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tv   9 News Now at 9am  CBS  October 6, 2009 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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the obama administration talks about what is best for the war in afghanistan. same-sex marriage debate. dc council members discuss the rate rights of same sex couples versus their heterosexual counterparts. the h1n1 and the first shipments are is the to arrive in our region. good morning. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us. it is tuesday, october 6th. howard is here and he's ready to give us the forecast. >> it is a good one. tomorrow we will change drastically but today a nice sunrise with a look at the time lapse looking back to dc. just a couple of high clouds
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mixed in. we have sunshine and we will call it partly cloudy at the moment. with the clear skies overhead for a while it got really cold. some of the readings dropped in the upper 30s here in west virginia. also in frederick and cumberland, 39. the water temperature 52. you notice even in southern maryland 50 at annapolis 53. at this hour, now we sit at 57. coming to the upper 40s. we have added five to ten degrees for the morning lows. we will see a few more clouds especially by late this afternoon. it will be a dry, pleasant day. showers late tonight a and topping off around 70. the seven-day forecast has a little bit of everything. but now angie has the traffic. >> the roads are dry. one thing is working for us. keep you updated on 66 at the fairfax county parkway is where we have an accident pushed to the right shoulder.
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better news at 66 westbound at the vienna metro. they cleared the crash scene that was blocking the right lane. show you the northbound trip. we are dragging along here. never really recovered from that earlier accident at the 14th street bridge. as a result owith below speed around the capital beltway in to dc. on the inner loop an accident at 295. it is off to the right shoulder. slow approaching the bridge. and then in the district in northwest, first and m streets watch for crews. eric from vdot says they are working hard to clear that scene, as well. wrapping up with the outer loop. we are north of the district and going slow as you can see from 95 to georgia. i'm estimating this drive time, andrea, at a half hour. now, over to you. we're one day away from the 8th anniversary of the war in afghanistan and the white house is working hard to develop a new strategy for the war. the top commander in the country, general stanley mccrystal has asked for 40,000 additional troops to be sent to
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the region. while some in the administration believe there should be a scaling down of forces. >> the president is being asked to make a significant decision and the notion of being willing to pause, reassess basic assumptions, reassess the analysis and then make those decisions seems to me, given the importance of these decisions, which i have said are probably among the most important he will make in his entire presidency seems entirely appropriate. >> reporter: the main concern among insiders in the administration is that choosing the wrong strategy could lead to afghanistan once again becoming a staging area for terror attacks an the world. today a maryland family will bury a special forces soldier killed in afghanistan at arlington national cemetery. fellow members of the green berets marched the coffin of the is the's casket in to the
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service. the medic is one of three soldiers killed when a bomb hit their humvee on september 16th. as we speak, people in loudoun county are listening to the two main candidates running to become virginia's next governor. the county's rather chamber of commerce is hosting a forum at the national conference center in lansdowne between creigh deeds and republican bob mcdonnell. it began at 00 and runs until 10:00. the candidates will have ten minutes to present their sides and then they will take questions from the audience. the election is four weeks from today. here's a look at other things happening today. the first doses of the h1n1 flu vaccine are due to arrive in maryland. the first shipment will only be a few thousand doses for a fraction of the 2.9 million state residents identified as most at risk. 1million doses are expected by the end of the month. states health officials say they are committed to making the vaccine available to everyone who wants it.
