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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 10, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. fiber makes me sad. oh common. i dare you to taste one hint of fiber in fiber one. oh, i'd be able to tell. why don't i just eat this bag? and how can you talk to me about fiber when you are eating a candybar. you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. . it was a crime that -- brittany norwood is back in
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court. >> norwood is charged with the beating death of jayna murray and later concocting a story. andrea mccarren is just back to houston where she conducted the first in depth interview with murray's parents. >> reporter: jayna murray's parents phyllis and david are incredibly strong as they prepare themselves for the upcoming murder trial expected to start october 24th. they shared candid details about their daughter's remarkable life and heart-breaking death. your daughter was a ballerina that threw the disdiscuss. >> absolutely. >> reporter: from an early age, her life was filled with laughter and adventure. she loved dance, the outdoors, world travel and helping those in need. she led an extraordinary life and had a future as bright as her smile. until march 11th when the murray family's world unraffled. in a web of crime scene tape, a
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pool of blood and a late night phone call. >> there was a death at lululemon and that one had been taken to the hospital. within about ten minutes she called us back to tell us that jayna had -- was the one that they had pronounced dead. >> reporter: within days, another shocking dt . >> that they had made an arrest. and my immediate reaction was thank god. then when he said who it was, it was incomprehensible. >> yes. it was baffling. just stunning. >> it was at 10:05 p.m. that the employees returned to the store. >> reporter: under arrest, co-worker brittany norwood who police say lured jayna back to the store after closing time and attacked her with such violence even veteran homicide detectives were shaken. >> did she ever mention that she
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had a problem employee working for her? >> not at all. >> no. >> reporter: or anything like that? >> not at all. >> reporter: the incomprehensible murder believed to be over a bag of lululemon clothing that norwood may have been trying to steal. >> why would you murder someone over lululemon clothes? >> reporter: if brittany norwood needed it so badly for whatever. >> she would have bought it to her. she would have given it to her. >> absolutely. >> she would have paid for it herself. >> reporter: phyllis and david murray and sons and extended family are now struggling to find the new normal of their lives. >> and for a man of my generation to hug another man of my generation, that's a new normal. [ laughing ] on march the 10th, i would have rejected that idea. at about 9:00 in the morning on
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saturday march the 12th, every pun intended, i embrace that idea. >> reporter: the murrays are now preparing for the murder trial embracing themselves for the likelihood they'll come face-to-face with brittany norwood and her parents. >> it's horrible for us. it can't be easy for them. >> of all of the steps of grieving, i have yet to leave anger. i think if i had a chance to say something to her, it would be one word. why? >> reporter: the murrays are a close family and were very kind to grant us that interview. now, one of the most difficult questions i asked was whether the murrays thought they could ever forgive their daughter's alleged murderer and whether jayna would forgive her. we talk about that and the strong feelings about the justice system tomorrow night. >> you also have a lot of photographs that you can share, right? >> reporter: the family was so kind to give us dozens of
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photographs that we've never seen before, and we've put a slide show together and it's on our website along with information about the jayna murray foundation. >> thank you. meantime, 50 people are homeless tonight after a fast moving fire tore through their apartment building in langley park. delia gongalves is live to tell us more about the fight with management. delia. >> reporter: anita, the fight with management started well before tonight's fire. they complain of bed bugs and roaches and now managers are turning their backs on them. earlier tonight, advocates were here rallying the tenants who complain that management was telling them to find their own places to stay. however, firefighters tell us tenants may be placed in vacant units and i can tell you the red cross is here to help too. the fire started in a third floor bedroom and spread quickly to 11 units. the fire chief described some
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tense moments when firefighters literally had to be pulled from the roof because of shooting flames. thankfully no one was hurt and i can tell you that investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire. i should also tell you tonight that we tried calling management here of the bedford station apartments several times. no one answered their emergency line. and no one called us back. anita. >> all right. thank you. a virginia man named isaac kustelo really gets around. he married four different women without ever divorcing any of them. court records show he married a woman in chesapeake in 2000. married a second woman in 2008. snagged a third wife in hope well in '09 and tied the knot with wife number four in virginia beach. when number four found out about one, two and three, she left hiu but only for a month. the mother-in-law says they're now back together. she has one word for him.
