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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  September 15, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> pelley: western hostages. v ladimir duthiers on the nfl and doe pest, abuse. ray rice is appealing his suspension. adrian peterson, accused of disciplining his son with a switch will bek with -- be back on the field. and honored for bravery against the enemy and more.
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. those defective general motors ignition switches did more harm than we knew. today the death toll was raised from 13 to 19. the new number came from ken feinberg, who is in charge of gm's victim compensation process. he's received a total of 125 death claims. some are still being evaluated, so the death toll is expected to grow. here's jeff glor. >> reporter: in 2006, 18-year-old natasha weigel was killed inside a chevy cobalt deinsi rural wisconsin. gm had not linked her death to a defective ignition switch until today. ken rimmier is natasha's stepfather. >> it's closure for us, but it's a step in the right direction. >> gm's faulty switch, which we
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first reported on in february, can cause engines to suddenly shut off. disabling air bags and other safety features. gm first detected a problem during testing in 1999. they were still put in cars starting in 2002. despite complaints, accidents and deaths, the recalls didn't begin until 2014, 12 years later. until just a few months ago, gm insisted the number of deaths linked to the defects was only 13. bob hilliard represents many of the victims. >> i think gm'sen tet on framing the conversation by mentioning 13 was disingenuous because there's just so many folks we never even discovered. >> reporter: ken feinberg has received 445 total claims so far. that includes 125 for deaths, 58 for life-altering injuries, including paralysis or amputation, and 262 for less
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serious injuries. >> the challenge here is many of these accidents occurred a decade ago. trying reconstruct a link between the ignition switch and the accident is a challenge. >> reporter: feinberg is accepting claims until the end of this year. he will also begin assigning dollar values. some will expect to receive millions or they can say no and see gm in court. >> pelley: today in paris, two dozen countries signed up to fight isis, the islamic terrorist army that is occupying much of syria and iraq. secretary of state john kerry said the u.s. would even be willing to talk to iran about a role. the fight has taken on more urgency with the beheading of a third person, a british aid worker this time. elizabeth palmer is in london.
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>> reporter: the c.i.a. says isis now has up to 31,000 fighters. some countries have to be convinced to join the u.s.-led campaign against them, but britain has no choice. >> david haines, the aid worker whose execution video was posted this weekend, is british. and his presumed executioner, the same man who appeared with the american journalist steven sotloff and james foley, is also believed to be from the u.k. also security forces here believe 500 british men and even some women have joined isis' ranks. prime minister david cameron says the country has to confront isis. >> they claim to do this in the name of islam. that is nonsense. islam is a religion of peace. they are not muslims. they are monsters. >> reporter: but cameron stopped short of authorizing air
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strikes like the u.s. he has to try to convince the country from breaking up in a scottish independence referendum this week. he's not sure the country would support a british bombing campaign, but he may soon have his hand forced. alan henning made it over the border and was immediately taken prisoner. now isis says he will be the next to die. and as a horrified world has learned recently, they are deadly serious. the most recent polls show a majority of britains already back the u.s. strikes against isis, and another heading may shift public opinion to back the british military going in, too. >> pelley: liz, thank you. the united states is keeping up pressure on the terrorists with air strikes on isis targets. the latest was southwest of
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baghdad. the new strategy that the president announced last week includes expanding the air strikes into syria, but major garrett tells us that planning is still under way. major? >> we're still trying to determine what targets to hit in syria, but senior officials tell us when those air strikes begin, american warplanes will attack syrian air defense systems if they attempt to interfere with bombing raids against isis targets. officials also tell several arab nations the identities at the general assembly next week have agreed to support an expanded u.s. air strikes campaign in iraq and one that's coming in syria. tomorrow president obama will meet face to face with retired marine general john allen. he was called back into service to leadnter ttional coalition against isis. alan was the commander of nato and u.s. forces in afghanistan om to 2013. in addition to military aid, the biggest u.s. request of arab nations is to stem the flow of foreign fighters and cash
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heading to isis. >> pelley: major garrett at the white house this evening. major, thanks very much. there were new developments today in the nfl scandal. the league took a number of hits last week with players linked to domestic violence. today the minnesota vikings said running back adrian peterson who was benched yesterday will play next sunday. and the players' union said the indefinite suspension of ray rice will be suspended. vladimir duthiers is following this. >> the union believes the league doesn't have the authority to punish rice twice for the same incident. they point to the collective bargaining agreement which states, "the commissioner and a club will not both disa republican a player for the same act or conduct." rice was originally suspended for two games by the league. after the full video emerged a week ago today showing him knocking out his soon-to-be wife in an elevator, nfl commissioner roger goodell suspended him indefinitely and he was cut by the ravens.
