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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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an agonizing day makes way for an agonizing night as investigators still try to figure out what caused a massive house fire on the other side of that gate and who, if anyone, was home. >> reporter: metro prepares to brief d.c. council members about the smoke filled tunnel tragedy amid questions about the train's emergency door release. >> we're tracking a clipper wednesday, talk about rain and snow, where the dividing line will be and what that means getting to work and back home. >> reporter: pope francis is coming to washington, what he'll do when he gets here
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eight months from now. a tragedy still unfolding tonight in annapolis and good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm bruce johnson. a private school in annapolis canceled classes tomorrow. an annapolis newspaper the capital explains in a letter sent home to parents. in it the headmaster reveal four of his students and their grandparents died in a four alarm fire today. >> the 16,000 square home caught fire early this morning. the fire spread so quickly firefighters couldn't do much to save the home or nip who lived inside. the home is owned -- anyone who lived inside. the home is owned by don and sandy pile. the atf is now involved in the investigation. >> reporter: on the other side of that gate you can see some flashing lights, firefighters, atf agents still on scene here. the next step which is likely tomorrow is for investigators to comb through what's left of the house in hopes of determining what exactly caused
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this fire and even more pressing, if anyone was home. the numbers are staggering. >> it's unreal. >> reporter: 85, the number of firefighters it took, 3 1/2, the hours it took to silence the raging fire, 16,000, the square footage of the mansion that burned. neighbors called it the castle. >> the fire? it was higher than the castle. >> there were two booms, well, you know, tolds really and flames shot up -- thuds really and flames shot up in the air. >> reporter: and the most vital number six, the number of people unaccounted for. >> when we arrived, we had varying accounts of the status of the people, whether they were home, in town, out of town. so far we have not been able to make contact with the occupants. we're trying different measures to reach out, but so far the occupants are not accounted for. >> reporter: firefighters first heard from a third-party alarm company that monitors the
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home, then 911 calls from several neighbors but never distress calls from the burning home. among the missing, homeowners don pile and wife sandy. four others are missing. neighbors fear some could be children. >> i'm not optimistic, no. >> they're the nicest people you would ever want to have as neighbors. >> great neighbors, great community involve. >> reporter: the piles frequently invited neighbors over and often hosted charity events at the castle. the anne arundel fire department says no signs of foul play at this point, but firefighters did ask the atf for their help. the atf plans to bring in a team with heavy equipment to move and sift through what's left of this massive structure so investigators can safely begin searching for how this happened and if anyone was home when it did. >> it's sad and just yesterday it was there. now it is not there. people may have lost their live. it just makes you aware how everything can change very, very quickly.
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>> reporter: bruce, as you mentioned, the severance school's lower chesapeake campus will be closed tomorrow according to their website to give students there time to cope with what happened. a spokesperson at don pile's company science logic in reston says at this point they are hoping for a miracle. i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. we're following a developing story in new york city tonight. investigators say a passenger jet is being searched at jfk airport because of a bomb threat somebody called in by telephone while the plane was in the air. a spokesman for the port authority says a plane -- the plane is the delta airlines flight 468 from san francisco to new york. it landed safely at jfk airport before 8:00 this evening. nobody has been hurt. tonight metro transit police arrested a d.c. woman for leaving her 1-year-old boy unattended in the car parked illegally at a metrobus stop along michigan avenue in
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northeast. they found the baby inside. the mom arrived a short time later. while she was interviewed, she got in the car trying to leave. police arrested her. the father later arrived and took the child. metro will brief d.c. council members sometime tomorrow about the tragedy on a smoke filled metro train and 1 d.c. council member tells our bruce leshan one of her first questions will be about the trapped passengers and firefighters who say they could not find the emergency door release. >> please remain calm. >> reporter: d.c.'s initial report on the crisis fire lieutenant steven kuntz says firefighters pounded on the car door and told the passengers to open it and they yelled that they couldn't. >> there was as much smoke in the train as in the tunnel. >> reporter: another firefighter had to unlock the door from the outside with his metro barrel key. >> that's a big concern of mine. do we have a whole series of metrorail cars in which passengers can't escape from
