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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  April 2, 2012 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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releford reached in. jones got it back. 10 on the shot clock. davis is hammered. releford almost had the theft. clark: it was that close. and you get the sense kentucky trying to hang on. they have to continue to be aggressive. smart but aggressive. jim: fourth foul on releford. so it will be two shots for anthony davis. still growing. two years removed from being a 6'2" guard. at a charter school in chicago. his team won six games his junior year, six games last year, his senior year. that's all he won. there are his parents. going to take six games to win a national championship and they need his free throw. they need his free throw. time-out called by kentucky. and the margin is six.
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jim: kansas will be inbounding and has the arrow but only one time-out. guys, tee us up some strategy. steve: i think elijah johnson has a little roll going. they've run some really nice stuff going off a couple of screens.
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if the jumper is there, take it, and if not, go to the paint. clark: i agree. you don't necessarily need a three here. you need a high-quality shot and fairly early. so whatever you want to run to give yourself a chance to score in the paint, programs draw a foul and score. but the key is good and quick. jim: johnson, who's hit some big outside shots goes inside. taylor, but he's able to retrieve it. clark: that was kidd-gilchrist on the block. and a turnover by kansas. kidd-gilchrist was beaten. statue and that was great offense. bill self drew up a beautiful play and that tells the story
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about kentucky. they've set the all-time single-season record for blocked shots by a team this year and it's not just anthony davis. [whistle] clark: go up strong with it and make foul shots for kentucky. jim: there is coach danny manning. he led the hawks 20 years ago tonight to a national championship. he'll be taking over as the head coach at tulsa as soon as this game concludes. following the path of coach bill self, who was a former coach there. barry henson, another assistant on his way to southern illinois. teague at the line, one-and-one. clark: this young man, i know he only has four points this half, but his start was superb tonight in knocking down the first of a bonus free throw situation. steve: and that three was
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probably the biggest shot -- shot of the game for kentucky. it was down to seven and put it back to 10. jim: kidd-gilchrist is going to come in for teague and just 53 seconds. clark: more size and defense on the floor for kentucky with that substitution. jim: taylor trying to escape the length of davis and is able to drive in with a beautiful basket. basket. taylor having a big night.
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jim: that was it, fellows, kansas's last time-out. clark: i would expect kentucky to get teague back into the game for his free throw shooting and his ball handling. steve: one guy you don't want to touch the ball here is jones. for the most part kentucky an excellent free-throw shooting team. for kansas, you have to go for the steal right away and if not, you commit the foul. jim: a tournament that began with two of the greatest comebacks you'll ever see in dayton. we were there for the first four, western kentucky.
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then b.y.u. that night and coach dave rose, the biggest comeback in the history of the tournament, from 25 down to win. there have been so many double-digit comeback wins this tournament. that pace was set. clark: you're right. jim: 39 seconds here. clark: that's a lot of comeback to do, although, if you could somehow get a turnover and a quick score, the possibility looms. jim: over to teague. teague fouled by releford. he's the one guy you didn't want to commit a foul here. that fouls him out. clark: he had no choice. steve: four points for releford coming off that 15-point effort against ohio state, but his defense against michael kidd-gilchrist tonight goes
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right along with the theme for him throughout this tournament. he has been spectacular defensively. jim: and kansas wisely is going to take its time, the time you're given for a substitution off of a disqualification, off of a foul out and coach self able to really steal a time-out he doesn't have. it will be a one-and-one for teague. clark: this young man just stepped up and knocked down a pair. playing with so much confidence over the last two months of the season. credit to him, as much as he was maligned by so many, that he's been able to really grow and lead this team. jim: and kansas rebounds. robinson. clark: you have to push it quick. trying to get teahan or johnson free. good look. [whistle] jim: oh, he traveled!
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he made the shot after the travel. no basket. can you imagine? took a little hop there, guys. clark: sure did. he got both feet off the floor. no question about it. steve: that's anthony davis right there. he felt him and then he saw him but he couldn't react in time. jim: and miller gets away from teahan. [whistle] valuable seconds fading away to the finish line with 17 seconds. and double bonus. lamb at the line for two.
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huge. coach calipari is 17 seconds away from his first national championship. steve: he's been so loose here this week, jim, and i think it's been a little bit of an act because this has to mean so much to him, but he continues to say this means nothing to my legacy, this is all about my team. and i think it's been a great coaching job by him to keep his team loose and relaxed and not let them get caught up in the pressure of the moment. jim: lamb, who had that critical stretch with a couple of threes in this half in the span of 38 seconds, steps up and hits two. kentucky fans think they have it now.
