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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  March 4, 2012 10:30am-11:00am EST

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>> today indiana governor mitch daniels with the latest on the devastating tornado damage, and newt gingrich and ron paul on the countdown to super tuesday. it has been one of the worst storms ever. at least 38 people dead as mighty tornadoes roared through 12 states. in kentucky and indiana, some small towns were not just hit hard, but destroyed. and this morning, thousands of across the middle of america are trying to put their lives back together. we'll get the latest from governor mitch daniels who toured the hard hit state yesterday, and then turn to campaign 2012 with super tuesday 48 hours away.
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we'll hear from newt gingrich. can he rez rec his campaign yet again? >> i have to win georgia, i think, to be credible in the race. >> and then there's ron paul, yet to win a contest, but don't tell him that. >> the good news is we're doing very well in getting delegates. >> we'll talk to him too. this is face the nation. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news in washington, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. >> bob: good morning and welcome to "face the nation". what are you seeing here is a map put out by the national weather service which shows where the 90 tornadoes hit friday and saturday. 38 people now dead in five states by the latest count. unbelievable 27.5 million
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people put at risk by the storms. in kentucky, the worst in 24 years, and in indiana, the town of henryville was hit by a twister packing 175 miles an hour winds and it stayed on the ground for more than 50 miles. indiana governor mitch daniels was in henryville and in other parts of his hard hit state yesterday. he is with us this morning from indianapolis. governor, thank you for finding time to talk with us this morning. just bring us up to date. what's the latest? >> we think the fatality rate in indiana -- the count we believe is final. we pray it's final at 12. the count of those who lost homes and businesses is smaller than it might have been based on where the powerful stoerms hit, but it doesn't ease the heartache forp whose who were in the
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path of it. >> bob: can you put a dollar figure on it? >> a little too soon right now, bob. there there was any mercy in this incredibly brutal set of storms it's that it didn't hit more populace areas, but in the frame of reference, the kind of towns that can damaged in our state means everything. you can't really issue the loss in dollars. >> bob: some towns like henryville weren't just hit hard, they were wiped out. have you ever seen anything like this? >> i've had more practice than i wish i had in severe storms over seven plus years, but from an educated amateur standpoint, i've never seen one this destructive. the continuity of the storm as
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you followed his path just moved like a lawn mower through some of the most beautiful countryside and beautiful towns that we have i will leave it to the experts to put the number >> bob: are you planing on asking the federal government for help? have you heard from the president? >> sure did. i was standing in the new beacon when the president called. and perry and scott. the simple truth is, we know from experience, the first few days are really on with the state and local authorities, and volunteer organizations -- hoosiers are tough, and you wouldn't believe the resilience and the can do spirits i bumped into everywhere. everywhere i went i ran into people from elsewhere. they weren't always friends or
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family, sometimes they were just folk who is picked up ask drove a distance to pitch in. >> bob: governor, this is early in the tornado season. are you prepared. what are you going to do to be ready for the next round? >> these storms provided -- i think we were as ready as possible. the weather service and otherss gave lots of warning. i didn't talk to niblg who wasn't fully aware that terrible storms were on their way. people did the best they could to take shelter. and then the reaction afterwards, with all of that, when mother nature decides to work wrath on mere mortals, you remember how inadequate, sometimes the best of human action can be. >> bob: governor, i'd love to talk politics with you, but this morning doesn't seem the right time. i know you have your mind on a lot of others things. thank you for being with us,
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and talk a little politics. i'll turn to newt gingrich, because the big story this weekend is campaign 2012. 419 delegates up for grabs on super tuesday. the contest will be held in 10 states, including virginia, vermont, north dak da ohio, massachusetts, tennessee, idaho, alaska and georgia. and the atlanta constitution says the man leading in his home state by double digits is mr. gingrich. let me ask you, mr. speaker, if you don't win in georgia, what does that do? you said you've got to win it. what if you don't win down there? >> oh, sure, i said, i think with you a couple of weeks ago that romney had to win michigan, they had to win georgia, and santorum has to win pennsylvania. you lose credibility if the folks who know you best repudiate you. i think that will lead to a
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spirited campaign in george a. i've been at home campaigning for a few days and i'll be back to the chamber of commerce on tuesday morning before i go to huntsville. in addition it means that you have -- senator santorum will find pennsylvania competitive. >> bob: you're looking good in georgia according to the polls. it looks like santorum and governor romney are neck in neck in ohio. how do you see super tuesday shaking down? what would you expect to see wednesday morning as you looks back >> i think there will be santorum and romney in the lead, and me in third place, and coming back and gaining ground f. you look at the gallup numbers, i closed the gap on santorum dramatically in the last two and a half weeks. this is the seventh time that you and i have talked about it. this is the seventh time i've
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been through the up and down cycle. we survived donald trump, and perry and cane again, and now santorum. so we're going to -- twice i've been the front-runner. by focusing on big ideas like a national energy strategy and american energy strategy with 2.50 a gallon gasoline and an ability to say no future president will ever again bow to a saudi king, i think i'm begining to come back to my job which is a visionary skefrnative who offers bigger, better solutions for the future. that's what i do best. and twice that's put me in the lead nationally, and now i have to kert that to delicates. >> bob: i take it you're thinking if you win in georgia, that gives you a good chance in alabama. >> and so you don't see this thing ending any time soon. do you think there's a chance anybody else will get in the race?