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the car? >> reporter: lieutenant kuhn goes on to say after they got everyone off firefighters went back to look. they found not just that the backdoor was locked but that the release for the side door was hidden behind two screws and a plastic valance, but that may not be quite right. only the two side door in the center of metro cars are set up as emergency exits. passengers may have been so panicked that they didn't realize that and the last door in the back of the train is locked so people do not fall out on the tracks. the ntsb declined to address these kind of details at this point, but it did say over the weekend that if there are any urgent safety issues like passengers being unable to get out of railcars, it will issue urgent safety recommendations. at metro headquarters bruce
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leshan, wusa9. >> sources say one of the problems with communication during monday's crisis was d.c. fire department's new encrypted radios. metro's control center does not have the key that would have allowed it to communicate directly with the firefighters on those scrambled radios. d.c. fire encrypted its radio system last month so outsiders could not listen in. today hundreds of people packed a church in d.c. to celebrate the life of carol glover. the alexandria woman died inside one of the smoke filled metro car l.a. week. glover was a federal contractor who graduated with honors from drexel university. cameras were not permitted inside capitol hill baptist church for today's moving memorial service, but outside glover's oldest son anthony shared many memories of his mom. >> if there's anything that we'd like to say to have one in d.c., that my mother lived -- to everyone in d.c. that, my mother lived a great life and everything she did here was for others. >> carol glover's mother said
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her father died of smoke inhalation on the same day 33 years ago and she said that was a sign they were both in a better place. tracking a clipper come wednesday. >> first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is here to tell us whether it's going to be more rain or possibly some snow. how about it? >> i think us going to be more rain than snow. the models are less robust than a little while ago. this is 6 a.m. wednesday on futurecast. temperatures are above freezing everywhere with just clouds. we may make it through the morning commute without any problems. by 9:00 still no precipitation, temperatures still above freezing everywhere, even back into cumberland it's 34, 33 in hagerstown. by 1:00 a snow shower through culpeper but pretty quiet in the immediate metro area. by 5:00 most of the activity is north of i-7. good news for that. we'll come back. we're watching another storm
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for saturday. washington d.c. will become the center of attention for the world's catholics later th year. >> that's right. pope francis confirmed today he'll visit the nation's capital for the first time as pope during a trip to the u.s. this september. hank silverberg joins us from catholic university with some of the details when the pope will get here and what he'll be doing. >> reporter: that's right, bruce. the pope will arrive september 22nd. ly first stop will be in washington. he'll stay till 24th. he has three big events. one of them is a visit to the white house. the other one will be at a joint session of congress where he'll make a speech and he'll declare a saint in a mask -- mass here at the baffle catch the pope will be here in washington -- basilica. the pope will be here in washington september 22nd. excitement has already begun on
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the catholic university campus. >> he's a very progressive pope and in my classes we spoke about him and what he's doing and how that might change the church and the future outlook for the church. >> he's done so much for the church lately it's really helped revitalize the church. so be exciting for him to actually be here. >> reporter: many students are hoping to get a chance to meet the pontiff. >> hoping i can get in at the mass where he's visiting at the basilica. i think it's such an honor we are on campus with the basilica right there and access to him. >> reporter: are you excited about this pope? >> i'm excited. i do like this pope. it was exciting being a young person and they had a new pope. a lot of people might never see that. it was exciting getting to see him and see him come to the states and be here in d.c. when he does that. >> reporter: after the pope leaves washington he'll address the u.n. and then attend the family conference in philadelphia. we hoped to show you the
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basilica in all its glory, but they turned off the lights at 11:00. the last time a pope came for his first visit to the united states, pope benedict in 2008. i was here covering that and the pope was treated like a rock star. we can expect that to happen at this campus this time around with pope francis. >> he's bigger than a rock star and i'm betting that he gets out of the car on mass avenue and greets the crowds. virginia governor terry mcauliffe is recovering from surgery to reduce fluid from around his lungs. the fluid was the side effect from the seven broken rib he suffered after he fell off a horse on vacation in tanzania last month. governor mcauliffe continued to work through the injury the past few weeks. this is video of him at a martin luther king day breakfast in norfolk. doctors admitted him after a checkup today. mcauliffe is expected to be back on the job in two to three
