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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  October 25, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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andrew: first time in the red zone today for san diego. it's third and goal. rivers. to a wide open woodhead. he walks it in. for a chargers touchdown. first receiving touchdown of the year for danny woodhead. and san diego is going to go for two. steve t.: this is almost inexcusable for the raiders. when danny woodhead is on the field, you have to have someone accounting for him. he is out there for a purpose. they are trying to get him the football. everybody in the nfl knows that. that was a complete bust of an assignment. by a raiders defense that's been very, very sharp and impressive all day. andrew: so if the chargers convert, they would make it a two possession game. they would trail by 16. san diego this year. 0-1 on two-point conversions. the raiders' defense has not faced a two-point play.
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rivers over the middle. caught. ladarius green with the two-point play. six minutes to go. another onside kick coming. we're about to find out. but the chargers have made it a two possession game.
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and steve beuerlein with you. "60 minutes" will be seen in its entirety immediately following in game except on the west coast. chargers have made it a two possession game. six minutes remain. josh lambo. appears to be setting up for another onside kick. chargers tried one earlier. did not recover. two time-outs left for san diego. lambo's kick last time was good. bounced high up in the air. chargers just could not recover. this time, right to rivera. who has it and runs out. so it will be oakland football. and we're going to go back to new york and "the nfl today" update with j.b. and bart scott. james: dallas ties it up. this is the ensuing kickoff. bart: see-saw battle continues as dwayne harris, former dallas cowboy, some revenge and takes it 100 yards.
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to go up and regain the lead. 27-20. in the meadowlands. james: 5:18 and counting down in regulation. back to andrew, steve and steve. andrew: wild one at metlife stadium. thank you, guys. here in san diego. 37-21. raiders have the ball back. and they'll start this drive at the chargers' 49. latavius murray. trying to get around the outside. and he cannot. picks up a couple. two weeks, two top teams. the dolphins take on tom brady and the patriots on cbs. and nfl network. and then the following week, the browns meet the undefeated albengs. only on nfl network. chargers have used a time-out. so they have one remaining. with 5:52 to go.
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steve b.: this is one of the things we've been talking about over the break be guys. is that the raiders completely have dominated this ballgame. but the last two drives, defensively, they've obviously let up and the chargers have marched the ball right down the field. a couple of blown assignments on the end at the touchdown and a two-point conversion. neither of those guys were even covered and kind of lost their focus and maybe some backup players in there. whatever the reason. but jack del rio knows that if they don't at least hold the football here, they got to turn it up a notch on defense. [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] steve b.: the defense defense is on the sideline. and getting first downs and let them rest. and keep the clock going. why would they throw a pass? a lot of questions you can ask right now. steve t.: i completely agree. the chargers didn't have to use a time-out because of the
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incompletion. andrew: here's one other thing to take into account. the raiders have not been in this situation many times over the last couple of years. trying to kill out a clock with a big lead. steve t.: they're not a well-oiled machine in their four-minute offense. andrew: big third down and 9 with 5:50 to go. carr has time. fires. sideline. crabtree makes the catch. and let's see where they spot it. that's going to be very close. steve b.: i think he's got it. steve t.: he's got it, yeah. steve b.: and smart not to and run out of bounds and see him catch it and sit down right there. a very smart play by the veteran michael crabtree. andrew: and they have moved the chains for an oakland first down. steve b.: every positive play offensively for the raiders is -- is one more nail in the finish of this chargers. and they're going to -- they've
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got to get the football back. and the raiders aren't letting it happen. andrew: helu on the carry. inside five minutes to go. and san diego. has used its final time-out. with 4:58 on the clock. next sunday the nfl on cbs rocks regional games. in one matchup the bengals battle the steelers while the chargers take on the ravens. titans take on the texans. jets square off with these raiders. check your local listings and of course it all begins with your super bowl 50 team, j.b., tony, bart, coach and boomer on "the nfl today." latavius murray on that last carry. picked up three. second down and 7. with 4:5 to go. philip rivers, has the most wins of any quarterback against the raiders.
