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tv   The Early Show  CBS  October 29, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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breaking news. a solemn trip by president obama. he spends the night with military families as 18 of their fallen loved ones return happy home from afghanistan. we'll bring you the latest on the surprise visit. an early snowstorm packs a big punch as more than three feet of snow falls in some parts of colorado. we'll take you you to denver and also bring you your complete halloween forecast. palin hits back. the former governor of alaska's stinging response to our exclusive interview with levi johnston. and today, levi has even more stunning allegations about the former vice presidential candidate. >> she started getting money offers and stuff writing books and shooting for shows and what not, so i knew it was just a matter of time before she'd quit. and you knew her growing up as chastity bono. but now her first interview as a
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man. >> do you shave? >> i shave about once a week now. >> "early" this thursday now. >> "early" this thursday morning, october 29th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs good thursday morning from new york, everyone. i'm maggie rodriguez here are harry smith. >> among other things, we have a preview of a big piece in the "new york times" magazine section this weekend. it is an exhaustive look at the marriage of michelle and barack obama. some very interesting things they had to say. we'll give you a preview of that. we're also going to bring and you break through out of stanford university with researchers have 230u7bd a way to produce sperm and eggs in a lab, but the way they're doing it is sure to be controversial. dr. jennifer ashton will tell us all about it.
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but first breaking news from the white house. president obama stayed up much of the night this past night with families of u.s. troops who paid the ultimate price. cbs news senior whois correspondent bill plante as the story. >> reporter: good morning. it was a late up announced surprise trip last night. the president went to dover air force base in delaware to witness the solemn arrival of the remainses of u.s. personnel killed this week in afghanistan. it was a solemn journey and the first of it kind for president obama. shortly after midnight, he landed at dover air base aboard marine one to meet a cargo plane carrying 18 fallen personnel back to u.s. soil. the latest casualties in the war in afghanistan. among them, seven soldiers and three d even aechea agents and soldiers killed the nest day. before the somber salute and tribute, the president met privately with some of the relatives at a chapel on the
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base. but mr. obama's choice to meet the fallen at dover is in contrast to his predecessor. george w. bush chose not to travel there saying the private meetings he head were the most appropriate way to pay his respects. his father's administration also barred cameras from photographing the events at dover 18 years ago go during the first war in iraq. president obama lifted that ban in april saying the human cost of war shouldn't be hidden from the public. and now not hidden from the commander in chief. and of course all this comes as the president is determining what strategy, how many more rooms, to send to afghanistan. he has another meeting with his war cabinet tomorrow and a decision is expected sometime before he travels to asia in early november. harry? >> all right, thanks very much, bill. and now to an early taste of winter in the rockies. up to three feet of snow has fallen in part of colorado and wyoming. and even more is expected today.
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"early show" national correspondent hattie kauffman is in snowy denver this morning. looks more like christmas than halloween. >> reporter: yeah, it's very pretty, but messy. denver could get 18 inches of snow and in the mountains, up to four feet before this slow moving storm passes through. forecasters say this is colorado's worst or heaviest october snowstorm in more than a decade. colorado highway crews had the snowplows ready to roll as temperatures dipped below freezing overnight turning roads slick and icy. >> there's slush here i'm going to pushoff. >> yeah, i don't know how you're going on get me out of here. >> reporter: it was a tough ride for drivers yesterday as they battled trechbrous roaden conditions. the falling blowing snow made for poor visibility. >> unless they close the road, we go. and times we pray they close the road. but if they don't, we're on our way. >> reporter: truck drivers had to put snow chains on their
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semis, and even then some had trouble staying on the highway and jackknifed. triggering many accidents. in fact, there were so many fend fender-benders that colorado authorities began asking drivers to just exchange information and report the accidents to police later. schools were closed or sent students home early. many won't be reopening until tomorrow giving kids another rare snow day. now, snow in denver is hardly a new story except that it is so early. still, locals say this is more of a knew sanz than anything else. the city is not crippled, the airport is open, however, getting to the airport could be a problem. so, dave, have you got the forecast and you can tell me when i'm going to get out of here some. >> well, haltity, that question remains to be seen, but we'll tell you what we know. the rockies and western high plains expecting another four to six inches of snow. blowing and drifting snow. and the dakotas, you could see more. winter storm warnings in effect. look at these numbers.
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six to eight inches in rapid city, cheyenne getting pounded, denver of course seeing more perform and as you head to the west and north, you've really been policered with even more. so far six to ten inches throughout the denver metro area. 20 miles west, you're talking about a foot or more and 100 miles to the north in cheyenne, nine inches. now, it has been a snowy month so far, 25 inches of snow so far. this month for cheyenne. and it looks like this storm is continuing. it will begin to move eastward. it also could sporn some ugly western in the mid mississippi valley. let's widen out. the good news is the ohio valley and the northeast clearing out rather nicely. it should be much more pleasant today in the 50s. florida will see some record setting or potentially record setting numbers in the 90s, but 30 to 40 degrees below normal in the are beingkies today once again. that's
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chillier than normal in the southwest. we'll talk more in just a little while. harry, over to you. now to shall good news slash bad news on the economy. the good news, the recession seems to be over. at least technically according to the economic numbers coming out this morning. but the dow jones industrials, which hit 10,000 last week, have fallen a couple hundred pointses since then on fears that jobs and consumers are not bouncing back. kelly wallace is at the new york stock exchange with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. later this morning, the government is expected to
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announce the economy grew for the first time in more than a year and a half. but for those out of work, the good times have definitely not arrived. this 37-year-old lost his finance job eight months ago and have been looking ever since. don't tell him the recession has ended. >> it is a tough market out there for people like me who are still hooking for employment. >> reporter: his job was one of more than 7 million most when the economy tanked. and experts caution many of these jobs may never come back. after the eight month recession in 2001, it took more than five years to fully recover the 2.7 million jobs shed. >> the people who don't have a job aren't getting a job to replace that. >> reporter: unemployment, which now stands at a whopping 9.8%, is expected to rise above 10% and stay there through 2010, not dropping to pre-recession levels for several years.
