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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 10, 2009 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the helicopter went around three times and broke in pieces and went straight down. >> crash questions. why did a helicopter and small plane collide over new york's hudson river? bid and bargain. gm set to sell new autos on ebay. and typhoon topple. a powerful storm strikes the east coast of china. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm karen brown in for michelle guillen. news this morning concerning the american soldier being held by the taliban and a key taliban leader. insurgents holding private bowe
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bergdahl say they are still waiting for a response to their demands from the american government before deciding bergdahl's fate. susan roberts is in washington with more. good morning, susan. >> reporter: karen, good morning to you. that's right. they're waiting on response from u.s. commanders on a list of demands. what those demands are, we just don't know. >> i have a very, very good family. >> reporter: the fate of private first class bowe bergdahl rests in the fate of the taliban. they say the council of leaders will decide what to do with them based on how the u.s. responds to a list of demands. it's the first anyone has heard of bergdahl since his captors releaseded this video more than three weeks ago. >> scared i won't be able to go home, and it's very unnerving to be a prisoner. >> reporter: the 23-year-old disappeared june 30th, just five months after he arrived in afghanistan. there's no word yet on exactly what the taliban is demanding for his safe return, but in the past, they've called on the u.s. to stop its air strikes in parts of afghanistan. it was the u.s. air strike that
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supposedly killed pakistan taliban head last week. there have been conflicting reports over whether he's actually dead, but the obama administration now says it's 90% sure. >> all evidence that we have suggests that. >> reporter: if baitullah mehsud is actually dead, it would be a major boost for pakistan. mehsud is believed to masterminded a number of deadly attacks, including the 2008 assassination of former prime minister benazir bhutto. >> this is an important moment. i won't say it's a tipping point, but it certainly shows we're having some success. >> reporter: u.s. officials says it shows pakistan is making progress as well in its efforts to weed out some 20,000 taliban fighters currently positioned inside the country. no word yet on which side of the border bergdahl is being held. last month afghans in contact with the taliban said they had planned to smuggle him across the border into pakistan but ruled that out because of u.s. missile strikes and pakistani bombing attacks against militant targets in that area, karen.
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>> susan, i understand in afghanistan this morning u.s. troops are now trying to go after the money source that in part is funding the taliban. >> reporter: that's right. they say there's approximately 50 drug lords in the area that are really the root of all this, and they're keeping the taliban up and running at this point. we do expect more casualties as the fight continues. >> susan roberts in washington, thank you. a series of bombings in iraq has killed dozens this morning. rnnoy cit of mosul.loded in the at least 25 people were killed and more than 130 wounded. in baghdad, at least 17 people were killed and 80 wounded in two other bombings. the first bomb was hidden if a trash can targeting construction workers. ten minutes later a car bomb exploded at another construction site. this morning the search resumes in the murky waters of new york's hudson river for the wreckage of a small plane that collided with a sight seeing helicopter. nine people were killed in saturday's crash. dave car lan of our new york
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city station, wcbs, reports. >> reporter: hoisted out of the murky waters of the hudson river, the tangled tour helicopter. >> that helicopter was in water that was about 30 feet deep. the divers had extremely challenging conditions with current and visibility. at times the visibility was no more than one foot in front of them. >> reporter: among the grim discoveries, the body in this twisted helicopter wreckage. 7 of the 9 victims' bodies are now accounted for. >> it's a terrible tragedy. you know, we've got to make sure that we do the recovery effort as safely as possible. >> reporter: mayor bloomberg said he was confident the ntsb will find out what went wrong and what may need to change along the hudson river's crowded traffic corridor. the liberty tours euro helicopter had just taken off from the airport. the plane, a piper teterboro left from the jersey shore. there were no communication devices on the plane or the helicopter.
