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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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morning across maryland as people remember the victims senselessly gunned down yesterday by a federal law enforcement officer, a day after he shot his estranged wife to death. tonight we're learning about the victims killed in the montgomery county shooting spree. we have team coverage but we're beginning with a report from outside clarksburg high school. >> reporter: that vigil will begin in 20 or 30 minutes
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the football field where malcolm's two children attend school. and i spoke with the family today. not ready to go on camera yet but they insist they'll be at the vigil to honor malcolm who they call a hero. >> he died trying to help and his family says he'd do it again. a makeshift memorial stands where he was shot down, killed at montgomery mall where he began shooting random people. his family calls him a hero. malcolm was always trying to help. a wife, two daughters, a brother, a sister, and so many more remember a man who seemed to be laughing and joking with an eye out for the positive things, the good, like him they say. one of the good ones. >> the family tells me it's difficult
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what he meant to the family. they was center of it, the handyman, the mechanic, the jokester, the life of the party. he was all of these things and it's going to be impossible to replace that. >> thank you so much. and we're learning more about the second person to die in the shooting spree. friends and family say claudina molina was shot in her car outside of the business. >> family members dressed in black and tearful tell us she was the mother of two adult kids and a nurse. she was 60 years old when her life was taken from her. police performed a felony pin, boxing in the suspect's car before faking him into
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taking him into custody. family members can't believe it happened. we don't know why he left the mall 9 miles away. allegedly drove here and shot and killed molina. live in maryland. wusa 9. >> and there are so many questions. we have so many things we don't know. montgomery county police will have an update at 7:30 tonight. we'll stream the update to you live on our app. the silver diner back in business tonight. the popular restaurant reopened three days after an employee rammed his car into the restaurant, setting himself on car. a fairfax county police have charged him with felony destruction of property. more charges are pend
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bereavement leave at the time of the incident. turning to weather. i saw a long lost friend, the sun. >> tomorrow is going on okay. we have a front that is going to bring a shower this evening. it's beautiful after a crummy week. tracking a lot of showers in western pennsylvania and west virginia and some of them are slipping into western maryland right now. we had a couple earlier. and out to the west. we have a few showers. all is quiet in the metro. it's the areas to the west that i'm tracking light showers coming through. and this may not be reaching the ground. northern fauquier county and not far from the plains. weather worked out for that. if you're going out. temperatures low to mid-60s. very comfortable this
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with light winds. we'll look for a mix of sun and clouds. and spotty showers tonight and a pretty decent mother's day forecast. and debra, there's more rain in the 7-day. and we'll have that coming up in a few. the transit administration threatens to shut down metro unless urgent action is taken. in a four page directive asreleed today, the fta orders urgent action to address persistent safety findings and the order comes in the wake of thursday's fire at the federal center metro station. the fta says metro must put passenger safety over what it calls operational convenience. that includes reducing smoke and fire risk and the number of railcars on trains. a good samaritan is credited with helping the coast guard rescue six
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the boat was on the chesapeake bay and began taking on water. one of the boaters radioed a distress signal. maryland natural resources police and the annapolis fire department helped stabilize the boat until it could be towed. a generous surprise for a waitress just in time for mother's day. >>
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a star studded graduation at howard university. the commander in chief speaking words of wisdom at the historically black university. >> excited! woo! >> the class of 2016 ready to face the world and soak up the special day under overcast skies. >> i'm so excited. this is the greatest day of my life. and we're doing great things at howard and i'm happy to graduate. >> reporter: roughly 2000 receiving diplomas and many more loved ones here. >> he graduateds with honors. we're so proud of you. >> extremely proud. he worked for three years and it took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.
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>> reporter: president barack obama is the 6th sitting president to deliver the keynote address at howard university. it's one of the last commencement speeches he'll make at howard. >> congratulations to the class of 2016. >> i've always wanted to be up and close with president obama. >> howard university got him. >> it shows you how prestige howard is. >> now it's your turn and the good news is yoi%486u're ready >> we're so proud. and hopefully, he's going to go to medical school and be a doctor and he's so focused and we had to come everyone with the dreary weather. coming from the cayman islands. and it was well worth it. >> congratulations, everyone. >> other vips in attendance included cicely ty
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he'll also speak at rutgers and the air force academy. trending tonight, the tearful and heart felt thank you to a stranger. a waitress and mom posted this receipt. a couple left more than $100 for her tip. she was working in the charlotte area on cinco de mayo and mention that had her son was home sleeping. the couple's generosity brought her to tears. i wish i could have told them thank you times a million. will the weather take a pleasant turn in time for mother's day. howard will have the full forecast just ahead.
