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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  March 31, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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you have to concern yourself with him if you are kansas when he is on the floor. >> jim: craft, well defended by the jayhawks. taylor -- no. rebound, sullinger. >> clark: a foul on ohio state. i am not sure who it was. >> steve: i think they got sullinger for clearing out on the rebound. >> jim: and we have the under 4:00 time-out. ♪ don't stop ♪ not in this economy. we also have zero free time, and my dad moving in. so we went to fidelity. we looked at our family's goals and some ways to help us get there. they helped me fix my economy, the one in my house. now they're managing my investments for me. and with fidelity,
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this is important. [ male announcer ] the all-new, 37 mpg chevy malibu eco. from new technology to old friends. chevy runs deep. the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of captionmax which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies and their respective agents and divisions, are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any transcription or for errors in transcription. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division
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>> jim: coming sunday, april 15, a new police drama from robert , deniro and rozen thal. and here, watch the foul call. they called it on buford, 44. >> clark: he must have have nunged thomas robinson in the back, as you indicated, jim, during the break. sullinger could have been called for a foul on the shot attempt by tyshawn taylor. >> jim: and now a chance to tie it, again. >> steve: kansas has really taken over the rebound situation in this second half, as well, just like they did against carolina last week. the tar heels are the best
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rebounding team in the country, coming into that game, and kansas took it to them and they are doing the same to ohio state right now. >> clark: it's been about the energy here in the second half by kansas on the glass and defensively. ohio state has shown in the tournament the ability to execute late and make big plays and they typically try to play through sullinger here. good reestablishment of the post position. >> jim: a little hook shot, no. and tapped out to eliason johnson. robinson, blocked by sullinger. >> clark: excellent defense by jared sullinger, he broke contact just enough to free himself to block the shot. >> jim: and thomas, again kansas has a trip to take the lead.
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inside of 3 minutes. over to releford and he's fouled, heading to the line. that is on sullinger, his third. >> steve: thomas has had so many good looks in this game and he has been on that back iron all night. >> clark: from the start, steve, you are exactly right. and he had been shooting it so well coming into this game in the tournament. >> jim: releford to shoot 2. >> steve: and because of his misses, deshaun thomas, i am talking about, kansas has been able to keep that defense really in the paint. and they have been able to clog things up. if he could have just gotten one or two to go, it would have changed the game but the foul trouble took him out of things. >> clark: and you miss the corner 3 it usually gives the opposition the opportunity to run with the rebound.
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>> jim: and there is kansas in front. [cheers and applause] >> jim: the first lead since the opening minute. and scoring now the last 7 points. [crowd yelling] >> jim: they had trailed by 13 on five occasions. and thomas will have a chance to go to the line to regain the lead. as withey is called for that. his second. >> clark: you can see here, thomas just looking to create something and just a slight bump of the body by withey. >> steve: extremely slight. >> clark: very, very slight. and thomas took a shot there. i don't know if he tweaked his ankle. a pretty good free throw shooter. he has been 83% in the tournament from the line and 74% on the year. >> jim: it just hasn't been a game where he has been able to get into the flow of things. he missed early a lot of shots
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and the foul trouble has been mounting. now he has one more free throw. >> clark: sometimes a guy who struggling gets a free throw or two to fall and the basket gets bigger. >> jim: he is hobbling to the bench. >> steve: i think it's more offense-defense than injury. and they'll try to get thomas back in the game with ohio state gets the ball back. >> jim: and craft steals and shielding and up and in. aaron craft with a huge moment in this game! [cheers and applause] >> jim: set the single season ohio state record for steal, gets the steal and the basket! over the south pacific in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection,
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and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >> jim: kansas with one time-out left. jim nantz here with clark kellogg, steve kerr, tracy wolfson in new orleans, as we play the final 2:21 to determine kentucky's opponent on monday night. kentucky awinner earlier on this floor, 69-61. they had beaten louisville in the regular season 69-62. almost an identical score. >> clark: it sure was and that game not as close as that score indicated and almost exactly the game. and now kansas has to come down
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and get a good shot. >> steve: you got to get the ball inside to robinson. with the ball moving. >> jim: and waiting and able to get the shot to drop. great body control. >> clark: boy, a tough, tough shot. goodness. tyshawn taylor. but that's what he is capable of and at the other end, steve, it's about playing bu sullinger. deshaun thomas did not re-enter, unable to get back in the game. >> jim: craft, no, and tapped out. taylor has it. and he is hit hard by ravenel. who commits his third. and now thomas, who has been standing at the far end of the bench, trying to loosen up that leg is coming back in. >> clark: nothing flagrant there, just a good, hard foul on
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the ball by ravenel. >> steve: releford, a 64% foul shooter. >> jim: he'll get two. >> clark: a moment ago knocked down a pair to give kansas its first lead since 2-zip. >> jim: we saw his brother trevor play in the tournament, a starter for alabama. which got knocked out by creighton in the second round game. thomas back in. 1:37 to go and we are tied. kansas up 1. [crowd yelling] >> jim: we've had three lead changes in the last minute. >> clark: kansas switching the crosses on the perimeter.