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>> i think it would be very hard for anybody else to get in the race. we chatted briefly when we were doing -- governor huckaby's forum, and we all agree. the american people expect somebody to come out and earn it the hard way. and lots of people look good sitting at home being talked about. they don't look as good on the campaign trail as you know. this is a rough and tumble business. and i think wof the the three of us will be the nominee. and my hope is that people get attracted to things like 2.50 gas, and have over 173,000 donors 97% under $5. governor perry told me he thinks the last weekend of may by a huge margin and lead into margin. we have 17 hispanic co-chairs
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in statewide in california. and a number of folks in the korean and chinese and thai and vietnamese communities. we're reaching out across all of california. my hope is to go into the summer as the guy who will beat barack obama, and a lot of these delegates are not legally bound. there's opportunity to go back and discuss. >> bob: governor romney has been hitting and you santorum for being features of washington as he put its. and he's criticized you for going after millions of dollars in earmarks. we've gotten ahold of a video that was taken back in 2002 when he was taking a very different tact. he was telling a group he knew how to get federal mony and wasn't bashful about going after it, and was proud how much money he got for the olympics. i'd like to play this for you.
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>> i'm a believer in getting money where the money is. the mon sein washington. i've learned from olympic experience if you understand how washington works and have personal associations there, you can get money to help build economic development opportunities. i want to go after every grant, every project, every department in washington to assure we're taking advantage of economic development opportunities. we actually received over $410 million from the federal government for the olympic games. that is a huge increase over anything ever done before. we did that by going after every agency of government. >> bob: so your thoughts? >> i think the reason governor romney can't convert all of this is financial advantages, six years of campaigning, $forty million of personal donations, outspent of rest of us 10 to 1. we can't close the deal because there's a brelgt taking scale of dishonesty
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underlying the romney campaign. this is a perfect example. what he said was perfectly reasonable. he did a great job going to washington anda the consumate insider, and candidate. he should thank the american people for saving the winter olympics. it's their money. and then he has the gull to turn to santorum and me for doing what he's so proud he did. this is the fundamental dishonesty that continues to come back and bite the nominee campaign. every time they ought to close the deal, the american people stop and say, wait a second, there's something fundamentally false about his premise. >> and the other is the fight with the catholic church. governor romney insisted that catholic hospitals give out abortion pills. it came out of the governor's office. and what he said in the last debate is false. eventually all the falsehoods catch up with you. that video is perfect xaechlle.
