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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  March 13, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> pelley: tonight a big day of positive news on the economy. stocks surged. the nas nasdaq hits its highest level of the 21st century. anthony mason with a report on which banks are healthiest. new information on the massacre in afghanistan. the president vows a full investigation. >> >> the killing of innocent civilians is civilians is outrageous and unacceptable. >> pelley: reports from chip reid and david martin. it's primary night in alabama and mississippi. correspondents andrews, nancy cordes and jan crawford on what could be a g.o.p. game changer. and byron pitts on how a poster child for america's obesity epidemic became a model for turning it around. captioning sponsored by cbs
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this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. if you're one of the millions of americans invested in the stock market maybe through your 401(k) plan, chances are your nest egg is worth more tonight than when you left for work this morning. stocks reached heights today that we haven't seen in years. have a look. the dow gained more than 217 points, closing at 13,177. that's the highest close since december of '07. the nasdaq posted its highest finish since december of 2000. an and the s&p 500, the highest since june of '08. look at look at how far the dow has come in just five months. it is it is up nearly 24%. j.p. morgan chase sparked the market advance today when it announced that it passed the federal reserves latest test that that examines whether a bank is healthy enough to stand a severe recession. anth anthony mason has more now
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about about the results of these so- called stress tests. anthony. >> mason: the federal reserve conducts the stress test every year but this is the first time time since 2009 it's made the results public. 19 19 bank holding companies were evaluated. ov overall the prognosis is good. 15 passed the four that failed city grooup sun trust allied financial and met life. the tests are designed to ensure the banks have the cash and securities necessary to withstand a financial crisis like the one we endured in 2008. the the fed's scenario imagined the banks weathering a severe recession in the u.s. with unemployment 13%, a 15% drop in the stock market market and a a 21% decline in housing prices. four four banks did fail. that's down from ten that flunked in 2009. since then the 19 participating banks have nearly doubled the amount of capital they're holding from 420 billion dollars in '09 to $759 billion now. america's banking system,
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scott, is significantly healthier. >> pelley: when we say these four banks failed the stress test that doesn't mean those bank are in trouble. >> not necessarily. the banking system has significantly improved. we're not out of the woods. it's a lot better. a handful of banks today actually raised their dividends and initiated stock buy-back plans. >> pelley: thanks very much. the u.s. army staff sergeant being investigated in a massacre of civilians in afghanistan remains in u.s. custody tonight. it was it was determined today there was enough evidence to hold him. the army will not identify him until he is charged. 16 16 villagers were shot to death before dawn on sunday. nine of them were children. president obama said this today in the today in the rose garden. >> the united states takes this as seriously as if it was our own citizens, and our own children who children who were murdered. we're hard broken over the loss of innocent life.
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the killing of innocent civilians civilians is outrageous. and it's unacceptable. it's not who we are as a country. and it does not represent our military. for that reason, i've directed the pentagon to make sure that we spare no effort in conducting a full investigation. >> pelley: defense secretary leon panetta says the soldier if convicted could face the death penalty. chip reid is traveling with secretary panetta overseas. >> reporter: secretary panetta's first comments on the massacre came on board his flyi flying command post on the first leg of a first leg of a five-day trip to asia. >> these kinds of events and incidents are going to take place. they've taken place in any war. they're they're terrible events. and this is not the first of those events. it probably won't be the last. >> reporter: the anguish over the slaughter of innocent women and children was all but
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etched on his face. >> obviously we were all deeply shocked and saddened by the event the event that occurred there. >> reporter: panetta also seemed deeply worried that a recent series of incidents by u.s. forces could jeopardize hard-won progress in afghanistan. three weeks ago there were riots after u.s. riots after u.s. troops accidentally burned the islamic holy book in a trash incinerator. six americans were killed as a result. in j in january images surfaced of u.s. troops appearing to urinate on the corpses of deaden deaden me fighter. >> we >> we seem to get tested almost every other day with challenges that test our leadership and our commitment. >> >> reporter: as his demeanor changed from sadness to resolve, panetta argued that even a series of horrible tragedies should not stand in the way of a mission that he says is succeeding. >> i do not believe that there is any reason at this point to