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the government insists the flu vaccine is safe. the first doses through injections will be delivered by friday. also today the dc city council will begin to debate a bill which removes gender restrictions from the city's marriage laws. the measure will be introduced by city councilman david catania catania. he says he has the oat votes to pass the measure and the mayor's support but it could face a tough fight on captiol hill. any new dc law requires the approval of congress. the woman hit by a metro bus remains in critical condition this morning. he was hit -- she was hit last night in northeast dc. police say she stepped off the bus. crossed in front of it and was hit. the driver is on leave pending an investigation. students and parents at one dc high school are expressing their anger [ chanting ] nearly 200 students and parents from mckinley tech high school
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marched through the streets of downtown dc yesterday. they were protesting the firings of nearly 400 public schoolteachers and counselors. they were also angered at the way about police treated students and parents who protested the firings last week. >> i didn't get a chance to sit down. the police officer i have been working with for four years said she must be moved now. >> the police officer told me to shut up. i said as long as that child is in handcuffs i will continue to talk. so i was arrested. >> reporter: school officials say the firings were part of an effort to make up for a $40 million budget short fall. dc councilman barry is calling on them to conduct a full investigation to in to the firing. eleanor hole norton is with us and welcome back to 9 news this morning. your thoughts, the council seems to be poised to overwhelmly support this
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measure, but what about captiol hill, will congress overrule the dc law? >> i don't think so. dc isn't asking for couples to be married some place else. we are talk about the district of columbia, our city. i must say i'm amazed during the congressional black caucus conference recently i had a forum called single women, unmarried men, whatever happened to marriage in the black community because black men and women are not getting married, are not taking the risk and 70% of our children are born to single women. you know what? anyone who wants to take the risk, it is their civil right and this congress is not going to overturn it if i have any say in it and i do not see any danger signs at this time. >> reporter: we are also talking about dc voting rights and we have people lobbying, knocking on doors yesterday to try to get lawmakers to hear
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what the district is saying, the district deserves voting rights. could something like this up end dc voting rights bill as the handgun measure did earlier in the year. >> that is congressional business and i'm very pleased we have been working and think we found more than one way to get this bill passed without guns. guns is a little different from rights and i cheered when dozens of dc residents came up with teachers saying i am dc, the face of dc to confront members of congress. it is not an abstraction. it is me that is per capita and federal income taxes paid to the united states government who pays you, mr. and mrs. senator and member of congress. so they are at least as enthusiastic as they were and they have been all over the country. i have every faith we will pass the bill soon. >> will we pass it before the end 0 the year?
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we thought it the district was close earlier in the year and then the break. >> that is my goal we are close to that goal. >> you have seen our troops and seen the conditions in iraq and afghanistan. what would your advice be to president obama? >> first, i'm grateful to have a president instead of plunging in to a deeper war the way president bush did much to the chagrin now of everybody understands that we have to take our time, especially when people that know what they are talking about, in his administration, are disagreeing. when you have disagreements of what is the right thing to do. the notion that go ahead, send in thousands upon thousands of more troops without taking your time to make sure this is the right strategy when there are a
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number of options on the table would bother me very much. look, we are in the region that was struck after 9/11. the springing point for that was afghanistan, so i don't take it lightly. certainly don't want any pullout but i'm so grateful for a president that goes about this decision deliberately and he's doing exactly the right way. he will come up -- look at what he is doing. he's meeting every day on it. he is not hanging back. he is getting all the advice he can and he is needing the advice. this evening we are having a spring valley town meeting and i think people want to know we have had munitions discovered 16s ago in our town. and david anderson will face the community and give them new information about what the plans of the corps are for remaining there and what we found there. >> thank you for adding that
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in. we have a link to your website on our website at to remind you about that town hall meeting dealing with the munitions found in a spring valley neighborhood. we'll be right back. thank you for being with us. ring ring ring ring
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welcome back. here's a look at some things in the news now. a south korean official says knot korea is prepared to
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restart its nuclear facility. in april, the north vowed to restart the nuclear facilities because leaders were angry the united nations rebuked it long range rocket launch. secretary of state condoleeza rice is scheduled to sit down with pakistan's foreign minister to discuss future aid to that country. u.s. officials recently discovered much of the aid in the past has not gone to the country's military to help to fight al-qaeda. ten foods regulated by uncle sam are at the greatest risk of food bourn illnesses. tune in tonight at 11:00. medically they are harmless but aesthetically they can be shocking to the ego.
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a look at remedies that can fade them away only on 9 news now tonight at 11:00. let's go to howard. what a segue to you, howard. >> well, before i start, just getting word in to the information center that metro center, gallery place is being evacuated. there is smoke there and could be fire under a train. we're not sure. we will get more details but right now metro center gallery place is being evacuated. the next three days look like this. 70 for a high. a lot of wind tomorrow and highs 70. winds could gust over 30 miles an hour and sunny and 75 on thursday. looks like a good day on thursday. southeast winds five to ten. cloudy tonight. we won't be nearly as cool as this morning. in the 50s to near 60. we have 30s this morning in the suburbs with a late shower possible. that will translate to an early shower with highs an 70. winds westerly at 15 to 25
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miles an hour. the storm system in the northern plains you can see the cow clockwise circulation with snow earlier. parts of western south dakota had eight inches of heavy wet sloppy snow. this morning a cold rain across minnesota extending through chicago land. that will cause a few delays with the airlines. there's a front back here. look at that line of showers and storms. that's just ahead of a cold front pushing through st. louis. high pressure will protect us for another 18 hours but as that front marchs east we will see the threat of rain get closer and closer. this afternoon in to this evening we will be okay. a western west virginia might see a shower and by tomorrow morning here's the front through us with a few showers on it. the best chance of rain is north of this warm front. new york to boston to albany, anbehind the front a lot of wind. gusts tomorrow 30 to 35 miles an hour with sustained winds 15 to 25 miles an hour range.