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with 14 all-time. john elway is second with 13. rivers. has not looked like he's going to add to his total. barring a miracle comeback here. second down and 7. murray again. the clock will continue to tick. chargers cannot stop it. it will be third down and short. steve b.: the raiders will milk every second off this clock at this point. if you're the chargers, you're coming into this game 2-4. and the easiest part of their schedule, five straight games. this being the first. of teams under .500. could not be more disappointed of philip rivers and mike mccoy and the chargers to start this run off this way. they were hoping to get healthy over this five-game stretch. not bury themselves deeper. andrew: third down and 4.
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murray again. and murray is stuffed. the flag comes in. a little extra curricular after the play. with ingram and donald penn. melvin ingram has to calm down. the last thing he wants to do is give oakland a first down. after the chargers' defense has stopped murray on third. steve b.: steve b.: a very late flag from the far side after the pushing and shoving. it was at the end of the play. referee: there are two fouls on the play. both against the offense. holding. offense. number 72. that penalty is declined. after the play was over. personal foul. unnecessary roughness. offense. number 72. 15-yard penalty. fourth down. andrew: both against donald penn.
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the veteran. they lose the down. steve b.: and the yardage for the field goal. andrew: exactly. steve b.: they're out of field goal range. that's an enormous penalty. andrew: two possession game. you would have had to think that del rio would have sent out janikowski for a field goal. try to get it back to a three possession game. but because of the penalties, oakland's backed up to the 47-yard line. and they have to punt instead. steve b.: the reason why it's still fourth down that was a dd ball penalty after the play. that's what jack del rio is asking, still be third down. steve t.: not, though. the play was blown dead. steve b.: if they took the holding penalty it would still be third down but the unsportsmanlike conduct after the play, that play is in the books. it's an extra-curricular activity. steve t.: that's why ingram was so upset. donald penn giving him the extra business after the play was over. while he was down on the ground. he got up. andrew: now they appear to be changing it as the oakland offense is coming back out. referee: both fouls are there but it was during the play.
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for the crerkt down is third down. andrew: so good job by del rio to plead his case. steve b.: yeah. he knows more than we do. i'm sitting here thinking that's the third down play is over. they're accepting the penalty which was after the play had ended. steve t.: now a chance to get back inside janikowski's field goal range. and he's got the longest -- he's got one of the biggest legs in the national football league so anything inside of 60 they can give it a shot. mike mccoy not happy. steve b.: that's what mike mccoy is upset about. andrew: and mike mccoy not happy. he thought it was fourth and long. instead it's third and 19. steve t.: they're going to talk about it right now. andrew: while they talk about it. let's go back to new york and
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our officiating expert mike carey. how do you see this? mike: there are two fouls. the holding is a leave ball foul and decline that and the dead ball foul is accepted, the count -- the down rule is over to fourth down. and should be a fourth down play. steve b.: that's exactly what i thought. jack del rio, that's what mike mccoy is -- steve t.: that's what jerome boger explained when he first announced and jack del rio got his attention and seems to have affected that decision. mike: the ball is dead at this point. the hold already happened and now we have the dead ball altercation. so the down is over. so that dead ball foul will be enforced and the down will count should be the fourth. referee: third down. andrew: that is very, very confusing. and if i'm mike mccoy, i'm very
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upset about that and we just heard from the nfl officiating expert mike carey that that is a dead ball foul. the down should be in the books. and it should be fourth down. andrew: instead it's third and 19. thank you very much, mike. and now we have another stoppage. and oakland has called time-out. steve t.: going to call -- i guess a time-out. and not going to continue to talk about to the official about this. it was announced as a dead ball foul. if it is a dead ball foul the down counts. andrew: the clock is stopped with 4:10 to go. tonight on cbs begins with "60 minutes." and a look inside the u.s. air war against isis. plus an interview with vice president biden. that's followed by new episodes of mad some secretary, the good wife and csi: cyber. only cbs.
