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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630pm  CBS  July 12, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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. it's 197 yards. ian: he can go at it hard and release its with seven. david: that would work. ian: smart play, david. bill: that really forces tom gillis to hit a miracle shot. david: that was a big boy shot there from jordan, too. he just took the right back bunker out of play there with that. bill: we talk about his golfing skills but he just thinks his way around the course just so effectively, which is surprising for a guy just 21 years old. ian: i agree. and david he looks relaxed and confident just like he belongs in this position. david: he has the most perfect attitude i think i've ever seen.
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ian: and rory's as good as well. david: yeah, certainly is. with two kids at the top of the game, just phenomenal people as well as athletes. ian: thoroughly agree. the best part of both. now tom gillis has a sand wedge and a putt for a bogey five. has to go flag hunting. >> it's a little right of it. hit it in the high 20's and it's perfect. matt: i got him 118 with a little bit of breeze coming back in his face. i thought i heard his caddie say somewhere in the high 20's. bill: didn't waste any time coming in right. hoping it would kick out of the fringe and come back down the slope but ends up pole high in the fringe.
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ian: as jordan approaches the green here, fans so appreciate active of him returning after such a spectacular season. it's so easy to say no when you've got a major the following week but he's honored his commitment and i'm sure everyone in the john deere family and everyone here in the area, extremely appre he's a good man. -- aappreciate active. he's a good man. and for tom gillis as he approaches he'll have the best finish of his career, at worst with the second, and he goes to the open championship next week with that final spot. bill: play the open championship for a third time, and a nice ovation for this man who will
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turn 47 next week. ian: it will be the third time he's played in the opened. he played in 1999 and 2008. so it will be nice to return. jordan will be first to play, even though he's putting and tom is off the green. always remember that farthest from the hole plays first. has nothing toe do with being on the surface or not. bill: jordan will stroll up one
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more time. yoich do everything the same, stick that -- to that same positive routine. david: he's still got a two putt here. the strangest things have happened on this green. ian: fortunately though, david he does know the line, having played it from a similar line as this. this is his third time in the last half-hour. that always helps build extra confidence. just no stress there is there? just looks so calm.
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bill: tried to work its way back to the right just a bit. ian: he's trying to make it. bill: he was. ian: and a good effort. now tom has to hall this little chip down the hill. matt: yeah. obviously must-make for tom gillis' fifth shot now. got the little wedge out there little six-degree sand wedge and just try to plop it in the hole. bill: going after it. it's still been a terrific week for a man from the detroit area.
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runner-up finish. ian: for his fourth victory of the season. his fifth in his career. 21 years of age. bill: and there it is! he will head to the open championship off a victory. ian: his second john deere classic title. bill: his fourth win in his last 14 starts. sixth two-time champion of this event, first player to win four times in a season before the open championship since tiger. let's go to david feherty. david: jordan, there will a lot of people whoog second guessed whether you should be here this
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week. and you had your first magical moment right here on this green. how does it feel? jordan: it feels great here, the memories we have here, going back and reliving. it was a fun day. not the best start but certainly ok with the outcome david. david: say hi to st. andrew for us. thanks for playing in the john deere and keeping your word. bill: he'll turn 22 in a couple of weeks. he'll go after number three win next week at saint andrews. for the second time, he is winner for the john deere classic. for our entire cbs sports golf team thanks for being with us and so long from the quad cities.
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a crowded party in an upscale neighborhood leaves a man dead and police looking for suspects. >> at least 200 people and possibly more were spilling out of a house party in accokeek, maryland, when a body was discovered. >> prince george's police say daryl king jr. of waldorf, maryland, was pronounced dead at the hospital. now they are looking for whoever shot him. >> we tracked down people who left that party last night not realizing that somebody had been shot. >> reporter: i would never believe that. >> not in this community. >> it's unbelievable. >> reporter: residents are stunned that someone was shot to death outside of an upscale
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subdivision of farmington woods in accokeek, maryland, aren't one this morning. >> surprise. we didn't realize it until this morning when we were leaving for church. >> reporter: police say hundreds were drawn to a party at the first house as you enter the upscale neighborhood on whistling wood court. at least 200 people showed up to the house and possibly as many as 900 attended the party. would you believe that? >> i would be surprised about the crowd. i wouldn't be surprise about that number. >> have you been able to speak with the -- >> can you tell us what happened? >> reporter: they told us to get off their property as they removed chairs, bags of trash, and beer bottles. partygoers were parked along the road and in the chaos folks tried to get out as fast as they could. you can see the tire tracks in the grass. they took out a couple of small trees to get onto indian head highway. >> it had to be at least three a hundred people in here.