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>> we're not really expecting a real sharp recovery in the job numbers for some time. >> reporter: but some industries are hiring again, like technology and health care. health care alone added 19,000 jobs last month. abair who has an interview today hopes the recovery will eventually mean something for him. >> it's been a roller coaster ride, but i'm determined to land pretty soon. >> reporter: and although the government will announce economic growth later today, a report by the associated press found the government has overstated the number of jobs it has created or saved by thousands. and these are the jobs that were created under president obama's $787 billion stimulus program. harry some. >> kellys wall larks thanks so much. so if there really are jobs out there, where are they sdh we'll ask jill schlesinger, editor at large for
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these numbers out today, why so relevant? >> today we'll have the gdp, the gross domestic product. it will probably show the third quarter the economy grew by 3%. so you think, that's terrific because we've been seeing negative. but a lot of people are still so upset because there aren't a lot of jobs and it's hard to get a job. >> if there is job growth because it certainly by those numbers be indicative of job growth, where are they? >> well, there are certain sectorses where it really comes to play. so we look at health care. obviously health care is a beg part of the economy. we're talking about health care reform. what we have seen almost 560,000 jobs added in health care. when you look at education, education also growing. the government says that there have been about 380,000 jobs created or saved in education. we'll get those numbers -- >> stimulus money helped save a lot of those. >> right. and we'll get those numbers on friday to find out really what the number is. we also see government hiring, but those jobs can sometimes be
7:11 am
temporary, census and technology very good growth in technology. >> what are the seg tors that are still hurt something. >> just what you would imagine. construction, manufacturing. really tough and retail, restaurant business, those are jobs that are suffering. >> so if i'm willing to pack up my family and move, where should i move to to find a job? >> well, you might like these places because this is kind of your heartland. nebraska -- >> let go. >> south did dakota, north dakota, kansas. places like that, job loss really has been mitigate there had. under 5% unemployment rate there. >> and the worst hit areas? >> the michigans of the world, nevada. we actually saw rhode island take a big hit, big housing boom places, california have seen the greatest contraction, the ones that wept up the most for housing, down the most in the recession. >> jill, thanks so much. good job. let's get more news right now. russ mitchell is back at the news desk. good morning.
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good morning. iran's president said this morning his government will keep working with the u.n. to resolve a nuclear dispute. mac mood ahmadinejad rae peted his vow that iran will never give up its nuclear program, but his representative at nuclear talks in vienna says iran will, quote, take a positive approach to the negotiations. this morning secretary of state hillary clinton told students at a university in pakistan they must battle the taliban. clinton said she understood there was a, quote, trust deficit between the u.s. and pack tap. this is the second day that clinton's three day visit. house democratic leaderses plan to unveil their health care reform plan this morning. the deal agreed on yesterday includes the so-called public option. it extendses health care to nearly all americans, fines those who do not purchase coverage, and significantly expands medicaid. the entire house could vote on the measure as early as next week. and the phillies beat the yankees last night in game one of the world series. on the mound, a appear of aces. cliff lee threw a complete game
7:13 am
gem. cc sabathia gave up two homers to chase utley. final score 6-1 phils. game two is tonight. >> and harry wilted it firsthand. >> that's right. >> you sit these hours in the rain to watch the quank keys score one run some. >> three plus. the thing that was -- cliff lee was amazing. >> you were telling me that the yankees were actually swinging after the ball was thrown. >> the ball is in the glove and the guy's like -- >> how about his fielding? i mean, that behind the back catch? >> they were good. let's see how they are tonight. >> are you going tonight? i'm going to watch on tv. >> are you superstitious, did you bring them back luck some. >> maybe i did. got to change something. coming up next, a break new in fertility research. could it really be possible to make babies by just using stem cells? and later, levi johnston on "playgirl" and the pay lips. more of my exclusive interview. plus, classity bono's new life as chaz.
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this morning a possible major break through in the treatment of infertility. scientists writing in the journal "nature" say they've created artificial official and eggs. dr. jennifer ashton is it here with more. so these were scientists out of stanford university in california. how did they create sperm and eggs in the lab? >> they took unused embryonic stem cells and stem cells are cells that have the potential to grow some to anything because we hear about it in all kinds of therapeutic uses. and then they put them in a lab, gave them some special cocktail of nutrients, protein? chemical, and coaxed them into developing into early sperm and early eggs. now, the spell were not perfect. they had little short tails.
7:18 am
and the eggs were much earlier than those that could actually be territory lized, but they are hailing this as a major break through because it was really the first time that stem cells were used to chief this purpose. >> taking stem cells from embryos that were discarded. so this will raise ethical questions for sure. >> and of course this there are biologic questions here because this is really the first time that this advance has been able to be done. and it will lend a lot more information. not only into the treatment of fertility problems, but also just overall human development. but, of course, there are moral and ethical issues that are sure to be causing quite a commotion. >> how could this lead to major break throughs in fertility treatment snts. >> one in six couples suffer from inter-felt and while there are a lot of causes ranging from infections to problems with an nat mi, a large permg are infer till because there are actual problems with either the sperm and/or the egg. so potentially this is a major therapeutic break new with a lot of issues attached, of course. >> is that far off, is that something that could happen soon? >> it's a long ways off.
7:19 am
now, again, just because something is done in a lab means, of course, it could be years, if not decades, until it could be brought to an actual patient. >> this is out there, but i'm just curious, if you take the stem cells from a female embryo, you get apegg. if you take it from a male and make a sperm, babies that come from those sperm and eggs will be the binlg logical children of that embryo? >> that's correct. so, again, the big thing here is that in order to create an egg right now, you need female dna and with a sperm, you need male dna. so, again, in the future, this is going to be very complicated, but there's the potential to develop an egg from a man's dna. and that's what they're going to be looking at. >> very interesting. dr. jennifer ashtons thank you very much. coming up next here for us, the obamas open up about their marriage. we'll be right back. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by ihop. it's holiday hotcakes only at ihop. come hungry, leave happy. (announcer) still tired of morning coming in the middle of the night?
