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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  July 29, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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lyon sisters disappearance. the video starts around 5:30. >> new video shows a texas woman being booked just days before she was found hanging in her jail cell. >> the fda approves a new medical tool to help patients lose weight. >> microsoft releases its time version of windows and it's free. the news starts right now. good wednesday morning. welcome to wusa9 at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. this is the 29th of july. heat and humidity, no big deal because it's been with us forever. remember what we all prayed for in february? well, what some of you prayed for in february. how things have changed. >> we've crossed into the rush hour edition of 9news. larry miller following a mess on 66. first erica grow reminding us all it is still in fact summer.
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>> all you have to do is step outside to be reminded it's still summer. we'll be dealing with these temperatures and these humidity levels for the better part of the entire seven-day forecast. in fact, every temperature in the seven-day is 90 or above. here's a look at the michael & son weather cam. it's misty out there right now. a little hazy as we head further into the morning. it will be 80 degrees at 8:00 a.m. 86 at noon. 91 degrees at 4:00. that's dropping down from a high temperature of 92 which we'll reach at 3:00. right now 71 in hagerstown. 78 in downtown washington. it's 71 in culpeper and also at andrews. and our visibility is down because of that humidity. fog lingering, especially south and west of the beltway. a qeart-mile visibility -- quarter-mile visibility here and also the shenandoah valley. today and tomorrow we have that threat for thunderstorms lingering with us. >> reporter: i'm nikki burdine along 66 eastbound.
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heads up to virginia drivers. you'll see major delays here this morning. i am told, though, however, by state troopers that they are going to be opening up this x lane very soon within the next few minutes but you know those residual delays will still be around. in fact, that is what this officer is doing right here. we've got a truck coming through here. as soon as we're able to get out of the way, they're going to be opening up this road. it was closed for repairs to a concrete foundation of an overhang. this section, what was supposed to be closed through morning rush but we're told they're going to be opening up any minute now. again, you'll probably still see quite a few delays through here, through the morning roush because you know 66 eastbound is often a big headache for workers. we're going to get out of the way so they can do their job and open up this area for traffic. but just be aware you're probably still going to see some delays here. live in vienna, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. thank you so much. talking about alternatives at this point, consider 29. consider 50 as alternatives to get around that backup. the backup that you just heard
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nikki talk about, four miles at this point. with the residual delays is only expected to get worse. thankfully that x lane will be opening up but you will have to account for those residual delays that will cause some problems for your morning commute this morning. we had issues also westbound on i-66. want to let you know that was prior to nutley street. that's cleared up so good news there. here on i-66, this is eastbound close to nutley street. you can see the residual delays there in the camera. from i-270, everything is cleared up from an earlier accident we had on the southbound side. traffic starting to move as you make your way toward the capital beltway. your next update coming up in roughly ten minutes. >> reporter: new this morning a d.c. fire lieutenant in hot water being blamed for the choking death of a young child. that fire lieutenant worked here at the firehouse on wisconsin avenue in tenley town. he did not know that this young boy lived just two blocks down the side street here.
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the mayor ordered a report after the incident back in march. it found the lieutenant heard the call for help but did nothing because he did not know warren street was just seconds away. instead an ambulance from connecticut avenue arrived to the home in 11 minutes and the 18 moaldz child -- 18-month-old child who choked on a grape died six days later. they also blamed the tablet- based system that relies on wi- fi powered gps. the president of the fire union said the city botched the rollout of the computer system despite repeated complaints. >> the closest available unit should have been dispatched, absolutely. >> reporter: the lieutenant's name has not been re at the department. hour, we're told he will face -- however, we're told he will face a disciplinary hearing before the dial board. much more coming up in the next half hour. we're live in tenley town, delia goncalves, wusa9. the family of a gaithersburg man beaten to death is asking for help. bradlee colmes was attacked
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last month after he was taking out the trash at his montgomery village home. police say as many as 20 people witnessed the attack on the 60- year-old veteran. now colmes' family wants anyone who has information about his death to come forward and help police find those responsible. in mitchellville, maryland neighbors are spreading the word to help prince george's county police catch a rapist. police issued an arrest warrant for michael deanglo harris. they say harris is the man who raped a woman last month at a mitchellville bus stop. he lives in suitland, maryland but so far police have not been able to find him. the search for answers in the lyon sisters case comes to maryland once again. i'm mike hydeck live in the newsroom. police searched a property in severn, maryland belonging to amy welch. they seized items from her home using a search warrant. amy welch is the cousin of the main suspect lloyd welch after they arrested him in the disappearance and murder of the lyon sisters recently. all along police said the investigation was not finished.