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jason l la canfora is an analyst. >> he wasn't released when he was hurt. he was released because this tape came out. >> reporter: the news of rice's appeal comes as the minnesota vikings announce star running back karl peterjohn will be back on the field. he was benched last week after being indicted for allegedly abusing his four-year-old son. the vikings' general manager rick spielman. >> based on what we learned today and the facts that we know, we feel this was the best decision for our organization. >> reporter: peterson was a hot topic this weekend. >> my mom was wrong to teach me some of that stuff she taught me. >> this was a whipping of a four-year-old boy, for god's sake. >> in a statement posted on social media, adrian peterson defends what he calls discipline, saying, "i'm not a perfect son. i'm not a perfect husband. i'm not a perfect parent, but i am, without a doubt, not a child abuser." this has been described as the worst week in nfl history, with the handling of two other
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domestic violence cases also in the spotlight. michael mccann, a sports law expert, says public pressure on commissioner roger goodell will grow. >> there are now serious questions about the appropriateness of him continuing on his commission with the league. there are a variety of groups that have argued that she should resign. it wouldn't surprise me if we see roger goodell lose some powers. >> roger goodell wrote a letter to the teams today saying the nfl will create an advisory panel led by four experts, all women to, help shape the league's policies related to domestic violence and assault. as for ray rice, once an appeal is filed, the hearing has to be scheduled within 13 days. >> pelley: and goodell still enjoys the support of the owners. the mid-term elections are seven weeks away, but political pundits, of course, are already looking past them to the race for president in 2016. over the weekend, hillary clinton was in iowa for -- where
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the first votes are cast. she attended senator tom harkin's annual steak fry, a must for democratic presidential candidates. clinton is still not saying if she'll be one. nancy cordes is in des moines. >> hello, iowa. i'm back. [cheering and applause] >> reporter: 10,000 iowa democrats welcomed clinton like a long-lost friend. she hasn't been to iowa since she ran in 2008. so naturally they wondered if this means she's planning a repeat. >> it is true. i am thinking about it. [applause] but for today, that is not why i'm here. i'm here for the steak. >> reporter: the annual harkin steak fry has hosted democratic
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presidential hopefuls for decades, including arkansas governor bill clinton in 1992 and senator hillary clinton in 2007. she had to share the stage with five of her opponents. this time she was the main attraction. she certainly seemed like a candidate, posing for a photo op at the grill, lingering on the line, shaking hands. >> wow. that's pretty good. >> reporter: linda johnson of des moines asked for a self-y with the former first lady and got one. >> i'm pretty much leaning toward her if she runs. >> reporter: and volunteer supporters were everywhere handing out pro-clinton buttons. >> you ready for another campaign? >> we're just here because we're democrats. >> reporter: clinton came in third here in 2008, a loss she has described as excruciating. it's no surprised she's laying the groundwork in iowa 16 months before the caucuses. so is another possible contender, vice president joe biden, who will be here in the
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expense of patients. it's a way of steering patients away from cheaper generic drugs. today new york state sued the makers of the alzheimer's drug nameda, accusing the company of violating anti-trust laws. dr. jon lapook has the follow-up. >> mike hitch is 54, has early onset dementia, and takes the alzheimer's medication nameda ir twice a day. >> this is the 12-hour deal, 7 a.m., 7 p.m. >> the drug is due to go generic next year. before that product becomes available, nameda ir is scheduled to be withdrawn from the market. instead doctors are being asked to transition patients to nameda xr, a once daily pill that has additional patent protection and is unlikely to go generic for years. it's a strategy called "forced switch." >> i may have dementia and alzheimer's and all, that but they're going to make millions
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and billions of dollars off it. >> nameda generates about&&é $5 billion in annual sales, so loss of pat btd protection could translate to more than a billion dollars in lost revenue in a single year. today's lawsuit seems to block forest laboratories and its parents company from withdrawing the drug, calling the strategy illegal and charges attorney generalled swift is an effort to manipulate patients and impede competition from cheaper generic drugs and perpetuate defendant's monopoly products. eric schneiderman is the new york state attorney general. >> this is hundreds of millions of doll there's will either be paid by alzheimer's patients or by all of us, because 70% of these patients rely on medicare and medicaid. >> we reached out to actavis late this afternoon. the company said it does not comment on pending litigation. c.e.o. brent saunders discussed nameda during a conference call in january.