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releford matched up with craft. buford, blocked by withey! johnson, no one cuts him off. banks it in! [cheers and applause] >> steve: and i love the aggressiveness from johnson. >> jim: the jayhawks' biggest lead of the game and it comes with 1:05 to play! [cheers and applause] >> jim: time-out, ohio state. >> clark: you know, steve, in some ways reminiscent of the carolina game. stops and occasionally run-outs that allowed them to get the lead. and the defense has been really
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solid for kansas and when they've had the opportunity, they take advantage, being able to get to the rim in the open court. >> steve: if i am ohio state now, i still look for deshaun thomas. he has robinson on him. it's such a difficult match-up, they can space the floor with thomas in some kind of a pick-and-pop and get him a 3-point look or a drive to the hoop because sullinger against withey has not been an advantage for the buckeyes. >> clark: i still think you have to look in there but jared has to be willing to give up it. and you have to consider buford, as well. but that ball has to be -- you at least have to attempt to throw it inside. >> jim: ohio state led by 6 with five minutes to play and that pass a little too forced! robinson has it. craft reaches in. and there was no foul called. he was able -- in fact, he thought he had a tie up.
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the arrow would have belonged to kansas but without committing a foul, he saved the basket. >> clark: and aaron craft zeroing in on it and raked it away cleanly. no foul. just dug in and kept thomas robinson from the sure lay-up. no need to foul. you got to defend and then be ready to rebound. no reason to foul. it's only a 1-possession game. [crowd yelling] >> clark: this is where tyshawn taylor looks to do it himself, steve, because of his ability to hit the pull-up jumper off the dribble. >> jim: back the withey, banging bodies and he traveled! no basket. a travelling wall on withey. >> clark: i think that was the right call. it appeared he had a little bit of a bunny hop. oh, i am not so sure upon second look. nor was withey. wow! >> jim: 25 seconds to go.
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down 3. >> clark: you need to attack quickly. >> jim: and thomas for the tie, the shot -- no and it's off the foot of withey who tries to save it. back to ohio state, thomas again and the put-back by buford with authority with 9 seconds to play, down to 1! ohio state fortunate. they were putting up 3s faster than they had to and buford picked up the loose change, knocks it down to 1. the buckeyes call the last time-out.
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>> jim: steve, clark, set us up. >> clark: all your vital signs in front of you, jim. nine fouls on ohio state. the next foul is a double bonus. one time-out, plus possession arrow to kansas. you are strong with the ball. ohio state wants to pressure, force a mistake and then an immediate foul. >> steve: and you got to foul quickly because you don't have any time-outs left. >> clark: exactly. >> steve: the foul means two free throws and thad matta will be drawing something in the time-out right now and telling his players, "we don't have any time-outs left. we have to play under every condition. be ready for every situation." >> clark: and ohio state has to make sure the ball is caught in front of them. no kansas long pass.