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and other people could be linked to this crime as well so we'll continue to follow developments as they continue to happen. the lyon sisters as you know disappeared in 1975 from a mall in wheaton. until now, a lot of the investigation recently has been centered in virginia. amy welch refused to comment when she was contacted by wusa9. this is mike hydeck live in the newsroom. budget cuts mean a prince george's county police station set to open in fort washington this summer will be delayed. police chief mark mcgaw says the cuts are preventing his department from properly staffing the station. for the time being he tells us police stations in oxon hill and clinton will continue to serve the fort washington community until that new station opens. low on fuel and looking for a place to land. the pilot of allegiant air flight 426 is told he has to find another runway. >> lord & taylor versus the owners of white flint mall. could the demolition of white flint hurt profitability to the
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retailer? a judge will decide. >> here's erica with a look at the weather. >> going to be another day with steamy humidity and temperatures reaching into the 90s. we're also going to see that threat for showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon through the evening commute. i don't think that threat for flash flooding is as extreme or intense as it was yesterday. high temperatures today 88 to 93. we'll look for some relief in the first alert seven-day forecast. stay with us.
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. welcome back. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. coming up 06:10. it is steamy out there to start the day. temperatures once again in the 70s throughout the metro.
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it's 70 degrees in frederick. it's 71 at andrews. 78 in downtown washington. and we'll see that threat for showers and thunderstorms developing right around 1:00 and lasting through the evening commute. but then those storms are going to taper off as we head into the evening. today's high temperature 92 degrees which is also your temperature at 3:00. the lower humidity will arrive on friday. in the meantime we still have storms in the forecast. i'll track them for you with the first alert seven day coming up in a few minutes. right now time for timesaver traffic and larry miller. thank you so much. nikki burdine confirmed for us the x lane between nutley street and the beltway will reopen soon. vdot also confirming that via twitter as well. but as i-66 eastbound -- [indiscernible] two lanes closed as a result of an accident. commuters getting hit from all directions on i-66. here's a live look at waples mill road. couple that with the other delays, it's a mess. consider 29 and a as
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alternates. we'll send it over you to. the n.f.l. upholds tom brady's four-game deflategate related suspension. >> the final release. microsoft says windows 10 will be its last operating system. what you need to know about it
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all we have to do to tell you what conditions are like outside right now is just looking at your lens when you were outside. >> i saw the condensation not only on the lens but also the doorway. it's like a big glass doorway out there and it's just steamy right now. stepping outside for the first time in the morning, you might even feel -- intlit' a shocker- - >> it's a shocker. >> it is kind of shocking. it's been this way the last couple of days and it's unrelenting. you can see it's a little bit misty. you can get a sense for the moisture in the atmosphere, even here on the weather cam. 86 at noon. that heat index will already be well above 90 at that point. it looks like the threat for thunderstorms develops right after the noontime hour and extends through the evening commute. 88 degrees at 5:00 dropping down from a high temperature of 92 which we're going to reach
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at about 3:00. right now it is 68 in martinsburg, winchester and front royal. that's the lucky area because everyone else is well into the 70s. it's 75 in annapolis. 73 in manassas and then you have to factor in the dew point which is in the low to mid-70s. it's just oppressively muggy out there. on satellite and radar, we're clear right now. this is the system that will actually bring us some relief from the humidity as we head into friday. but not until then. on 9 futurecast, the lunch time hour could be a little bit unsettled but most of the activity holds off until right after lunch and you see it's still very spotty, though. we're not looking for as much of a threat for those thunderstorms to produce the heavy downpours like they did yesterday. and then we'll start to clear out as we head into the overnight hours. on thursday we start out dry but then a cold front approaches. i showed it to you on satellite and radar with a more pronounced line of thunderstorms. so everyone will see the rain on thursday and it could look like those storms will be strong before they move through. as we head into friday, less
