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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  October 24, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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interest rate. >> that would save the average homeowner $2 million a year. >> the plan is an executive action and does not require the approval of congress. with the president's jobs bill on capitol hill, the white house is looking for ways to work around lawmakers. >> the obama administration says the american people need help now and can't wait for congress. economists say the refinancing program is good news for some borrowers, but it won't have a major affect on the overall economy. >> it will be a very, very modest impact. frankly, the impact will probably be too small for us to notice. given all the other things hitting us, higher gas prices, what depose goes on in europe. >> not every struggling homeowner will qualify. they must have made their last six mortgage payments and a steady source of income. >> and the president will also
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visit california and colorado on this three-day trip and on wednesday in colorado, he will unveil his plan to help people pay their college loans. live at the white house, danielle nottingham, now back to you. >> thanks so much. house republicans are pitching their own jobs plan tonight. before i tell you about that, i should tell you there's been optimism to start the week on wall street. the dow finished the day up almost 105 points. the nasdaq closed 62 points higher and s & p 500 rose about 16. now to that house republicans plan they are pitching their own ideas tonight. the six year transportation construction plan would spend about $285 billion, but supporters say it would spur investment in roads, bridges, and transit systems through federal loans and loan guarantees. all right, derek over to you. >> jury selection began today in the case against brittany norwood. that is the woman accused of killing a coworker at the yoga
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shop in bethesda. andrea mccarren was live in the courtroom for much of the day. she joins us with more on how it went down today. andrea. >> interesting day, derek. the jury selection process han pain staking. 300 prospective jurors were summoned to the courthouse. we only know of six that have been excused. just minutes ago, we got some very interesting information about really a glimpse of what is to come in this trial. now expected to last anywhere from 8 days to two weeks. as you know, we have an entire reporting team here. we have legal analyst, jim shallock. we have our colleague, as well as myself, christina reports from the courtroom that in opening arguments, the prosecution wants to show the jury two photographs of jayna murray living life to the fullest. then the prosecution wants to show the jury a photograph of how she was found after a
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violent death. later, the prosecution plans to show the jury four autopsy photographs. including one of her hand and one of her shattered skull. they will also introduce evidence of a rope found at the crime scene as well as some type of rope burns on jayna murray's neck. now the defense has objected to all of this, saying that the scene could be adequately described without such graphic photographs, including crime scene photographs. as well as autopsy photos. the judge says he will think about this overnight and report back to the defense and prosecution tomorrow morning. again, the remaining pool of jurors are expected to return to the courthouse tomorrow morning at 9:15. we are live in rockville, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> thank you. new at 6:00 tonight, a counterproposal to a push for a teen curfew. reports that tomorrow, council
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members phil and drews and george eleventhal will impose an antiloitering bill. not target specific age groups. the curfew proposal that the council is considering would stop minors have being after 11:00 on weeknights. the search is on for a person that stole an suv with a little boy sleeping in the backseat. the 2006 honda pilot was parked with the engine running alongs mor riel murillo street. scott broom joins us now live with the very latest. scott. >> reporter: well police say the suspect fled on foot from here. that was shortly after a neighbor came looking for that honda pilot. he found it right at this intersection still running with that little boy strapped in the backseat. >> she said someone stole her car with a baby in the back. >> the honda had been left
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running with a child inside while the boy's mom went in the house to pick up more kids to go on an outing. in those few seconds, a thief jumped in and took off. the mom ran after the car, kevin bolted in his huge ford truck while calling 911. from murillo street, they quickly found the honda at leastville honda. just saw the vehicle, parked my truck in the median and walked over to the truck or approached the truck quickly and walked over there and sought saw the baby in the back. the car was running and grabbed the baby and called 911 and let me know where my location was. he was fine. he was smiling. he kept saying mama. i had a police escort back to my house and returned him to his mom and the mom was pleased to have her baby back. >> so a happy outcome, but not the end of this case as police are still on a search for a suspect. the mom in this case today didn't want to appear on
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camera. she just parked on the curb outside just for a second to run in the house and pick up some other children, in just those few seconds, someone snatched the car. police say they do not consider this a case of child neglect on her part. they want to find the suspect and put him in jail. reporting live in north springfield, scott broom, 9news now. local cab drivers tell us they are on edge following the killing this past weekend of one of their own. 40-year-old domingo was robbed and then stabbed to death after apparently -- i should say shouted shot to death. his coworkers say this is but just the latest example of how dangerous their work has become and why they are taking steps to protect themselves. >> my time is from 7:00 to 7:00. i don't drive at night. >> how come? >> because it's dangerous.
