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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  December 29, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the officer stopped to investigate and discovered another victim inside the vehicle. >> reporter: both men have criminal histories with about 14 cases split between them for offenses like theft and trespassing. nothing indicates the father and son were involved in violent crimes. >> at this time, we're still working to determine what they were doing. but, no, at this time, there was no investigation there was a -- indication there was a crime occurring on their behalf. >> reporter: police are offering a $25,000 award for any information leading to an arrest in the case. and they need any information about these shootings. anyone who knows anything should call police. npd, vanessa harring. >> a lot are alarmed over what seems like surge of violent crime, especially since christmas eve. but is it? we have the story about why where the violence broke out this weekend along with the
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numbers. >> reporter: some say crime scene is an unwelcomed and too often seen decoration in this district. they fired at an armed carjacking suspect in northeast who they say fired at them first. four failed shootings closed out christmas eve in southeast, northeast, and northwest. >> i guess bad things happen but not usually here. >> reporter: add that to violent stabbings in place where crime doesn't stop by often. >> i'm the mayor and sponsible. >> reporter: bowzer brought up the issue today. >> sometimes spikes in violence are just that, unexplained spikes. but what's important is if there are connections that the police identify the connections. >> reporter: we asked dc's police department for an interview and received this response. while there has been uptick in violence in recent days, overall, crime in the city is
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down 9%. they say that's compared 2013 to 2014 and violent crime includes homicide, sex abuse, robbery and assault with a dangerous weapon. >> you have all these police who are making sure we stay crime free. >> right. >> but what's dunn to the social problem? -- done to the social problem? nothing. >> right, right. well, i wouldn't say nothing but -- >> i would! >> there's quite a lot. >> reporter: frustration voiced in another wake of violence sunday. >> sometimes there's little rings of robbery rings. so i know that they are investigating, um, all of the people who have been known to be part of these robbery rings. >> reporter: and bowzer talked to me and said they'll put more police on patrol in the area. this is the spot where on saturday five people were stabbed. this spot still remains closed
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while they are investigating. if they have any information at all, npd wants you to give them a call at 202-727-9599. >> all right, thank you. the fred rick county woman charged with killing her grandmother will undergo a mental competency test. her bail hearing was postponed today so she could be tested. we'll have moreon today's developments in court coming up at 6:00. >> well, the search now for that missing agent air flight will expand tomorrow morning. four additional areas in the sea will be searched as crews are looking for any evidence at all for the jet and the 162 people aboard it. they believe that plane is at the bottom of the sea. >> reporter: investigators say it's too early to know whether the debris and oil slicks search crews have spotted in
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the java a sea are connected to the missing flight. they plan to collect and analyze oil samples. >> lots of questions will be asked and we'll require a lot of answers before we can understand what happened. >> reporter: the jet carrying 162 people took off early sunday morning from indo knee that for a -- indonesia for singapore. the plane did not send a distress call. >> it's not necessarily a surprise if you're in an emergency they're not actually narrating play-by-play what's happening over air traffic. >> reporter: this man believes the plane is at the bottom of the sea. the air asia flight is the second to disappear this year. in march, a ma lay santiago airlines -- malazia airlines
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plane went missing. millions are holding out hope that this time the outcome will be different. >> now, the u.s. state department says indonesia has formally asked the united states to join on the search. details are being worked out. there was a scary moment for this flight on the way from london to vegas. the flight had to turn around because pilots noticed landing gear problems. they made an emergency landing four hours after it took off. the jet got down safely without anybody being hurt. police say this woman attacked a customer. they say elizabeth mendoza jumped a woman in the parking lot. it happened last night in river riverdale. she told investigators mendoza began kicking her.