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this sunday the "new york times" magazine take as behind had the scenes hook at the obama marriage. the president and first lady talk about the stress of keeping their relationship stable and happy in the white hot national spotlight. >> reporter: some might call it a picture perfect marriage, but the president calls the scrutiny of their private hives his biggest annoyance since becoming president. like their much publicized date night last may, that not so simple dinner and show on broadway. he tells the "times," when i took michelle to new york and people made it into a political issue, the notion that i just couldn't take my wife out on a date without it being a political issue was not something i was happy with. michelle obama is equally frank.
7:24 am
some discussing stressful times in their marriage, she tells the paper the bumps happen to everybody all the time, and they are continuous. as to that picture perfect marriage, michelle obama says that image is the last thing we want to project. it's up fair for young people who are trying to build something to project this perfection that doesn't exist. >> very candid stuff. >> a lot of good stuff in it. >> a big piece. one of the other quotes that i think really stands out, this comes from president obama, what i value most about my marriage is that it is separate and apart from a lot of the silliness of washington. and michelle is not part of that silliness. >> and mrs. obama said this is a very good thing that has come from their marriage, it's the first time in their marriage that they've lived accept days a week in the same household with the same schedule. she says that's been more of a relief for me than i would have ever imagined.
7:25 am
>> big stuff. "times" magazine this week he ahh, this is just what the eight layers needed.
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new york a little weary this morning after last night's world series game loss. >> it's only game within. it's anybody's series. >> well said. welcome back to "the early show." >> i'm not rooting for the yankees. i don't want anybody to get the wrong -- >> i understand. you want it to be the -- may the best team win sort of thing. >> that's what i meant. coming up, the first ever interview with chaz bone know who used to be chastity until she decided to become a man. as you you can guess, this as not been easy. chaz talked to mary hart and mary will join us this morning. also we'll have an update on stephen wiltshire. we've been watching his work all week here on the show. he has been busy drawing a
7:31 am
panorama of new york city from memory. over the weekend he went up in a helicopter, about 20 minutes worth. he's been at take board almost ever since painstakingly recreating in the most minute detail, this phenomenal 20-foot long panorama. >> what people don't realize is that f. they look at one building or if they look at the statue of liberty, they will see every detail of every building and every structure in that drawing. >> and a little bit later on this morning, we'll go toe brooklyn and see how he's getting along and talk to an expert who has been following stephen's amazing career. but right now we take you to part two of our interview with levi johnston, faert of sarah palin's grand son. yesterday he lashed out at palin admitting that he was going public with surprising allegations about the former alaska governor because he was tired of her calling him a liar and a dead beat dad. but he says he wants to distance himself from palin and focus on his own controversial plans for the future.
7:32 am
>> reporter: levi joon stand has come a long way since he was first introduced to america a year ago. he's now a model, a pitch man, and soon a "playgirl" center fold. what kind of image are you trying to create for yourself posing for "playgirl" and doing all these other things some. >> posing for "playgirl," a lot of people will look at that time as not a good image, but we got to thinking we'll do it tastefully. we don't want no bad boy image. i don't want to be looked at as somebody's who's getting neighboringed for fame. >> but you understand people will look at it that way. >> em00 sure they will. >> reporter: levi has been hard at work preparing for the upcoming shoot, training every day. and this 19-year-old alaskan hopes the end result will be fizz zeke fits for northern exposure. are you afraid that you're embarrassing the family or the palins or bristol? >> no, i'm not going to go out there and just get naked, but, you know, i think when people see it, it's not going to be
7:33 am
like what they think. it's going to be good. >> what if sarah palin and her husband and her family see this and think this is not what we're all about, this is not someone that we want close to our family and this winds up pushing you further apart from them? >> i don't think it should matter what -- in their eyes what i'm doing. she's doing her thing, i'm doing mine. she's doing her book, she's quit going for her money, so i don't see how we're, you know, kind of on the same page here. >> did she ever talk at home about want to go leave her post as governor? >> the first time she had said it was before the convention and then afterwards, she started getting money offers and stuff, writing books and shooting for shows and what not. so i knew it was just a matter of time before she'd quit. >> did she say she wanted money? >> oh, yeah. >> is there anything that you wouldn't do for money shall. >> oh, you yeah, a lot of things i wouldn't do for money. >> have you had offers that you've turned down? >> oh, yeah. >> like what? >> i don't know -- we had one that wanted me to go and do some
7:34 am
wild things on camera for quite a bit of money and we turned them down, but just different shows, dating shows. >> reporter: levi says he just wants to do something he enjoy, but admits the money helps, especially since he's become the sole provider for his mother and sister ever since mom, sherry, wept to jail for selling prescription pain killers. >> do you visit her? >> do i, yeah. >> what did she say to you, how is she holding up? >> she's doing fine. she's a treerp. she's always been one to keep a good attitude and laugh and joke, so it's just crazy because it's a big women's jail and to see me on tv and i go in there, they go nutses. >> what do they do some. >> just hold up like cougar signs and everything else. it's hilarious. >> cougar signs? >> yeah, i'll be your cougar and just crazy things. >> if i fold you that could you choose between going back to your old life, being married to bristol and raising your baby together, or this life where you're famous and women are throwing themselves at you,
7:35 am
which would you choose shall. >> i wouldn't go back and change anything, but i do wish me and writes toll could hold a relationship and raise the baby. >> reporter: levi claims say have a palin had other ideas about raising their oin trip oig, in fact, he says she approached him and bristol with a plan to hide the pregnancy and then adopt the baby herself. >> it definitely hurt bristol. she was almost like in tears. and it wasn't good. >> did you ever talk about it again with her. >> >> yeah, she mentioned it several times afterwards, but we just kind of blocked it out. we didn't say anything. and brings it toll told her mom to shut up. >> some people might say you purposely were trying to hurt her and, therefore, maybe exage rating things. is that possible? >> no. i stand by my story 100% and everything is the truth. >> do you feel that you were exploited by the palins? >> i think they used me in the wong way. . >> what do you mean by that? >> just saying good out.
