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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 8, 2012 1:35am-2:05am EST

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: wow. it is riveting. geoff: wait until you get to the chapter on briss kit. [laughter] craig: pretty good.
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[laughter] really making the awed yeps uncomfortable now. [laughter] -- audience uncomfortable now. [laughter] good night, everybody. good night.
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we begin with breaking news. a dead body and a burning car discovered in northeast d.c. around 9:00 tonight firefighters were called to the 1400 block of brentwood parkway. what they found was a car engulfed in flames, and right next to it a body. crews are on the scene right
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now. as soon as we get more information we'll bring it to you. another big story, the nor'easter that's making its way up the coast. in a moment we're going to get topper's take, but first let's go north. that's where the storm is adding insult to injury. half a million people still have no power because of sandy. right now the new jersey/new york area is taking another hit from tropical force winds and snow that's starting to pile up. >> you can't run away from this stuff. this is mother nature. you gotta do what you gotta do. >> prior to the storm crews up and down the jersey shore reinforced sand dunes hoping to prevent more flooding. an early casualty of this storm, air travel. airlines have already canceled hundreds of flights in and out of jfk, laguardia, and newark airport. expect that number to climb into the thousands. airlines are hoping to avoid
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stranding crews at socked in airports. for the latest on the storm and its path let's get right to meteorologist topper shutt. >> anita, we're lucky that we're far enough south of the storm. we have a little light rain, occasionally some sleet here in northwest. let me show you the radar. some areas in new jersey and new york already have four to six inches of snow. we've had some light rain, most of which is going to be freshly the district east. not going to see much in the western suburbs. occasionally you are going to see this mix with some light snow or even a little bit of sleet. you see the yellow? a little bit of sleet to the west of bowie. we'll stop this. this is definitely sleet in yellow. everything else is green so it's kind of light activity. temperatures are not a problem. we're well above freezing. 39 in gaithersburg, 43
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manassas, 41 downtown so this is not going to be a problem. in fact, in your wake-up weather, what you need tomorrow are a coat and gloves. it will be windy all day. we will come back and we will talk about when sandy leaves us alone, is it going to get colder or warmer for the weekend. the fight for state hood just got another contender. the people have puerto rico have spoken and they, too, want to become the 51st state. what does this mean for d.c.'s fight? our ken molestina has the story. >> reporter: this restaurant doubles as a kind of de facto embassy for puerto rico. now you can add excitement over the possibility of becoming the 51st state to their menu. it was here that we ran into robert alvarez. he's the founder and executive director of the world affairs
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council of puerto rico. for the first time puerto ricans have voted in favor of state hood 54 to 46%. >> it's more of the american residents, the citizens of puerto rico, telling congress, hey, we don't like what we have, we need to start talking about how we're going to go forward. >> reporter: of course, d.c.'s mayor vincent gray has a lot to say about this. he's a huge pro upon ent for d.c. state hood. he wants the district to be the 51st state. >> we're glad they stepped up. perhaps we can join forces to help make the case as to why both of us should be a state. >> reporter: his words are kind but make no mistake. mayor gray is racing to get statehood for d.c. before anyone else does. he does offer some advice. >> they're going to have to work very hard to make the
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case. snow he pledged his support saying he will respect the will of the american people. >> it's great to be part of a democratic government that is going to allow us to pick what we want. >> reporter: but will congress agree? ken molestina, 9news. voting is supposed to be a privilege but yesterday it turned into a serious ordeal for people who stood in line for three or even five hours. do we need more machines? more polling places? would you believe, none of the above. ironically, it's those brand- new fancy touch-screen voting machines which are the bottleneck. >> after the 2000 election a lot of jurisdictions went to touch screen voting system. they are horribly inefficient.
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and so in many places you simply cannot have enough machines to handle the throughput. >> reporter: he knows, since he makes a living managing private elections for trade unions, indian tribes, and religious organizations. >> so in other words, the machines that we're using, which are more modern, have made things worse. >> the things that they solved aren't the things that need to be solved. >> long story short, he says we've traded speed for accuracy, especially when you consider this. go old school paper ballot. >> if i have paper i can distribute paper out very wide and you can mark your piece of paper, i can mark my piece of paper, he can mark his paper all at the same time. but for every second you're standing in front of a voting machine i can't use it.
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>> as we learned last night all those lost seconds can really start to add up. >> yeah, those lines were rough. >> he's saying go old school but what about voting on-line? >> sounds great. you solve the authentication problems. the problem is how are you going to stop the government from knowing who you voted for? >> the privacy issue. >> the privacy issue. >> got it. new at 11:00, the california man behind an anti-muslim film. today he was sentenced for violating probation. in 20 10:was convicted of bank fraud. none of the violations had to do with the content of "innocence of muslims." that film depicts muhammad as a religious fraud and womanizer. tomorrow the man who wounded congresswoman gabby giffords and killed six others will be sentenced. he is expected to get life in
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prison with no chance of parole for the january 2011 rampage. giffords and her husband are expected to attend that sentencing. new information on that man investigators have dubbed the east coast rapist. aaron thomas is his name, and he is linked to sexual assaults up and down the coast. tomorrow he will reportedly plead guilty to attacks in prince william and loudoun counties. he attacked three teenage trick or treaters in '09. and a 9th woman now says she has been a victim of the serial groper. there were two incidents within 30 minutes of each other last thursday in springfield. police say that suspect has fondled women between the ages of 15 and 42 since september. officers have increased patrols in that neighborhood but a woman in falls church says a man matching that same description grabbed her last month, and now police are looking into a possible link.