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the woman survived but was hurt badly. here's a story gaining some big traction on our website and mobile app. a 20-year-old jr. at bowie state university that is filed a $3 million lawsuit against the alfa phi alfa fraternity. we're told what he went through. >> it broke me down. it hurt. it's something i never felt before. >> reporter: bowie state university student kevin hayes is describing at the emotional and physical pain the national guard member described what happened to him last year. you can still see the bruising on his backside that happened during that time. they selected him for the process september in 2013. for weeks, he was required to attend sets where he told wusa9
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members that members there punished him and slapped and beat him when he didn't do something correctly. the frat leaders saw photos of him but when his mother met with advisers, that made things worse. >> you're a snitch. you're always talking. we're going to black ball you not just members to the society but people they knew. >> reporter: they didn't go to police, but they say that didn't matter. >> they have a duty to make him safe! >> reporter: they never had medical personnel examine him which is why he has three men societied with the frat named in the lawsuit. bell tells us: >> this is not a laughing matter. a wink, wink matter. this type stuff kills people and needs to stop. >> something must happen so no one else has to deal with the issues. >> reporter: he says he still
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wants to be part of the fraternity here saying what happened is not a reflection of the group as a whole. >> now, just a short while ago, bowie state which was not named a party in the lawsuit issued a statement which reads in part: the university considers hazing to be indefensible and contrary to the university's community. we work continuously with greek and other student organizations to insure understanding that no activity that causes mental, physical, or social harm will be tolerated. a tow truck driver was killed this morning trying to do his job on the beltway. they say 45-year-old najdi hicham stopped for an unattended vehicle. he was then hit and died at the scene. they say 34-year-old anthony custis of baltimore was on the phone during the crash. those who take the 39 expressways in virginia, listen up. tolling began this morning.
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they must have an easy pass to travel the express lanes for 29 miles from garyson road to indianapolisen county. -- to epson county. >> that restriction in effect from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., you have to exit the express lane. >> they will fine violaters $125. but operators say if you find yourself traveling the lanes by accident without an easy pass, if you call them immediately, they will pay your fine the first time. a leak temporarily shut down the washington monument this morning. the water leaked on the x-ray equipment there. they tracked down the leak and stopped it. it reopened before noon and was closed last week after the elevator broke down. always watching, always
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tracking, wusa9 first alert weather. >> i'm topper shutt. we're watching some moisture to the south. most will pass to the south of us. we see some activity west of charlottesburg. atmosphere is pretty dry. temperature-wise, nothing's going to happen. not a big deal. 39 downtown. temps are well above freezing. 41 in leesburg. futuretrack at 8:00 tonight, temperatures in the 40s downtown. most activity in terms of precipitation charlottesburg west. 10:00 and mid-30s. low 30s downtown. this particular model is pushing the clouds too far south too soon. by midnight, still looking at temperatures at mid-30s downtown. we'll see a chance of a snowflake or flurry tomorrow morning. new year's day, this is all we could hope for. no rain, no sleet, no snow.
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it'll be cold. 35 at 11:00 and 30 at 3:00 p.m. we'll talk about travel weather for the metro area and points beyond in a bit. coming up, just days before he leaves office, vinceen gray shares his political triumphs and why he rejected a plea deal. >> and what happened
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doctors may be releasing george h. w. bush from the hospital later in the week. he was admitted before
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christmas after complaining of shortness of breath. he's the oldest living u.s. president. fire investigators are stilling trying to figure out what caused a deadly fire inside this texas apartment building. >> five people died sunday morning. some residents trapped on the 3rd floor tried to break windowses to get out but -- windows to get out but couldn't. >> a lot of people left without socks, not even a coat on. >> i ran back to my apartment and i grabbed my purse. that's all i could get. >> at this point, residents are staying in hotels or with family members. rescuers did manage to save over 400 other people. we have more on the massive rescue operations. >> reporter: helicopters battled strong winds, storms and rough seas as they tried to
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airlift passengers from a greek ferry that caught fire. there was panic as the fire spread. it was traveling from greece to it with hundreds of passengers on board. one passenger called a television station saying the floors were boiling beneath them. others called relatives. >> he thought the fire had started down on the vehicle deck. and they were all standing outside. >> reporter: a passenger recorded this video shows how the flames gutted the ship. [speaking foreign language] >> reporter: italy's prime minister is praising emergency workers who rescued hundreds of passengers and offering condolences to those who died. italian authorities are saying some crew members will stay on board as they plan to tug the ferry to shore. >> and italian authorities have launched an investigation to figure out what sparked the fire. >> and talking about high anxiety on the high seas, a
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turkish tar go ship collided near italy killing -- targo ship collided near hitly killing some. lava from hawaii's big island is on the move again, albeit slowly. lava crept ten yards over the weekend. they say the lava is about 700 yards from the busy marketplace and does not pose an immediate threat so far to residents or businesses. always watching, always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. >> that's going to take a while! >> at least a yellow alert for lava slam. >> i think so too. laugh -- lava! >> i think so too. [ laughter ] >> a nice stretch of weather here. we'll finally see the sun tomorrow. it's it's been a little -- dreary? >> very dreary! >> a little system to our south.