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days. christopher barry plans to turn himself into authorities sometime tomorrow. wusa9 first reported that barry with his attorney will surrender to d.c. police on charges stemming from that episode last week inside a pnc bank branch in chinatown. according to the police report, the d.c. ward 8 council candidate and also son of the late marion barry argued with a teller at the bank in northwest. the report says barry picked up a trash can launching it into a bank surveillance camera. barry has been in trouble with the law before, pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana and pcp in 2011 and in 2013 was charged with driving under the influence. it's unclear what charges he'll face now from the bank incident. barry is campaigning for his late father's ward 8 seat on the d.c. council. just four days after a single mom and her kids moved into a chevy chase neighbored they learned somebody had spray
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painted a hateful message across their garage door in giant red letters. the neighbors across the street on glenmoor drive were the first to see it. they hadn't even met them yet. >> rich went over and said did you see what was on your door and we wanted to help them take it off as soon as possible. >> there's hatred in the world and this is evidence of it this morning. >> after police collected evidence one of the neighbors brought over turpentine and wiped the message off the garage. police want to hear from anyone who can help find the people responsible. coming up d.c. celebrates the martin luther king, jr. holiday. >> also ahead slip sliding away, black ice causes some crazy crashes up and down the east coast. >> but coming up next don't look for any new ideas from president barack obama at tomorrow night's state of the union address and
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thank you, cable for the slower internet upload speeds. for fewer video on demand titles. thank you cable, because if we never had you... ...we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability - 8 years running. plus, fios has the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. period. see the difference for yourself. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price guaranteed for two full years! plus, get a $300 bonus with a two-year agreement. tomorrow night president obama will deliver his annual state of the union address to joint sessions of congress, but unlike past years the president has already talked about the ideas he's going to talk about. the white house has proposed raising taxes in part by closing the so-called trust fund loophole for the wealthy and call for a $500 tax credit
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for dual earner families and paid family leave for all workers, free community college for college students and new cyber security protections. >> if we're going to be connected, then we need to be protected. a americans we shouldn't have to forfeit our basic privacy when we go online to do our business. >> the develop says the tax line is -- the gop says the tax plan is already dead on arrival and they're leaving the door open on tax, trade and immigration reforms. the martin luther king, jr. holiday is winding down tonight in. recent years the mlk holiday has become a national day for service where americans across the country give back to their communities in the spirit of the slain civil rights leader. presida and the first family did their parts by visiting a boys and girl club in washington today. they helped the children make literacy kits to help them with their reading and writing
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skills. the mlk day commemorations got underway early this morning with a wreath laying at the martin luther king, jr. memorial along the tidal basin. secretary of state and homeland security jay johnson delivered remarks and d.c. mayor muriel bowser was among the dignitaries there. the district's martin luther king, jr. peace walk and parade took place today. d.c. politicians and police including the new mayor muriel bowser and chief katie lanier participated in the event, as did -- cathy lanier participated in the event, as did military organizations and school marching bands. tiger woods has a date with a tooth fairy and a dentist. >> check out this gap in that grille. tiger lost a front tooth at a world cup ski event in it's where he was cheering on his girl friend ski champion lindsey vonn. tiger's aide said during a
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crush of photographers at the award podium a member of the media hit tiger in the mouth with a video camera. >> that was some hit. caught on camera, a brush with death on i-95. a driver started recording on i- 95 yesterday on new brunswick, new jersey. he looked out of his back windshield just in time to see this, a tractor trailer skating out of control coming toward him. at the last instant the truck slid across the road, crashed through the divide are and came to -- divider and came to rest on the other side. my goodness. >> kept that camera going, though, didn't he? and then there's this, an out of control suv slid more than 50 yards down the street in yonkers, new york. from maryland north to new hampshire more than 5,000 black ice accidents were reported just yesterday. >> i'm just glad we don't have a lot of that in our area right now. >> it's been a pretty quiet
