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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 18, 2014 11:15pm-11:51pm EDT

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jim: coming up after the game, the mazda postgame show. interviews and analysis right fter the game. murray's -- actually, they bring out the punter to handle the kickoff chores. touchback. what are you doing? i'm just taking a sip of water. no, listen, listen, listen. you started off strong by buying everything at lowe's. that was great. thanks. i'm your football self, and a sip turns into a break, and a break turns into a...
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grab the hottest new phones. get the best trade-in value on your current phone guaranteed. les thsee the other guys beat that. get 4 lines for $100 bucks. and the best trade-in value guaranteed. jim: nfl "thursday night football" sponsored by -- 56 points tonight, the second most points in atlanta history. that 62 points 41 years ago this week. dick shiner leading the falcons in a romp over the saints.
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.j. yates will hand it off here. phil: one thing we noticed tonight we talked about at halftime, i don't think i've ever watched an nfl game where receivers are so wide open all over the field. look at the area where there's nobody around them as they catch the ball. we're going to show you a couple. wead about 15 of them to choose from. jim: julio jones is finished for the night. phil: good game plan by the falcons throwing the football. no pressure by the tampa bay buccaneers' front on matt ryan, and, of course, a very talented group of receivers here in atlanta. jim: a two-yard run by freeman. for no gain this time. we talked about phil's top five last week, which was throwers of the football.
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tonight it was five superfreak receivers. phil: they're big, talent and would they put it on the field. brandon marshall. a.j. green tied for second with the guy here tonight, julio jones, and the number one, calvin johnson. i keep thinking calvin johnson is going to slow down a little bit and i've watched him. especially that first game, fast, showing no effects of being in the league as long as he has been. but those guys are physically dominating, smart, and they apply it all to the field. jim: intercepted and the buccaneers have another touchdown! danny lansanah. t.j. yates gives up the pick six. pete: lansanah, number 51. they do like him. aggressive, can really tackle. comes off of his guy and then reads the quarterback and makes
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the interception. jim: this is a guy who's been look for a chance. phil: he's fighting. they played him because he and jonathan casillas are kind of rotating at that linebacker position. you let it play out. the good thing about playing linebacker in this league, you can play more than one guy at a position. jim: lansanah played a little bit for seattle pack in 2008 and he was out of the nfl for five years. tampa bay signed him right at the end of last season. he played in only one game, week 17 and they brought him back to camp and he earned a spot on this team and tonight he comes out, makes the interception with the return for the touchdown. eenie. meenie. miney. go.
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and what's possible when you get things organized. ing u.s. is now voya. changing the way you think of retirement. jim: well, 14 points for the buccaneers here in the fourth quarter. danny lansanah with the runback of a t.j. yates pass for the touchdown. phil: atlanta ready for an onside kick. i didn't think there would be one. jim: koenen sends it right
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jim: freeman is the running back behind yates. could have been tackled for a loss but he's able to gain about three. we also mad -- had mike on devonta david, the linebacker who was an all-pro last year, of tampa bay. >> rock it, rock it. >> show your heart now, all right? jim: and we want to thank lavonte david, the tampa bay staff as well as coach mike smith on the atlanta side for allowing us to eavesdrop a couple of times on them tonight. second and 7.
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and again it's freeman. this time no gain. let's go down to tracy. tracy: thanks, jim. devin hester still in the locker room dealing with cramps. they're giving him an i.v. and fluids. they want him back ou-(t here be part of this celebration after this win. and i was talking to deion sanders a little bit ago and he said that hester came up to him before the game and said i'm going to break your record. i want you in the end zone so i can give you the ball. well, he wasn't in the end zone when he broke the record so you can bet he wants to see deion after this game. jim: how about that? there's deion. i think the return happened too close to halftime so deion and the crew, j.b., coach cowher, tony gonzalez were getting set up for their halftime performance. a time-out called by the falcons.