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flurries possible. temperature, 44. it's well above freezing. dew point in the mid-20s. and the winds are calm which is sort of nice. winds will remain calm or light it looks light through the year. i like saying that. it's just a couple of days. last couple of hours, here's the radar. here we are. heaviest rain activity is southwest of charlottesville to roanoke to the tricities. so most of this will stay to our south. yes, it could squeeze out a flurry or sprinkle but mainly drier and colder tonight. an a.m. flurry or sprinkle is possible. the sun returns tomorrow. ask the farther north you are, the sun returns earlier. southern maryland, you may have to wait until early in the afternoon. but it returns everywhere before it sets. cold and sunny for new year's eve day. and really a quiet pattern. if you want to do any traveling in the eastern seaboard, it's fine. as long as your heater works in the car, you're good to go.
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here's futuretrack. 8:00 tonight, some clouds. temperatures in upper 30s, mid- 40s. by 10:00, some clouds. not spitting out any precipitation here. showing some activity south of charlottesville. again, this system is so weak it's organized. maybe wii see a flurry or -- maybe we see a flurry or sprinkle but not much picking up on futuretrack. 8:00, clouds are south. i think they're aggressive with this. i think they'll be a little farther north by 8:00. but eventually, people see sunshine. by 1:00, sunshine across the board. leesburg down to andrews. exception may be the northern neck and down toward southern st. maries county. temperatures, upper 30s, low 40s. by 5:00, looking at temperatures, still upper 30s. maybe 36 in leesburg. 39 downtown. so a little bit colder tomorrow. still within the realm of arch. average high is 44. so not crazy cold. 9:30 tomorrow night, below
5:19 pm
freezing already. manassasa and leesburg, freezing. mostly cloudy and colder. winds out of the north at 10. so, again, downtown, not below freezing. 35 for a low. 33 in wood bridge. and andrews. maybe out toward fairfax and sterling and gatorsville, freeze -- gaithersville, freezing or below. friday, partly cloudy and cold. winds in check northwest at 10:00. clouds giving way at sunshine. 37 by mid-morning. 39 with sunshine at 11:00 and 41 with sunshine at 1:00. next three days, lots of sun but cold on wednesday. but, again, a quiet travel day essentially across the entire
5:20 pm
lower 48. only 38 for us for a high. still cold on new year's day, 40. but nice for the winter classic. nice on friday. sunshine, 45. rain develops late on saturday. 39. could have a few sleet pellets but one event. much colder sunday night. check this out. next monday, temperatures struggle to get above freezing. ebol an unarmed boy shot by police. and widespread protests asking for justice. the main headlines this year. >> taking shots a police. what happened and why authorities think it's
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bill de blasio was heckled and booed today as he spoke to a police officer graduation ceremony. >> it is an honor to call you officer as you have reached this moment in your life through hard work. and i want to congratulate to you all. >> wow. at one point, he said, quote, you didn't create problems. then someone shouted, no, you did! the police union has accused
5:24 pm
the mayor with siding with protestors and demonstrations against alleged police misconduct. it's intensified following the assassination-styled murderers of two new york police officers. somebody opened up fire on a patrol car last night as two la cops were responding to an unassociated emergency call. investigators say this has all the signs of an ambush. >> when you have officers in a marked black and white police car being shot at. in our mind, they were targeted in this situation. >> huh. police did take one person of interest in custody. they spent the night searching for a second person. but the search was called off this morning. americans took to the streets in protest. the ebola virus put everyone on edge. >> and football players took the edge off the field. some of the headlines in the u.s. this year. >> a white officer shot and
5:25 pm
killed an ununarmed -- unarmed black teenager and sparked protests across the country. and then a policeman putterric garner into a chokehold -- put eric garner into a chokehold. a massive six-week man hunt in pennsylvania came to an end in an abandoned airplane hanger. this i say eric free ambushed a trooper in the mountains. >> i hate all of you. >> 22-year-old eliot wronger killed six students after -- roger killed six students after saying he couldn't fit in and was unpopular with girls.