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humid air hoves in but it's -- moves in but it's not going to be any less hot. 09 in winchester. 90 also in hagerstown and 92 in downtown washington. 88 fhin both manassas and andrews. 88 in orange as well. overnight tonight we'll dip down into the 70s. 72 in gaithersburg. 72 at andrews. 78 in downtown washington. over the next three days we're going to keep the green weather alerts with us. however, we have the threat for a thunderstorm both today and tomorrow. then it's just going to be hot and dry in the first alert seven day. highs in the mid-90s this weekend. time for timesaver traffic. larry, take it away. here's the good news. nikki burdine just tweeted out a picture and says the x lane now open. luckily traffic starting to flow in that direction but it's just west of that, just past 50 on the eastbound side of i-66 that we have a new accident that's blocking two lanes from our trafficland camera we can see the delays in the camera there. you can see this two to three- mile backup. this is just west of nutley street. so commuters will need to add additional time because when you account for that plus some
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lingering residual delays, it is certainly shaping up to be quite the mess on i-66 this morning. around the beltway we're free and clear of any problems. on river road, no issues eastbound on the inner or outer loop so we're shaping up well. i want to look at the maps and show you how things are shaping up around the beltway. we'll see if our clicker works. i-95 free and clear of any problems but we are seeing delays on 295. account for that with additional time. it's 6:17. in the news right now, russia is expected to veto a united nations tribunal on mh17. the resolution would set up a are international criminal court to prosecute those responsible for shooting down the malaysia airlines plane over ukraine. the west has blazed blame on russian-backed rebels for shooting the plane down which the country denies. meanwhile federal officials are investigating why an allegiant air passenger jet nearly ran out of fuel before
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landing. the plane with 144 passengers on board landed safely last thursday at an airport in fargtake airport was closed at the time for an air show. listen to the audio between air traffic control and the pilot. >> there will be a window of -- opening in about 20 minutes for landing. >> i don't have 20 minutes. >> your company dispatch should have been aware of this for a number of months. >> okay, yeah, it's just -- we'll follow up on that. >> yeah. the federal safety regulations require a plane to carry an extra 45 minutes of fuel in case of an emergency. the allegiant pilot said he didn't have enough fuel to reach another airport. to stop the spread of what they say are lies and mistruths, texas authorities have released several more hours of footage showing sandra bland in jail. in the video bland is seen going through the booking process. the 28-year-old illinois native was found dead in her cell three days after being arrested during a traffic stop.
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police say she hanged herself with a garbage bag. her family disputes that. prison worker joyce mitchell could be facing up to seven years in prison after pleading guilty to charges of helping convicted murderers richard matt and david sweat escape. she admitted in court she smuggled hacksaw blades and frozen hamburger meat to the two convicts. the two men spent nearly three weeks on the run before one was killed and the other was captured. later today the n.f.l. players union plans to file an appeal on behalf of tom brady. it will seek an injunction to try to keep the star quarterback on the field. >> the move comes after n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell announced the league would uphold the braid yes's four -- up hold brady's four-game suspension. >> reporter: tom brady is expected to report to the start of patriots training camp today as the ongoing deflate-gate saga continues to unfold. on tuesday the n.f.l. rejected brady's appeal and