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this is the opportunity, if you are kansas, to throw the long ball if you think it's there. let's see how they match up. >> jim: it'll be releford to inbound. >> clark: withey, really the best free throw shooter on the floor for kansas. >> steve: i think johnson or taylor. >> jim: and it's only 1.3 seconds off the clock and it's a double bonus at the other end. two free throws. so taylor, who has struggled mightily, shooting in tomes, shooting from -- in domes, shooting from 3. he will have two free throws, the senior from hoboken, new jersey. >> steve: eight for 13 in the n.c.a.a. tournament but the senior, you mentioned it, jim, the experience. i think he is the one you want
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on the line if you are bill self, and ohio state, make or miss, push the ball. time and score. >> jim: two shots for the third team all-american. >> clark: now, if he makes this one and it's a 3-point lead, 8.3 seconds. still too much time to foul. i am a big proponent of fouling 6 seconds or less with a 3-point lead. behind that, put pressure on the inbounder and try to force a tough shot. >> jim: and, again, ohio state, no time-outs. they have to react immediately. >> steve: i would foul as they cross half court before they get into the shooting area. i think you foul. >> clark: but that would be probably within -- under five or six seconds. >> jim: yeah. kevin young in for kansas. stolen by taylor!
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stole the inbounds pass but throws it away! and bill self can't believe it. >> clark: wow. >> jim: stole it. the game was almost over. >> clark: all you do is take care of the ball. he thought he had a lay-up. and now you foul! now you definitely foul. >> jim: and craft tried to launch it like it was a shot and it's off the shot clock. it'll be a 1 and 1. that's the seventh team foul on kansas. >> steve: so craft will try to make the first and miss the second. bill self brings withey into the game for rebounding purposes. and it's not easy, first of all, to make the first one. >> clark: that's right. >> steve: but also not easy to miss the second one where it can stay alive. >> clark: but the first is knock down the first. you don't get a second one if you don't. >> jim: just 2.9 to go.
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ohio state has hit his last 12 free throws. got that one. >> steve: and the reason a lot of teams don't foul in this situation is because a long rebound can lead to a 3-pointer. and a game winning shot. >> jim: here we go, guys. it's all coming down to this. [whistle] >> jim: craft. and they will say he left too soon. a lane violation on the shooter. boy, he fired it up and took off. >> clark: yeah. >> jim: here's the inbounds, pass, and kansas uncontested. [cheers and applause] >> jim: they pull off the comeback! and the jayhawks are moving on to monday night! [cheers and applause] closed captioning provided by cbs sports division captioned by captionmax ♪ [band playing]
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>> jim: sullinger in shock at midcourt. >> clark: i don't think even ohio state was ready for the inbounds. >> steve: they were in disarray, arguing with the official. craft was staring at the official like he is there. and he throws it up there and clearly crosses the line. i think it's a good call from the official and in ensuing chaos, i don't think that ohio state was ready. >> clark: as steve said, they were locked into what happened on the prior call. and the official put it in the hands of the inbounder and that ended it. >> jim: a kansas team that came back from 10 down to purdue to make the sweet 16 comes back from 13 to make the championship game match-up. >> clark: craft was clearly moving before the ball hit the rim. >> jim: and again, ohio state was still looking around about the call and they just had to
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inbound. no one near him, no foul, game over. >> steve: how about the resilience of that kansas squad? they looked dead this the water, down 13, but came back with defense. >> jim: kansas and kentucky met back on november 15 at madison square garden. game two of the year for each team and now they will meet in the final game of the season. kentucky and kansas will collide monday night for the national championship. we'll be back to new orleans in a moment. to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪ the 2013 sl.
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>> greg g.: welcome back to new orleans, everyone. kansas has beaten ohio state to advance to monday night's championship game as we continue live from new orleans, louisiana. coming up for many of you, your late local news. 9:00 eastern on monday, the prelude to a championship, followed by the n.c.a.a. title game between kansas and kentucky. right now, jim nantz, standing by with the victorious kansas jayhawks. jim. >> jim: all right, folks. here we are with the kansas jayhawks on to the championship game on monday night. coach self, your team came back from 13 down to five different occasions. how did you do to? >> coach: i don't know. we were awful. thomas will tell you, the first half, no energy, tight. second half we came out and played so much better, moch more
11:25 pm
energy, and we had the lay-ups and stuff but bottom line, if we defend and rebound, good things happen. >> jim: it has to be one of more most satisfying wins to get the team turned around at half? >> coach: it's not me. thomas and ty labored, but we played through the bigs the second half. >> jim: thomas, how about the comeback, which you were such a big part of. what does it mean to you to be playing for a national championship? >> player: everything in the world. we worked so hard, and we are here now. >> jim: you know, there was a number of times you would pull even with ohio state and they would respond and go back in front. but in the end, like against north carolina, you were more resilient in the end. >> player: i don't like doing it but for some reason my team is good when we were down.
