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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  May 23, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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at 7:00, an unthinkable act on a metro train. a man is facing charges of trying to rape a woman while riding red line. >> a police officer found not guilty in freddie gray's death. baltimore reacts and we hear live from a family attorney about why they're okay with the ruling. >> we are under a yellow weather alert as thunderstorms loom their way across the area. >> it's ugly out there for a lot of people and some of the thunderstorms can be heavy and severe. let's go straight to topper shutt who is tracking who is being hit with the brunt of the storm. >> the nats are in delay and we are tracking the storms with first alert doppler but also with the app. if you have the app, can you tell when the storms will be over at the park and u
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know the warnings. the good news is there are no warnings now. there were until about five minutes ago. we have showers to baltimore stretching to 95 and they're moving southwest, down 95 south. it is nothing severe. there was a heavy storm that prompted a severe thunderstorm warning. this is not under a warning but you folks just south of locus dale, that's a big storm. some lightning. this move to the south and west. be advised heavy downpours and gusty winds are possible. we'll zoom out and around. this is nats park. there is nothing heavy. it's shades of green. that's a good thing. we widen this out. the back edge is about 30-mile dollars away as it is moving in the direction of the arrow. so it will probably be another hour before the rain quits at nats park. go to the app store and
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7 day outlook, doppler radar and a look at the holiday weekend as well. a man is behind bars accused of sexual assaulting a woman on a red line train. john hicks had his first court appearance. the assault happened six weeks ago and started on an empty red line train and continued for several stops to the glenn mount station. hicks approached the woman with a knife in his hand and sexual assaulted her. he is being held without bond. the city of baltimore remains calm after an officer charged in freddie gray's death was found not guilty of all charges. in a bench trial with no jury the judge ruled that the officer acted as any reasonable officer would and only touched gray after he was in handcuffs. gray died from spinal injuries in police custody about a year ago. the 30 year old officer teared up after the judge read the verdict today. emotions
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the court house. >> black people ain't never got no justice here, no matter baltimore, new york, washington, philadelphia. >> you wonder why they're stealing and murdering and doing stuff? they're in a struggle. this is modern day slavery. >> people want justice but we still have to let the process work. i think some things were said to make me feel that next cases might be done differently. >> through their attorney, freddie gray's family commended the judge on the decision. the family received a $6.4 million settlement from baltimore. cocounsel to gray's family joins us live from baltimore. thanks for taking time out from your busy day. help us understand. a year ago there were riots in the streets of baltimore. tonight it appears calm even though a lot of people disagree with the verdict. help us understand the difference in baltimore. >> well, there are many of us that live in baltimore that do not want to tear up our own communit
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burning buildings, no riots, that is completely unsurprising because the community here, we don't want to hurt our community. we don't want to burn down our own community. in fact the community and the gray family is understanding of the fact that justice is a process, that the gray family was not looking for any specific verdict in this case. they were looking for a transparent investigation and for an impartial trial. that's what they received. they are happy about that. >> help us understand going forward. some of the most serious charges are to come against some of the other officers. tell us what you expect and what kind of reaction you expect in baltimore. >> well, the clear message from this case is that the officers can receive a fair trial in baltimore. if you remember at the beginning of the case, there were segments of the community, specifically police union, that were very vocal about questioning whether the officers could
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trial. this verdict sends a clear message that impair shalt is alive and well and that the officers can receive a fair trial. we expect nothing less in the future. >> mr. jason downs, thank you very much for the interview. we look forward to talking to you in the future. five officers still face charges. next up is officer ceasar goodson junior, the driver of the van. students and staff at an elementary school are remembering a popular teacher's assistant who was murdered. sampson worked in the second grade classroom. the 24 year old had dreams of becoming a special education teacher. he was murdered friday outside his alexandria apartment and police are still looking for the gunman. >> he was there to give the kids a pat on the back. sometimes he was there to make sure they were doing their best. but he was always about building relationships with the kids. >> tj's funeral will be saturday in his hometown outside richmo,