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mike mccoy still hot on the san diego sideline. steve b.: and rightfully so. the only defense of the call as it is, is if maybe their ruling that it was not a dead ball penalty. but i thought they said it was a dead ball penalty. andrew: thirdv> and 19. raiders running the ball. so they keep the clock moving. with murray. and now out of field goal range. jack del rio. has not set the punt team out just yet. now he does. flowers and crabtree having a little conversation. let's go back to new york again. mike carey has more. mike: i talked to dean blandino and what he's saying is that jeff s -- it wasn't the pushing
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and shoving after the ball was dead. it was that during the play, the offensive man threw the defensive man down on the ground. and then kneed him. during the live action. so that's why they went back and put it on the play. and remained third down. andrew: mike calling dean blandino, vice president of officiating from the national football league to get clarification. we appreciate that, mike and dean. as oakland has called time-out. another look at the play. they're saying the foul occurred right here. during the play. steve t.: the first foul. and then this. the knee right there is still during the play. not after the play. andrew: so that's why it was still third down and not fourth down. and now on fourth down, marquette king. is getting ready to punt. steve b.: i'll buy that. that makes sense. steve t.: it looked on the replay, and we don't have the -- we don't have the live
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action so we can't say when the whistle blew so the knee, the -- put into ingram was before the play, before the whistle. andrew: jacoby jones has four career punt returns for touchdowns. he's awaiting the kick from king. at his own 12-yard line. this one bounces and goes into the end zone. so san diego will start at the 20. a physical game here. an a.f.c. west battle between the raiders and the chargers. steve b.: right there early in the game the helmet ripped off donald butler. and then a lot of -- oh, a little kick action right there. that corey -- will be hearing about from the nfl and charles woodson with a great cleanup play at the end. very, very clean play. and then a lot of festivity as the game gets down to the wire. down the stretch.
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the frustration builds a little bit. boys will be boys. andrew: 13 penalties against the raiders for 132 yards. season high in penalty yardage. no time-outs for san diego. first and 10. rivers to woodhead. woodhead with some blockers. and woodhead get to the 27-yard line. steve b.: danny woodhead leads the nfl in yards after catch. by over 100 yards over his closest opponent which is mark ingram down in new orleans but dangerous when he gets that ball in his hands. andrew: and rivers. incomplete. steve t.: the raiders defensively are -- give -- they want everything in front of them. you can bet that it's going to be short passes and long runs. andrew: tough day for philip rivers. coming off the record-setting performance last week in lambeau. different story here today.
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29-48 for 253 yards. two touchdowns. two interceptions. for rivers. on third and 3. has some time. fires to a wide open keenan allen. who has the first down. at the 42-yard line. a gain of 15. san diego cannot stop the clock. they will get the two-minute warning. no-huddle is nothing new for san diego. third most plays out of the no-huddle in the nfl. woodhead. out of bounds. steve t.: the only team to go more no-huddle than the chargers, the eagles and the giants. steve b.: we're at the point in the ballgame where the raiders are in prevent mode. totally. no time-outs left for san diego. the only stoppage is the two-minute warning and they will let them complete passes underneath in the middle of the field. and just let the clock burn as much as they possibly can.
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andrew: keenan allen to mid field. it will be third down and short. and i don't know if the chargers will be able to get off another play before the two-minute warning. they're hustling to the line. and rivers has said he will. hands off to woodhead. who picks up the first down. two-minute warning in san diego. chargers the driving. they trail by 16. what's with the helmet? i got a li coach. what's that like? wake up! take the stairs! say hello. hello. not him! her! hellooo. no. no! no. nooo. you don't need a life coach. subway makes better-choices easy. like the low-fat sweet onion chicken teriyaki. all white meat. crisp veggies. freshly baked bread. under 400 calories. subway. eat fresh.
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andrew: tonight on "60 minutes," a look inside the u.s. air war against isis. plus an interview with vice president biden. that will be followed by new episodes of madam secretary, the good wife and c.s.i. cyber only cbs. 1:57 to go. chargers have no time-outs remaining. two possession game. they trail by 16. on first and 10. rivers. to woodhead. woodhead to the 40. cuts back to the 35. woodhead with another san diego first down. they have to hustle to the line and cannot stop the clock.
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rivers takes the snap with 1:37 on the clock. in trouble. rivers. throws it. and incomplete. he was outside the pocket. shelby harris who was just promoted off the practice squad yesterday applying the pressure. steve t.: and philip rivers had two receivers. danny woodhead being one right there. and ladarius green a tight end in front of them. those were two receivers in the vicinity before -- where he was trying to go with that football he got hit. steve b.: joe barksdale slow getting up and now he's going to have to come oheff t field. the traninge staff comes out to attend to him. now the chargers are regressing back to a point where they almost didn't have enough guys to put in the game. however, chris hairston will come in and play right tackle and finish out this game. and the chargers' injury woes just will not go away.