7:36 am
it was kind of a bad much move, wasn't right. >> so you feel like somebody who's been used and discard sthd. >> uh-huh. now that i think about it, see how she really was, i kind of am mad at myself that i wasn't putting my guard up more. >> do you see sarah palin in politics in the future? >> no, not really. after she quit that governor job, i don't think a whole lot of people are happy with her. >> is it too late to turn back now, is it too late to save that relationship, reconcile with the palins? >> well york -- yeah, i don't see myself over there for christmas or what not. so i don't know. >> after our interview yesterday when levi said that he heard sarah palin river to her son, trig, as her retard baby, pay lip issued this statement, quote, these are her word, we have purposefully ignored the mean spirited, malicious and untrue attackses on hur family. we like many are appalled at the inflammatory statements being made orem applied.
7:37 am
trig is our blessed little angel who knows is and is lovingly called that every day of his life. even the thought that anyone would refer to rig by any dispadi disparaging name is sickening and sad. cbs should be ashamed. consider the source of the most recent intention getting lie, those when would sell their body for money, reflect a desperate need for attention and are likely to say and do anything for even more attention. of course you heard we raised all those questions about credibility and his motivation for doing this with levi and you heard how he answered. but we should say that we've also offered more than a dozen times to interview sarah palin, but she has declined each of those requests. still ahead this morning, up we get a flu vaccine, there's designer sanitizer. we'll check out the big names and see which is best. is there even a difference? you're watching the ermtly shoi oig on cbs. walmart checks other stores' prices
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forewesterner. lived out west for many years. there's a lot of crazy weather out there. >> that's right, cowboy. >> show us the map. >> get along, getter done. severe storm, everyone, still continuing to roll on through. keep in mind at the top of the show we focused on what's happen management rockies, but as that system pushes to the east, kansas city, tulsa, dallas, this whole corridor is in the threat zone for possible tornado, hail, violent weather. it's that warm air from the south, that cold air from the north and the west rolling on through, that creates these problem. four to six more inches rolling throughout denver area today. watch the dakotas, as well. the southwest seeing really cool temperatures in the fifth and 60s in places like nevada and arizona. so keep inthat in mind. and a weak front will push through the pacific northwest that will bring showers. clearing out in the northeast. high heat, maybe record
7:42 am
that's a quick look at your weather picture. >> we're laughing. >> what were you saying? >> we were talking about hand is an teasers. and the popularity of this brand, ed hardy. >> yes, it makes you smell like jon and kate plus 8's kids. >> because it's for their t-shirts help. >> and what's his name -- >> jop -- >> had ed hardy t-shirts. >> it's all this branding.
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>> isn't it kind of weird that a clothing designer would come out with a hand is antize per. >> i've seen harry come in with some ed hardy gear on. >> all the time. >> we have so many options now. do they all work the same some. >> i think this is nice if you want to pay for the packaging and the smell and cent, but you need 60% or more of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to reduce germs on your hands. you're never going to make it zero. because bacteria covers our hands all the time. i like this one. >> this smells between. >> who makes that? >> jowl. >> here's a good one, too. love spell. >> take that home, harry. >> and another one called pure seduction. >> nothing is sexier than a hand sanitizer. >> i'll put on the hand sanitizer and i'll be over in a minute. >> we'll be right back.
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7:47 am
in this morning's flu watch, the latest on the vaccine supply as of this week, the h1n1 vaccine is still trick ring out, about 23 million doses are now available with 150 million expected by now they say december. is that soon enough? let's ask dr. troy brennan, chief medical officer for cvs/caremark. welcome back. is it behind schedule, behind projected schedule, have you in any of your cvs clinic gotten any of the h1n1 vaccine yet? >> yes, it's starting to come in from the state and local health departments and i'd say in about 20 states now, we have it, but it is coming in slowly and some small amounts. >> how whether yo will your pha
7:48 am
determine who get it is? >> our pharmacists don't. we post on our website who is at risk and who should be first in line. basically kids, pregnant women, people taking care of kids. and we also make those same messages available in our store, but we're not turning anybody away. and that's the recommendation we've gotten from the state and local health departments. >> so there's a part -- should we be urging folks to do the right thing, to make sure that -- because sometimes when there's a shortage, there's a psychological demand builds up and people will run and i need it, i need it, i need it. like the obamas said, we don't really need. the kids need it. we didn't need it so much. should people have that in mind as they go in -- >> i think so. everybody needs it, but we want to get the people who need it most, the people who are most at risk vaccinated first. especially a vulnerable population like children. so we're not turning anybody away, but we're asking people to take a look at what risk group they're in. >> do you have any sense
7:49 am
whatsoever that there will be enough by the time the peak of the disease hits? is there any sense that it will be too little, too late some. >> no, i think we'll do okay in that regard. there is a lot of vaccine being produced right now and don't forget that the height of the flu season is really in january and february, so if we get people vak sip natured in november and december, we'll be in good shape. >> and if you think you've already had it, should you still get vaccinated? >> should you, because you don't know if you've had it. >> dr. troy brennan, do prirkt it. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ♪
7:50 am
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8:00 am
for the first time, son any and share's child talks about the transition from chastity to chaz. >> i'm literally going through puberty. >> more of the move from she to he in mary hart's exclusive interview. how many credit cards do you really need and this ones are really the best? greg martin has advice you can take to the bank. and they were wild about harry in st. paul. >> open seven days a week in patterson, peoria. >> we'll see his "name in lights" on a prairie home companion "early" this thursday lights" on a prairie home companion "early" this thursday morning, october 29th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs
8:01 am
mighty mighty out here on the plaza. >> welcome back to "the early show" seen in came pip si, pea or yarks pittsburgh and - >> yeah, there. harry in a prairie home companion coming up. i'm maggie rodriguez with harry smith and dave price. julie is off on maternity leave. and coming up, we'll have travel tips for thanksgiving. every day it's getting more expensive to fly, you know that but you can still have turkey with the family without breaking the bank. we'll help you find the best bargains. also, we'll check in with artist stephen wiltshire. we've been watching this up fold all week long, this phenomenal panorama that is he doing at the pratt institute. and it's going to be 20 feet long when he's done, but he wept up in a helicopter about 20 minutes, all of this is done from memory. >> remarkable. we'll check in with him. but right now, let's check in with russ mitchell at the news desk with the latest headlines.