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sometimes i look and tell them i can't take you, you know. >> a lot of travelers are scared. they are frustrated. it's a very bad situation for all the drivers because they don't know what to expect on their next trip. >> 20-year-old rishad of southeast has been charged with the murder of that cabby. police are not saying what led them to sly. rescue teams pulled a handful of survivors from the rubble of sunday's earthquake in turkey. four people were rescued from a collapsed building, including four children. but dozens of other people are feared trapped in other collapsed buildings. last report the death toll reached 279. relief workers are struggling to find shelter for thousands of people suddenly made homeless. coming up tonight at 7:00, how many folks had access to the anthrax samples? a new report is out and says security was so spotty, we may
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never know. we'll have the story for you at 7:00. a man who has his only means of making money stolen gets a generous gift from a 9news now viewer. i'm peggy fox in woodbridge, i'll have the story coming up. an average day. average is good sometimes. 67 and 49 go in the books. average is 66 and 47. record is 84. when we come back, we'll talk about temperatures going up before they start crashing. first, they struck here in the heart of the region for weeks. a look back at what happened in the sniper case, nine years ago today.
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today marks nine years since police caught up with the two men who terrorized the dc area for weeks. john allen mohommed and lee boyd were found sleeping in a car at a rest stop off i-70 near myersville. ten people were killed. three others injured during their attack. mohommed was executed two years ago. malvo is serving six consecutive life sentences. >> details for a mother and son murdered in montgomery county are out tonight. jane and william mcquain will be honored and remembered at a service this saturday at cedar brook community church. that's on string town road. the family is asking that donations be made in their name to the dwelling place. it's a group that provides housing and support for families in need in montgomery county. the group is also establishing a sports scholarship in their name. you can find all of that information on our website,
6:12 pm still to come before you hop on your hog. a word of warning tonight. we'll tell you why popular motorcycles are being recalled.
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back on 9news now. harley davidson is recalling 300,000 motorcycles. the brake light switches can be exposed to too much heat from the exhaust system. that can cause the brake lights fail and possibly the rear brake themselves. now this affects the touring, cbo touring, and trike models through 2009 to 2012. an update on the pantry that was forced to close. the ax food pantry in dumfries will be back open tomorrow afternoon at 1:00. more than 250 families are expected to be there to get some of the essential food items they so badly need. wusa9 is proud to have helped the pantry raise more than
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$120,000 in donations and collect $29,000 pounds 29,000 pounds of food. our 9news crews, myself included, met warren mitchell. >> mitchell credited the food pantry for helping turn his life around. this weekend, he hit a bump in the road. peggy fox is live in woodbridge to tell us more about that. peg. >> warren mitchell had his power washer stolen over the weekend. he came here and filed a police report. we covered the story last night to tell everybody what had happened to him and we got lots of e-mails in from people wanting to help. and one man tracked down warren himself. >> ken buyers saw on 9news sunday night that someone stole warren mitchell's power washer. he found mitchell's cell phone number and called him. >> you can sympathize with
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those folks that are trying, but circumstances have come into their life out of their control. >> transportation was a problem, 9news made the pick up and delivery. buyers, a complete stranger gave mitchell his hardly used $600 power washer. >> thanks again. the people that came out to support. thank you very having a heart. >> mitchell realized rights away that his new one is a lot stronger than his old one, opening up new opportunities. >> that's right, with the more powerful power washer, he'll be able to wash houses, vinyl siding, decks, and concrete. that thing really works. and so he is ready for business. on the good news for the food pantry, that opens tomorrow at 1:00. peggy fox reporting live in woodbridge, back to you. >> what a nice story. what a good guy. thanks. now to birmingham, alabama, and the memorial service for
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the reverend fred shuttlesworth. reverend shuttlesworth fought for years to end seg grow seg regagesregation. >> a pretty impressive display overnight. lava and flames from the volcano could be seen for miles around during a brief eruption. that lava flow down into a valley and poses no risk to any villages nearby. here at home, we're talking about great temperatures today. things are going to change. >> we are okay tomorrow. >> okay. >> and we are okay wednesday. >> we're going to hold you to that. >> then get ready. we're going to be reminded we are in late october, almost into november. let's start with the radar. there's a frontal system and there's a couple showers out