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ntsb investigators rely heavily on witness videos and photos like this one taken a split second after impact. the ntsb conducted private interviews with several crash witnesses, including chris. >> boom, right in front of my face. the helicopter basically starts disintegrating midair. >> we've received excellent cooperation from everybody on scene. we could not do our job without all of the support we've received from the local, state, and federal responders. >> reporter: crews will be back this morning to begin the process of getting it out and recovering the two remaining bodies. in hoboken, dave karlan for cbs news. this morning folks are cleaning up after a cluster of strong thunderstorms rumbled across the upper midwest and into the northeast. there were severe lightning strikes in upstate new york near buffalo yesterday. several roads were closed after power lines were knocked down by the storm. and folks in hawaii are hunkering down as tropical storm felicia approaches. the storm is weakening as it
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heads towards the islands. it's suspected to hit tomorrow with sustained winds of 50 miles per hour and heavy rains. a flash flood watch has been issued for some areas. further east, a powerful typhoon has struck china, killing as many as 22 people and forcing nearly 1 million to evacuate. neighboring taiwan and japan were also hit hard. hundreds of villages are flooded while thousands of homes and buildings have been destroyed. lucy kraft reports from tokyo. >> reporter: typhoon morakot came packing winds of over 70 miles an hour, powerful enough to uproot and snap trees. the chinese authorities were taking no chances. about 1 million on china's east coast were ordereded to flee. thousands of homes were destroyed, and hundreds of villages and towns flooded by the torrential rains. in taiwan meanwhile, the storm unleashed the worsted flooing in half a century. and the hardest hit southern communities, as many as 1,000 residents were missing after scores of homes were buried in a
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landslide. hours later, japan was in the eye of the storm. nearly 50,000 residents in western japan sought shelter in local schools and community centers from the rising floodwaters. the water rose in a moment, up to here, this resident says. japan is a mountainous country, and mudslides are a by-product of tropical storms like this one. this deadly combination of flooding and mudslides has paralyzed transportation lines in central and western japan, grounding airplanes, halting train lines, and forcing the closure of highways. in central japan, meteorological officials are warning citizens to brace for up to 10 inches of rain before the storm abates. lucy kraft, cbs news, tokyo. just ahead on the morning news, bidding on ebay for new gm cars. plus the popularity of the cash for clunkers program creates a run on vehicles. first, katie couric has a fre view of tonight's "cbs
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president obama is doing some fence mending with mexican president felipe calderon as he prepares for the so called three amigos summit in guadalajara this morning. his meeting with calderon was called friendly, but there was no immediate progress reported on differences over u.s. drug fighting aid and a ban on mexican trucks north of the border. meanwhile, protestors representing various causes are in the streets of guadalahara. the three-party summit, also including canadian prime minister steven harper, mr. among other issues, focus on efforts to fight the h1n1 flu. in the "cbs money watch"
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stocks in asia jumped higher this morning. and bidding for a new gm car on ebay. claire leka is here in new york stock marmo stock markets around the world are feeling optimistic the global recession is ending. asian markets rallied overnight. japan's benchmark nikkei jumped more than 1%. hong kong stocks soar 2.75%. on wall street, stocks start the new week at their highest levels of the year after employers only slash 247,000 jobs last month. the dow starts the day up 114 points. the nasdaq surged 27. now, there are no economic reports on tapped today, but walmart reports earnings this week, and the fed begins its two-day meeting on interest rates tomorrow. another jolt at the pump for summer vacationers. the price of gas has jumped 16 cents in the past two weeks to an average $2.64 per gallon. while we notice that the jump in prices, we can't complain too
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much. last year at this time, gas was $1.20 more. and it appears the cash for clunkers program has hit another bump in the road. last week the senate gave the green light for an additional $2 billion for the program, which president obama approved on friday, giving consumers until labor day to trade in their gas guzzlers for more fuel-efficient ones. now for consumers there's bad news coming from dealers. many are running out of cars, especially popular hybrid models. it's a complete reversal of fortune from earlier this year when hard hit dealers saw cars pile up as consumers largely shunned big ticket purchases. gm and ebay are set to announce today that hundreds of california auto dealers will let consumers bargain over new vehicles on ebay. they'll also be able to trade in their old cars for money toward a new one under that cash for clunkers program. most of california's 250 gm
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dealers are set to take part in the program which will begin tomorrow. they will be selling buick, chevrolet, gmc, and pontiac vehicles on co-branded websites through ebay until september 8. if the program is successful, it could go national. the tie-up with ebay isn't new for gm. the automaker has been placing all of its gm certified used cars on ebay for over a year. toyota and chrysler have similar used car programs as well. meanwhile, the new gi joe action movie stormed the weekend box office. it took in a whopping $56 million for the fourth biggest august opening ever. me meryl streep's julie and julia cooked up a whopping $20 million for second place. >> claire leka, thank you so much. straight ahead, your monday morning weather. and in sports, mark teixeira and the yankees try to swep the red sox out of yankees stadium. ♪
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the latest satellite picture shows that it's gray and stormy over most of the northeast. it's also a cloudy wet morning in the midwest. the majority of the nation, though, is waking to mainly clear skies. later today, thunderstorms will spread over the lower midwest and eastern great lakes. a scattering of storms will be found across the southern plains. it will be very hot across much of the east with the hottest day so far this summer expected here in new york city. the upper midwest will be pleasantly mild. it will be sunny across much of the west. in sports, the yankees are going up as boston goes down. the red sox finally broke a 31-inning scoreless streak last night on this two-run homer by victor martinez. then the yankees scored four runs in the eighth to take a 5-2 win and finish a four-game sweep. and the worst team in baseball is suddenly red hot. washington took an early lead over arizona on a home run by adam dunn. elijah dukes drove in three runs as the nationals won their eighth game in a row 9-2.