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andrew: and barksdale is the one guy who's been healthy the whole year. he's played every game. in fact, he leads all nfl tackles in snaps. the one guy they've been able to count on as to -- has to walk off with 1:31 to go. steve b.: philip rivers taking snaps out of the shotgun trying to finish this out and get another touchdown on the board and see what happens. andrew: to woodhead. to the 30. wood med reverses field. great job after the catch. by danny woodhead for another san diego first down. steve b.: the raider defense right now is just in hang on mode. complete prevent mode. complete soft. they're just trying to knock everything down and make tackles inbounds. andrew: there it is again. rivers to woodhead. out of bounds. at the 18-yard line.
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to start the week the chargers had the easiest schedule of any team in the nfl. the rest of the way. actually tied with the jaguars for the worst win percentage of their opponents. and you see what they have coming up. this was the first of five against teams with losing records. 1:05 to go. second and 7. rivers. flag is down. rivers just throws this away. barksdale. back in the game. and going to be holding against san diego. steve t.: after the penalty -- referee: holding. offense. number 60. 10-yard penalty. replay second down. steve t.: philip rivers through 65 passes last week. that right there was his 55th pass today. i've got to believe that's the
7:25 pm
highest two-game total or at least right up there. in nfl history. steve t.: he told us friday i don't think i'll throw it 65 times again. well, 55 and counting. steve b.: and still time on the clock. andrew: following the penalty, second and 17. rivers. over the middle. and there is keenan allen. to the 11-yard line. it's first down. steve b.: here's where the raider defense you expect them to get a little bit more aggressive. andrew: rivers. end zone. allen. flag is down. did he get his feet down? they're going to say pass interference. steve b.: i don't know if i saw that. referee: pass interference. offense. number 13. 10-yard penalty. replay first down. andrew: they never gave a signal if it was a touchdown but obviously doesn't matter.
7:26 pm
because penalty goes against keenan allen. who once again even though it doesn't c,ount makes a highlight reel catch. had one last week at lambeau. steve b.: let's see if there's any kind of a push. that is not a pushoff. steve t.: no. steve b.: that's a touchdown. that's not a pushoff. steve t.: no. that's a swim move. steve b.: just hand fighting. steve t.: hand fighting. to get himself turned around. yeah. i don't think that was a good call at all. andrew: takes a touchdown off the board. screen to woodhead with 30 seconds to go. wood held. trying to get ouks. he can't. to the 11. steve b.: naffs a crusher there. needed to get out of bounds and the last two feet are going to mean. andrew: the raiders were not set. they had too many men on the field. the flag is down. steve b.: the quick snap was rivers. snapped it and threw it down and turned around and said they got 12. and not only have 12 but one of them was in the charger
7:27 pm
backfield. referee: 12 men on the field. defense. five-yard penalty. still second down. andrew: danny woodhead has set a career high with 10 catches today. although the last one really hurt that he was not able to get out of bounds. chargers have the ball. at the 6-yard line. there's 10 seconds on the clock. rivers. to woodhead. for the touchdown. six seconds remain. san diego has to go for two. try to make it a one possession game.
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second receiving touchdown of the day for danny woodhead. his 12th in his career. steve t.: we said it before halftime. philip rivers will keep slinging it and pushing 60 pass attempts now. once again. and just going to keep throwing. and see what happens. he can't -- he can't play defense. all he can do is take snaps and throw to the open guy. he's done that. got a quick penalty on the 12th man and gives his team every opportunity to win here in the second half. but the hole dug was just too deep. andrew: trying to make it a two-possession game. two-point play is good. again. to ladarius green. looked a lot like the last two-point play. and now an onside kick coming with six seconds left. you got to think best case scenario for the chargers, get the kick, throw up a hail mary. steve t.: yeah. that's all they got left to hope for.
7:29 pm
i would say the odds are not in their favor. but you never know. i mean, obviously could happen. steve b.: a couple of things. first of all, if they had given keenan allen that touchdown, and not called offensive pass interference, a lot more time on the clock. and the second one, even though woodhead has had a big day, he's got to get out of bounds on that catch around the 10-yard line. steve t.: and that was after the keenan allen touchdown catch. steve b.: correct. steve t.: that would have been on the clock as well. steve b.: everything was going to have to go right for the chargers in the second half and particularly in the last four series, the raiders kind of took a deep breath and said all right, we're going to hang on here and you see there. 123 pass attempts. the last two games. just 19:50. andrew: philip rivers throwing it 58 times today. after he threw it 65 last week. all right. third onside kick attempt for the chargers today. 0-2 so far.