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southwest china. the tiny cub born friday at a giant panda breeding reserve. the cub is about the size of a stick of butter. and so far, no name. both mom and baby panda are doing well. when they're newborn and hairless, they are not the cutest. >> they get really cute a little bit afterwards. you know what was cute today, the sun? there was a blue sky up there. >> right now a lot of blue sky and light winds and temps in the 60s. she's been working so hard she hasn't had a chance to step outside. i'll take over. we have nice weather happening for the evening. as the evening wears on we have a chance for
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showers. seriously, run outside and check out the nice weather while i'm talking about the showers in pennsylvania, western new york. you see the showers in southern maryland are gone. and we're looking off to the north and west with light sprinkles from jefferson county, west virginia, moving to western cloud and tonight ahead of a cold front, we have a better chance for passing showers, and that should be gone by morning. i think sunday other than a breeze, looks like a pretty good night for moms and everyone else. it's 68 in -- a beautiful 6:00 hour on this saturday. 64, dew point at 50 with a light wind
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southeast at 5 miles per hour. the two big dips in the jet stream. and the pattern is breaking down a little bit. and we'll see improving weather ahead of a front. notice the storms in st. louis. a little weather in louisville at churchill downs ahead of the big race. and now we're looking at the broad circulation, this is what is left of the area of low pressure. yesterday we got to 55. perhaps one of the more miserable may days that you'll experience in this part of the world. and tonight some spotty showers coming through. and this front comes through early on sunday. if you're an early riser. you may see a stray sprinkle. by midmorning, sunshine, a couple of clouds, breezy, a partly to mostly sunny day. and it will be dry as temperatures shoot into the upper 60s and low 70s. by monday the clouds are coming back. and by monday afternoon notice green here and there. you cose
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and on tuesday looks to be a mostly cloudy day with the threat of showers developing. enjoy it while we've got it. looks like -- still somewhat of an -- partly to mostly cloudy and a couple of passing showers. once that front pushes through the winds will start to kick up. tomorrow morning, 50s and 60s. west, northwest winds 10 to 20. and in the morning, it wouldn't surprise me. not as breezy in the afternoon. and winds northwest 10 to 20 and partly to mostly sunny. a fine finish to what was a crummy week. and look at monday. a few more clouds and a late shower possible. a few showers tuesday. no yellow weather alerts. tuesday, 72. middle of the week. still a little bit unsettled. and the nats are back starting monday for a home stand.
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and we'll be dodging raindrops. and storms wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday as well. timing-wise on this we'll focus in on it as we get to the weekend. i think tomorrow is going to be a nice day for mom. >> i'm happy with it. lots of people out and about. you're one of them. >> i went to the embassy tour and it was awesome. the day started -- but it got nice. >> caps fans are on pins and needles. tonight is do
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of seven series advance 90% of the time. players don't care about records, history, and such. look at them arriving. alex ovechkin. they have the game face on. this time last year they were up 3-1 in the series and they still lost. and now they're on the other end. >> we just have to win game by game and sometimes last year we was up 3-1 against rangers. >> the rangers came with a level of desperation and didn't ever quit, didn't ever give up. and that's something obviously taking back from it after the end of the series that you take from that. >> i think it's one of those -- just leave it out there. and it's generally like win one and move on. >> all right. so what do fans feel about the
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situation? you might be like my producer who says bank on it. they'll win three straight. and you might be realistic and know nothing is guaranteed. >> wasn't hard to find fans. they are down 3-1. what do they need to do? >> coming up with a win tonight. >> the clock is ticking down. how are you feeling? >> i feel great. i got to be honest. everybody and their brother said it's going to game seven. i believe it. i don't know what is going to happen in game seven. but i tell you what. this is the year. this is the year. >> back to you guys. >> i wouldn't bet the 401k on it, but i hope they win. >> the nationals are in the windy city with the red hot cubs. chicago has won nine of the last 10 games. the nats have cooled down
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their best start in franchise history. fourth inning. it's cold by the way in may. that's so wrong. he puts the hometown cubs in the lead with a shot to left. that makes the score 2-1. >> and they went ahead on a ryan zimmerman single. it's 4-3 nats. and i believe they are in the top of the 7th. meanwhile up the road in baltimore. the o's are hosting the athletics. game one was all oakland. the homer was one of his 3 rbis. they get another shot at the top of the hour. get on the board first. connor kelly with the 21st goal of the season to give maryland a 1-0
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maryland responds. brian cole with his 17th goal of the season. 4-2 in the 1st quarter and the men have won four championships. the kentucky derby is known as the most exciting two minutes in sports. the horse with the longest odds to win, trojan nation. and oscar nominated. on paper, nyquist is more accomplished than american pharoah was this time last year. they've all won the derby before, the jockey, the owner, and the trainer. the horse is ready. >> his demeanor and his appetite is great. his legs look super. and his energy level is very high. that gives us a lot of optimism that he's going to continue to hopefully keep his roll going. >> do yo
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today? on vacation? at work? perhaps practice? >> former hoya and 76er allen iverson lamented in taking part in practice in a news conference. >> we sitting here. and i'm supposed to be the franchise player and we're talking about practice. we're talking about practice. not a game, not a game. not a game. we're talking about practice. not a game. not the game that i go out there and die for and play every game like it's my last. not the game. we're talking about practice, man. >> man, we talking about practice. he can't feel like practicing. he said practice 22 times in that press conference. >> why are we talking about? >> we're not talking about games. not game five. we're talking about practice. practice. >> you know
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>> makes perfect, hello? >> and let's get a perfect forecast. >> a couple of showers later on. tomorrow looks all right. 70degrees and breezy and dry for mother's day. next week chance of a shower developing monday. and on and off shower chances and temps won't be in the 50s. i expect them in the 70s. >> go get your mama a card. thanks for watching. see you back at 11:00. and you can get updates any time on our ap p.
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