8:02 am
good morning. on capitol hill today, the curtain goes up on that long awaited, long debated house version of the health care reform plan. let's get the latest on that from cbs news congressional correspondent nancy cordes. >> reporter: that's right, house democrats set to unveil their major new health care reform bill after weeks of intense internal negotiations. cbs news has learned what some of the key provisions in that bill will be and they include a hefty tax on the wealthiest americans. the sur tax would only hit individuals who make more than $500,000 a year. or families making over $1 million. those americans would have to pay an have a 5.4% tax on income to help pay for reforms. what kinds of reforms? first, the creation of a government-run health insurance plan. the so-called public option that those who don't currently have insurance could buy into. speaking pelosi had wanted a powerful public option tied to medicare rates, but she didn't
8:03 am
have the votes. so instead a scaled back plan would have to negotiate its own rates with doctors and hospitals. the bill would also expand the medicaid rolls from families earning up to 100% of the poverty line to families earning up to 150%. and the bill calls for an employer mandate which would require companies with payrolls larger han $500,000 a year to off their workers affordable insurance or pay the government a fee worth 8% of payroll. there are still some controversial issues to be worked out, mote notably whether any taxpayer dollars can be used to fund abortions. a group of conservative democrats is threat anything to block a bill ups a ban is written some to it. >> nancy cordes on capitol hill. thank you very much. >> the fbi says a radical muslim leader killed in a shoot out near detroit was abdicating violent resolution. he yoep fired on agents during one of three raids that also led
8:04 am
to the arrest of accept of his followers. the charges include conspiracy to sell stolen goods and illegal possession of firearms. president obama speptd part of the night honoring u.s. personnel killed if afghanistan. at dover air base in delaware, the president witnessed the return home of 18 americans killed in afghanistan this week. the president also met privately with families, it year the pentagon lifted an 18 year ban on coverage that returned 18 service members about that. and on the second day of her trep to pakistan, hillary clinton went to a shrine in islamabad. later she debated students at a university telling them pakistan had no choice but to take an aggressive approach depends the taliban. right now katie couric has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." new numbers suggest the economy may be recovers, but many people still are not seeing an improvement in their own lives. when will businesses start hiring again? an inside look tonight, only on the cbs evening of evening news oig. thousand back to "the early show." it will soon be 8:05 on this thursday morning and dave is out
8:05 am
on the plaza with another check of the weather. >> russ, have you ever been to huntsville, alabama? sglif not. i hear it's beautiful. >> it is a gorgeous place. and when you're there, you got to stop by and see our friends from whnt news channel 19. we've got a couple of friend there is there here today. welcome to you. let's take a check, see what's happening in al ban and all across the country. we'll put up the maps. we're going out west first the rockies and western high plains. another four to six inches today and if you're in the dakotas, expect more than that. winter storm warnings some effect throughout the region. six to ten in denver. 20 mile he is west of that, you're talking about a foot and 100 miles north to cheyenne, over nine inches. you're talking about temperature its 30 to 40 degrees below normal and temps in the 20s actually today in cheyenne. and some locations. in the mid mississippi valley and southern plain, you're going to see some potential for tornadic activity and rough weather as that front continues to advance. pacific northwest, a weak cold
8:06 am
front will slip there and southwest, cooler than normal temperatures. . florida, record setting warm from tampa to lauder dale and then miami and in the northeast, i should say, we clear out rather nightly. that's a >> announcer: it weather report sponsored by wlash still let toe from maybelline new york, the hottest thing lashes will ever
8:07 am
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puffs plus with lotion is a more soothing tissue. a nose in need deserves puffs plus indeed. and try puffs plus with the comforting scent of vicks. ? june chastity bono, son any and share's daughter, shaqqed the entertainment world by announcing that she was becoming a he. now in his first interview since then, chaz bono, as he now calls himself, speaks to entertainment tonight's mary hart. ma mary, good morning. >> good morning. i have to tell you that i was really quite moved with my time with chaz. his honesty, thoughtfulness and warmth not only impressed me, but it helped me understand this very serious choice he's made. this is your very first interview talking about becoming a man. >> quau. >> what has been the most
8:11 am
difficult step for you to take? >> finding the courage not to worry about what other people would think of me so much. >> reporter: this is how america first met chastity bono. >> good night, everybody. >> reporter: well, chaz bono is now 40 and almost 15 years since coming out as gay, he is beginning to live life as he wanted to for a long time, as a man. he says the complete transformation will take four or five years and involves surgery and hormone therapy. >> are you growing a beard, chaz some do you shave? >> i shave about once a week now. so it's not -- certainly not thick. it kind of started to come in like peach fuz, you know. and so it's kind of -- >> is that a thrill for issue. >> oh, my god, yeah. it was great. >> the hormones have cheerily changed your chevoice. was that an adjustment for you? >> it does it in stages, so, no.
8:12 am
i'm literally going through puberty. >> chaz is currently creating a book and a documentary chronicling this big journey of his into manhood. >> mary, you talked about the number of surgeries. has the surgical process started already for chaz? >> it has. as a matter of fact, chaz just recently underwent cosmetic surgery to have his breasts removed. and i asked him about if it was difficult. he said, no, actually it was a relief. >> very interesting your comment about the sound of his voice. you notice how much he sounds like his father. >> you know, harry, you're absolutely right. there is a similarity. chaz did tell me, however, that this process is a four to five year process and he thinks his voice will get increasingly deep. so, you know, the whole experience has been remarkable for him and the one hinge he did tell me is that he said, you know, my outsides are finally beginning to match my insides.
8:13 am
i mean, he said i feel more like myself than i ever have felt. >> mary hart, thank you so much forgetting up so early this morning. we come do pleerkt temperature about and you can see mary's interview with chaz bono this evening on entertainment tonight. coming up next, my name in lights. it's a dream come true on a prairie companion when we come back. ♪ dxx ♪ i want my new baby back, baby back ♪ ♪ baby back, baby back, baby back ♪ your favorite baby back ribs just got even better, slow-smoked in house for hours over pecan wood chips to create a sweeter, smoky flavor and fall-off-the-bone tenderness. then they're triple-basted in one of our three delicious flavors -- chili's new better-than-ever baby back ribs, part of our three courses, two people $20 deal. or you can share an appetizer, choose two entrees, and share a dessert.