7:30 pm
can they get this one and throw up a hail mary? rivera has it. and that will do it. mychal rivera had a hand in all three of those onside kicks. steve t.: for me the sail onside, the same thing they've done twice before. after one time, you'd think they would throw a wrinkle to give the same look three times in a row. just too easy. to defend for the raiders. i think the chargers missed an opportunity by not -- having a bigger menu of trick onsides. but by the same token, you don't go into a game -- you don't go into game to expect to kick three onside kicks very often. steve b.: that is correct. andrew: san diego had won three straight. versus oakland. and the raiders are able to stop the streak. they win in san diego. for the first time in four years. and oakland has matched its win total from all of last season. tonight on cbs, begins with "60 minutes." followed by new episodes of madam secretary, the good wyche
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and c.s.i. cyber. raiders win 37-29. for steve tasker and steve beuerlein i'm andrew catalon. you have been watching the nfl on cbs. ♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. james: seven minutes remaining in the first quarter. dolphins quarterback ryan tannehill connects on a short pass to jar riss landry and makes a nice move to avoid a
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we go further, so you can. >> o'donnell: is it that you think you couldn't win or that you didn't want to run? >> i couldn't win. i'll be very blunt. >> o'donnell: in our interview, the vice president talked about his decision not to run, his thoughts about, the republicans, and how his son's death affected his family and his decision. >> some people have written that, you know, beau on his deathbed said, "dad, you've got to run," and there was this sort of hollywood moment. nothing like that ever, ever happened. >> martin: what does the air war against isis really look like? >> mr. martin, welcome to the combat operations floor. >> martin: tonight you'll see for the first time when "60 minutes" goes inside the middle east command center. >> it's a weapons cache. >> martin: and follows a b-1 bomber's mission deep into enemy territory. there hez he goes.
7:36 pm
next comes the b-1 with its 2,000-pound bombs. oh, look at that. >> whitaker: our destination was this extravagant city the generals carved out of the jungle, 40 times bigger than washington, d.c. it's called nay pyi daw, burmese for "seat of the king," they proved the capital here from rangoon a decade ago. it was built in secrecy and no one would tell us how much it cost. it has an orwellian feel with grand -- grandiose buildings, deserted ten-lane highways, and most bizarre, almost no people. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm lesley stahl. >> i'm bill whitaker. >> i'm norah o'donnell. >> i'm david martin. >> i'm scott pelley. those stories tonight on "60 minutes." customizable charts,
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>> o'donnell: on wednesday, vice president joe biden stepped back from the 2016 presidential campaign. standing in the white house rose garden, flanked by his wife, dr. jill biden, and president obama, the vice president seemed reluctant, even regretful, as he passed up a third try for the presidency. >> biden: unfortunately, i believe we're out of time, the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. but while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. >> o'donnell: and he certainly wasn't saturday afternoon, when
7:41 pm
we joined the vice president and dr. biden at their official residence on the grounds of the naval observatory for his first television interview since the announcement. it's been a big week. how are you feeling about this decision? >> biden: ah, good. it's the right decision for the family, it's the right decision for us. >> o'donnell: is it that you think you couldn't win or that you didn't want to run? >> biden: couldn't win. i'll be very blunt-- if i thought we could've put together the campaign that our supporters deserve and our contributors deserved, i'll... i would have gone ahead and done it. >> o'donnell: but, why did it take you until tuesday to figure that out? tuesday night? >> biden: because it took that long for us to decide as a family. look, dealing with the loss of beau, any parent listening who's lost a child, knows that you can't... it doesn't follow schedules of primaries and caucuses and contributors and the like.
7:42 pm
it just... you... and everybody grieves at a different pace. >> jill biden: and we had such hope that... you know, that he was going to live. and so i think it really wasn't until the day he died that we gave, well... i don't think we ever gave up hope. >> o'donnell: the bidens lost their son, beau, in may at age 46 to brain cancer. the vice president told us that during his illness and while grieving, he put his plans to run for president on hold. >> o'donnell: what was the single most important thing in deciding not to run? >> biden: i've said from the beginning that i don't know whether our ability to deal with the loss of beau would reach a point where we could do that before time ran out. and there was nothing we could control. >> o'donnell: were you disappointed? or were you relieved? >> dr. jill biden: no, i-i think i was disappointed. i mean i thought joe would be a great president. and you know i-i've seen his...