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unbelievable. well, much closer to home, more wedding blues. a couple got wedding over the weekend at fairfax united methodist church and while they were tying the knot a thief made off with a major hall. cash, credit cards, cell phones, ids, the whole nine yards. the government's investigation into the 2001 anthrax attack is once again coming under fire. this time the heat is being a flied by an expert on disease at lsu. letters containing anthrax killed five people as you remember. the fbi said a researcher at fort detrick was the likely culprit. that man died of a suicide before investigators could file charges. now disease experts say the anthrax was manipulated in a way that was really probably beyond ivan's capability involving chemicals that the fort detrick
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lab probably didn't have. tonight federal investigators stand by their earlier finding and investigation. new at 11:00, new fears that the up rising in libya could be a boone to terrorist. thousands of portable missiles may be missing. they stockpiled aircraft missiles and the united states is very concerned that during the civil war some of those shoulder fire missiles may have been smuggled across boarders and they can reach militant groups, including al qaeda. >> why are these weapons so attractive? >> they're guided which means that input from the operator after the missile leaves the launch tube is minimal. the missile guides itself to the target. they're light weight. 35-40-pound. >> and they can fit into the trunk of a car, hit a target two and a half miles away and even bring down a commercial jet. a state department expert is on the ground with nine contractors doing investors of sites where the weapons have been stored. tonight the u.s. park police
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service ended its standoff with protestors at dc freedom plaza extending their protesting permit well into the winter. matt jablow joins us live with the very latest. how long are we talking here, matt. >> reporter: how much and for how long would you be willing to sacrifice to make a statement? over the next few months, protestors here at freedom plaza will answer that question. >> my effective retirement date was june 2007. >> reporter: he was a retired judge in new hampshire. for the past four nights, he has been sleeping on granite, one of dozens of people camping out at freedom plaza to protest what they call rampant corporate greed. >> we have been sleeping right here. >> reporter: for the past 24 hours, the protestors have been bracing themselves to be arrested after their permit to rally here expired last night at 10:00. >> do we have support? >> reporter: tonight, though,
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they began making plans to extend the permit for four months. >> i haven't been so elated since my two children were born. >> reporter: echoing the feelings of a lot of his fellow protestors, oregon resident don anderson says four months is a long time to camp out in a major city. he thinks he'll make it to send a powerful message. >> we've won a major victory. this is the start of something real big, folks. >> reporter: whether it turns out to be something big remains to be seen, but tonight it appears the protest will be something long. perhaps as long as four months. anita. >> that would be commitment. all right. matt. contenders for the republican presidential ticket are in new hampshire tonight preparing for the debate. the latest controversy over mitt romney's warm and safe does not seem to be affecting new
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hampshire voters. romney has a comfortable lead. herman cane says he didn't want to run for president but god wanted him to. it took a lot of conversations with god to overcome his reluctance to seek the u.s. presidency. great, wonderful, nice. that is three words we can use to talk about the weather. we're hoping to use the same words tomorrow. >> it may not look as pretty. we'll probably see more clouds move in. there will be gray skies. but he'll hold off on the rain forawd another day. cool start to the morning. i think by 7:00, we'll be around low 50s to low 60s. partly sunny conditions. at 9:00, mostly cloudy. temperatures in the 60s. so you'll need your umbrella until tuesday unless you're working really late. i'll talk more about when that rain arrives and how long it sticks around coming up a little later. >> thanks, anny. just ahead, timber. a word two local boys are hoping
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they will not have to hear. they're begging the county, please, let us keep our tree house. but first dangerous diet. it tricked a woman's body into thinking she is pregnant, and it is nothing to play around with. we'll be right back. blach
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back on 9 news now a disturbing new details in the killing of a woman and the unborn baby literally cut from her womb. the suspect annette rodriguez new court documents say she lied to her boyfriend that she was pregnant and when the phone any due data approached, she panicked. so she drove around milwaukee last week, spotted a pregnant woman and offered her a ride. but then she bashed the victim with a baseball bat and used an exacto knife to remove the baby. a diet hanging on in popularity. people lose weight even though critics say it may be dangerous. you may have seen this hcg diet on the internet. it is a diet that involves injections of a hormone used in the treatment of fertility. it has to be done under a doctor's supervision because along with a hormone dieters are
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on an extremely restricted 500-calorie a day diet. >> yes, that is dangerous. 500 calories a day if you don't have hcg in your system. it is very dangerous. but with real hcg, we're teaching portion control, better eating habits so when they're done, we add the calories back in in various foods. >> the food and drug administration has not approved hcg for weight loss. from a marathon in the streets to a mad dash to the hospital, a woman 39 weeks pregnant ran the chicago marathon, then felt contractions minutes after crossing the finish line. amber miller slogged her way through all 26.2 miles of the race and then realized she needed to get to the hospital. a few hours later, she delivered her healthy little girl. miller says she signed up for the race back in february and found out she was pregnant two days later. >> i wasn't real determined to run. i kind of thought i would have already had the baby.