8:14 am
♪ i want new baby back ribs ♪ for a limited time, only at chili's.
8:15 am
hey, everybody, welcome. >> do the jazz hands. >> fami"name in lights" is our
8:16 am
series where each of us get as chance to shine in a different spotlight. so far we have seen russ master standup comedy. we have seen dave get beat up and shot as a stunt man in csi miami. and now it's harry's town. >> every saturday night about 4 million people including me tune into hear a very special radio program called a prairie home companion. it is a legendary comedy and musical variety show and it's a big part of what makes it so incredible is the big part -- the big part that makes it incredible is his host, garrison keillor. and he likes to challenge his guests. >> have you read your scripts? >> i haven't. have they been written? looks like i'm going to be playing harry smith of illinois of star of many sear serials. i just got the first couple
8:17 am
pages of script for the show and it's funny and hard.ear serials. i just got the first couple pages of script for the show and it's funny and serials. i just got the first couple pages of script for the show and it's funny and hard.serials. i just got the first couple pages of script for the show and it's funny and hard. pittsburgh, patterson, peoria. pisca -- say it again. >> that's good. >> that's easy. what did you say? have you got any advice for me? >> i do. enjoy what you're doing. enjoy what you're doing. because it's not going to get any easier. and if you're lucky, it might last you for a while. >> i meant for the show. >> and whatever you do, wherever you go in broadcasting, young man, don't take calls from
8:18 am
listeners. >> the thing that's amazing about being on stage with garrison, this all comes out of his brain. you're working with a genius. >> the advantage of doing a live show, you never have to face yourself in an editing room. you never ever have to listen to yourself. >> it's friday afternoon, we've just done my part of rehearse shal a al and what they say is everything on these pages is likely to change between now and tomorrow night.nd what they say on these pages is likely to change between now and tomorrow night. in beautiful downtown st. paul, i've been going over my lines. this will be as much fun as i'll probably ever have ever. so let's go. >> geez, i got to get this guy out of my house. >> we're just ten minutes away from air. >> coming to you live here on exchange street in down town st.
8:19 am
paul, it's a prairie home companion. >> i don't go on up the second half hour. and that's when we have our beg, you know, cowboy sketch. that's a big deal. ♪ good by new york city, my apartment is for sale ♪ ♪ i'm riding cross the prairie ♪ on the colorado trail [ yodeling ] >> too much fun. it was perfect. thanks for letting me cink it. the song worked out at the end of cowboy, the song that he gave me, during the last five minutes he wrote a new verse. >> here's your new version. >> all right, sir.
8:20 am
>> mr. harry hit, what an honor to have you on our show tonight. mr. mary smith. his was a voice that the american people came to trust implicitly. and inevitably that led him some to commercial broadcasting where he exploited that trust for mere monetary gain. >> back with more of our program in a moment after this word from hppipkin open seven days a week in pittsburgh, patterson, peoria and piscapti. >> i think they want to hear you sing another. ♪ once you have done radio ♪ your love ends up total ♪ got to quit the tv show
8:21 am
♪ man's got to yodel [ yodeling ] >> tapping >> standing op. >> do you know how cute you are? did you know you could sin xwchlt? >> i sang in the ak spell la choir. >> but did you yodel? >> not up saturday night. >> we really need to let you at home know and that is what you just saw is to the core, tell me
8:22 am
if you dyou diss agree, absolut harry. that is pure glee. you were so happy. you were invested in that. >> that happens once a decade or so. >> we were supposed to go outside our comfort zone for this series, but i think you found your perfect comfort zone. >> i listen to that show really almost every saturday night. and to be on that stage with the spectacular company, that's sue scott, these people are so so good at what they do. and they were so welcoming of me to join into this crazy spectacular thing they do every saturday night. >> harry was in the midwest, which is where he's just most at home, despite all of your qualities and your city slick, you know, habits. >> he's not a city slicker at heart. >> you love being there. and the pureness of radio. >> and you can see my complete
8:23 am
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8:30 am
nice day, right? >> very brisk. >> a little cool out here today. >> welcome back to "the early show." >> coming up, important credit card advice. if you have a big stack of plastic, ray martin says cut that out. or better yet, cut them up. he'll tell us about some of the best deals out there if you insist on having a credit card. >> there you go. also, more of the fantastic art of stephen wiltshire. there's a shot, right, of the sta statue of liberty. he went up in a helicopter for 20 minutes. look at that shot and now take a look at this. this is from memory now, every single detail straight out of
8:31 am
his brain. and this panorama will be 20 feet long. >> he has autism and this is a remarkable gift that he has. and he has done gallery shows around the world and now he's in new york. >> we'll talk to an expert on this kind of savantism that has studied this an worked with stephen a lot to get a better understanding for us how this this actually transpires. also ahead, we want to remind you that tomorrow, already, wow, a halloween celebration here on the plaza. so we'll have a big spook-tacular event, extravaganza, from 7:00 to 9:00 tomorrow morning, a costume contest, candy, prizes, fun. and one of the surprises is we'll reveal our costumes. i don't know harry's, harry doesn't know mine. we don't know each other's costumes at all.