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upheld his four-game suspension. the league cited evidence the star quarterback asked his assistant to destroy his cell phone along with thousands of text messages that investigators wanted to see as part of its probe. brady told the league that he routinely recycles his phone. football fans are weighing in. >> i would have given him one or two games. i don't know about the full four. i think it's fair. >> i think they're making a big mistake. i think brady wins this. >> reporter: the decision sets up a legal battle pit 'king the n.f.l. against the -- pitting the n.f.l. against the n.f.l. players association. in the statement the n.f.l. p.a. says quote, the n.f.l. had no procedure in place till two days ago to test air pressure in footballs. >> if the n.f.l. thought that deflating footballs is such a competitive advantage, why do they give the balls to the teams in the first place. they didn't do that last year and that's why they're in this mess. >> reporter: the next time he will be eligible to play is october unless he's victorious
6:21 am
in court when they take on the colts, the same team they defeated in the championship game using what the n.f.l. says were deflated balls. wendy gillette for cbs news. >> the n.f.l. first penalized brady in may and fined his team $1 million saying the star was generally aware the deflated footballs were usgame. >> he actually reported early for training camp. no telling if we'll actually hear from him. the coach has a news conference set for this morning. >> we know what mike thinks about all of this, that's for sure. at 6:21, time for your money. they say tough political issues need to be resolved. that's why trade ministers from 12 nations around the pacific rim are meeting in hawaii today. they'll be negotiating a trade pact. the agreement would lower tariffs and set labor and environmental standards for member nations. meanwhile the federal reserve wraps up its latest policy meeting today. it's expected the fed will likely delay its rate hike a bit longer. it would be the first rate hike in nine years, but chairwoman
6:22 am
janet yellen has stressed when the fed begins to raise rates, it will do so gradually. a trial got under -- a trial got under way yesterday in a lawsuit filed by lord & taylor against owners of white flint mall. lord & taylor claims the mall owners violated an easement agreement and hurt the store's profitability by closing the mall and beginning demolition. video of the demolished mall is now part of the legal battle. lord & taylor reportedly hopes to introduce it as evidence. but mall owners call the video process an illegal trespass. windows 10 debuts today. microsoft claims it will be the final version of its operating system. moving forward, all upgrades will be automatic. windows 10 is free for windows 7 and # users. it include -- 8 users. it includes a new streamline browser called edge and an online assistant. the software giant is struggling to become a bigger part of the smartphone and
6:23 am
tablet markets. it 16:23. a cease -- it is 6:23. a cease-fire apparently never actually began. >> the first of its kind surgery in philadelphia. doctors complete a double hand and forearm transplant on a child. we'r iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements d anis the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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boxboard. 6:25. in case you miss study after 30 years in federal -- missed it, after 30 years in federal prison, jonathan pollard has been granted parole. >> reporter: he was a us naval intelligence analyst when he was arrested in 1985 frying to flee. among the -- trying to flee. among the -- [ no audio ] pollard claimed his motive was his love of israel. us officials said he did it for the money and that he also gave classified information to pakistan and south africa. >> what was in the past was in the past. >> reporter: israeli leaders like prime minister benjamin netanyahu lobbied for pollard's release. a request rejected by three us presidents. but with pollard up for parole this year, the obama administration did not object.
6:27 am
former c.i.a. director jims wouldly was opposed to the release but now believes the damage he did was not as bad as initially thought. >> i know of nothing that pollard stole, whether it went to a third country or not. i know nothing of what he stole stayed in israel that damaged the united states at all. >> pollard wants to move to israel but will be banned for traveling for five years. both pollard's lawyers and the obama administration deny any connection between his release and an effort to asage israeli concern about the nuclear deal with iran. a group is urging members of congress to disapprove the iranian nuclear deal. the public affairs committee is lobbying against t. their efforts come as secretary of state kerry and other officials testify before the house foreign affairs committee about the deal. congress is expected to vote to prevent president obama from lifting sanctions that were imposed by previous administrations the president has threatened to veto.