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winter. one little clipper, watching another one on wednesday. it's weak, disorganized. we don't have the cold air in place either which we had with the last clipper and it's not nearly as strong as the last clipper either. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, what a great martin luther king day it was. we had 50 today. it's only 34 downtown and winds turned a bit out of the south, southwest at 6 and the relative humidity 75% which you would expect this time of year. a cold start but not windy tomorrow. bus stop temperatures 24 to 38, knocked off a couple degrees. quiet on tuesday, mix of sun and clouds. a weak clipper travels to our north tomorrow and dissipates. that will give us a mix of sun and clouds. the clipper wednesday will equal some rain or snow shower, but even if the atmosphere supports snow, which i think it will north of town, surface temperatures will be above
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freezing. they'll melt. it's not going to accumulate. futurecast 6 a.m. tomorrow now we see 20s, 28 in manassas, 29 in leesburg. temperatures downtown around freezing to start. by 9:00 temps in the 30s. again you'll see clouds and sun and kind of these through throughout the day. by 1:00 still a good day to walk to lunch, upper 40s downtown with little wind. that's pretty good for what is now almost late january. by 5:00 clear skies south of 56 and south of 50, just a few clouds off to the north. those will give way to clear skies briefly tuesday night where the clouds return after midnight as clipper no. 2 rolls in, but even then temperatures tomorrow night mainly hold above freezing. tonight partly cloudy, cold, 24 to 34 and winds light out of the west, northwest at 5 to 10. the day planner, downtown, maybe 31 to start, 34 at 7:00,
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37 at 9:00, low 40s by 11:00 and upper 40s with sunshine by 1:00. next three days a little peek of sun. i don't think it will be completely cloudy, not that well organized of a storm, 41 the high, green for now and seasonable thursday, temperatures in the low 40s with sunshine. the next seven days looks like this. a little colder on friday, temperatures back to upper 30s to near 40. saturday we're watching a much stronger storm. it should stay to our south, maybe a flurry saturday night, a little colder sunday and flurries monday. i want to go back to the tiger woods tooth thing. nobody is talking about the fact that lindsey vonn won a 63rd world title. that's why he was there to surprise record title and he gets a tooth knocked out and it's all about tyker. >> do you have any more -- tiger. >> do you have any more info
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with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> there is magic brewing at the verizon center today on both the pro level and the college ranks. we start first with georgetown looking for a resume boosting win. we're getting to that homestretch to the tournament, hoyas looking for a bug upset over fourth ranked -- big upset over fourth ranked villanova. it wasn't pretty, but they did get the job done. aaron brown misses. isaac hopkins misses and eric copeland gets the dunk. they go on an 18-0 run. big three gives the hoyas a 20- point lead and 2nd half villanova doing all they can to catch up, but the hoyas say no way, jose. it's 78-58. game is finally final. hoyas win by 20. what's the best way to get a great performance out of your entire team? just completely crush the opponent and allow your reserves to play with nothing but pride on the line. that happened this afternoon at the verizon center, wizards
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wearing special green shirts in the martin luther king matinee against philadelphia. 76ers do nothing to stop the wizards. they were just having fun. there's we'll with the dunk. wizards went on a 20-3 run in the 1st quarter ending the half with a 23 point lead. seven players scored in double digits today including kevin seraphin and otto porter off the bench. >> we've proven enough in 41 games when we're not focused and playing with high energy and effort, we're in trouble. >> it's a good stepping stone for us. usually we get up and come back down. we got to find a way to stick with it. we got to make it a game we're trying to get better in and look for the future. >> great day of basketball in the dmv. are the raven and broncos
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about to be a switcheroo? since gary kubiak left the ravens are busy searching for his replacement and reportedly interviewed broncos former coordinator adam gates. he also interviewed with the jaguars sunday. we all love a good dunk come -- contest, five guys, didn't quite work on that one. not quite the ups we're used to seeing in the nba. is in the chinese basketball league. >> oh. >> where is the net? somebody supposed to catch that? >> they should have faced the other way. >> i don't think they want to know what's coming. he got to the net. he just knocked over all the bowling pins on the way in. >> he's going to be okay, right? >>
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ forget the stage ♪ ♪ doesn't matter how tall ♪ ♪ i do it all for the love of the game. ♪ geico, proud partner of the nhl.
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actually pretty nice tomorrow, upper 40s, can't complain, mix of sun and clouds, clipper comes in on wednesday and right now it looks weak, rain or snow showers possible, surface temperatures above freezing, not going to stick and pretty good shape thursday and friday, watching another coastal storm sunday. >> that's wusa9 news for tonight. thanks for staying up with us. >> letterman
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