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make any changes with regards to our strategy and for the process of drawing down. >> reporter: as evidence that the mission is succeeding, pane panetta cited pentagon statistics showing that violen violent attacks in afghanistan have decreased 24% over the past year. it's a trend he says he's confident will continue. chip reid, cbs news, bishkec, kyrgyzstan. >> pelley: we have new information about the soldier in custody and what he allegedly did immediately after the massacre. david martin is breaking this story at the pentagon tonight. david? >> reporter: scott, this new in enformation is at odds with the initial version that he simply turned himself in. according to this new information when it was discovered he was missing from the base, a search party, complete with helicopters was sent looking for him and found him crawling through an orchard as if he were trying to sneak back on to the base un undetected. when he was taken into custody
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he invoked his right to remain silent silent and demanded a lawyer. now as you said, the u.s. command in kabul has announced there is probable cause to continue holding him while charges... while lawyers prepare charges against him. that is expected to take two weeks or less. when charges are brought, his name will be publicly released. it may seem like an open-and-shut case, but this could drag on for months if not years. army major nidal hassan killed 13 people in front of multiple witnesses when he opened fire at fort hood texas in november 2009. he was captured immediately but his court martial on charges of premeditated murder has been repeatedly delayed by among other things the need for a full psychiatric evaluation and is not scheduled to begin until this june. there will undoubtedly be a full psychiatric evaluation in this case as well and a reconstruction of the
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sergeant's three combat tours in iraq to see if he is suffering from post traumatic stress or traumatic brain injury. there are also reports that he was going through marital problems which woul problems which would not be uncommon for someone on their fourth combat tour. and now there is even some indication alcohol was involved, although it is not clear whether it was detected on on his breath when he was taken into taken into custody or found later in his locker room. >> pelley: david martin with breaking news at the pentagon. david, thank you very much. the president hopes the tragedy does not reflect on the 91,000 americans who are working to rebuild afghanistan. mr. obama said today that he intends to stick with his plan to withdraw most u.s. forces from afghanistan by 2014. afghanistan is suddenly an issue in the race for the republican presidential nomination. there are primaries tonight in mississippi and in alabama. a major test of strength in the south. voting voting continues right now, but we've been talking to
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voters as they left the polls today. in alabama in alabama, 82% told us they yre very worried about the economy. in mississippi, a third told us that they made up their mind on a candidate in just the last few days. we have campaign 2012 correspondents with the candidates tonight. first, we'll go to wyatt andrews in liberty missouri with the romney campaign. wyatt. >> scott, afghanistan was an issue today during the romney campaign, now campaign, now in missouri. romney did not blame the afghanistan tragedy on the president or his policies. but but he did say the president was putting too much pressure on the united states military. >> your son in afghanistan, thank you for his service. ather ofter: romney speaking to the father of a service member has said that the president has kept the military too small and asked it to do too much. >> our number of troops. you know how many times we saw men and women having to be rotated back to rotated back to afghanistan and iraq.
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they're stretched to the breaking point in those conflicts. conflicts. >> reporter: that line about a breaking point was significant because the serviceman responsible for the afghan murders had served three tours in iraq before deploying to afghanistan. >> we should >> we should increase our number of active duty personnel by 100,000 and make sure we give our veterans the care they deserve. >> reporter: politically the romney camp is hoping for a big big night in the deep south tonight. scott, if romney can win either either alabama or mississippi, he can finally claim that he's appeal to go the conservative base. he'd be denying gingrich or santorum states that they should be winning. >> pelley: wyatt, thanks very much. there is a lot at stake tonight for rick santorum as well. nancy cordes is in lafayette louisiana covering louisiana covering his campaign. nancy. >> reporter: scott, santorum is here because louisiana holds its primary next week and a strong showing in the deep south is critical to his argument that he is the conservative standard bearer in this race not mitt romney.