8:32 am
>> right. >> so tomorrow we have to dress up and get in to character. and i'm scared. that's all i'm saying. i'm very, very scared. >> to be scared of your character some. >> some people might be. but i don't think so. >> some people are scared of us out of costume. >> yeah. >> so please come by tomorrow if you're in new york. >> see, you just said that and people responded in that kind of we get you, dave. >> right. you carry us, taf. >> that's right. >> shy tell people where we are. 59th street and fifth avenue in new york city. take it away. all right, we'll go through the halloween forecast in just a minute, but first let's take a look at wlap's happening today. oh, boy. it feels like and looks like christmas as you head to the rockies. i'll tell that you. another four to six inches of snow falling throughout denver, more in the dakotass that storm system heads eastward. watch it in nebraska, as well. this could be churning up some tornadic activity, too, as you head to the southern plains. we'll keep an eye on that. meanwhile the pacific northwest see sms rain roll energy southwest sees cooler than
8:33 am
normal temperatures. florida sees the high heat rolling in with temperatures which could approach record setting levels and here in the northeast, we begin to clear on out. but it's the plains and into the rockies where we have real trouble today. now let's put up your halloween forecast. saturday night could be pretty storm any in the mid-atlantic states. an me clear but bone chilling temperatures in the rockies. month complaints in the southwest, but many the northwest could be on the soggy side. you'll have bright moon height in
8:34 am
that's a quick look at your weather picture. maggie, over to you. this morning's edition of ask it early will focus on on credit cards. we want to help you manage that. ray mar continue here all set to answer viewer questions. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's get right to our first viewer who is on her web cam this morning. elizabeth is? brooke line, mass. go ahead. >> good morning. hi, ray. i have a question for you. i have several different credit cards, each which carry an annual fee. and i'm wondering what your recommendation is for how many different cards i should carry and which ones. >> i get that question a lot and my advice had been you really only need one credit card, but
8:35 am
these days i say you need two credit cards. first you need a credit card issued by a bank, hopefully the bank you use where you have your checking account. that way you can monitor your checking account when you're paying bills and your dead card all online and you'll use that for most all your spending. you have to have one for hotel wretch vags, rental cars and shopping on line. you don't want to use a credit card shopping online. the second one being and you need a backup, use a credit card that gives you great exchange rates when you're traveling abroad like an american express card is an ideal card here, they give you the best foreign currency exchange rates and low cost when you're charging strauptds and hotels traveling abroad and it's between to have it as a backup, as well 37 bank cards mostly are not competitive in that department. >> so if i bank with a particular bank, you're saying they should give me a better credit card? >> you should be able to get a good credit card if you're using a major bank. >> what kind of things should i be asking my bank for? >> you want to know what the fees are for it, you want to rook if it has a reward programs, also you can look at
8:36 am
it online and monitor it. that way when you go into your checking account, you can also see the bank card on the same website. >> speaking of rewards program, liz, i know you have another question related to that about. >> gentlemen, there's so many different credit cards out these days and so many defendant rewards programs. which ones do you recommend? >> there are a lot of rewards programs out there and very confusing. so a couple of rules. hook for the best rewards to points ratio. with so many programs out there, some will cost you double the points to get a certain reward, may cost $5,000 points to get a $25 gift card, others might only cost half. the second thing is rewards programs aren't just for frequent flyer miles. don't use a card that's tied just to free fly miles on one airline and that's it. get rewards program you can actually use that you can get rewards programs that add cash to your row tirement savings accounts, you can enroll to
8:37 am
something like upromise, and programs for things like gift cards, as well. very flexible and hotels and airfare. rewards you can use is the key. >> something else that can be be confusing, what if you're carrying a balance? >> if you're carrying a balance, the rewards program card is not for you because they come with higher interest rates. if you're carrying a balance instead, you want the lowest interest rate credit card so you can pay off that balance. 13 million americans are still carrying a balance from last year's holiday spending and 2/3 say they'll spend less next year, so get a low interest card. >> and if they have annual fees, is it worth signing up for? >> there are so many that don't have annual fees. choose a rewards card with no annual fee because that's thes in to the value of a reward. >> very good. elizabeth, thank you. hope you got your answer. >> thank you. >> ray, thank you, as well. >> you're welcome. >> and if you have any financial questions for ray, go to our website, and we will let i ask it early. now over to harry.
8:38 am
all it this week we've been featuring stephen wiltshire. he was diagnosed with autism at age three, did not speak until he was five. but today he's known worldwide for the beautiful panoramas he creates from memory. over the weekend, steven owiphb working on a city scape of norg. he's nearing completion. and michelle gielan is at the pratt institute in brooke len where stephen is working this morning. >> reporter: good morning. he's put a lot of hard work into it and, boy, has it paid off. he started all the way up here at the george washington bridge and then continued down through manhattan, new jersey, the financial district, and he's heading over to brooklyn now. the detail is really the amazing
8:39 am
part because as you you know, it's all from memory. so let's take a look at some comparison shots to some still photos of manhattan. first, take a look at midtown. and as you can see, the detail is absolutely incredible. now the financial district. and the comparison shot, the buildings, the skyline, and then let's take a look at liberty island. all of this was from a 20 minute helicopter ride, he just took a look at it and then could put it down on paper. so let's talk to stephen now. good morning. >> good morning. >> your work is incredible. tell was's your favorite part of new york to draw? >> manhattan. manhattan is my favorite. lots of skyscrapers and the avenues are very huge.
8:40 am
lots of yellow new york taxicabs. >> lots of taxi cabs. stephen, thank you so much. >> and also -- >> and teand stephen has been l to his ipod and he said the music that gets him through all of this was outcast. back to you. dr. treffert has written about savants for more than 40 years. he feature's stephen wiltshire's london pan ram are a on the cover of his upcoming book islands of genius. good morning. we have seen the work of savants before. how rare is stephen's gift? >> about one out of ten autistic persons has some savant abilities. one level is splinter skills, and then a second level called talented a vans and they have
8:41 am
more of a honed skill. and then there's a third level which is called prodigious savant. and a prodigious savant is someone whose skill would be spectacular, in which case you would call it a genius. certainly stephen ranks high in the procedigious savant categor. i stipt there's fewer than 100 known living prodigious savants worldwide at the present time. and teastephen is in that very elite group. >> one of the things so interesting is that his artistic ability and his family's sort of focus on that artistic ability in allowing to come out actually then had a very beneficial effect on the rest of his development. >> that's right.