7:43 pm
in the 40 years we've been together, i've seen, you know, the strength of his character, his-his optimism, you know, his hope... >> biden: glad we're doing this interview, i like to hear jill say all that stuff. >> dr. jill biden: so i believed he would've been the best president. >> o'donnell: i mean, how much did you struggle with this, about whether to run or not? >> biden: what i struggled with was whether or not we could emotionally-- i could, i speak for me-- i could emotionally handle this in a way that when i thought of beau i didn't... it wasn't a problem. for example, i-- at one point-- late summer, i thought, "well, you know, i think we can do this." and i'll never forget my little granddaughter, we're down by the swimming pool, mom says, "time for dinner everybody." and everybody goes up, and she's lying between my legs with her
7:44 pm
head on my shou... my chest and turns around and puts her arms around me and starts sobbing and says, "pop, i see daddy all the time. i see daddy all the time. pop, you smell like daddy. you're not gonna leave me, are you pop?" well, when that happens, you go, "i don't know, man, how... you know, how could..." and so there are those kinds of ups and downs. but by the time, now, you know, we go to... we were home last weekend and we there every weekend we can get, and we went to her. she has a great little cross country, she's only 11 years old. >> dr. jill biden: to her track meet. >> biden: track meet. and she runs and she finishes and i give her a big hug, she said, "daddy would be happy, wouldn't he? wouldn't he?" so it's a total... you know, it just... it just takes time. and until you get there, you know, it's not... not an appropriate thing to throw your... and by the way, you can't run for president unless you throw your entire being into it. >> o'donnell: how often did the two of you talk about this decision? every night? >> biden: well, we just looked at each other half the time.
7:45 pm
>> dr. jill biden: yeah. >> biden: like i-i... i'd get up in the morning some mornings and i'd say, "you know, jill, i think i..." because i have to admit to you, it was driving us crazy, is you guys. we love you. but, you know, serious press people would say, "well, we have on good authority from a very close friend of joe biden's that he's going to announce tomorrow." or, "we have on good authority that he's not going to run." or, "good... " and... that used to drive me crazy. and so part of it was i-i'd get up some mornings and say, "let's just end this thing, man. we don't have time to... i don't want to go... keep getting buffeted like this." and-and so some mornings we'd say, like i remember about a month ago we were on the porch at home and i said, "you know, when... maybe we should just... i don't know if we're going to get there in time. maybe we should just say we're not going." and jill said, "but what about the supreme court?" >> dr. jill biden: what about education? what about community colleges? i felt like we were... everything we had worked so hard for in this administration, you know, could all... could just all change.
7:46 pm
>> biden: well, that's because she's prejudiced. she thinks that i have the best chance of winning the general election. so that's... ( laughter ) >> o'donnell: but that's really interesting to hear that, that you were really pushing him to go forward. >> dr. jill biden: oh yeah. sure. >> o'donnell: will you ever run for political office again? >> biden: no. no. i-i can do so much more, i believe. i hope i leave office in... as a respected figure who can... convene people and bring people together. and i just think the president and i talked about what we do together. what we each want to do out of office... >> o'donnell: you said something in the rose garden. you said, "if i could be anything, i would want to be the president that ended cancer." >> biden: it's true. it's personal, i acknowledge. but, you know, cancer affects every single family. and, you know, one of the great advantages, and an advantage i had, it's... of being vice
7:47 pm
president, i had access to the finest people in the world. and i am confident if we make the decision john kennedy made of going to the moon, and we said, "we are going to cure cancer," within the next several years we can do that. that's how close it is. >> o'donnell: after we interviewed the bidens together, jill biden stepped out and we continued our conversation with the vice president. >> o'donnell: there was a lot you had to weigh in this run for president. i know you talked to your son, beau, about running for president. what did he want you to do? >> biden: well, first thing i'd like to do, and you're being very polite the way you're asking me the question because some people have written that, you know, beau on his death bed said, "dad, you've got to run." and there was this sort of hollywood moment that, you know, nothing like that ever, ever happened. beau, from the time he was in
7:48 pm
his 30s-- or actually his late 20s-- was my... he and hunter were one of my two most reliable advisors. and beau all along thought that i should run and i could win. but there was not what was sort of made out as kind of this hollywood-esque thing that at the last minute beau grabbed my hand and said, "dad, you've got to run," like, win one for the gipper. it wasn't anything like that. >> o'donnell: i want to show you a photo of president obama and you. this is in the oval office. this is right before you went out into the... to the rose garden and told everybody that you weren't running for president. what advice did the president give you? >> biden: well, i called the president early in the morning and he was in the gym working out. and he took my call and i said, "mr. president," i said, "we decided. i-i'm not going to run." and he knew how close it was, what was going on. and i said, "i'm going to go out