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>> we think that the folks in mississippi and alabama are going to vote for the conservative who represents their values. >> reporter: santorum has been insisting he can catch up to romney's sizable lead in the delegate count. romney has 432. santorum santorum 186. >> don't vote with what the pundits say. trust your own heart and your own head. >> reporter: >> reporter: santorum's campaign even released a memo explaining his pass to delegate victory which involves staying in the race to keep romney from getting the 1144 delegates he needs to clinch the nomination. sa santorum would then try to siphon delegates away from romney at the convention in tampa florida in august. >> if we have to go to the convention we'll win at the convention. i have no doubt about that. >> reporter: the biggest obstacle to that strategy is newt gingrich who also appeals to conservative voters. mr. gingrich say mr. gingrich says he's staying in the race all the way to the end no matter what. what does that mean for you? >> at some point it becomes
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irrelevant whether he's in the race. i think this race will become a two-person race. ac reporter: but santorum acknowledges that gingrich has some regional appeal here having lived in the south for 40 years. >> pelley: newt gingrich doesn't think he is irrelevant. it could be do or die tonight for his presidential aspirations, however. jan crawford is in birmingham, alabama. jan? >> well, scott, that's right. this could be gingrich's last stand. if he doesn't win either one of these two states he is going to be under enormous pressure to drop out. he's already looking for new arguments to stay in. in alabama and mississippi, newt gingrich talks the talk. >> this morning when i had grits i thought it was a very normal thing to do. >> reporter: but he has to show he ca show he can win. for gingrich, that hasn't been easy. of the 26 contests so far gingrich has won just two southern states. south carolina back in january and his home state of georgia. in the in the last 20 races he finished third or fourth, 18
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times. but gingrich rejects arguments he's a he's a spoiler who by splitting the conservative vote with santorum is giving romney a boost. this morning, he offered a new rationale to stay in the race. he's actually helping santorum by beating up on romney. >> >> there's a certain advantage i think right now in having both of us tag-team romney because neither one of us by ourselves can raise the money to match romney. >> reporter: he said their combined effort would lead to romney's defeat. >> the >> the odds against his being able to get 1144 delegates is very, very high. i think he's more likely to be a frontrunner who ends up not finishing the race. >> reporter: now if gingrich couldn't win couldn't win either one of these states those arguments will fall on deaf ears and, scott, the road ahead is even tougher. the upcoming states through april are much less favorable for gingrich. that will make it even harder for him to keep his momentum and his campaign going. >> pelley: voting continues at this hour. jan, thanks very much. a town hit by a tornado is
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no one no one was hurt, but louisiana's governor today declared a state of emergency for the region. harrisburg, illinois, has been a d a disaster zone for nearly two weeks ever since a tornado that killed seven people. but now dean reynolds tells us there is a fight over who should help pay the town recovery. >> reporter: on the day that a tornad tornado ripped through harrisburg illinois governor pat quinn surveyed the damage and tried to think ahead. >> i signed a declaration state disaster declaration and asked the feds for assistance. you have to file a good application if you want federal assistance. >> reporter: state officials estimated they would need about $3 million in federal aid to help homeowners and rent renters. but fema's craig fugate said his agency will not be sending checks for damaged or destroyed homes. >> we did not find the disa disaster information provided would suggest it exceeded the state's state's capabilities. >> reporter: fema considered
6:48 pm
priv private insurance coverage in the area, alternate housing and available rental units in determining that illinois could handle the mess by itself. but when illinois learned that indiana's aid application, which claimed more than 25 million dollars in damages from storms in the last couple of weeks, had been approved by fema, senator dick durbin and others were outraged. >> to think that these local communities or a state with its own budget problems can take care of this is just naive. >> reporter: fema said denys applications are not unprecedented. last year's minnesota's request after storms and tornadoes was also rejected. >> turning down a disaster is never easy. we know there's real people and real homes that have been impacted. this is not about the individual or the family. this is really about looking at the impact to the state. >> reporter: illinois is appealing the decision, scott. its congressional dell gaigs and governor quinn will be meeting with fema officials in