5:26 pm
ray rice was fired and banned from the nfl after surveillance video surfaced showing him knocking out his fiance in an elevator. he then won reinstatement. don sterling who owned lakers was made to sell his team after racy comments. a rocket heading to the international space station exploded on liftoff. a few days virgin galactic mission exploded, killing one pilot. a nurse fought back after she was forced into quarantine arriving at newark airport. when she was allowed to go to maine, she refused to stay inside. recreational marijuana use became legal in washington
5:27 pm
state and colds. mudslides in washington state killed 43 people and swallowed dozens of homes. >> ice time. ice time. >> and the ice bucket challenge went viral, raising $115 million for the lieu garyic foundation. -- for als. >> so what about about the top local stories of 2014? we put together a look back at our past stories. you can check it out right now on now -- and our news app. christmas comes late for millions who want to play with their new ps4's and xbox ones. >> and why the mayor
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in one of grey's final interviews, the mayor confirms he turned down a plea offer investigating corruption in his campaign for mayor. >> reporter: what are you most proud of? >> i'm proud of where the city is. we created 44,000 jobs since i've been in office. the condition of this city today, in my opinion, is remarkably before than it was four years ago. >> reporter: you reeled in the finances? >> finances, we were. >> reporter: you put money back in the bank. >> that's right. we have the best fund balance
5:31 pm
now, highest ever in the city. >> reporter: what about the kids? >> 83% of our 3-year-olds go to school every day. >> reporter: education? >> you look at the test scores, past scores, we show the greatst improvement of any state in the nation. we have the greatest improvement of any big city in that period. >> reporter: you have the soccer stadium. >> we do. we said we'd get that done. >> reporter: you like this job? >> i love this job! >> reporter: so why aren't we talking about a second term? >> well, we know what happened with this investigation which continues on certainly had an impact on people either voting or not voting. and i think i've answered that question many times, including a two-hour interview with you. >> reporter: do you think it was designed in the attorney general came out two weeks before the primary -- >> i want to speculate on that. it was right before the primary. three weeks before the primary, one week before early voting
5:32 pm
started. you know -- >> reporter: you have got to be mad act that. you got to be up-- about that. you got to be upset about it. >> i can't possibly be happy about it, bruce. i really think my record substantiated the case for a second term. and i think a lot of people believe we deserve a second term. but it is what it is at this point. >> reporter: you rejected a plea deal. >> what am i going to plea to? i have nothing to plea to. >> reporter: so you said, we don't want that. we're not going to do that? >> that was the message that went back. >> reporter: what do you think is going to happen there? >> i don't know. >> reporter: everyone seems to think of an indictment. >> i don't know. i don't want to stick spec late. >> reporter: you're a fighter, athlete. are you going to fight if it comes to an indictment? >> of course. i mean, i didn't -- i'm innocent. i didn't do anything. >> reporter: what are you going do do next? >> i don't know. i'm still thinking of that.