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johnson, three. short. into the arms of davis. and the superior team all season long was the superior team tonight. and the kentucky coronation is complete! champions, 2012! jim: joe b. hall sitting next to denny crum.
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jim: a furious rally by robinson and the jayhawks comes up short. just too much ground to make up . kentucky has its eighth national championship and its first in 14 years. the university of kentucky wildcats are the national cheampings.
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greg g.: we have a new national champion. the kentucky wildcats have outlasted the kansas jayhawks 67-59. welcome back to new orleans. i'm greg gumbel along with greg anthony, kenny smith, charles barkley. after your local news, dave has dana carvey plus the top 10. then catch craig ferguson tonight, only on cbs.
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coming up, our annual cbs sports tribute to the ncaa tournament, one shining moment. but first, this tournament. where do you start in you start with kentucky shooting just 27% in the second half and having to hold on. greg a.: you could sense calipari took the air out of the basketball. granted, give kansas a great amount of credit for competing and never giving up. but kentucky won this game in the first half. seth: throughout the tournament kentucky's tournament has been a lot better in the second half but this was a great team effort. i felt like kentucky eats intangibles won. their character, poise, unselfish team. they played great team basketball. a championship well-earned.
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kenny: they definitely played championship basketball. each game through this tournament they've had different guys, from jones, to lamb, to davis. but tonight it was lamb knocking down jump shots. when they became a perimeter team he said ok, i like this. make us perimeter and i'll knock down shots and get us over the hump. charles: it's amazing a guy can go 1-10 and still have an impact on the game. davis is a remarkable kid, to only be 19 years old. but everybody on their team chipped in. at one point tonight they made plays. great first half. i agree with greg, they kind of took the air out of the ball in the second half. but it was a great effort by kansas. greg g.: what a strange line for anthony davis. six points, 16 rebounds, five assists, five blocked shots. coming up, the presentation of the 2012 ncaa national championship trophy. the victorious kentucky championship trophy. the victorious kentucky wildcats.
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i am tommy hilfiger. learn more at greg g.: the celebration is on. welcome back to new orleans, everyone. let's take you back down to the court for the trophy presentation. jim nantz standing by with the new national champions, the kentucky wildcats. jim? jim: thank you, greg gumbel. they have played "my old kentucky home" inside the dome here, celebrating the kentucky wildcats' national championship and a shoutout to the city of new orleans. just a great final four host city. it was great to be back here. president of the ncaa dr. markham rick is here for the presentation, along with the chairman of the division 1 men's basketball committee. the trophy presentation to the national champions. >> well, what a wonderful championship this has been. first of all i'd like everyone to join in congratulating the
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kansas jayhawks in an absolutely spectacular championship game. and coach calipari and the kentucky wildcats, what a fabulous tournament. congratulations, coach. there's your championship trophy. [cheers] >> wow. jim: what is that like to hold in your hands? >> it's kind of heavy, to be honest with you. i'll give it to our president over here, let him hold it for a while. jim: tell me about this performance tonight. it was a furious, great rally by kansas at the end but your team led by as many as 18. how'd they do it tonight? >> they did it with defense. unbelievable defense in that first half, and the second
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half, again, i pulled the reins back a little bit and they were all over me, let us go, let us go. but you have to give kansas credit. they didn't stop like they have this whole tournament. they played well. but i'm so proud of these young men. jim: what does this moment mean for you? >> this is not about me. this is about these 13 players. this is about the big blue nation. but i don't know of any team that has sacrificed for each other like this team and they deserve this moment, they really do. jim: i'm being told right now that we have, for just the fourth time in the history of this championship, a freshman has won the m.o.p., most outstanding player. >> which one? jim: yeah, which one? it's anthony davis.
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joining arnie per ran back in 1994. ellison in 1988, carmelo anthony in this building in 2003 and now you're a part of that history, a freshman helping lead his team to a national title. tell me about this night and this team. >> it's not me. it's these guys behind me. they've led us this whole tournament, this whole game. i was struggling offensively and i told me -- my team every time y'all score. i'm just going to zpevend rebound. jim: we've seen your parents a few times. there they are right now. >> where's grandma? grandma, where are you? she's up there somewhere. jim: tell me about your teammates and also a word about kansas's effort here at the end, never giving up. >> kansas is a great team.
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at halftime coach cal told us they were going to fight back and that's what they did tonight. my teammates have a great will to win. they come out and fight every possession and never give up on possessions. we got beat on a couple of plays but we came back with defense and rebounding. that's what got us there tonight. john: we talked about it thursday night, there's that one shining moment video and tonight it's going to belong to you guys. congratulations. the kentucky wildcats are the 2012 national champions. and let's go back to greg gumbel. greg g.: adolf rupp, joe b. hall, rick pitino, smith, all coaches to have led kentucky to an ncaa title. john calipari is the fifth. we'll be back in a moment. i'm freaking out man.