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it's sad. if he run on who he is, he would have gotten the nomination on who he is, not the person he's pretending to be. >> bob: mr. smeeker, thank you for being with us. we'll be back. we'll go north to alaska to talk to ron paul. oodnight glutt, a farewell long awaited. goodnight, stuffy. goodnight, outdated. goodnight old luxury and all of your wares. goodnight bygones everywhere. [ engine turns over ] good morning, illumination. good morning, innovation. good morning unequaled inspiration. [ male announcer ] the audi a8, chosen by car & driver as the best luxury sedan in a recent comparison test. [ male announcer ] how could a luminous protein in jellyfish,
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here in alaska. there's a good chance we'll come out with the majority of the delegates in idaho as well as north dakota. >> congressman let me ask you this question, and i mean this as a serious question and with respect. are you in this to the end? do you really think you could actually win the nomination? or is there a different purpose in your campaign? >> i've answered this question a few times. i don't know why there has to be an either or. as a matter of fact, if you're in a race to make a point or to promote a cause, the best way to do that is to win. so by the fact that i won 12 times in congress, and got the people of that district to understand what true liberty is about and what the constitution is, and argue the case of sound money, and a different type of foreign policy, by my winning those
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electionss is very beneficial to promoting that cause. so it doesn't bother me. do i believe i can win? yes. die believe the chances are slim? yes, i do, but things happen in this world that we don't have total control of, and we live in a world that in flux, internationally, monetarily, it might just make the circumstances different, but i understand your question. i think that it should never be considered an either/or issue. >> bob: but i take it from what you tell me this morning, that your main purpose here is to make a point to underline why you think the libitarian point of view is the way to g. so i take it you're trying to strengthen libitarians rather than the main objection to win the nomination? >> no. i said something different want i said both are mutual. i think what brlgts many people who seem to be in a
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quandary over this is that they run into so few people who are in it for something other than just gaining power. i see what's happening in washington -- the republican and democrats -- everything is spent on gaining power. i don't see the difference in the foreign policy. nothing changes with the overseas adventures. nothing changes with the monetary policy. nothing changes with the deficit. nobody seems to care about personal liberty. so when you run into somebody it gets confusing. you say, he cares a whole lot about the issues. he cares about power. >> i doenltd care about power. but i care about influence, and the best way to influence a nation and move a nation is by translating this into political action that is successful. so the people who support me are determined to win. >> were you surprised when rick santorum said you were in
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this because you were in cahoots with mitt romney and some suggested what you're trying to do here is create a situation what did you make of that? >> i didn't know he was in the conspiracy business. that's creative. the media fed on that, because they keep saying is there a deal. obviously, not, he couldn't do it, i wouldn't do it, and i think that's just santorum trying to talk about something and he didn't have any issues to attack me on, so he had to go after he on something as killy as thatsilly as that. >> bob: rush limbaugh called a
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young woman a prostitute because she testifyed in favor of government health care plans paying for birth control pills. he has apol jietzed apologized. what do you think about the fact he apologized. number two, does it bother you when the campaign wanders off into these social issues? >> yeah, but i don't consider that a social issue. i said he used a crude language, and i think he gets over the top at times. but it's in his best interest. that's why he did it. i don't think he's apologetic. he's doing it because people were taking advertisements off his program. it was the bottom line he was concerned about. i think when santorum talks about birth control he doesn't believe people should have birth control. i as a doctor, believe people
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should have birth control. it's important because doesn't the government have a mandate to tell insurance what to give? they're saying insurance companies should give everybody free birth control pills. that strikes me as odd? what does that mean. that means somebody who doesn't need birth control pills and they find using it is an offence to them, they have to pay for the birth control pills to give somebody free birth control pills to be used. i don't see how anybody should accept that. i mean, when i first started buying medical insurance, you had the choice of whether you have ob care or not. why should somebody who's not going to have a baby be forced to pair for the ob care of a younger person? total destruction of the marketplace. this obsession with obama on mandating. the republicans aren't a whole lot better on th, but the market deals with the problems definitely, and there would never be a discussion on this, who is going to be forced to
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pay for birth control pills. since it's closely related to abortion, it's the same principle. why should we force people who are strongly right to life, to pay money for doing an abortion, and planned parenthood does that, and it's ironic that santorum funded planned parenthood and plans to be the champion of social values. that's bizarre. that's why i call him a fake conservative. >> bob: well, congressman, it's always good to talk to you. thanks again for getting up so early. wohl be backe'll be back. [ female announcer ] the next generation of investing technology
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>> finally today, i've never liked it when old people remind us things were better in their day. but here i go. >> bob: when i came to washington in 1969 things were a mess. the country was divided over vietnam and a wave of violence and taking the lives of two kennedys and martin luther king, jr., yet the government furngzed and congress was a better place. martithe senate was a place of giants, and a blend of old persuasion. democrat john stennis of mississippi was the conservative. republican jake jackobs of new york was a liberal, we have a hard line or defense and a liberal on social issues. hubert humphrey was a liberal, and republican goldwater was a hardcore conservative. they came and they went, but
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none of them left for the reasons given last week of snowthe moderate senator who said she was just tired of fooling with the modern senate with it's my way or the highway mentality. it was no longer a place to accomplish anything. snowe is not the first to say that, just the first to say it aloud, the senate will be the worse for her absence, but will survive. what does it say about politics when serious people conclude that serving in the united states senate is no longer worth their time and effort? that's the part that should worry the rest of us. back in a minute.
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>> bob: that's it for us today. stay with cbs news for all the latest. and join us tuesday for the special super tuesday coverage. start with cbs this morning, tliet through with scott pelley and the evening news and special reports throughout the evening as the night unfolds. thanks for watching "face the nation".
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we'll see you right here next week. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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