7:49 pm
and announce it this morning or early afternoon." he said, "joe, i'll be proud to stand with you. >> o'donnell: but did the president want you to run? >> biden: the president wanted me to do what i thought was best. >> o'donnell: but that speech in the rose garden sounded a little bit like a campaign platform. did you have this... a speech written for whether you were going to run or whether you weren't going to run? because part of the speech sounded like, "i'll be ready. i've got a plan if you need me at some point." >> biden: well, the truth is... there's some truth to that because what i wanted to make clear... >> o'donnell: but are you leaving the door open if something happens... >> biden: no, no, no. i was making the case that i do want to influence the democratic party. i want to make no bones about that. i don't want the party walking away from what barack and i did. >> o'donnell: you said, "i will not be silent." >> biden: i will not be silent. and i went on and, in fact, said, and i want to the extent i can influence the direction of the democratic party and the country. >> o'donnell: well, let me ask
7:50 pm
you about that because you didn't mention hillary clinton at all during the speech. but you sure did seem to be referring to her. you said, "i don't think we should look at republicans as our enemies." was that a reference to the comment she made... >> biden: that wasn't directed at hillary. that-that-that was a reference to washington. all of washington. >> o'donnell: but she called republicans enemies in the debate. >> biden: well, i-i think... i think she-she was being more humorous than she was direct about that. >> o'donnell: but she said that in the debate. she was asked... >> biden: well... >> o'donnell: ...which enemy are you more proud of. and she said the iranians and then she also mentioned the republicans. >> biden: well, she was smiling when she said the republicans. and i-i-i don't take it as that's her view. but i do know it's the view of many people, like, for example, and i know this statement there were two big articles ready to say, "why is biden so naïve?" these people are our enemy. from serious people. they're not my enemy. i-i... how-how in god's name can we govern this country if we view the opposition as an enemy? >> o'donnell: did you watch the democratic debate? did you watch hillary clinton? did you think she's unbeatable?
7:51 pm
>> biden: no. i-i-i didn't think that. what i thought was she did a great job. and i thought bernie did a great job. look, i've debated hillary 13 times in national presidential debates. i know hillary. i know her debating skills. i know mine. i have never had any doubt about her intellect or her capacity to debate. and i thought she did... she comported herself really well. >> o'donnell: but you wouldn't have considered running for president unless you thought or had some doubts about hillary clinton. >> biden: not at all. that has nothing to do with it. i've said from the beginning, look, i like hillary. hillary and i get along together. the only reason to run is because i-i still think i could do a better job than anybody else could do. that's the reason to run. i wouldn't run against hillary. >> o'donnell: but you also said in the rose garden that democrats should run on the record. >> biden: that's right. >> o'donnell: the president's record. >> biden: i believe that. >> o'donnell: do you think hillary's running on that or something else? >> biden: well, she'll run on part of it. if not, she's already made a
7:52 pm
decision on two important things. it doesn't mean she won't be a great president. >> o'donnell: so when the "new york times" reported this past week that there's real tension between you and hillary clinton, that the mere mention of her name makes you fume according to some advisors. >> biden: well, let me tell you something, this... must be the same guys who knew i was going to run because that's never been the case. go back and find anybody who says for the four years we worked together hillary and i weren't friends. >> o'donnell: what do you think of donald trump? >> biden: the one thing i do... i'm disappointed in donald trump. i know what a showman and all that he is. but i really... i really don't think it's healthy and i hope he reconsiders this sort of attack on all immigrants. i think that is... i think that is beneath the country. i don't think it's where the american people are. and i hope he really doesn't believe it. >> o'donnell: you have 15 months left in office. >> biden: i do. >> o'donnell: what one or two things do you think you can get done? >> biden: well, i think we can get a number of things done. one, i think we can really begin to nail down this commitment to
7:53 pm
work on cancer and head toward a moonshot. the president and i have already talked about that. number two, i think we can make some real progress, particularly with paul ryan, who is a good guy, on working toward an accommodation on the budget and on keeping the government open. >> o'donnell: this white house has not been able to get much done with this congress. do you think... >> biden: that's true. >> o'donnell: ...that speaker ryan will change things? >> biden: yes. this is a decent guy. and he knows you cannot function... this government can't function without reaching some consensus and he wants to do that. >> o'donnell: i know you often give advice to people. and one of the things you say is you're either on your way up or you're on your way down. which one are you? >> biden: i think i'm still moving up. i think we got a lot to do. 25 years old and you're still playing in the mud. 15 feet in the air, that's where you feel most alive. 10 meter maids waiting to wallpaper your truck.
