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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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not over yet. more showers and storms are going to move through. high wind and hail has been pounding the area for most of the evening. reports of damage are still coming in but so far no one has been seriously hurt. you made it. >> we have live coverage and more pictures of the damage to share with you but we will get right to the chief meteorologist. topper? >> we've issued an alert tomorrow not so much for severe weather but showers. still fairly heavy activity south of 95 to the west of the played a--la plata. we're looking at the latest activity, heavy activity toward la plata and headed for upper marlboro. still rain but there are flood warnings in effect
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montgomery county until 12 deck 30. -- 12:30. we heard about water rescues around massachusetts and look at the rain will-- the rainfall. we will say it again, turn around don't drown. >> check out the storm reports. they are reports of hail, i've never seen such coverage. saint charles almost 3 inches in diameter to the north of la plata. we have trees down near woodbridge and that was multiple trees down and i'm telling you, the hail was unbelievable. we will show you pictures and videos. >> more light rain and prepare for a wet morning commute.
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>> we have team coverage coming into our newsroom for a-- from across the dmv. >> this call-- at this close call, a tree came trashing down and in one of the cars a woman in her 13-year-old daughter. >> we saw a shadow coming and we saw a big tree heating the car. it came to the front shield and got in the car between the two of us so it was two of us-- it was really dangerous.>> she and her daughter was-- were covered in shattered glass but no one was hurt either. we are live in woodland virginia where there was a bit of hail dage
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reporter: a bit of rain has passed us by but not before northern virginia got pounded earlier tonight. this is the drive south as rain poured but this is hardly the worst of it. you can hear the pounding. west springfield. the tail hit home, they were at the doctor's office. a good five minutes, it was probably going on. hard to concentrate. >> not to mention the damage says the contractor. >> they will do some pretty good damage and the scene-- shingles are the main things to lo
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>> if you want to check the vehicles and report any sort of damage, the prince william county and mother virginia area, no serious injuries. >> we are thankful for that and for you. we are getting a report now. reporter: for about one hour we watched lightning shoot across the sky but that was pretty much it. then about 10 deck 30-- 10:30 the rain came back. people in maryland saw clouds, rain, and waves of hail. >> it was very sunny and a lot of clouds. it was very crazy. and a lot of rain. i was worried about car damage because i had never seen hail but i didn't want to
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damage issues. >> a break in what is expected to be a very what might-- wet night. is a steady drizzle here but nothing too bad. the storm has officially passed through. i'm allison barber, wusa9. >> people were quick to post photos on social media as it tore through the area. >> this photo of crazy lightning near the zoo in northwest dc, look at that. >> jessica posted this picture, a chunk of hail, a lot of hail posts. >> debbie posted this photo in rockville. >> some little, some were pretty big and jack posted this photo of an ominous sky. anytime severe weather goes throyo
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the facebook page or tag as on twitter. now is a perfect time to download the free wusa9 application. you will get information whenever you want. a homicide investigation in brandywine. a man was shot and killed in the 50,000 block of general. lafayette boulevard. the body was found in the street but it is not clear yet if that's where he was attacked. or who may have killed him. investigators-- it was found on saturday by the homeowner. deputies believe it had been there for months. they arrested a man who rented a room 47-year-old, investigators tell us his grot
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mail has been piling up at her home. campaign 2016 as the hoosier state prepares for a turn in the race. donald trump and ted cruz are looking to persuade voters who could ultimately decide the republican nomination tomorrow. joining us live to explain is garrett. indiana has become the make or break state. there were 57 delegates at stake, it is the biggest one left until california which does not vote until the last day of the season. the second reason is it is effectively a one-on-one after john kasich pulled out. ted cruz has argued that he can win if it goes head-to-head, now he has to prove it. 30, ted cruz has set expectations sky high making this prediction to they
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>> indiana is in a position to decide the put-- the direction of the race for the entire country. >> with five campaign stops you can hardly miss ted cruz in indiana. his hunt for votes let him to engage pro trump protesters outside one event. >> i'm running to be everyone's president. >> you are entitled to your view and i will respect that. >> a more friendly crowd at the fairgrounds. >> it is an incredible privilege and honor to be with so many patriots and lovers of liberty tonight.>> i love people that hit hard. >> in his own rally donald trump tried to land a knockout punch. lyons had is not have the temperament to be doing this. he is joking because he is losing