5:33 pm
it's still a -- it's a city i absolutely love. i'm a native washingtonian. and i'll probably want to improve what i can for the city still. >> reporter: what haven't you accomplished? if you had another term? >> i think we've set in motion many of the things we set out to do. >> reporter: bruce johnson, wusa9. the hunt is on for a group of masked thieves that robbed a pizza delivery guy. it happened earlier this morning. that's where police say the victim knocked on a door there to deliver the pizza but no one answered. one of the guys put a machete to the driver's throat while the others rummaged through his pockets. they stole his food, money, keys and cellphone before they ran off. the driver was not hurt. careful smoking sparked a deadly fire the fire broke out december
5:34 pm
15th on barber street. they say clutter inside the homemade the fire harder to fight. lawyers for boston marathon bombing suspect are asking the judge to postpone the trial. they say the government hasn't handed over all the documents and he deserves the most thorough defense possible. he has pled not guilty. the april 2013 bombings killed three people and injured more than 260 more. his older brother was killed in a violent confrontation with police. lindsey graham wants guantanamo bay shutdown but he says it needs to be done responsibly. they say terrorist suspects should not be released. graham says they should be sent to u.s. prisons. he admits a lot of people want the detention camp open. >> i don't think there's any appetite in congress to close
5:35 pm
guantanamo bay. i think most want it over. after the rise of isil and isis throughout the mid-east, most throughout the world are more worried about terrorists leaving guantanamo bay rather than it just being opened. >> more than 100 prisoners have been released from there. we'll hear from the players of the redskins about what next year has in store as they pack up for the off season. >> there were not enough buffalo wings to temper that pain, i have to tell you. showers south of richmond -- south of dc. this will slide to our south. we'll talk about the prospects of a sprinkle or flurry and the forecast for the winter classic. we'll be right back. stay tuned. from
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wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. all right. we're trending now. after quite the disruption, sony playstation is back online. derrick. thank goodness! -- derek mcginty. thank goodness!
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xbox live went down as well but was back up and running on friday. just in time! >> jinust time! the movie is called "the battle of the five armies" and raked in quite a bit over the wed.eken it held strong through christmas day. "unbroken" directed by angelina jolie got second. "into the woods" starring meryl stream, which i was going to go see -- streep, which i was going to see before i found it was a musical, was next followed by "night at the museum 3" and "annie." >> didn't you go see anything? >> i don't think so. if i did, i don't remember. i was having too much fun. [ laughter ] >> it's not often i'm going to
5:40 pm
remember -- >> okay. [ laughter ] >> it's not often after "frozen" and "wolf of wall street" is mentioned in the same sentence. >> not likely. but those were the two downloaded illegal by the most. each was pirated nearly 30 million times. "robocop," "gravity," and the latest "hobbit" film, rounded up the next. >> i liked that video. >> yeah. if you're playing on your phone right now, you could be earning dollars. the downloads that pay you to use them. >> ooh! >> i think there's a catch in there. the los angeles police department is searching for at least one gunman who they say fired at a patrol
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row. the country has stepped up its censorship of google. china is completely blocking gmail. before today, they could find loopholes that let them use third party apps. but they also blocked facebook and twitter. many turned to their favorite apps after they had freetime to angry bird, even candy crush. >> but now, they'll actually pay you to use them. allison explains how you can make a few extra dollars. >> reporter: agusto is snapping pictures of this sunset display and sending it to a manufacturer. gigwa pays users. >> i check out the phone. while she's spending money, i'm earning it. >> reporter: victoria jones uses her phone to make a couple
5:45 pm
bucks. her favorite app is called "surveys on the go." >> it could be about movies, products. i did a movie one where it asked how many movies you've been to the past year. >> reporter: you can make everything from being a mystery shopper to doing surveys. more corporations are willing to pay for this type of market research. and that's helping the apps become more popular than ever. >> we average between 1 and 2,000 new downloads a day. that's people who create accounts. >> i probably average around $5 a week. >> reporter: but she says making that extra cash only takes a few minutes of her time. >> $5 a week? >> what? >> okay. many apps will pay you a little more if you're willing to share your locations and they'll ask specific questions when you're in certain restaurants or