6:28 am
the united nations says humanitarian aid is set to go to some three million people in yemen but the fighting won't stop long enough for aid workers to get it there. the u.n. humanitarian chief says the humanitarian pause issued monday has been ignored by all parties. the u.n. security council reports that 4,000 people have died in the conflict between pro-government troops and rebels. the a.d.a. has approved a new --ed fda has approved a balloon for weight loss. it helps patients lose weight by inflating filling up space in the stomach. it's inserted into the stomach using an endoscope filled with saline. it takes less than 30 minutes. meanwhile an 8-year-old boy from baltimore has become the first person ever to undergo a double hand and forearm transplant. this is an amazing story. you cannot tell it enough here. zion harvey's groundbreaking surgery took place at children's hospital in
6:29 am
philadelphia with a team of some 40 doctors and nurses. >> they really are amazed at what i can do. it just -- they have kids -- [indiscernible] >> zion is expected to return home to baltimore in just a few weeks. he says one of the first things he wants to do with his new hands? climb the monkey bars. good morning. welcome back to wusa9. it is 6:29. i'm andrea roane. it is wednesday, july 29. when you step outside today, it will feel like a sauna but before you complain, remember, this is the weather you were asking for during the winter. >> that's true. just prepare to wipe off those glasses because they're about to get fogged up here. for more on the weather, let's bring in our team of trackers. larry miller following a mess on 66. we'll get to that in just one minute. erica, how long is the heat
6:30 am
wave going to last? >> through the seven-day forecast. every temperature in the seven day is at least 90 degrees. not everyone was begging for these hotter temperatures when we got through the winter. i still have some people on my facebook page saying i'd take the snow over this any day. i know. i am not in that group, though. i prefer the heat over the snow. but hey, we'll take what we can get this time of year. i suppose we're going to have to deal with these 90s for several more days. still dry at noon, 86 degrees. when you factor in the humidity, it's going to feel hotter than that. 91 degrees at 4:00. that will drop down from a high temperature of 92 which we'll reach at 3:00. the threat for thunderstorms arriving at about 1:00 here in the metro area and extending through the very early evening hours. right now it is 72 in hagerstown. 73 in manassas and leesburg. 72 in gaithersburg. and we still have some patchy, dense fog especially to the west of the beltway. i'll track those thunderstorms for you with 9 futurecast coming up in the first alert
6:31 am
seven day and look at a little bit of a break in the humidity. >> reporter: i'm nikki burdine live along 66 eastbound. here's something you don't hear said very often. very good news for commuters. this is 66 eastbound between 495 and nutley street. this x lane was closed this morning and they told us it was going to be closed during morning rush hour by just about a half-hour ago, in fact during our last live shot while we were standing over here, they came over. the state trooper said they're done early. they're going to open it back up so that's good news for drivers. i'm told there are some residual delays throughout 66 which is to be expected, especially on your morning commute. 66 can always be a bit of a headache. but this essentially moves the morning rush hour and the usual backups about 45 minutes earlier than what it usually is. so we're getting back to your typical rush hour. this is the way it usually
6:32 am
works in the morning. good news for drivers preparing for extra time on their morning commute for the backups that we were told were going to happen. got news? we're not seeing it. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. unfortunately we do have bad news for those of you traveling eastbound on i-66. between 50 and va 123, eastbound side, two lanes blocked as a result of an accident that would put you west of nutley street. here's a live look from our virginia cam. you can see not only the lane closures there but now the residual delays. we have a two to three-mile backup in this section of i-66. couple that with some residual delays near nutley street and you're talking about quite the commute this morning. again add additional time to your commute time to get to your destination on time. i want to take you around the beltway again. no issues along i-395. d.c. 295 we'll see some residual delays both southbound and northbound. again, if you account for some additional time, shoe be able to get to your -- you should be able to get to your destination on time. on i-270 from frederick to the beltway no major issues.
6:33 am
you might see a bit of a slowdown as you approach democracy boulevard. your next update coming up in roughly ten minutes. >> reporter: new this morning a d.c. fire lieutenant is in hot water being blamed for the choking death of an 1-month-old child that he -- an 18-month- old child that he didn't send crews to help save. the lieutenant was inside this firehouse on wisconsin avenue. he heard the boy's address, heard that call but did not realize the home on warren street was just two blocks away from the firehouse. the mayor ordered a report after the incident back in march. it also found a glitch in the department's tablet-based computer system that dispatched an ambulance from connecticut avenue. that ambulance arrived to the home in 11 minutes. sadly the 18-month-old boy who choked on a grape died six days later. the president of the fire union said the city botched the rollout of the computer system despite repeated complaints.