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after tomorrow, we will settle down. here's the seven-day forecast. 70 on wednesday with the wind. a much nicer day on thursday, 75. friday we warm up, 81. maybe warmer than that before the next front cools us down. in the 60s on saturday, sunday and monday and monday, by the way, could be a windy wet day and i want to remind everybody that the dc glean festival going on at the convention center we hope to see you there. when i say we i am talking about me. kim martucci , topper shutt, we will all be down there. women's rights groups say the obama administration has made women's issues a priority. they say this has been the most open white house to women's issues and groups but still some conservative women say their views are being excluded. with us is one of the top women in the obama administration under secretary of energy christina johnson.
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a pleasure to have you with us. you were just telling me you are from the colorado area and you commute back and forth. >> that's right. it a pleasure to be here. >> when we think of women this top positions in government we think of women who have been elected to these posts. why did you seek an appointment in this administration and why should other women consider being appointed. >> as you know this is a very inspiring administration and the emphasis on energy couldn't come at a better time. i also think this administration is on track. not that i think, i know it is on track to have the most women involved in the administration of recent administrations and with numerous appointments at the cabinet level all the way down it is an exciting place to be. >> energy is not what we think of as one of those traditional places where women appointees find themselves. usually in health, education and human services. what your background in energy? and what is going to be the focus of the obama administration in energy? >> right.
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well, my background in energy goes back to my grandfather worked directly with george westinghouse to help electrify the country. so it has been in the genes for a long time and my dad also worked for westinghouse as a third generation engineer i think it is the most exciting time to be in the department of energy. first we have a great leader and his agenda is carrying out the president's agenda what which is to stimulate the economy and create jobs for clean energy and reduce green house gas emissions. these are important and make us energy secure. why wouldn't you want to be part of this administration? >> it had to have been a challenge to get to this point. and as a role model for other girls and women out there, for careers in science, that could possibly lead them in to future energy departments in the administration. >> oh, absolutely. i believe firmly that a diverse environment is an innovative environment and our secretary,
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dr. chu talks about access to clean energy as the industrial revolution of our time. this will require a diverse work force to address the issues associated with access to clean energy. so i think it is important that we bring women and underrepresented minorities to this exciting field. >> do they bring solutions to the rest of us as women. >> sure. i like to think weare collaborative and obviously my male colleagues are as well but we have, it is very important. energy, women are the, in some sense the largest users of energy and sousaing energy and not wasting it is very important and it was instilled in me by my mother that went through the depression. this is something for us to remember in regard to energy. >> assistant secretary for energy, christina johnson, thank you for being with us and if you would like to be considered for an appointment in the white house we have a link to the application appointment website on our
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website at we'll be right back. lr;
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welcome back. a look at entertainment headlines today. we know that glen beck is known for controversy but now he is making waves in thu.k. british supermarket chain is
9:24 am
pulling advertise tments from fox news after receiving customer complaints about his show. the man accused ofsecretly videotaping espn reporter erin andrews has been released on bail but will be kept on home confinement. michael david barrett is accused of videotaping her while she was nude in her hotel room and he allegedly uploaded the images to the internet. here's a look at things happening locally. rumored real house wives of dc mary amen held a charity luncheon at sax in chevy chase. and former national reporter in the middle launched her new on- line magazine it reews women's products. brianna was among the attendees and tonight you can join me and sara wah as becky's fund
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teams up with clinton portis to host walk this way, a charity fashion show at the liaison hotel's rooftop pool. it works to fight domestic violence. and to get your ticket or for more information, go to becky's we'll be right back
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welcome back to 9 news. we want to update you. one of the busiest metro stations in the metro area is being evacuated. i'm talking an the metro center metro station due to a report of a fire underneath the train. they received reports of smoke in the tunnel near gallery place about 9:00. we have a crew on the way there.
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if not there now, kristin fisher will be giving us updates on 9 news now at noon with j.c. highwayward and howard will be updating us on weather right now. >> nice today. we expect a few more clouds as the day progresses with a chance of a shower late today in to early tomorrow. >> word that this may be an electrical fire. no injuries. we will have you updated at noon. we will see you at 4:85 tomorrow.
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