8:42 am
what we see have with savants i their skill is their language and how they speak. they have better language ability, better social skills and a move toward independence, and each certainly represents that. he has his own gallery now in london. and a crucial part of the development of all of these a va a vapts is the family, the cheerleaders, people who might not be concerned about the deficit but, hey, look what's there and are excited about that. and with that comes this development. and stephen is a prime example of someone who shows that progression. >> dr. treffert, thank you very much for taking the time to join us. and hoping illuminate what we have been sort of amazed by all week long. >> you're very welcome. you can learn more about stephen wiltshire's story on our website, early show.ce dtshow.n
8:43 am according to binge travel, holiday airfares have gone up an average of 6% in the past week. cbs news travel editor peter greenburg is here with tips to help you still get a good deal for that position giving. so what's this all about? because i remember last year they went down around that position giving. now they're going snup>> it's all about loss of supply and demand and the supply is not there. the airlines are parking planes, cutting capacity. so fewer people may be traveling, but the available number of seats way down. >> and not only are the fares higher, but they're charging a new fee the closer you travel to the holidays? >> they're charging a fee for everything shorts of breathing. if you travel on the wednesday before thanksgiving or the sunday after, they'll throw a surcharge on. >> so you say when you strafl key. you recommend leaving on a tuesday if you can and coming back on the weekend. >> that's right, coming back on a saturday or do what do i and recognize thanksgiving for what it really is, an ob rigger to
8:44 am
dysfunctional family get together and you good to the go, so what i do is i travel on early thursday morning. >> thanksgiving day. >> exactly. >> we do that, too. it's so cheap. >> get to where you need to go to carve the turkey and then come back on the one data nobody's flying, friday. jet $80. look at that savings. >> and there's no one with you on the plane on thanksgiving day. >> you could go bowling. you a y . >> does it make a difference if you book your fare online versus talking to a human being? >> talking to a human being, what a concept. what do i is it's okay to research on the web, but the myth is that all the inventory is on the web. it's not. it's all the inventory that the hotel or airline waptss to make available on the web. so research on the web, then talk to a human being because once you book a fare, you're
8:45 am
given, what, 24 hours in which to purchase it. so get the lowest fare you can from that human being, and then go surf the web over the next 24 hours. if you can beat it, great. but if do you it you do it the other way around, you're trapped. >> what about last minute deals? >> tremendous last minute deals., up to 40% off. continental airline, great fares to europe. nothing says turkey more like belgium. why not go where nobody's going. >> thank you, peter. and for more tips, go to our website, daumt. up next, chef eric will chair some four-star fall recipes with us. smells so good. don't go away.
8:46 am
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eric is a three dr stash michelin chef considered one of the world's finest. and now he's on a new television show called "avec eric." >> and you have to smell this. wish you could. each he so he had of "avec eric" ends with an inspired dish and today it's fresh fall ingredie t ingredients. i love that you end each episode with creating a dish from your life experience. >> and a dish that's easy to reproduce at home. and of course at the he said of the show we also drink wine with the dish because there's no such
8:49 am
a thing as a good meal without wine. to make a risotto is not difficult. i'm just putting the rice in it. >> so short grain rice? >> it's pretty easy to find. and then we're starting with a bit of white wine. and really the secret is to let the rice absorb the liquid. >> do you have to stand there literally all day? >> no, it takes about 15 minutes. we're putting some chicken stock now. so for 15 minutes, you stir it up like athis and it will give and you creaminess. we'll put a bit of parsley. >> are those your favorite mushrooms? >> you can use any mushrooms.
8:50 am
after stirring up your rice and the liquid, about 20 minutes later, the rice becomes like that and stir it up and stir it up. and then you just have to obviously serve it when it's ready. >> so you added the mushrooms afterwards. >> at the end. so i'm going to put the rice right here like that. >> it's beautiful. >> and it's like -- the smell is really great. saute the mushroom a little bit and add some of the mushrooms on top just like that. and that can be -- >> is this sauteed in butter or oil? >> oil. >> it smells like butter.
8:51 am
>> it smells like butter because i'm lying to you. >> i knew it. i know my butter. >> and then i'm putting a little bit of parmesan cheese right on top and that will go perfectly with wine. we have actually on the show -- >> and you ha >> you have a wine club. >> and we select wines that go well with the food. and here we hahave a very earth wine and go perfectly. >> and this dessert is very simple. you can buy the dough if you want. apple sliced very thinly. and then i find in the market some good vegetables and some of the last string beans of the season. >> so that's beets, string beans, carrots.
8:52 am
>> hey, russ, what are you doing here? >> i'm going to have some risotto. >> it's amazing. one of the things that i like -- >> taste this. >> it's good for breakfast. >> yes, it is. breakfast of champions. >> you know, what i always thought it was hard and complicated and it needed to take all day. you did this in 15 minutes. >> and it comes like that. just to make the point here, you see -- >> we want to remind you that a vehicle a vehicle eric oig appears on pbs. we'll see you tomorrow.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
thursday morning. 8:55. a lot of clouds today and tomorrow. a few peeks of sunshine but temperatures won be moving much. highs in the low to mid 60s. maybe a little warmer but not much on friday a enthen much warmer on saturday 78 with a chance of rain on saturday night. hopefully after we are done trick or treating. the low clouds are in place and storm system number two brings snow to the rockies. that gets here saturday night, sunday morning. this morning in the upper 50s. upper and low 40s in oakland where there's been fog this morning, hagerstown and to the south, fredericksburg is 56 degrees. let's get a traffic update. good morning, angie. >> hello, washington. thanks for joining us. five minutes from the 9:00 hour and this is something new an it doesn't look good.
8:56 am
395 northbound. check it out. we have crash activity and it is taking away two, three left lanes. we know these drivers and taillights are stacked up to duke street until this is cleared it will only grow. more coming up in the 9:00 a.m. show. vermont avenue and k street is a busy next and we have a -- intersection and we have a crash here. on the outer loop 18 minutes from 95 to georgia avenue. and 66 eastbound slow from 28 to 50 and approaching the beltway and the toll road is slow to 295. mostly cloudy skies today and tomorrow and could be a little drizzle month to early friday. low to mid-60s. saturday the warmup affront of -- ahead of the front. showers saturday in to sunday. i think we welcome okay for the trick-or-treaters and then cooler weather and nice on monday, tuesday and wednesday. see you shortly.
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