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you couldn't get past here really. it was cars on both sides. >> reporter: along the road and on the property we saw red plastic cups, beer cans, a wine bottle and remnants of tobacco products. on social media people have advertised about parties in the past. in 2012, someone tweets, a mansion pool party and fashion show for $20 gets you free food and drinks. do you know your neighbors? >> no. not really. i mean, we know they are neighbors. they live there. we don't know them personally. >> reporter: in accokeek, maryland, wusa 9. >> if you have any information, police ask that you give them a call. a drive by shooting in broad daylight leaves a northeast washington man dead this evening. d.c. police want the public's help in locating the gunman. they released surveillance video showing two men armed with guns as they rode down e street northeast. this all happened on june 28th just after 5 p.m. in the 1600 block of e street.
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police say 33-year-old daryl grace died in that shooting. we have no motive or description of the gunman in that video. anybody who might have information about this brazen incident should contact d.c. police. if neighbors in fairfax didn't know her name before, they likely know it now. a day after kathy smith was attacked while campaigning. she was out knocking. this time she took her son we are. stephanie ramirez spoke with police and the people involved. >> reporter: i am stephanie ramirez on misty creek lane. i reached out to the homeowner charged. they are not speaking with the press. other neighbors telling me they are stunned. the incident happened yesterday afternoon along the 12000 block of misty creek lane this fairfax. kathy smith is running for the board of supervisors and says she went door knocking in this area. the woman charged smith, according to go the candidate and police. >> she got very upset right
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away. started talking about the boundary change that happened in 2008 and then came towards me and grabbed my clipboard out of my hands. she kept pushing me and pushing me. and i was afraid i was going to lose my balance. it's very surprising. i have been doing this, this is my fifth campaign, and, you know, you are used to some people agree with you and some people don't. but nothing like this has ever happened before. >> reporter: police say she is charged with assault. she is also charged in obstructing the ability to make a 911 call. later on tonight at 11 we will have more from a neighborhood who knows her fairly well. in fairfax, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9 news. >> police tell us an ambulance was called to the scene after smith complained of chest pains following that incident. the woman charged has since
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in less than an hour hundreds of people are expected to gath he for a vigil for a boy allegedly beaten to death for taking a piece of birthday cake without permission. >> nine-year-old jack garcia died last weekend at children's national after suffering a vicious beating. police say at the hands of his mother's boyfriend. >> final preparation force that vigil are now getting underway. garrett. >> reporter: maybe most interesting thing about this vigil tonight is that the organizers really have no relationship with the victim or
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the victim's family. they are just people who, like so many others, heard the details of this case on television and were horrified by it. they wanted to do something and tonight they are not asking for money or anything else. they are simply trying to draw attention to the issue of child abuse in this community. the details of this case were particularly horrifying. a nine-year-old boy handcuffed and beaten. charging documents show the mother's boyfriend robert leroy wilson admitted to beating him after he took a piece of birthday cake without asking for permission. the boy managed to survive for a few days before passing last weekend. tonight's vigil expected to draw a few hundred people from across the region. this group of parents say people learn about the resources available to them if they expect that child abuse is occurring and to stop it. >> because as a mother i feel that every mother should havement opportunity to have resources if they have a
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problem, they should be able to talk to their neighbor or their pastor or a local group. and i think this should be bring awareness. if we save one child from this event or help one mom, we have made a difference. it was worth it all. >> reporter: several dozen people all right gathered tonight. the vigil is expected to start at 7:30 at hagerstown city park. >> that's a story that has affected all of us. >> so sad. >> thanks, garrett. storms headed this way. erica has the forecast coming [beeping] ooo come on everybody, i think this is my grandson. [lip syncing] ♪little girl you look so lonesome oh my goodness. ♪i see you are feeling blue ♪come on over to my place ♪hey girl ♪we're having a party happy birthday, grandma! ♪we'll be swinging ♪dancing and singing ♪baby come on over tonight
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i will take another day like today. >> absolutely. >> we will see if erica has one of those on tap for us. >> i don't. we will see a chance for thunderstorms coming back into the forecast starting tomorrow. but first off the three degree
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guarantee helping to confirm for you, yes, we are d.c.'s most accurate. we predicted a high of 90 degrees today. our actual high temperature as far as i have seen so far was 88 degrees. so right on target pretty much. current temperature is all the way down to 82 already in leesburg and frederick. we are sitting at 84 in downtown washington. we are at 84 in waldorf and 81 at andrews. dewpoints in the 60s. that feels very nice this time of year. on satellite and radar you can see the showers that are approaching. some embedded rumbles of thunder as well. that's headed our way. on 9 futurecast we will see the clouds increase overnight. a few sprinkles and showers possible early, but then more thunderstorms starting to develop to the west of the immediate area on monday afternoon. monday's activity is mostly just isolated. most of us won't see much, if anything. on tuesday with a down right hot and humid atmosphere we are going to see widespread showers and thunderstorms. and tuesday is a yellow alert day as a result.