5:46 pm
stores. >> i always feel like there's a catch or something! i don't know. an older adult was rushed to the hospital for a fall. [ indiscernible ] >> falling is the leading cause of accidental deaths among senior citizens. we explain a growing effort to prevent those deaths by keeping patients up one at a time. >> reporter: it wasn't long ago that even a simple trip to the store was too dangerous for sherry martin. like a number of older americans, she was falling. >> each time i started out walking, i said to myself, is this the time i become a paraplegic? is this the time a break a bone? >> reporter: and sherry's not alone. the number of older americans that was treated for falls the past decade has doubled. >> the rate of fatal falls has increased 150%. the reality is most these falls, if not all of them, can
5:47 pm
be prevented. >> reporter: which is why dr. joe rosenthal opened one of the first of its kind focused on fall prevention. it could be their vision, medication, or conditions like diabetes and low blood pressure. >> they do a vision exam. we have them do a cognitive exam, flexibility, strength, and their balance. >> reporter: and once a patient knows why they're falling, they undergo specific therapy to help them stop. but that's only part of the evaluation. >> from the falls, people don't realize it's because of their home environment. they get used to their home environment. so they don't see it as cluttered. >> reporter: a home inspection helped sherry replace clutter exercise gear and fear with confidence. >> the anxiety is gone. the confidence is become. it has -- back. it has made my life exceedingly easier. >> falling is the most common cause of traumatic brain injury among older adults. if you have a loved one that's
5:48 pm
fallen once this year, it's a good idea to have them evaluated by a specialist. always watching. always tracking. wusa9's alert weather. >> are we talking about snow? >> just some flakes. that's possible late tonight and tomorrow. and the sunshine returns tomorrow. so a brighter forecast on the way and colder weather. temperatures downtown, still reasonable. 44 is about the average high. given the time of night, it's a couple degrees above average for this time of year. winds are calm. dew points in the mid-20s. relatively dry humidity. 49 to 50%. we widen the radar out. we had to show you where the rain and snow is. most of it is between charlottesville to roanoke. it's a weak system. most of it will go to the east, southeast. if you're in gatorsburg, you
5:49 pm
probably won't see -- gaithersburg, you won't see some snowflakes. so mainly dry and colder tonight. a flurry or sprinkle possible on tuesday. but the sun also returns tomorrow afternoon. actually not a bad day. and cold but sunny for new year's eve day. so a quiet end of the year and i quiet day if you're traveling. maybe you want to get to a certain spot for the new year's end, but you contact. it's just cold. -- can't. it's just cold. we're south of the jet stream. that's why we're warm. highs tomorrow. 20s in chicago. 5 in indianapolis. 5 in bismark. we won't see the brunt of the cold air. but this will tell you that arctic air is on the way as we close out 2014. okay. futuretrack. tonight, 8:00, clouds, yes. 37 in gaithersburg. 40 downtown.
5:50 pm
or 44 downtown. by 10:00, still some clouds. 30s to 40 around downtown. no green or blue blobs. i think this is aggressive pushing it too far too quickly. i think it'll be a little farther north. i think we'll find clouds around 66 and 50 south. temperature-wise, okay. low 30s in the suburbs and 37 downtown. 36 in fredricksburg. sunshine returns just about everywhere except for southern maryland. by 5:00, everyone's back in the 30s. by 10:00 tomorrow night, already below freezing in gaithersburg and rockville and leesburg and manassas. 35 downtown. tonight, mostly cloudy or colder. temperatures 30 to 35 and winds light out of the north at 10:00. so clouds to start and sunshine by 11:00, 39. sunshine by 1:00, 41. and light winds.
5:51 pm
so great news. no wind chill to worry about. 38. not too bad. still cold on new year's 40 but pretty nice for the winter classic. now, next seven days. seasonal on friday. mid-40s with sunshine. then we got rain developing on saturday, 39. rain on sunday, 52. and then perhaps some big time arctic air rolling in monday. highs will struggle to guilt to the freezing mark. -- get to the freezings mark. now wusa9 "game on sports" with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> for the sixth time in seven years, washington finished last in the nsc east. wow! and only built for parody too. that is hard to accomplish. times like these bring a lot of soul searching and that's what happened today as players cleaned out their lockers. >> reporter: 31 teams will be unhappy when it's all said and done.