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we have to get out and vote.>> he raised the stakes for tomorrow's vote. >> if we win in indiana it is over with and then we focus on hillary clinton. the most recent polling has trump leaving by double digits. the ted cruz campaign think that is closer but of ted cruz does not win tomorrow expect to see the calls for him to drop out of the race that much louder. wusa9. garrett, you will be hitting the road tomorrow for some live coverage as the campaign prepares for what is next. in the meantime we cannot say this enough, download our wusa9 application, it is free and you will get the latest election alert and candidate profiles, whatever you want we have it. the man charged with murdering a college housemate
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student at the university of mary washington fredericksburg. he has pleaded not guilty and 2 other housemates, she had been tied up with a plastic bag with one stuffed in her mouth. >> we are hearing from the neighbor of a murdered alexandria woman and her body was found friday near a drainage ditch several days after she disappeared. the neighbor does not want her identity revealed that she tells us a man used to visit lopez several times a week and they got into heated arguments often. one day that yelling stopped. no word on how lopez died but the autopsy results are expected any day. the train derailment taken from the rhode island avenue, metro stop, you can see the cars jumping the tracks
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continue to clean up the chemicals that were leaking out. the brunswick line will be operating on a reduced schedule and trains will travel as far south as silver spring. passengers have to transfer onto metro. think of a smelly old sock, a sour putrid smell. it is pretty bad. >> i was going to say delicious. why would anyone want to smell that? meet mac, his ability to sniff out a thickness-- sickness could save our food supply. this story only on 9. the assault of a muslim woman at a dc area starbucks. police are releasing video of her attacker, take a look and see if you can help find her. have you seen this guy? he managed to
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from a local store and not just any bathtub, it was worth more than $13,0
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the most weather-- accurate forecast guaranteed. wake up, washington. new information and pictures in the assault on a muslim woman that happened right outside of a starbucks in washington dc. police have released this video of the woman who tossed some type of liquid onto the victim. it happened april 21 along the 5500 block of connecticut avenue . after the starbucks have closed, the victim said before she got a face full of liquid she got an earful of hateful words. >> talking about me saying trash, worthless piece of muslim trash, you need to go back to where you came from. i just got nervous and tired of it so i called 911. >> police want to hear from anyone who recognizes her. a tip could be worth a $1000 reward. some canines learn to sniff out drugs
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only one in the whole country is trained to detect something called this, a bacterial disease attacking the highs and it threatens our food supply. bruce has the story of one sharp dog. >> he is an adopted labrador and works for merrill lynch department of agriculture. his mission is to sniff out a contagion that nearly wiped out the colonies in the early 1900s and never went away. mac is a super sniffer, especially for things that smell nasty. >> he exceeded any expectation of training a dog to fight this disease. >> the disease is called american foul brood. >> think of an old poultry barn,
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a smelly sock, a sour putrid smell. idiots pretty bad. >> he works during cold weather when these are quiet. with his partner at his side his snout edges along the bee colonies. >> this would take the inspectors all day and he could go through in about half an hour and half 100 highs done. >> if he smells and infected one, he stops to alert his fellow inspectors.>> developing young larva and bees, we need to be the workforce-- or the honeybee hive, it was them out. >> infected hives and larva cannot be sold or used to pollinate plants and fewer abuse means less honey and fewer fruits and veggies. >> every third bite
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as a result of the honeybee. >> they help keep food safe and all he asks a return is a belly rub. now that the warm weather is here he is a typical pop, sleeping on the couch, and hanging with she and her husband and their three other dogs. wusa9 when you're saving the nation's food source you should be able to do whatever you want. the maryland department of agriculture has had a be stiffing dog-- sniffing dog and they found 13 cases of that bacteria. montgomery county police are asking for your help identifying this guy. he used a phony credit card to steal a bathtub from a store called union hardware. this was not your run-of-the-mill porcelain tub, this thing was worth $13,000.