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♪ if you could keep steady ♪ get up and get ready ♪ it's time to go outside [ male announcer ] spring is in the air. lowe's. never stop improving. greg g.: we welcome you back to
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new orleans, everyone. we continue live our special tribute to the ncaa tournament "one shining moment." meanwhile, the kentucky wildcats taking down the nets here in the superdome in new orleans. werner proud to donate $1,000 to every school in the ncaa tournament. werner, the official ladder of professional contractors. i just mentioned that i thought it spoke volumes about anthony davis when he described his role he told his teammates you go out and score, i'll defend. greg a.: he's a consummate winner. we've had a lot of great teams win championships throughout the years. very few has had as much individual talent as this team did. and you have to tip your hat to john calipari and give that
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young man anthony davis a lot of credit. i feel like he's a once in a generational-type player. seth: his character, his poise. john calipari can say it's not about him but tonight is in large measure about him. he's established himself as one of the great coaches in college basketball of this era. three different teams coming to the final four in only his third year at kentucky. it's not just about recruiting great players and rolling out the balls. he coaches these guys and this was a great validation of everything he's done in his career and tonight he's finally a national champion. kenny: the amazing thing he said was which fresh santa ana all of these guys have delivered. you don't know who you -- how guys are going to react when they're in a war because they've been never been in one. these guys make wars. charles: john calipari was always a great coach before
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tonight. it always makes me laugh at some of these idiot media people. not like jon wooden had a bunch be of scrubs. he's a great coach. he's taken three schools to the final four, but don't act like jon wooden won all those championships with jubs. greg g.: john calipari a championship coach as of tonight. championship coach as of tonight. we continue live after this. ( pop, fizzing ) ♪ ( coca-cola 5-note mnemonic )
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[the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of the national captioning institute, inc., which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any transcription or for any errors in transcription.] [captioning made possible by cbs sports, a division of cbs broadcasting, inc.] jim: and the huskies are the top dog. greg g.: welcome, everyone. we're looking forward to next year when the ncaa will be celebrating 75 years of march madness. welcome back. well, tracy wolfson caught up -- there always has to be a looser. tonight it happened to be bill self of the kansas jayhawks. tracy: coach, all tournament long you guys have fought back from these dig -- big deficits and you did tonight but you fell short. what was the difference? >> they're good. we guarded them the second half as well as we could. they played a little passive
12:01 am
the second half. our kids played hard. we had an uncontested dunk and gilchrist wipes it out. we had a tale -- steal at midcourt. we just couldn't run it down. the kids tried really hard. i'm so proud of them. they prettied -- represented themselves and their school in such a first class manner but they obviously were the better team. tracy: what can you say about the resiliency of this team throughout the year? >> they're tough. we've come a long way and certainly have surprised a lot of people, maybe even ourselves a little bit. but when you care so much it's supposed to hurt. when you put yourself out there and sometimes it doesn't turn tout way you want it to but you can't get here unless you care and these kids certainly care. tracy: congratulations on a tremendous season.
12:02 am
greg g.: congratulations indeed and congratulations to you guys. i've never seen four guys absolutely right on every game that you predicted throughout the season but it sure was fun. charles: i tell people, and i'm not just saying this -- i love the final four. i had never been until last year. it is an awesome event. but this tournament, when you have a chance, every game, because it ain't a seven-game series. it's thereatout awesome. kenny: ncaa basketball is not even always about the final four teams. it's about the north carolina-asheville and norfolk states. gloomy was fun. still ahead tonight, after your late local news, stay tuned for the late show with david letterman then catch craig ferguson, tonight only on cbs.
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cbs sports coverage of the masters begins with late-night highlights thursday and friday. live third-round coverage on saturday begins at 3:30 eastern. and sunday begins at 2:00 eastern. join us as we continue on inside march madness presented by beauic on trutv. we'll hear from the jubilant winners. once again, kentucky, king of the college basketball world. for the wildcats their eighth national title. our congratulations to head coach john calipari, who wins his first ever national title and we congratulate bill self and the kansas jayhawks. as we get set to say so long from new orleans, we leave you with the 2012 edition of "one from new orleans, we leave you with the 2012 edition of "one shining moment." ♪
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[the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of the national captioning institute, inc., which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any transcription or for any errors in transcription.] [captioning made possible by cbs sports, a division of cbs broadcasting, cbs sports, a division of cbs broadcasting, inc.] ♪ in one shining moment it's all on the line in one shining moment they're frozen in time the time is short and the road is long in the blinking of an eye the moment's gone and when it's done


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