11:26 pm
>> jim: did you think when you met up in new york with kentucky that you would see them again? and what about the that game, monday night? >> player: i'll be ready. >> jim: he'll be ready, he says. all right, congratulations. we will see you monday night. if you look outside at the superdome all night, there was recessed blue lighting and it'll be all blue inside on monday night. we'll be back to new orleans in a moment. with the capital one cash rewards card you get a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more cash -- well, except her.
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a fresh take on italian with tender juicy chicken, zesterrific pepperoni and plenty of our signature recipe marinara sauce. perfecto. -mama mia! -muah. [ male announcer ] and taste the amore with the meatball pepperoni melt -- a kickin' combination of italian style meatballs and pepperoni on your favorite freshly baked bread. only at subway. [ male announcer ] and only for a limited time. don't miss out. subway. eat fresh. >> greg g.: the final seconds of the game that just wound down, aaron craft jumped the gun, can't do it. and the ball over to the kansas
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jayhawks, and then ohio state just wasn't ready to play defense when the ball was inbounded. the final, kansas over ohio state, 64-62 as we welcome you back to new orleans and the final four post game show. many of you next, the late local news and see stories of students and their achievements at n.c.a.a./bu n.c.a.a./buick. surprised? >> greg a.: i am but give kansas credit. they had to have the "x" factor and the kid from las vegas was one, eliason johnson, and a game where tyshawn taylor struggled until the end but give a lot of credit to withey. i thought jeff withey's defense on jared sullinger, he had seven blocked shots and altderred
11:30 pm
another five or six and could never get the rhythm. >> seth: and he gave kansas the luxury of playing jared sullinger one on one without having to double-team him, putting more pressure on the shooters. and withey with a final four record for blocks, held previously by danny manning and the other big point, when deshaun thomas picked up his fourth foul and totally out of rhythm. >> charles: and to me, withey made ohio state a perimeter time, no lay-ups and post-ups and all the teams have had great seasons and all capable of incredible feats and comebacks, whatever you want to call it so no, i don't call it an upset but a great team coming in and fighting for the national championship. >> charles: and we talked about
11:31 pm
halftime, robinson played pretty well and tailor doesn't have a good game but eliason johnson, terrific, and trevor releford with 14. and withey was in fact. and the three guys really stepped up and nobody on ohio state stepped up and that was the difference in the game. >> greg g.: the time score, kansas, 64, ohio state 62. just moments ago, our tracy wolfson talked with ohio state head coach, thad matta. >> tracy: first, the inbounds at the end? >> coach: which one? >> tracy: where were players were in disbelief. >> coach: they went quick on us and we wouldn't ready to go. yeah. >> tracy: still, it was a tale of two halves. >> coach: we were want able to execute at the level we needed to and we had some good shots that didn't fall for us.
11:32 pm
and it just became a momentum thing. we could never get the momentum back on our side. >> tracy: you will head to the locker room to talk to the guys. what will you see? >> coach: hey, we had a heck of a season and it's hard because you grow together. you love this group of guys and you hate to see it end. thanks. >> tracy: thank you. >> greg g.: tracy, thank you. and everybody in the 60s tonight. kentucky over louisville, 68-61 and kansas over ohio state. and we'll see you on monday night for the 2012 game, starting at 9:00 with the prelude to a championship and then the title contest, kansas and kentucky. coming up next on tru tv, we'll be back with the inside march madness and among the headlines, kentucky holding off louisville to win the battle of the blue
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grass and it's the jayhawks and the wildcats on monday night. for all of us here at cbs. i'm greg gumbel. thanks for joining us. we'll see you monday. jeff...
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