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it comes to the night before. i'm still pregnant. and so i paid for it. so i'm going to run it. >> for the record, miller's doctor cleared her to run the marathon and she also did some walking and running. miller says if she had to do it all over again, she would do the same thing. here at home, there is a tif over a tree house in one neighborhood. a father built it for his two young boys. fairfax county officials may give it the ax. they say it may have to come down. the county says the tree house violates county rules because it was built in the front yard without a variance. he said he didn't know it could be in the front yard until after the fact, and he spent nearly $2,000 trying to make it legal. last month the board voted against him. he's going to appeal and the boys are making this plea to the board. >> i would really love the board members to come and see our tree
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house. and hope that you let us keep it. >> give us another chance and actually know it is. >> the next hearing october 30th and many neighbors are hoping the tree house will get to stay put. so what did you do on the buy week with no redskins game yesterday? derek says his sunday afternoon took him to a dreaded destination. derek, where did you go? anita. while i had been making pretty good progress turning the woman into a skins fan, staying in to watch the eagles play the bill, it turned out to be a much tougher sell. yes, i know, right. so instead, i'm standing in front of andy warhol's shadows exhibit. and frankly i didn't get it. i mean, the program tried to explain things. it said something like the form that once suggests and mock the brush work of the abstract expressionist. what? hey, i admit, this is way out of
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my comfort zone. my idea of art is this week's maryland football uniform. that's not to say it didn't have something intriguing. i like this picasso and this spooky creature here is called the soul of morvan. who is it? who knows. but i did go away with much more appreciation. the hirsh one is cool, the nfl is much cooler. but making your lady happy doing what she wanted to do, the nfl in my world cannot do that. and let's be real, the redskins are back next week. anita. >> oh, that was so great. thank you, d. imagine you're a teacher getting ready for your first class when suddenly a deer crashes through your window. that is how school started today. a surveillance camera captured some images of the deer. there were two teachers in the
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classroom. they ran out and closed the door behind them. the injured deer kept slipping on the slick floor. eventually it went back outside through the broken window. wow. scary stuff for the teachers. >> even scarier for the deer. >> i think so. nice day. >> it was. can you believe it got up to 83 degrees. >> i can feel it. it was kind of sticky today. >> you could feel it. now, the average high is 70. so say goodbye to 80s. it's not lasting much longer. i think we'll squeeze in one more decent day. it's cooling down, though. temperatures around 66 in downtown. 55 already in manassas. head up north, hagerstown, 61. martinsburg 56 degrees. so it's going to be a cool night. but not really chilly. here is what the national radar picture. we're going to zoom on into the southeast where these showers we're seeing here are heading up north slowly. so ahead of it, we'll see the clouds starting to increase. and thicken for tomorrow. in fact, we'll probably see the showers arriving late tomorrow
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night into wednesday. so the morning commute, though, looking cool and dry. maybe some peaks of sun. tuesday afternoon, though, we'll see the clouds increasing and really thicken and the rain returns definitely by wednesday and it could be wet through thursday from some areas by the afternoon. here is a look at your future cast. so the clouds thicken tomorrow morning. don't worry about showers throughout the day. in fact, you can probably keep the umbrella at home. now, tuesday night also looking at cloudy conditions. and then we'll probably see temperatures in the 70s or so. now, by early wednesday morning, more like overnight tuesday into wednesday, we'll start to see the showers coming up from the south. and then it will be widespread rain by wednesday afternoon. and that rain will be moderate and then heavy especially along the ridge. overnight mostly cloudy and cool. lows will be 52-62 degrees.