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>> martin: the united states and its allies have been bombing isis targets in iraq and syria for more than a year now, and all we've seen of it is a handful of videos released by the pentagon, so "60 minutes" asked for permission to witness the air campaign firsthand. and we were allowed into the war's $60 million command center located in the persian gulf country of qatar. there we followed, from start to finish, an american bombing mission against what had been identified as an isis bomb factory. we have agreed not to disclose any classified information, but what you're about to see is the first-ever look inside the air war. the american air crew-- two pilots and two weapons officers- - board their b-1 bomber at al udeid air base in qatar for a mission that will take them 1,000 miles north over enemy territory in iraq. like all the flyers we met, they did not want their names used because of isis death threats.
7:58 pm
isis doesn't have weapons that can shoot down a b-1, so this pilot's biggest concern is an accident. what's the most dangerous part of the mission? >> takeoff. >> martin: takeoff. >> oh, yeah. you're so heavy and it's so hot out here. the runway's not very long. takeoffs are real scary. >> martin: the b-1 is carrying 17.5 tons of bombs and 170,000 pounds of jet fuel. it strains to get airborne in the reduced lift of 100-degree heat. it will take nearly three hours to reach the target, with two aerial refuelings along the way. >> david haworth: well, mr. martin, welcome to the combat operations floor. >> martin: yeah. lieutenant colonel david haworth takes us into the command center to watch as the b-1 and all the other aircraft carry out the day's attack plan against isis. >> haworth: it doesn't have any windows but it's got a nice view, a good look at the arabian gulf, all the way back in through iraq and syria.
7:59 pm
>> martin: the air war's been going on for 14 months, but this is the first time news cameras have been allowed into its nerve center. >> haworth: the weapon of choice here is information, because the more information we have, both about the enemy and about our friendlies, the better we're able to make decisions. >> martin: on one wall, a giant map showing the location of every plane-- green are american and allied aircraft; the blue are commercial aircraft. on another, a video feed from an unmanned drone, one of dozens orbiting over iraq and syria. we make our way around the floor to a spot in the center called "the crow's nest." >> haworth: you are standing at, right now, the nexus. this is the center of the air campaign against isil and daesh. >> martin: "60 minutes" is here to follow that b-1 bomber on its mission against isis. air force lieutenant general charles brown is the commander of the air war. how much of an effort does it take to mount a strike like that? >> charles brown: from just that one airplane, scheduling-wise, about a three day process. and some of those targets we've
8:00 pm
looked at for, you know, for days, weeks, and sometimes months. >> martin: i can't from here see any human activity around there. there's today's target-- up on the wall of the command center. that's a live video feed from a unmanned drone pointing its camera at a cluster of buildings believed to be hiding isis explosives. we can see the green track of the b-1 on the screen as it approaches the target. while the drone takes one last look, lieutenant general brown explains what's happening. >> brown: the target today is actually a weapons cache, as well as a vehicle-borne i.e.d. >> martin: a car bomb factory. >> brown: exactly. >> martin: the first planes over the target are a pair of dutch f-16s. look, there it goes. >> brown: there you go. >> martin: now, is that a secondary? >> brown: that's probably a secondary. >> martin: so that means there were explosives in there that are... >> brown: that's correct. >> martin:... that are going off. i


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