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now, overnight tonight very much like it was last night. 66 to 72 with just a few clouds entering the picture. on monday morning temperatures between 70 and 85 degrees. partly cloudy. you will notice that uptick in humidity. in the afternoon an isolated storm. most of the day is dry, but it won't be as dry as it was today. a high between 85 and 90 degrees. winds out of the south at 5 to 10 miles per hour. over the next three days a green weather alert for tomorrow because of the activity doesn't look to be a big deal. on tuesday it's a yellow alert because we are going to see widespread showers and storms effecting most of the day off and on through the day. look at that high temperature, too. 94 degrees. on wednesday we are back down to 90 as the cold front of this system slips on through. an isolated storm still lingering. dry days on thursday and friday. check out all the 90s in the first alert seven-day. next weekend might be hotter than my predicted high temperature of 94 degrees. it's going to be hot. that's for sure. >> the nats are hot right now,
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too, right? >> looking good. >> absolutely. they lost the first one. looking to take the rubber match of the series after winning yesterday. mack scherzer and the nats looking to close out the birds before the sfx: music throughout ♪ sfx: crowd cheering sfx: crowd booing ♪ sfx: crowd chanting
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sfx: crowd cheering music stops sc johnson a family company.
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now wusa 9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. the nationals have not won a series in baltimore since 2007. trying to change the fortunes. with max scherzer getting the start, those chances are good. a mix of red and orange in baltimore. orioles again strike first. adam jones has has had max scherzer's number. solo shot to left. another jones homer in the ninth. sc erherz was vintage striking out seven. zero walks. he retired 14 straight after that first homer to jones. almost goes the distance. bats come alive in the fourth. two on for morrison.
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a gapper to right center. two runs scored again. the nats a 3-1 lead. then drew storen would come in. of course, a little history with drew storen trying to close big games as he faces chris davis. he strikes out the big slugger swinging. nats make it 3-2. and scherzer big again for the nats. >> again started with no walks allows you to pitch deep in the games. this can always help the ball cluck. >> he is amazing. he is ready for everything. right now, you know, he threw really good game today. >> very excited to see him do what he has been doing this whole first half. you know, just so happy he is on our side. number one seed novak djokovic taking on roger federer. they say for federer at 33, djokovic is 28. those guys looking spry early as djokovic took the first set in a tie break. but federer responds in a
6:57 pm
marathon second set tie break. this beautiful touch shot here. 12-10. but novak, he would just outlast federer here, taking the third. the fourth seth, and boom, it's over. novak djokovic wins wimbledon's second year. his ninth grand slam title. >> good for the nats, too that thanks for watching. we will see you back here at 11. bye. every cup has a story. dunkin' k-cup packs in my life were a good fit. a single serving for mysecial. it is like having a dunkin' store in my home which is what i've always dreamed of. bring home delicious dunkin' k-cup packs today. your coffee, your dunkin'.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> whitaker: this is the man responsible for the largest and most damaging swiss bank heist in history. it doesn't involve stolen money but stolen computer files which are being used by governments all over the world to track down thousands and thousands of tax cheats and that's just part of the story. looking at these documents here, this is shocking. >> for the average american taxpayer, it is beyond shocking. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> take your time. >> the older people are passing it onto the younger generation so the younger generation can pass it onto the next generation. >> this is your mission.


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