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don't know how big it is but i'm sure impact quite a punch. >> 13,000. >> that's a whole lot of bubbles. check the video, we want to thank everyone for all the pictures and video of the hail, this is pretty impressive. >> i hope everyone is okay. >> kind of worried about damage to the car but we will see what happens. i wish someone would cut it in half an the rings, that is how many times it circulated in the thunderstorm. hale is not that common in the metro area. >> thank you, appreciate that. this is a pretty impressive cloud, that is the mother of our former intern daniel who has done some freelance work for us.
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>> kind of a flat hailstone but almost 3 inches in diameter. 3 degree guarantee. we made it. a high of 79 and 76. it was 79 on the button. still down to 62, light rain, nothing crazy heavy at the airport and nothing severe but we are not done with showers and the occasional thunderstorm. the rain goes all the way back over the last hour, we still have flood warnings until 12:30 and this one around silver spring goes until 1:30 so turn around, don't drown. there's another warning until 12:15, pushing away from the county across the bay and north of leonardtown. yellow weather alert, not for severe weather but for showers and t
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58-66 just prepare, you will be wet tomorrow. i think the commute home will be wet for some but we are tracking more showers wednesday and thursday, just crazy stuff. heavier activity, much cooler and we are back to our marine air mass. 60 downtown in silver spring but by 9:00 a.m. we have less coverage but it is still a dreary day. after set of 60, by lunchtime if you are a gambler you can walk without the umbrella but temperatures are low 60s. by 6:00 p.m. you may have seen a flash of yellow and red, a couple thunderstorms could develop self of us. temperatures are 67 downtown and 67 in manassas
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going 69 for tomorrow. by 10:00 24 hours and a few light showers with temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. most of the rain and showers remain cloudy by a 7:00 and 1:00 , 63 by 1:00 p.m. it is not great, more showers on wednesday, more showers thursday. a few on friday but not too bad. showers on saturday okay, the pressure is on. 75 sunday with some more showers for mother, that is coming back into town and we may break the pattern by next monday. >> you have time to correct all of this. we will give you the opportunity to make this better.>> thank you. [ laughter ] the capitals played one of their better games and could
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caps tried to steal the game.
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now, wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. it was an interesting night, the washington capitals played a great game of hockey but the puck did not fall their way. they had 49 shots on goal and the penguins less than half that but they are the ones that came out victorious. they got in the first few punches and tried to get around , finding in front of the net, they are up three-nothing. finally able to get on the board , number 8 was a rocket of a shot. game three, three-to the final-- 3-2
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wednesday. >> we've done early assessments of the newest members of the team, the talk is turning back to the elephant in the room, kirk cousins. they have until july 15 to agree to a long-term deal and will be back this season regardless with a tag worth $19.95 million but he is confident they will strike some kind of deal. >> i would love to get something done but you can't force that. they have to agree to what they are looking at. he is the leader and the quarterback, and that's pretty cool. washington was busy making a salary cap and coming off an acl injury, the additions of them made color for expendable.
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it was a good month for a couple of local baseball stars. many machado was named american league player of the monk and bryce harper the same national league player of the month. only one of them in action tonight. >> to number forgets the fielder's choice of the starter and also collected his 1000th hit now holding that 2-zero lead into the bottom of the night. >> they are small football club and have less money than the other big-league clubs. the star player even has to work another job to afford to keep playing. 5000-1 odds to win the title but they did that and you see the fans cheering. it has been a crazy 36 hours and the first title for
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back-- leicester city
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>> hey, stephen. i, how are you? the reporter called. are you dressing up like a chicken and a cow. >> stephen: in the dressing room? >> yeah, excuse me. one second. sorry. stephen? stephen? seriously? ♪ >> tonight, stephen welcomes bill o'reilly! morris chestnut! and the musical performance by "deerhunter"! featuring jon batiste and "stay human"!


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