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6:52 pm
life in the irish mafia wars." they could be used against him in court. bulger and his girlfriend were arrested in california last year after 16 years on the run. britain's tabloid phone hacking scandal took yet another another turn today. rebecca brooks, a former top execut executive in rupert murdoch's media media empire was reportedly arrested at her home. poli police are said to be investigating brooks, her husband, and husband, and four others for conspiracy to cover up the scandal in which reporters hacked hacked into cell phones to get tabloid scoops. there was no covering up what happened at the airport in atlanta today. a a delta 737 ran off the taxi way. it happened while two mechanics, the only people on board, were testing the engines. engines. well, the engines worked fine but delta says the brakes did not. no one was hur no one was hurt. the investigating. winning the battle against obesity. obesity. a young boy's remarkable
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6:56 pm
oklahoma boy who turned his life around and now he's helping others do the same. >> that's good. >> reporter: for 12-year-old mason harvey, a healthy fruit smoothy was not his after-school drink of choice a year ago. back then in sixth grade he todayed 206 pounds. today he's 85 pounds lighter. what made you decide to lose so much weight? >> >> bullies. started in third grade. they would call me names and push me around. >> >> reporter: what was like what? what? >> fat and jello roll or stuff like that. >> how is that cake and ice cream. >> reporter: the more he was teased the more mason ate. his parents mike and julie harvey they were unintentional enablers. how is it possible that an 11-year-old boy would get up to 206 pounds? >> that's a tough question. it really is. we never we never looked at him as fat. we never called him obese. we never we never told him, mason,
6:57 pm
you've got to lose weight. >> reporter: but mason was set up with the bullying. so he so he began to take small steps. he hit he hit the gym, stopped drinking soda pop. no no more burgers or pizza. >> i'm >> i'm eating carrots at my school. i'll splur i'll splurge a little bit and put a little bit of ranch on the side. but other times i'll have like a salad with no dressing. and they have tomatoes and mushrooms and celery in there. >> reporter: what do you think when you see that face, that body? >> i'm kind of surprised to know that that was me. i can't believe that i was 85 pounds heavier. and over the last year, i dropped that much weight. that's a big accomplishment. >> reporter: mason decided not to stop there. he insisted his parents join him. >> we're not just sleeping in all da all day and laying around, you know. we're getting up and we're moving. it's making us feel better. >> reporter: mason's father once weighed 324 pounds.
6:58 pm
now now he's down to 298. >> i have this voice in my head now that it's mason. it's constantly telling me things. >> don't quit. keep on trucking. >> reporter: that momentum is pushing mason to convince his friends and neighbors to get healthier. he's he's organized fitness events to promote awareness of childhood obesity. from laps around the track to moments climbing up and downstairs. now it's sound you're the man at school. >> i'm getting a lot more friends. >> reporter: i thought you were going to say a lot more girl friends there. >> that's kind of happening too. >> reporter: mason harvey didn't didn't just shed weight. he's proving small steps can make big changes. byron pitts, answer news, guthrie, oklahom guthrie, oklahoma. >> pelle >> pelley: that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news, all around the world, good night.
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captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by this is 9news now. >> tonight, new information on a story we've been following all day long. her body pushed out of a van near the busy intersection of connecticut avenue and knowles in kensington, maryland. police identified that woman. her name is heather lynn mcguire. also identified a suspect. 51-year-old phillip gilberti. court documents show the two had been married, but in the mist of a divorce. gilberti violated a protective order against him. kristen fisher is working the story. >> a van pulled up to this intersection and the woman in the passenger seat threw open the door. witnesses say she was covered in blood, screaming for help. that's when the male driver


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