6:34 am
>> it's disheartening to me that we took something that was pretty reliable and managed to screw it up. >> reporter: the lieutenant's name has not been released. he is still working at the firehouse, although he faces a discipline marry hearing before the fire -- disciplinary hearing before the fire board. we have a new fire chief and new head of 911 operations. still a lot more work to do. there are some glitches in the computer system even though it's been upgraded. the city admits there is still work to do here in the fire department. we're live in tenley town, delia goncalves, wusa9. new this morning, he is charged with voyeurism and stalking for secretly videotaping women undressing and today a state department employee will be in court. daniel rosen, a counter terrorism official and the state department accused of filming 24 women in the adams morgan, u street and mount pleasant sections of d.c.
6:35 am
police found 40 videos they believe were taped over six months. they say he found small gaps in the blinds or window coverings to do it. he's pleading not guilty in the case. rosen was also arrested back in february on charges he tried to solicit a minor for sex. rosen is now on administrative leave the at the state department. his security clearance has been revoked according to our partners at "the washington post." mike hydeck live in the newsroom. back to you. metro is trying to ease passengers' fears about asbestos found in some of its older rail cars. the system's 1000 series rail cars contain a small amount of material made with asbestos. metro says it's located in a mechanical area of the rail cars and is not accessible to riders. metro is in the process of replacing its remaining 281,000 series cars with newer models and it says it will appropriately remove and dispose of the asbestos material as the 40-year-old cars are taken out of service. it's way over budget and
6:36 am
lofng -- long overdue. of course we're talking about the silver spring tran sitd center. metro is -- transit center. metro is asking for an additional $15 million to cover future maintenance and repair. county officials accuse the transit agency of holding the facility hostage until its demands are met. the three-level commuter hub is four years late and $50 million overbudget. county firms contend it's virtually complete and ready to be open next month but metro says there's no firm completion date. drivers in bethesda will have to wait until at least tomorrow before a busy intersection is back open. this morning work continues on a broken water main at bradlee boulevard and huntington parkway. the good news is the water is finally coming back on for residents. repairs, though, will continue roughout the day. 6:36. you want to hop on to the heart and soul tour 2015? you'll get to see both chicago and earth, wind and fire if you do. >> the bands are playing at
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jiffy lube live august 14 and you'll win a pair of tickets. become part of our text to win campaign. send the key word "chicago" to 25543. >> i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. it is muggy out here. it is awfully warm and that's going to lead to another hot and steamy afternoon. temperatures heading into the 90s for many of us. and we have those isolated storms from about 1:00 p.m. until the end of the evening commute.
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illimb. welcome back. it's 6:40. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. another very warm and muggy start. temperatures are going to be getting even warmer during the overnight over the next couple. current temperature is 72 already in hagerstown. 72 also in gaithersburg. it's 78 right now in downtown washington. and 71 in culpeper. you can see those clouds on the michael & son weather cam. they're going to remain in place throughout the day. our high temperature today 92 which we'll reach at 3:00. the threat of thunderstorms arriving at about 1:00 and extending through the p.m. commute. we'll talk about those storms more so in the first alert seven-day. right now time for timesaver traffic and larry miller. still shaping up nicely in prince george's county. for those of you traveling westbound on 50 going through areas like crofton, bowie into mitchellville and the capital beltway, no issues there. looks like we have volume starting to build up on the southbound side of the bw parkway but you should be good
6:41 am
to go once you get inside the beltway. no issues on 95 in both directions. here is a live look at the boatway at new hampshire avenue where we had just a little bit of a slowdown on the inner loop this morning. once you get past that shoe be good to go. watch out for the delays on i- 66 just past route 50. again we'll talk about the situation on i-66 eastbound coming up in about ten minutes. we'll send it over you to. professional baseball waited what felt like forever. >> now the question is how long will it take the majors to adopt the new program being used in the minors which appears to be improving the accuracy of the game. >> wusa9 is
6:42 am
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. inpacel. welcome back to wusa9. our time is 6:44. you know, baseball is beloved by many, but it comes with a camp full of baseball purists who are quick to fight any changes to the game. >> case in point, just look at how long it took the majors to