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we obtained a recording of the call. >> we believe by potentially doing a force switch, we'll hold on to a large share of our base users. >> he also talks about the challenges generic companies face. >> it's very difficult to reverse commute back, at least with the existing rx. they don't have the capability and it's an obstacle. they'll allow us to i think again go into a slow decline versus a complete cliff. >> when generic companies compete, the price of a drug usually drops 70% to 80%. attorney general schneiderman says the tactics of the company threaten access to a cheaper medication for this especially vulnerable population. dr. jon lapook, cbs news, new york. >> pelley: thousands of tourists are stranded after a hurricane tears through a mexican resort. that's just ahead. mayo, corn are so out of here!
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>> pelley: arizona and nevada could be hit with flooding rain this week from hurricane odile. it slammed into mexico last night as a category three with winds topping 125mph. in cabo san lucas, beachfront hotels were torn apart. tonight 30,000 tourists are stranded. the airport is closed. roads are washed out. the military's been called in to clear the debris. today microsoft said it is spending 2.5 bill whereon dollars on a video game. it's called mine craft and is said to be highly addictive. players build and explore their own virtual reality worlds. mine craft has been downloaded 100 million times on pcs since it was launched five years ago, and it is the most popular online game on xbox. the european space agency hopes to land a probe on a comet in november. today it picked a landing spot. the unmanned rosetta probe has
6:52 pm
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♪ [music] jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. >> pelley: president obama awarded the medal of honor today to two heroes of the vietnam war. army specialist donald sloat, who was killed using his body to shield fellow soldiers from an exploding grenade, and army sergeant bennie adkins. adkins is now 80 years old.
6:56 pm
he told his story to david martin. >> reporter: the saga of sergeant bennieed adkins reads more like something that happened in a movie. cut off and outnumbered ten to one. >> we could hear the north vietnamese chanting, getting ready to make the assault. >> reporter: it was march 1966, a remote outpost in the ashau valley, manned by 17 green b'nais and about 400 south vietnamese troops. they came under attack. how accurate was their fire? >> super accurate. >> reporter: did you get hit? >> yes. >> reporter: how many times were you wounded? >> they treated me for 18 wounds. >> reporter: two regiments of north vietnamese regulars came out of the jungle. >> they did get in the camp with us. it was hand-to-hand combat. >> reporter: the green berets suffered 100% casualty, five dead, 12 wounded. adkins stayed behind the fight,
6:57 pm
at one point dashing outside the camp's perimeter to retrieve desperately needed ammunition that had been dropped by parachute and landed in the middle of a mine field. a south vietnamese soldier with him was hit by enemy fire. >> i was carrying him back to the camp. the north vietnamese shot and killed him and wounded me a little through his body. >> reporter: after 38 hours of non-stop combat, helicopterses finally broke through to evacuate the survivors. how many helicopters got in? >> five or six made it. the others were shot down. >> reporter: but adkins missed the last helicopter out, so he led four other survivors into the jungle. >> that is the night that the tiger stopped us. >> reporter: you heard right, a tiger. >> we could see the eyes and we could hear this tiger, and the tiger could smell the blood on us. comeo find out the north vietnamese soldiers was more
6:58 pm
afraid of the tiger than they were us. they backed off and when were gone. >> so the tiger saved your life? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the next day a helicopter rescued them, adkins, who is estimated to have single-handedly killed as many as 175 of the enemy, wasn't done fighting. he grab mad sheen gun. and got in a few parting shots. >> yes. i'm what do you call it, a business card on the way out. >> reporter: all the green berets were decorateed, but incredibly, adkins did not receive the medal of honor until today, 48 years later. david martin, cbs news, washington. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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i'm kristen berset at redskins park, rg3 out but for how long? coach jay gruden weighs in on his quarterback's future. >> reporter: brought in shackles from loudoun county, charles severance is here in alexandria to face three murder charges. i'm peggy fox, this story coming up. >> reporter: a year after the navy yard massacre here how much has changed for people struggling with serious mental illness? i'm bruce leshan. i'll have a look coming up. >> good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> m derek mcginty. dislocated but not fractured, that's the diagnosis for rg3's injure ankle. >> coaches at redskins park failed to give an exact timetable for griffin's return to the field. kristen berset is in ashburn with more. >> reporter: there was some good news to pass around here at redskins park today.
7:00 pm
an mri on robert griffin, iii's ankle showed no fractures, good news because he won't require surgery, the franchise qb possibly returning sometime this season, however no timetable given regarding his return. now coach gruden said putting robert griffin, iii on the injure reserve list since really an option. for the injures -- injured reserve list isn't really an option. for the injuries, this is becoming an all too familiar sight, his second injury in three years in the league. today he tried to quiet critics questioning the durability of griffin as a quarterback and injury prone football player saying this was a freak accident. >> it's unfortunate. it is and the more injuries mount on him it just becomes an issue, i guess, from a lot of people think his durability is in question, but it's just unfortunate injuries.


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