >> we called him michael. >> reporter: he signed various cds for them. the couple witnessed odd behavior. the windows were taped up and says jackson slept during the day and roamed the house at night. we asked if they suspected drug use back then? >> something was helping him sleep during the day. i don't know if it was sleeping pills or drugs or whatever. but something was helping him just kind of get off the world. >> reporter: the walters say jackson was a toremented soul and no matter what people thought about the complicated entertainer it was a simple gesture. >> we wanted that to be his one period of his life that he looked back on and said i had some peace. >> reporter: in leesburg, surae chinn, 9news now and >> what a place. the walters say there are many more places michael jackson
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visited but businesses sign disclosures and they said they were never asked to keep the secret. they are not willing to reveal how much he paid to rent their home. >> who is who of journalism said good-bye to a legend today. a private funeral service was held for walter cronkite. karen brown has that story from manhattan. >> reporter: family and friends of the legendary legendary walter cronkite came to celebrate. some of the biggest names in television news were there including his two successors. katie couric and dan rather. andy rooney was the first to remember the television news pioneer and couldn't finish what he had planned to say. >> i just feel so terrible about walter's death that i can hardly say anything. he has been such a good friend over the years. please excuse me. >> reporter: his family planned every detail of the traditional
5:35 pm
service. and while he was considered the most trusted man in america to his oldest son chip he was dad. >> i loved my dad. i loved him coming home for dinner so we could talk about that night's program. i loved riding my bike to meet him in the summer when he drove home to the country house. >> reporter: the walter cronkite family has been deeply connected to this same church. his wife's funeral was held back here in 1995. his passion for sailing. he loved new orleans jazz. the family whose when the saints go marching in to close the service for a man who told americans the way it was through even the most turbulent of times. s news, new , cb
5:36 pm
york. >> walter oncr wtekiill be buried in missouri next to his wife. a separate public memorial will be held in a few weeks as new york's lincoln center. u.s. and north korea diplomats are trading barbs over the communist's country refusal to give up nuclear weapons. hillary clinton says they are acting like spoiled children demanding global attention. >> they show no willingness to pursue the path of denuclearization. that was troubling to not only the united states but to the region and international community. >> north korea's delegates ridiculed hillary clinton saying she is a funny lady and school girl with no understanding of manners. secretary of the interior ken salazar went hiking today with members of the youth
5:37 pm
conservation core. the hike showed the young folks the health benefits of getting moving outdoors especially at our nation's federal, state and local parks. prince george's county celebrated the opening of its brand-new animal shelter today. a 37,000 square foot facility located on brown station road in upper marlboro. 203 animals that were at the old shelter on darcy road were moved to the new facility earlier this month and it is now open. wal-mart is slashing prices on its wal-marts. on sunday it will sell hp windows models with 3 gigs of memory for less than $300. and an acer laptop which has 8 hours of battery life and runs vista whether sell for $548. it is their effort to compete with other retailers like best buy. new york post and espn go at. worried about your job but still want to take that trip,
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buy that car? in living smart some pink slip protection. plus, talk about an amazing weight loss story. wow, to tell us how we will get a dramatic transformation from sara walsh. we will be right back. >> no warnings. teg thunderstorms still on live ppr.le we will take you our.t withive dopple big or rgm st upnear gaithersbu os17si ng inhead g into north west. yotocan he toouwebsite to gog interactive radar. we will be right k actrck to them in a minute.
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if we don't act, medical bills will wipe out their savings. if we don't act, she'll be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. and he won't get the chemotherapy he needs. if we don't act, health care costs will rise 70%. and he'll have to cut benefits for his employees. but we can act.
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the president and congress have a plan to lower your costs and stop denials for pre-existing conditions. it's time to act.