6:45 am
adopt instant replay. we tell you about some new technology changing the game yet again. >> reporter: on a warm summer night, a small minor league baseball team called the san rafael pacific is making history. the game is the same but check out the umpire. >> they told me to stick my thumb in my belt loop so i didn't call a strike. >> reporter: dean home plate umpire is not moving much. he's calling fair and foul but not balls or strikes. >> i'm going to defer to the robot tonight. >> reporter: you heard that right, a robot designed to determine each player's strike zone and make the call. tonight with the help of former oakland as player eric burns who's announcing the robot's calls. >> long. >> reporter: burns says the technology is quite literally a game changer on par with instant replay. >> it will change everything. i truly believe it will. >> reporter: the technology has been around for a while but it's never been used to call a pro game live until tonight. three cameras strategy kathy placed high above the --
6:46 am
strategically placed high above the field make the call. >> this helps the accuracy of the game and getting the calls right. >> reporter: it means pitchers like michael will have to be on their toes. >> i think everyone is pretty, you know -- just curious as to how it's going to be. >> reporter: there will be less arguing with the umpire. >> they've been using this technology on broadcasts basically to call umps out for years. so it's good to see them employing it. >> it might seeds up the game for people like joy who think it's boring. >> no complaints about that. time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are covering. >> our partner gayle king is standing up telling us what's ahead on cbs this morning. hi, gayle. >> stand up. stand up on this glorious day. it's good to see you both. ahead the n.f.l. today's james brown joins us with what's next on tom brady's plan to appeal his four-game suspension and louisiana
6:47 am
governor bobby jindal is in studio 56. and how taylor swift -- love her -- is fighting counterfeit goods in china and greg louganis is also going to be here with us today sitting at the table. looking forward to that the news is back in have you heard? we'll see you at 7:00 on the dot. back to you in the studio, andrea and nick. >> tell him to protect that phone there. tom brady has been known to destroy a few lately. >> yes, i've heard that, nick, every eight months. i heard that. >> gayle, give him a hug for me, please. big hug. >> i will. >> thank you. erica grow back with us now. what has the streak been now? five days in a row in the 90s? >> sunday was the first. we're on day number four but i don't have a day below 90 degrees in the first alert seven-day forecast. there isn't any relief in sight. the only real relief we're going to notice is that on friday it's going to be less humid. here's a look at the weather cam and the day planner.
6:48 am
nice sunshine bursting through those clouds but it feels very steamy out there and that's not going to change at any point. 86 degrees at noon. still partly cloudy at that point. the first threat for thunderstorms arriving right after the noontime hour. and extending through the evening commute. today i don't think those storms are going to last very long, though. right now we are looking at 70 degrees in winchester and frederick. 70 also in luray. 78 in downtown washington and 72 at andrews. in the satellite and radar view that we have here, you can see those overnight thunderstorms totally dissipated but we still have that lingering moisture so that's going to allow the storms to fire up again very quickly. on 9 futurecast already at 1:00 we have a few showers and thunderstorms developing. it doesn't look like the threat for the heavy torrential downpours is as great today as it was yesterday. however, it's still going to be hot. then on thursday a cold front making its approach. that will fly through as we head into thursday afternoon and that will trigger more thunderstorms, possibly even
6:49 am
some severe weather. then the less humid air arrives on friday. so your forecast for today up to 92 in downtown washington. 88 at andrews. 8 # also in orange. 8 -- 88 also in orange. 89 martinsburg. we'll dip down to the 70s overnight tonight. 71 in frederick and orange. 78 in downtown d.c. here's the first alert seven-day forecast. we have the threat for an isolated storm again tomorrow with the cold front moving through and we stay in the 90s but it will be a little less humid. larry, over to you. nikki burdine earlier in the show told us the x lanes are now open on i-66. we still have the road closures on the eastbound side between 50 and 123 as a result of a two- vehicle accident. from a look from our trafficland camera, we can see the delays in the camera there. again, commuters will need to account for that by adding additional commute time. also residual delays as a result of the x lanes being closed at this point. we're getting a look at how things are shaping up on i-270. for those of you approaching west diamond avenue, you will see a bit of a slowdown as you
6:50 am