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now the graphic changes tonight. second total return touchdowns. six career punt returns for touchdowns. nine picks run back. 53 interceptions in his hall of fame career. phil: never had a chance to play against deion sanders and if i did probably would be the same instructions i got when i played the redskins and darrell green and that was simms, don't even think about throwing the ball his way. jim: got a first down off of that throw. pass to courtney roby. phil: i'd say what do you want me to do if they double-team the other receiver? he said still don't go that way. darrell green, deion sanders, mike haynes. there's many great corners but some of these guys, hard to
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challenge them. i always say oh, you have to challenge them sometimes. why do you want to challenge the best player on the other team? the game plan is always go to the weakness of the defense. jim: this is is going to raise the point if we're going to see richard sherman this weekend as we held to seattle. th peyton and denver in town against the super bowl champion seahawks. encroachment, defense number 92. five-yard ., still first down. jim: we were talking about hester and deion and we showed you earlier tonight, billy "white shoes" johnson, who electrified the atlanta fans. here's our throwback thursday. he had seven years with the houston oilers, six years here in atlanta. he was amazing. i also remember some hail mary action at the end of some
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games. phil: great uniforms. jim: he was awesome to watch. freeman got a couple. as far as towns do -- go with great sports nicknames atlanta might be right up there with the best. the likes of pistol pete. prime-time deion. the human highlight reel, dominique wilkins. matty ice. phil: there you go. alvaro: and, of course, cameron. phil: sure, man. matty ice. jim: second and 2. a loss of a couple for freeman. next thursday, your football week starts here. we're going to go to the n.f.c. east for the giants and redskins. another big-time matchup in
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prime time, "thursday night football" on cbs and the nfl network next thursday from washington. fine looking forward to watching both of those teams. the redskins kind of have righted the ship. the thing that jumps out about the redskins is their defense that has -- has played very well to start this year out. jim: arthur blank has come down to the sideline. third and 4. 3:30 to go. and dimarco has a catch for the third time tonight. by the way, speaking of catching, it was a huge performance by julio jones. he had a little talk with us. we had the honor of doing the madden game here for a number of years and give the guy a little break, will you? he wanted you to pick up the commentary a little bit on his performance in madden and giving him a better time with
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the stopwatch. phil: first off, i talked very well about him in the game. he gets mad because his speed is not rated. i told him i'm not the guy that rates the speed. be you that is really the number one thing we hear from all the players. hey, i'm faster than that. so that complaint is universal. jim: i don't think he believed us when he told him that's not something we have responsibility for. he showed us a little bit of that speed tonight. phil: it's hard sometimes to talk to him because you're trying to ask a question in a polite way. did you speed up in the nfl over college? he goes -- what was his answer? man, i've always been fast. because we didn't get to see the explosions and the talent in college. yeah, they used him well at alabama but this is wide open here in atlanta, this offense. he's featured and man, he makes big plays every week.
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jim: second and 10. freeman moves the atlanta offense total to 490 yards on the night. you take the week-one 568 against the saints and now this one, those are two of the three highest performs by yardage in the league early in the season. phil: what i like about their wide receiver group is they have energy. you see on the field, you can tell the energy, all of them. they're full speed, thinking they're going to get the football on every play. jim: at the two-minute warning. back in just a moment.
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then you don't know "aarp". find more surprising possibilities and get to know us at jim: coming up next, it's "the mazda postgame show." interviews and analysis of tonight's game. all the crew here tonight. lance barrow, mike arnold. they've emptied the bucket and we're going to all held for the great state of washington for seattle's hosting of denver on sunday. phil: can't wait to watch it. we saw the super bowl last
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year. it doesn't seem that long ago but a lo the can change during an off-season and early year for football teams and i think denver has made a lot of changes for the sole reason to compete against a team like seattle and do better the second time around. jim: they really kind of rebuilt that defense after the shellacking they took in the super bowl and speed was really the point of emples. demarcus ware. physicality too, t.j. ward. phil: they also changed their offensive line because they got a little overpowered in the super bowl. when you lose a big game like that, you see what standard you have to go to to maybe win the bowl and that's why you make -- super bowl and that's why you make changes. it's motivating to the players and you're going to change your tactics also so it's going to be fun to watch. jim: bosher to punt for the
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second time tonight. referee: five-yard penalty, still fourth down. jim: how will the denver receivers handle things off the snap? will they be able to somehow win that battle right there at the line of scrimmage to somehow be able to create some sort of separation in there was nothing for them in that super bowl. phil: i'm always curious about strategy and what you plan on doing to contract what happened in that super bowl. i think both teams will do something different. especially the denver broncos. jim: fair catch at the 12. of course, wes welker will be ack for the broncos. russell wilson and the seahawks off to a 1-start. this is what happened in the super bowl. there was a runback here for a touchdown. that first snap that went sailing over the head of peyton. harvin with a runback.