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with the weak economy and new layoffs happening every day people are pretty nervous about spending money on anything. but in tonight's living smart report we show you how some businesses are reaching out offering a safety net to cautious consumers. book now and get your money back if you lose your job. get laid off and your loan payments will be covered. business consultant michael silverstein says today worry- free deals are everywhere. >> companies are reaching out to consumers and they are saying we can help you. we understand your concerns. it is basically a catch. >> it started with car makers stepping up to help out if you became unemployed after you drove off the lot. now home builders are promising
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to cover the charges. if you are a patient of in- store clinics you can get free health care for most tests at walgrens. >> look for travel and leisure deals too. one team is offering season ticket holders for nba unused seats if they lose their job. jetblu is doing what it can to get you to take off in these troubled times. >> if you book air travel with one of our get away vacation packages or airfare, you looked your job, we will refund your money. >> you have to be a savvy shopper. >> there is a buyer beware. you really do have to read the fine print. you do have to understand what the terms and conditions are. >> he says most deals have deadlineand specific requirements. you have to provide proof of your layoff. the trend is aimed at helping consumers and businesses survive tight times. >> it is about going into your community, making a tight connection. >> for a list of other
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companies offering some assurance programs go to our living smart page and log on to to get there. one of the united nations most famous goodwill ambassadors is in iraq. angelina jolie is urging iraqi government to reach out to the millions of iraqis living outside the country while 2 million are displaced within iraq as well. amy winehouse told a london court today she is just too short to have punched a person in the face. she says her trademark behive hair makes her look taller than she is. the 25-year-old singer is on sale for hitting a dancer in the eye after the fan asked to take her picture. the new york post accuses es p.m.n e e -- espn. they banned post reporter from appearing on the sportsnetwork because the paper published
5:45 pm
three photos from the video. while today in the gossip page the paper took espn to task saying no one would have known it was andrews in the video if they hadn't sent a letter to the website demanding it be taken down. here is a look at what we have new for you tonight. ntsb says metro has had problems with its circuits along the redline for more than a year. tonight metro's general manager offers his take. an historic day on the diamond. coming up action highlights from major league baseball's first perfect game in five years. plus, find out how to stock up for school supplies without breaking the bank. that's tonight at 6:00 p.m. had some dangerous thunderstorms move through bethesda. >> wait a second. do we have to talk about school supplies? summer has just begun? >> we are all about helping you save money. >> also, those who would be the moms in the family have to plan ahead a little bit. >> right. >> the kids go back early enough.
5:46 pm
all right. >> can we talk about this offline? >> yes, we can. >> we did have big thunderstorms. >> we did. >> no warnings right now but we still run the risk of big storms really through the evening and actually even through the night. these will not dissipate when the sun goes down. next three days look like this. 87 tomorrow. isolated storm. isolated storm saturday and sunday. we start creeping up a little bit. 91 on saturday. and 90 on sunday. a reminder in lieu of what happened at congressional. lightning bolts are five times hotter than the surface of the sun. seek shelter inside. if you're outside go to a low area away from trees. crouch down on the balls of your feet. tonight, partly cloudy. muggy. showers and storms. 65 to 70. and winds easterly at 5 to 10. here is a look at live doppler 9000 and we are looking at some heavy thunderstorms. they are few and far between. folks to the west of us i think you are in pretty good shape. next hour here is where they
5:47 pm
move. this one moves across east side of 270 then over towards baltimore. southern sections of prince george's county and northern sections of prince charles county. rainfall rates 1 to 2 inches per hour. we are getting hit pretty hard right over channel 9. if we can take a look at the weather terrace cam i think you'll see some pretty good rains with this storm as you work your way into north west and up river road. a lot of rain. there you go. there it is. getting wet. we forget to put the covers on the chairs. all right. let's go back to the computer now. and we will look at this storm now in the next hour or so move to the north and to the east. so it will move into north east dc then slide into prince george's county. temperatures 82 downtown. 75 up in frederick. that's kind of rain cooled. already had a storm. tomorrow morning partly cloudy. warm 60s and 70s. by afternoon slight chance of a thunderstorm. very warm though. highs 85 to 90.