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philadelphia's ryan howard struck out in the sixth against florida. he didn't like the call. later the argument continued. but it wasn't howard who got ejected. it was shane victorino, standing 200 feet away in centerfield. none of this helped the phillies. they lost 12-3. in colorado, the cubs' second inning rally fell apart on this double play. their manager lou piniella tried to show the umpire that the second baseman missed the bag. a replay shows he was right, but still piniella was thrown out, and the cubs lost 11-5. in golf tiger woods won for the second week in a row. he was one shot behind at the bridgestone invitational when he put this approach -- listen to this -- a foot away at the 16th hole. woods got a birdie. as the leader, pad rag harrington was shooting a triple bogey. woods won by four shots. when we return, a look at
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. thunderstorms will rumble from the southern plains to the great lakes. and it will be a beautiful day all across the west. here's another look at this morning's top stories. there's been a series of bombings in iraq this morning. more than 40 people were killed by the explosions in baghdad and the northern city of mosul. in all, more than 100 others were wounded. and there's severe weather from the northeast to the upper midwest. a tornado struck outside minneapolis over the weekend. tens of thousands lost power in minnesota, michigan, iowa, and wisconsin. eight people, including five young children, died in a crash at the end of a high speed
4:51 am
police chase near fresno, california. a stolen car fleeing from police on saturday ran a stop sign and slammed into a pickup. the children were thrown from the truck. none were wearing seat belts. three men who were in the car also died. as we reported, federal aviation authorities are trying to figure out why a small plane crashed into a sightseeing helicopter in clear skies over the hudson river. >> reporter: crews pulled the mangled wreckage of a helicopter out of the hudson river. witnesses say a small plane flying at about 1,100 feet ran into the back of the chopper. both then plunged into the water. >> the helicopter sustained significant damage. they are going to be conducting further examination of the wreckage to determine what pieces might be missing. >> reporter: nine people were instantly killed in the crash that rained debris into the river. divers have still not recovered two of the bodies. >> the divers had extremely challenging conditions with
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current and visibility. at times the visibility was no more than one foot. >> reporter: the divers suspended their search at 6:00 sunday night. they'll be back on the water monday morning. the national transportation safety board has recommended more vigorous outlines for helicopter tour ps. they follow the category called on demand flights. a report issued last month shows 109 people died in accidents involving on demand flights in 2007 and 2008. during the same time period, there were no deaths in commercial plane accidents. >> they can make the helicopters operate at a lower altitude than the fixed wing aircraft coming through the area. if you're at different at altitudes, you're never going to have an accident like this. >> reporter: 16-year-old douglas altman was a passenger on the private plane, along with his unc father daniel and uncle steve who was the pilot.
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good morning. an investigation is underway after a metro worker was struck and killed making repairs to
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the metro line. the line was shut down and westbound i-66 was closed during the on-site investigation. about 100 firefighters responded to battle a row house fire in northeast washington. three firefighters were treated for heat exhaustion. investigators are still trying to find the cause of the blaze. after beautiful, average or below-average temperatures for much of the summer, including last week, the hottest temperatures of the year are headed quy itday ange air quali will open several cooling centers around the city from noon to 6:00 p.m. we have to give howard a lot of room. he has a lot to tell us. >> we need the room to spread out. >> so we are not so hot. >> we are 80 and the jumping point will unch us in to record territory for some spots. i want to talk about thatat coming up often 9 news now this morning. big time thunderstorms last night and utngis bni m in thnog around here, except th
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temperatures the th70s the 70s isit 80 wainington. thshingtwa. the bu a t pot olssas 68but a lot ofmuggy out ther out deth82 a . hee.at82. a feafct affect at noon. the heat index values 100 too 110. good morning we say to angie goff. >> going to be sticky. a sticky start to the workweek but outside things are looking nice and smooth. 95 northbound no problems through dumfries on the inner loop 95 to 66. drivers are moving at speed and on the outer loop we are okay north of the district. this is a live shot from university. when you think of dangerous tools an the house a lawn mower probably doesn't come to mind. tens of thousands of people a year are injured in mower accidents. one family learned how dangerous this common device can be. >> it scared me so much. my whole life was frozen in
4:58 am
fear. >> reporter: we were playing in the backyard and he was cutting the grass and we were running around. >> reporter: and then 6-year- old kenly slipped and her legs got caught underneath it. hardand d because it was so like scary to see all of that blood. >> it can't be happening. did my 6-year-old daughter have her legs pulled up under a lawn mower today? >> reporter: but accidents involving lawn mowers and tractors happen too often. she is one of77,000 people rushed to emergency rooms each year. doctors treat five to ten people each mowing season at this hospital. >> there was a classic story of a clog and i was going to pull it. >> blades can exceed 200 miles an hour. >> mower today have safety features that will prevent you
4:59 am
from contacting the blade. never disable any of these or override them. >> reporter: flying objects also pose a danger. so demonstrate consumer reports mowed over several golf balls. sharp pieces flew over 100 feet away. be aware of where the discharge is pointing. it is best to keep children and pets away from mowing. as for kennedy, she -- kenly she still faces more surgeries. >> every day i think of it and every day i wish it didn't happen but it did and i don't want it to happen to anyone else. >> reporter: lesli foster for 9 news now and >> here's another important safety precaution, don't drink and mow. a consumer report survey says that 12% of people drink beer while cutting grass. that can impair your judgment


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