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phil: if you hold the football too long trying to throw down the field for big plays, tough against this defense, especially in seattle. jim: the first rematch of a super bowl the following regular season since packers and patriots back in 1997. we were talking about matt ryan at home tonight at the start. russell wilson 16-1 in his career at home in the regular season. as they toss it over to myers. tampa bay will again have the three extra days of rest coming off this thursday performance and then road games at pittsburgh, at new orleans. before being back home against baltimore. one other thing about this game on sunday we're going to be. second and 6 and glennon is
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going to go down back at the 5. hat was massaquoi along with maponga. they've both made plays tonight. phil: they did get some pressure on the quarterback during the night and multiple players were back there. they haven't had pressure on quarterback. they did tonight. jim: mccown, who injured his thumb in the first half but a nod to the chargers for that win over the super bowl champs on sunday. philip rivers and antonio gates combining for three touchdowns. ainey up the middle. and that should do it. let's hope so. phil: it's over? it's so quick. jim: i've never seen you so happy.
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phil: some time ahead for tampa bay trying to right this ship again. jim: atlanta just a season away from being one play away from going to the super bowl and they plummeted last year to 4-12. could they rebound back to those days when they were getting double-digit wins? phil: they had an off-season where they all worked hard and the sting of the season ending so quick gives you motivation. that loss to cincinnati last week was upsetting and they corrected that, of course, here tonight. jim: saw a shot of logan mankins. this is something he's not accustomed to. he's been in games like this but on the other side of it. phil: this game gives a lot of confidence to the atlanta falcons. everything they worked to do during the off-season they accomplished here tonight.
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jim: second highest point total total in atlanta team history. final score is 56-14. again coming up, the mazda postgame show. we'll join the studio after this.
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>> welcome to "the mazda postgame show." rich: welcome back to denver. it was denver hester's night to say the least as the buccaneers scored the last 14 unanswered points. that's one way to describe what happened tonight on thursday night football. the fans are loving it here in
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atlanta because they are 2-0 at home against n.f.c. south teams. rich eisen is here live. devin hester is your baby. he broke your report. deion: pregame i said that devin hester bwillreak a record and have a return tonight and i'm excited and elated he did, not to mention the 20-yard reverse he scored on as well. you can see hustle from the beginning of the game until the end. great play there. they set up a reverse. wide open. they had a stutter go on him earlier that they missed him on. but now, to be a premier punt returner you have to make someone miss. now he's holding up his prime-time right now. i love this kid. rich: of all the coaches that should know not to kick it to devin hester, it's lovie smith, who's lone super bowl appearance started with hester returning one to the house.
11:46 pm
it was a total head scratcher tonight. you tip the cam to hester and the falcons but what about the bucs moving forward? michael: how could you possibly kick that ball to hester tonight? he did a wonderful job but the falcons came out ready to play today. julio jones. i don't know when, roddy white isn't here anymore, this guy is going to be off the chains. >> things started going bad for the buccaneers and they had noed in -- idea of how to right the wrong. steve: does lovie smith bury the film or am i going to go through it with a fine toothed comb making everybody accountable? it's got to be one extreme or the other. deion: they need to address the quarterback situation needly. rich: mccown didn't last the game and glennon came in and
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the bucs take one on the chops. tonight after your local news, dave's got actor mike myers and tomorrow wake up to all the latest news on clbs this morning. if you want more of the postgame show. full highlights and analysis and a look ahead to the big game sunday including here on cbs. you have the broncos and the seahawks as a super bowl rematch. thank you for watching the mazda postgame show.
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>> cbs sports thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league.
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