5:48 pm
next seven days. 85 tomorrow. 91 on saturday. then we kind of start a little streak around 90 sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. and isolated storms are possible each day primarily in the afternoon and it will not be wash outs but it is what the lawn needs right now. >> okay. thank you, topper. many of us have gone on diets from time to time. you know losing even a few pounds it is tough. >> so just how did maryland head coach manage to drop nearly 100 pounds this off season. we want to know and sara walsh is going to tell us. >> with preseason practices just weeks away we are happy to have maryland head coach joining us. we all know that players spends their entire off season getting in shape. you've made some dramatic lifestyle changes. tell us about , we, i opopabout5 pounds. i had the opportunity to meet some people at meda fast and they convinced me this would help my health and help me live
5:49 pm
longer and i feel very good. i'm excited. my goal is to lose 150 pounds. >> we all know that dieting is certainly not easy. i read that you lost 13 pounds in the first week. what is that regiment like in. >> basically you have five small meals a day and then what they call a lean green which is eight ounces of chicken or fish and a green vegetable and salad. in the evening you have another bar or pudding. they have a lot of variety. most of the time i'm not even that hungry to have that at the end of the day which is kind of really surprising for me. >> andy reid is on the diet also. he has lost 70 now. he said he is going to catch me. he called me and he said, i hear you're losing weight. how are you doing? i told him. he said i need to lose two people. and i guess he has been doing very well on it also. i think it fits our lifestyle, really. >> when you talk about fitting your lifestyle the hardest
5:50 pm
thing is to stick to a certain regiment. how difficult for someone like yourself especially when football season is coming up? you have a hectic crazy schedule. >> that's where it's been good because i have the food in my office and so it works very well. toughest thing is when pro scouts come in and bring the bagels and donuts. i haven't had a bagel since october 10th. there are some things you have to modify. but if you want to lose the weight you're going to have to make some sacrifices. >> yes, you do. >> absolutely. but you know what? on behalf of all of us, good job. great start. >> very good start. >> where do people live the longest in the whole world with very little disease. in tonight's living well well reportblue blue nezoneonzo lofg and ho lw we can follow their lead. (announcer) for many with arthritis pain,
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not treating is not an option. all prescription nsaid pain relievers, like celebrex, ibuprofen and naproxen, help treat arthritis pain and have some of the same warnings. but since individual results may vary, having options is important. prescription celebrex has been the option for millions of patients for 10 straight years. just one 200-mg celebrex (once a day,) can provide dependable, 24-hour relief for many with arthritis pain, stiffness and inflammation. based on the available data, the fda stated that for certain patients celebrex's benefits outweigh the risks. if you are worried about stomach upset, you should know, in clinical studies, a lower percentage of patients taking celebrex reported stomach discomfort versus prescription ibuprofen and naproxen. and if you are taking low-dose aspirin for your heart and need an nsaid pain reliever,
5:52 pm
celebrex can be used because it doesn't interfere with the effects of low-dose aspirin. but when it comes to relieving your arthritis pain, you and your doctor need to balance the benefits with the risks. the fda requires all prescription nsaids, including celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen and meloxicam, to have the same cardiovascular warning. they all may increase the chance of heart attack or stroke, which can lead to death. this chance increases if you have heart disease or risk factors for it such as high blood pressure or when nsaids are taken for long periods. all prescription nsaids, including celebrex, also increase the chance of serious skin reactions or stomach and intestine problems, such as bleeding and ulcers, which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. do not take celebrex if you're allergic to aspirin or sulfonamides. ask your doctor if you could benefit from celebrex.
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understand the risks. feel the benefits.
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it's not just one thing it's everything. tylenol and advil don't do as much as pamprin. it's the everything in one pill. pamprin multi-symptom efforts to produce enough swine flu vaccine in time for the fall top our report tonight. federal health officials hope to have 160 millions doses of h1n1 vaccine for americans by october. but production has been tough. flu vaccines are made from chicken eggs and companies are getting far fewer h1n1 doses than they would typically get for regular winter flu. the nasal spray swine flu vaccine is easier to make and the company has 14 million doses of that ready already for the fall.
5:55 pm
who doesn't want to live to a ripe and happy old age? in tonight's living well report we introduce you to a guy who thinks he has discovered the secrets to doing just that. >> dan barrels down his driveway. he is an explorer. >> we have done the homework to show you why this adds years to your life. >> they are called blue zones. living longer and healthier than anyone anywhere. >> they reach age 100 and then die in their sleep. i thought i wonder how they do that? >> for the last six years dan and his team of doctors and photographers have studied the world. far far finding urfo gir they call long effecty hot spots. japan. italy. costa rica. california. >> the biggest thing we learned
5:56 pm
is that there is no pill, there is no supplement, there is no hormone. there is no short term solution. >> how is it that they can still chop wood, herd sheep on rugged land and beat dan at arm wrestingle? the blue zone wisdom includes moving naturally. no remotes or gage door ag gopdo or openers. fruits and beans on nuts on smaller plates and wine. >> having a glass or two of wine isn't a hard sell to a lot of people. >> other tips include connecting with a spiritual community. making family a priority. and surrounding yourself with friends who share your values. >> this is not only good but it will add good years on the end. >> sounds good to me. he and his team have developed the vitality compass. if you want to take the questionnaire go to and click on living well. coming up next at 6:00 p.m.
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federal investigators releasing new findings in the problems with metro's signal system. tonight hear what metro's general manager has to say. >> don't forget we are always on at please stay with us. no
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