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57 for leesburg. here is your forecast for tomorrow morning as you're heading out the door. for tuesday we're talking about mostly cloudy and mild. a late shower possible. highs will be 70-75 degrees. east winds at 5-10. around downtown 73. so ten degrees cooler than today's high of 83. 69 in winchester. 71 for hagerstown. annapolis warming up into the lower 70s. so it will be maybe a couple of degrees above the average high. here is your tuesday day planner. a cool start to the morning. lower 50s to low 60s. we'll see partly cloudy conditions and then the increasing clouds at noon. mostly cloudy and mild. 65-70. by 5:00, 70-75 degrees under mild conditions and mostly cloudy. all right. so for tomorrow 73 is the high. mostly cloudy. maybe a late shower. again late. most likely after midnight. thursday still mild low 70s with a chance for some scattered showers and then a slight chan\w
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for some thunderstorm. here is your seven-day outlook. by friday we're cooling down into the upper 60s under partly cloudy conditions. for the weekend, even cooler on saturday. low 60s. but looking dry with plenty of sunshine through sunday. and then we're warming back up to even above average potentially on monday temperatures in the mid 70s. so, again, wednesday is our wettest day for the next seven days. the weekend looking good for kids going to the pumpkin patch to get the pumpkins or picking out some apples as well. >> there is all kind of fall festivals going on. >> yes. all right. i talked to a lot of my friends about whether they're upset about the nba not coming back any time soon. they don't really care. there are some people that do care, though. >> yes. they had to take the ice off of the verizon center and get ready for hardwood. they don't have to worry about that. the basketball center at verizon center got a notice in the mail, don't come around for the foreseeable future. they cancelled part of the nba
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season. 11 goals. who ran the puck the most. come up. dinner's ready. [ female announcer ] hamburger helper stroganoff. beefy. creamy. stroganoffy. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious.
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welcome back.
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it was humiliating certainly. i'm talking about tampa bay's four game sweep. the beat down sparking a pretty good debate too as are these caps capable of getting over the top. they're been talking about it all pre-season long. lightning back at the booth tonight for a little rematch. ove yet to tickle the twine this year. three minutes to go, jason whip it good. he knocked his 10100 first career goals tonight to the shootout. alexander simmons. caps win it 6-5. let's hear from our hero, though, jason. >> for most of the game we played pretty good solid game. indicative of scores. we came back so it was nice to get the win. >> nba players and owners met for seven hours today and
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couldn't solve their differences. if you're a wizard player, you might want to make alternate plans. players and owners could not create a framework for a new collective bargaining agreement. the two sides have been seeking resolution on salary cap. the gap is so significant we just can't bridge it at this time. union president derek fisher shot back "we're not at a place where a fair deal can be reached with the nba". back to football. the eagles are coming. talk about some desperate birds. the last time they came to dc, 59 point damage. >> we all remember that game. when we think of the eagles, we think of the monday night game. >> that was horrible. obviously we have to be mentally prepared for this challenge because what they did to us last year. >> yes. it was ugly. finally tough week for john beck old team byu. this is jake heath quarterback of byu. he tried to throw the ball the
11:28 pm
first time. no. take two. no. i remind you byu is supposed to be quarterback university. not on that play. they got beat 54-10, by the way. it was a beat down. >> that's harsh. [ laughing ] >> we'll be right back.
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oh, man. that is 9news now for tonight. we want to thank you for sticking around. >> oh, man. what is that. we're always on at good night. [ speaking french ]
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