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the director of the massachusetts pharmacy board has been fired for ignoring a complaint about the company that's now been linked to the deadly meningitis outbreak. back in july the colorado pharmacy board complained that the new england pharmacy center was shipping drugs there in bulk. it is not supposed to do that. the corrector said he would respond but nothing was ever done. the men ingait ties outbreak -- the meningitis outbreak has sickened and killed many people. want to stay fit? we've got a warning for you on some workouts and gear that could leave you sidelined with an injury instead of in shape. >> i had to have arthroscopic knee surgery he rei. i can't begin to think about
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how much money i've spent fixing my knee. >> the most dangerous moves and how you can tackle a workout safely when he with come back. here's today's wh'so ecl oumi byb cese?
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'sheas -wh! lahi ] t'thtay 0%atal tt cesth - o tnkou ..oewhev yoreoi. inbabechse omheauinco ha y lgh tay chndrey ee i inlgt,ouwari fvo uuscat si. d 3ti cors r dg yo'rfr tinlg inve lt t. e ugngowhee. veouauedod?
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okay, the election is done, the president is back in washington. yep, he was reelect. but unless you live in a cave you already know that. what you may not be focused on is what's coming up. >> do the words sequestration and fiscal cliff scare you? they ought to. unless somebody fixes this your wallet is going to get slammed and people we know are going to lose their jobs. it is going to cost you real money. gary nurenberg is here. >> the phrase "ugly truth" may as well have been invented for this one. politicians don't want to do straight talk about this kind of certain pain so they put it
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off until after the election. well, it's after the election, and there is a costly mess ahead. congress couldn't get a deal to cut the deficit so it delayed the fight until now. going off the fiscal cliff means crashing into your home. >> if we go over the fiscal cliff, we will increase taxes by $500 billion through 2013. that's an average tax increase of $3500 for every household in america. >> then there is is he qes straichghts months and months ago congress said we will impose automatic cuts that are so bad in january that, of course, we'll cut a better deal before they kick in. they haven't cut a better deal. >> it's just across the board sought doesn't speak to the quality of the programs at all. it's just a very slap-dash approach. in that respect people are going to get hurt unnecessarily, so think smithsonian, department of interior, department of commerce, across the board cuts. >> for that matter, think
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metro. >> $12 million cuts in the federal contribution to metro, and ridership will go down. they actually think this could be about a $30 million hit to metro. >> $100 billion in cuts. >> every single government program except for medicaid and social security is going to get cut at the end of the year if we go over the cliff. >> with government cuts that big, guess who gets hit the hardest. >> this will be felt across the board in many respects in a way that this region has never felt. >> let's rise above the dysfunction and do the right thing. >> but time is ticking for the now lame duck congress. >> hard to imagine they can actually work out a deal between now and christmas. >> so guess how congress may deal with the impending crisis. the speaker of the house apparently has an idea. >> the idea is to delay the entire fiscal cliff for a year to give congress the time to work on tax and entitlement reform. >> moving the crisis to the beginning of 2014.
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an election year. you know how much politicians want to make tough choices in an election year. do nothing, here's what happens. $500 billion in tax increases means $500 billion that consumers can't spend on things like buying cars and taking vacations. $100 billion in spending cuts means 100 billion the government won't be spending in hiring people and buying things. ask any kid in a junior high class and she'll tell you, that spells recession. derek, happy new year. >> really important to cut a deal, gary. so why hasn't it happened? >> same old issues. republicans don't want new revenue. democrats essentially don't want cuts in programs that people like. that's been a fight that's been going on in this town for generations. >> let's hope that maybe after the elections it can be. anita. have you guys seen all those informercials touting one fitness system or another? or maybe you have a friend who
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swears by a cross training group she just joined. all good, but some workouts can be dangerous to the uninitiated, and you could end up getting hurt. >> this is a fitness boot camp. it just did not go right for me. >> she was even more tempted to try it because it was offered at a lower cost thanks to those internet daily deals. in the fourth year she suffered a meniscus tear. >> i can't even begin to think about how much money i've spent fixing my knee as opposed to perhaps getting involved that in bat camp. >> not to mention being sidelined by an injury that left sewn i can't unable to work out at all and gaining back the weight she wanted to lose. this surgeon says he's seen more cases of overuse injury
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plus knee, hip, and back injuries from novices trying to embrace the latest trends like p90-x and others. >> a lot of these programs are actually very intense. >> the doctor says less fit folks can try the workouts but at a beginner level. stay you don't have to do all the activities at once. then there's these, minimalist footwear. the idea is to change the way the foot strikes, eliminating foot pain. >> i gave it about four months of walking in them everywhere, taking may time.