get toward the capital beltway. should ease up as you get closer to bethesda so definitely good news in sight. i want to take you back to the maps and show you how things are shaping up in prince george's county. for those of you traveling inbound on 50, bw parkway and southbound 95, you're good to go there. no issues along the capital beltway in college park. landover you guys gr to go as well. largo, no problems there. certainly off to a good start throughout the beltway but again still the delays on i-66 eastbound. we'll send it over you to. today lawmakers are expected to vote on a transportation bill which will impact the lives of the country's veterans. >> a new operating system from microsoft comes with an electronic assistant. we're back after this.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> reporter: what a difference a lane makes. i'm nikki burdine along 66 east. take a look here. we first told you this morning we were going to see major delays when crews had to close this x lane to work on some things in the lanes here from 495 and nutley street. they finished up early so they were able to open up this x lane and get traffic moving through here once again. so good news. still seeing a few residual delays so you may want to add a
6:54 am
little extra time to your morning commute. delia? >> reporter: i'm live in tenley town where a fire lieutenant who worked here at the firehouse on wisconsin avenue faces a disciplinary hearing by the fire trial board because the city is blaming him in part for the death of an 18-month- old child who choked on a grape back in march. the firehouse here in wisconsin avenue, the lieutenant was inside, heard the call, never sent anyone, didn't realize warren street where the boy lived was two just blocks away. back to you. >> reporter: mike hydeck here in the studio. a state department employee accused ever voyeurism is due in court today. daniel rose southbound accused of videotaping nearly two dozen women inside their homes without their knowledge. prosecutors say today's court appearance is a status conference. he also faces solicitation charges in fairfax county. police say he used an app to try to entice a minor to have sex with him.
6:55 am
the former naval intelligence analyst convicted of spying for israel will be released from prison in november. the government is granting jonathan pollard parole after nearly 30 years in prison. supporters argue pollard was punished excessively for elselling secrets to israel and pakistan as well. the house is scheduled to vote on three-month highway spending bill which will impact the lives of veterans. the measure includes nearly $3.4 billion for the department of veterans affairs. the v.a. says without that boost it will have to close hospitals and clinics nationwide. the money would come from the new veterans choice program which pays for private health care for veterans. the n.f.l. players union is vowing to appeal tom brady's four-game suspension in the deflate-gate scandal. yesterday the league announced it would uphold the punishment saying -- actually, he destroyed his cell phone. that's the big deal which may have contained incriminating
6:56 am
messages. you think? brady's agent called the whole process a sham. windows 10 debuts today. it will be the final version of microsoft's operating system. all the upgrades from now on will be automatic. windows 10 is free for windows 7 and 8 users. it includes a new streamline browser called edge and an online assistant called cortana similar to apple's series. 92 degrees dacht the threat for thunderstorms arriving around 1:00 p.m. and extending through the evening commute. i don't think we'll have as much of a risk for the torrential downpours like we had yesterday but still any storm could put down mefy rain -- heavy rain. another round of storms tomorrow. an earlier accident i-66 eastbound between 50 and 123 now cleared. it's on the shoulder now but we still have delays. we still have the three-mile delay that we have going on there. you couple that with the residual delays at nutley street and you have a mess. again 29, 50, some viable alternatives this morning. >> cbs this morning is next
6:57 am
with taylor swift's latest case of bad blood. pop superstar partners with online retailers in an effort to shake off chinese counterfeiters. >> dealing with the drought out west while the water runs dry, the money apparently keeps pouring in for one national park. >> larry and i will be back in 25 minutes with traffic and weather. >> if you haven't already, be sure to download the wusa9 mobile app because the app? >> is where it's at. >> erica and i will see you at noon
6:58 am
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good morning. it is wednesday, july 29th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." did tom brady deliberately mislede investigators when he destroyed his cell phone? a legal battle over deflategate could be next. >> a california pine tree smashes to the ground at a california day camp injuring several children. and the unique way that taylor swift is trying to shake off chinese counterfeiters. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 skojds. destroying a cell onphe. deflategate. i feel that he is damaged by this. >> the nfl accuses


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