5:52 pm
fewer will finish sadder than washington. >> i feel like i'm on a roller coaster, not even because it's been down most season. >> reporter: we need to get away -- we need to get away. >> reporter: you can tell that it had overwhelmed them. >> you never envision it going bad. you never start off saying, man, we'll lose 12 games. >> it's black monday. so there probably will be some changes. where, i don't know. but that's for the coaches to decide. >> sometimes when you go about the same way you train, work, prepare, you're going to get the same results. we've had the same results here for too long. >> reporter: simply put, the outlook for this pain is okay at best. robert griffin was not in the locker room today, but he was a topic of conversation, as in, is he the guy to lead this team in 2015? >> yeah, robert is that guy. but, you know, you have to prove it every day. you can say you're the guy every day, but if you don't
5:53 pm
prove it, you know, obviously things are going to change. >> robert was at the facility this morning, let me clarify. but he left after that morning immediate meting with jay gruden. he wasn't in the locker room during the three-hour session. jay gruden discussing the future of his assistant players and coaches. strong words for reporters. we'll have that at 6:20. >> thanks. three more residents being promised millionaires. what you need to know if you ever dreamed holding up one of those huge checks with a bunch of zeros on them. >> more details today in the murder of -- [no audio] coming up. >> and up next, more gunfire aimed at police. after the break, the search underway right now that has an la neighborhood on high alert.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
the los angeles police department believes a man who fired at two police officers is still out there on the loose. >> police departments across the country already are on edge because of alleged police brutality. >> reporter: investigators are canvassing this south los angeles neighborhood after at least one person allegedly opened fire on an lapd patrol car. they say the officers were responding to an unrelated car when they say a man fired in their directions. no one was injured.
5:57 pm
>> when you have a plaque and white police car shot at, in our -- black and white police car shot at, in our mind, >> reporter: they have detained a man for questioning. >> the man we have detained is just a person of interest meaning they may know something about the incident, may have information about the suspects or could turn out to be one of the suspects involved. but that has not been determined yet. >> reporter: more than 60 officers scoured the area overnight for a second person of interest. be you a city-wide alert and the search were called offer early monday morning. they believe those involved are no longer in the area. they say they uncovered a gun here at the scene. but detectives are still interviewing witnesses and officers inside the patrol car. the motive is unclear, but it follows weeks of nationwide protest against police killings. and it comes two weeks after the killings of two new york police officers.
5:58 pm
>> the second person of interest is believed to be between 18 and 25 years old. a student says he was beaten and hazed here at bowie state university. i have the details that include a photo. coming up. >> a father and son are gunned down in southeast dc. i'm vanessa harrig and will bring you the latest. >> is it a crime wave or does that even matter? looking at crime stats in the districts. >> first tonight, new information on a popular teachers aid found dead on her front lawn one week ago. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm derek mcginty. she taught for 29 years. her own granddaughter is charged with stabbing her to death. she had her first court appearance today. >> reporter: 19-year-old -- the 19-year-old is facing three charges in the brutal murder of
5:59 pm
her grandmother. her attorney requested she be evaluated for competency to see if she understands the proceedings before further action. the judge agreed. court documents say harris acknowledged that she had blood all over her arms when police arrived and a knife was found near morris' body in jefferson. the documents also say police found the red shirt in an upstairs bathroom that contains a significant amount of suspected bloodstains on the front of it. while harris' case was heard in court, relatives and friends offensive lily morris were gathered a few blocks away for her wake. mock them, her cousin lair -- among them, her cousin larry. >> she always had that smile. she done everything for everybody.
6:00 pm
and whatever happened, whoever done it, knowing her, has already been forgiven. >> i think the community is in shock. she was a lovely lady, well respected, just a really great person and i think it's shocked our community. >> reporter: her funeral will be tomorrow at noon. in fredrick, hank. they're trying to figure out what led to the deaths of a father and son. both were sound with gunshot wounds. we have the latest on the investigation. vanessa, what have you learned? >> reporter: well, we haven't learned much right now. police say this investigation is still in its early stages. right now, they're not saying if anyone witnessed the shooting or if they have any leads. i did speak to a member of the victim's family earlie


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