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the more and more i ran, the more my back started to hurt. and it got to the point where, i'm done, i can't do this any more. i want to run, but i don't need the pain. >> the maker of the shoes says some initial discomfort isn't unusual depending on foot type. as you saw, sonia was not so lucky. how do you start a new workout safely? work up your cardiovascular fitness first. taking power walks may not seem as sexy at p90-x, but they will get your hearted rate up. an unconditioned body risks injury. don't immediately try to match the level of the instructor in the video. consider investing in one session with a personal trainer
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at the gym. a judge calls an ohio woman an idiot, and you might agree after you take a look at this video. the woman apparently did not want to stop for a school bus, so she decided to go around it. there show, driving on the sidewalk like this is what i do every day. of course, the cops busted her. she didn't even try to explain it in court. after all, it's hard to talk your way out of that. but the best part of the story is her punishment. >> and you are to hold up a white 22 x 22 poster board with black marker, all capital letters "only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus." >> it's the whole shaming thing, i guess. in addition to holding up that sign the woman has to pay a fine and she is going lose her license for a month. >> "idiot" is not exactly harsh here. >> didn't want to wait for the school bus. >> okay. >> we are lucky again.
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i just looked at some snowfall totals in new york. two and a half inches in the bronx. let's start with a live look outside. we have a little bit of light rain mixed with some sleet and snow and that's it. that's going to end well before the rush hour. this is our live michael & son weather cam. we're still 4 1. we did have a little sleet earlier at the airport so technically we had a trace of snow today which is weird. dew point 30, which is not crazy low. humidity in the middle. winds out of the north at 9. pressure steady over the past hour. here's our storm. we will zoom in. it is sitting essential off the long island coast. winds have been gusting to 50 at nantucket. just in the last hour a 38 miles per hour wind gust at laguardia. still we have some precipitation bands feeding back inland. we have one last batch that's going to roll through in the next couple hours. yes, some of this could be
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actually a mix of some sleet and some of it could be a mix of snow, and ironically, normally we talk about north and west being a better chance for snow. this time it's north and east, going out 50 for annapolis, northern prince george's county and howard county. much better chance than leesburg. so the morning commute is dry. you will need a jacket and gloves tomorrow. dress for the 40s. that last nor east is going to slowly pull away from the new england coast. overnight, mostly cloudy, windy, cold, winds increasing 15 to 25 and gusty. by morning partly cloudy, windy bed. the winds is going to feel like it's in the 20s and 30s. by afternoon, partly cloudy, windy and chilly. highs in the low 50s.
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and winds voted the northwest at 15 to 25. occasionally gusty. so next three days, green, green, and green. we can get through thursday. upper 50s friday, milder saturday, sunshine and 65. that's a nice day for the heart walk. mr. bernstein will be out there and so will anita. 70 on sunday, 70 on veterans day, and then 93 with showers on tuesday, back in the mid-50s on wednesday but right now a
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three days ago the boston celtics spoiled the washington wizards' home opener but coach randy whitman was impressed with the heart he saw on the court. tonight the wiz going for revenge in bean town. once again you could say they played with heart. the wizards put everything they had out on the floor.
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they were down at 11 at one point. here, kevin jams it home to tie things up at 80. now 30 seconds left. still tied up at 16. rajon rondo nails the two- pointer to take the lead for boston. time winding down. chris singleton, watch this, sees some room, slams it home. we are headed to overtime. in o.t., though, the celtics able to pull away. the wizards gave at great effort but lose by six and fall to 0-3 on the season. check out this scene. the second leg of d.c. united's playoff series had to be postponed because of all that snow. about 700 united fans made the trek. the first leg was moved to d.c. because of superstorm sandy. more accolades may be on the way for the nationals.
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adam laroche has been awarded, and now, no big surprise, bryce harper, one of three finalists for national league rookie of the year. awards will be announced throughout next week. last week the nationals decided not to offer pitcher edwin jackson a $13.3 million offer. that means they get nothing if he goes elsewhere. today gm mike rizzo explains why saying he likes the agents on the market better and doesn't want to get locked in. josh hamilton is considered the best position player on the market right now but he may come with a hefty price tag, rumored to be around $175 million j. time to reveal our
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game of the week, playoff edition. virginia, maryland playing on friday. here's your choices for the week. go to usa today high school to vote. we'll announce the winner. >> you want to do the salsa dance? >> that was cool. that was a young man who wh'so ecl oumi byb cese? 'sheas -wh! lahi ] t'thtay 0%atal tt cesth - o tnkou ..oewhev yoreoi. inbabechse omheauinco ha y lgh tay chndrey ee i inlgt,ouwari fvo uuscat si. d 3ti cors r dg yo'rfr tinlg inve lt t. e ugngowhee. veouauedod?


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