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there. nothing is heavy, but a couple showers pushing through central p. a. and ports saturday points south. most showers will remain in the mountains. everything is going to be white. you can access this on our website at we'll zoom up to the north and once you get past clarksburg toward frederick, you might have wet roads on 270. light activity around middletown and martinsburg on i- 81 south. again, nothing is heavy. we'll move a little further south. heavier activity toward warrenton and 66 south of front royal and this activity is pushing off to the east at about 10 miles per hour. a lot is going to evaporate. we'll back the radar back out. where the showers going to go? generally move east. notice how they dwindle in coverage and intensity. a couple sprinkles are possible, but not much is headed our way tonight. temperature wise, that's a
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bargain. low to mid 60s. 62 in bethesda. 63 in arlington. 63 downtown. 65 in beltsville. and mid 60s towards sterling and 61 down in manassas. temperatures are right about where they should be. cold front has to move through. it will become breezy and cool overnight. a terrific tuesday. even milder wednesday and then, well, we have to find the umbrella by thursday as another front comes through on thursday. evening shower or sprinkle possible. then breezy and cool. lows 46 to 52. winds will become northwest at 10 to 15 after midnight. so lows tonight downtown inside the beltway, low 50s. plenty of 40s. 45 in rockville. 46 in bowie. even in charles county, we're talking upper 40s in waldorf. mid 40s in reston and fairfax and 43 in leesburg and 43 in manassas. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny and cool. you need your sunglasses. temperatures in the 40s and
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50s. winds northwest at 10. by afternoon, a great day. mostly sunny and pleasant. high temperatures in the upper 60s. winds southwest at 10. next seven days, a little milder on wednesday. 70, and a cool rain and showers on thursday. 62. cooler on friday, but dry. then on saturday, a cold rain here. temperatures around 50. i think it will be snow west of the divide. salvage half the weekend, ail be it brisk. >> i like to focus on tuesday and wednesday now. >> thank you topper. devoly starts this weekend. i could use some help. >> marking the indian's new year. that's what she meant to say. monica showed the rest of her colleagues how to celebrate. >> right here on the weather terrace and dancing. mike and howard. if you do the twist, right? you tell us.
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you do this? you put your hand on your hips. >> oh, i can't do that. >> look at that. you do the head. >> going to do it better. >> thank goodness andrea was out there. she was keeping the beat. monica, too. and you have to love mike and howard for being good sports, right? >> get down on your bad self- on the morning show. >> speaking of bad self. i don't know. >> perfect segway. >> just an overall ugly day in the nfl yesterday. redskins, no day off for them. they dropped their second straight game and got horrible news on the injury front. we'll update you on who else is out for the season. plus, are the skins on a downward spiral? we'll hear from the guys on their skins. plus, is chris cooley or ron jeremy on the sidelines? find out more coming up next. [ speaking french ]
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the news just keeps getting worse for the redskins. one week after losing three offensive starters, injuries, they get bad news about three other starters. london fletcher left the game with a pulled hamstring. there's no word on how long he'll be out. the receiver santana moss has surgery today. it happened in the first half when he tried to break a fall. he'll be out about 5 to 7 weeks and runningback, tim hightower out with a torn acl.
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you saw that there. here's what he had to say after the game yesterday. >> i feel like i came here for a reason. in a situation like that, when you feel helpless, you are not able to help your team and do what you were brought out to do. it is a terrible feeling. >> any time you lose a player that has the type of energy that tim does, and has the type of game he has, obviously everybody disappointed and they feel bad for tim. >> now shanahan addressing the situation today and if all that is not bad enough, the redskins have lost three of their last forks including back to back losses against one team. they find themselves in a deep hole. they just can't climb out of it. what started out as a promising season going into the bye week turned disastrous. the offense hasn't been able to regain their rhythm. there's no consistency and a
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season high 33 points. >> every game can be so close. when you lose a game, it's tough. >> we obviously, on paper we should be beating the team we lost to. >> right now, no one is happy. no one is excited right now. we feel how you do today. tomorrow they'll be back tomorrow. >> it's time to reveal our choices for our game of the week. among the week's choices, wood grove and loudoun county and the district, hd woodson. you can vote on our website. and chris cooley was spotted on the sidelines sporting serious upper lip hair. very 70s-like. i guess you get bored when you can't play. >> he has serious side burns. what is that? >> a little comic relief. >> yes, yes. >> maybe that throwback look
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will get us back to the days where they can win a game. >> that's all for us. cbs evening news is next. have a good night.


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