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police are looking for the shooter who fired at two women today in northeast d.c. both women were found conscious and breathing along the 3700 block of hayes street. there is no word on a motive or suspect. to some disturbing testimony about an attack in 2014 on a mclane virginia couple inside their home. leo fisher said his attacker barged in, phased him, put a pillow over his face and cut his throat from side to side. his wife was also stabbed and beaten. on trial, prosecutors say he was seeking revenge against fisher for firing his wife from a law firm. testimony continues tomorrow. a robotics submarine has joined the search for the black boxes from egypt air flight 804. the sub can go down nearly 10,000 feet. the batteries only last 30 days. the jet liner crashed thursday caile flying from paris to
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black boxes can help explain why the plane went down. so far investigators have not ruled out anything including terrorism. president barack obama has lifted the decades old ban on selling arms in vietnam. he received a warm enthusiastic welcome in the country today. vietnamese are eager to build ties with u.s. mostly because china, the aggressive country, is seizing territory in the sea around vietnam. the president says dropping the ban can help stop the threat. wearing bullet resistant vests. the fire chief tweeted a photo of himself modeling a ballistic vest with the caption never thought you would see me wearing one of these. fire department officials said they're exploring the idea of getting vests for firefighters. there is no rush to buy them. last month two firefighters were shot, one killed, while on a welfare check. an hour, 12 minutes, 30 seconds that's how long
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freshmen to scale the grease covered learn don monument and place a cover on tomorrow. this year's class had a faster than average finishing time making it to the top with mid ship man fourth class who gave thanks to his late father lost during a training flight back in 2003. maryland students pepper sprayed at a graduation party. the latest on the investigation and why we have not seen police body cam video. >> a scary moment at the ballpark a batter hit in the face by a pitch. we'll have the latest on how he is doing. >> the unabomber is ready to break his silence but he
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after 20 years in prison it appears the unabomber
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to tell his story. he has reportedly sent a letter to the writer for the new yorker. he claims he is willing to grant an interview to discuss his mental health and life sentence as long as writers explain who they are, why he should trust them and confirm that they understand he is not mentally ill. a psychologist doctor has studied the case. >> it may very well be some kind of a repetition of his trying to be heard and gain some recognition. >> for nearly two decades, he sent bombs through the mail killing three people and injuring two dozen more. a scary moment at the ballpark in pittsburgh today. >> oh, man, hit him in the head. >> a 92-mile an hour fast ball hit the pirates pitcher in the face during an at bat against the rockies. medics took him to the hospital. we are told he has
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there is no word yet on how serious it is. so painful. tom brady filed a new appeal of his four game suspension over inflate gate. he is asking whether roger goodell over stepped authority when he upheld brady's punishment over deflated footballs. last month it was voted 2-1 against brady. now he is asking the full court to hear the case. a reason to fire up the grill just in time for barbecue season. we will explain why burgers will cost less this summer. >> we are having showers across much of the metro area, heavy storms too. why are they moving down south 95 instead of up 95, because this upper level low is caught in the atmosphere. we will tell you where we will cancel the yellow weather alert and talk about the holiday weekend, coming up. >> during the next
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the university of maryland police chief and president promised school transparency after this video surfaced of officers breaking up a party using pepper spray. >> reporter: campus police told us there was a chance we could see the video by end of sunday. today we are learning part of the hold up is because student faces have to be blurred from body cam video for privacy reasons. at the university of maryland half of the campus may be on break but what is still lingering are emotions from the cell phone videos where you hear graduates screaming in terror and pain after campus police used pepper spray to break up a large party early saturday. i talked to the people there and people who have seen the video. many believe the use of pepper spray was racially motivated. the university of maryland police chief spoke to us yesterday. he says it is rare
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he does not believe color was an issue. >> we take the complaints seriously. i am very disappointed about the misinformation out there. >> nothing has been broken up like this in the four years i have been here. i vane seen people getting pepper sprayed and tackled like that. >> reporter: police used pepper spray twice that night, two times in the same incident. there is a full use of force investigation underway. two arrests were made. the prince george's county naacp president says he is planning on meeting with university leaders before the video is released. fbi is hoping someone recognizes this woman. she's accused of robbing a bank today in northwest washington. this shows her at the bank of america on 49th street near massachusetts avenue. she handed the teller a note demanding money and ran with the cash. anyone who can help agents solve the case will get a reward up to $5000. imagine ridi
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the moment it opens at 5:00 in the morning until it closes at midnight. that's what our colleague is doing tomorrow. it's called mission metro. he will be talking to riders on all the lines for suggestions on how to improve the system. adam will be live in all our newscasts and will be on twitter, facebook, snap chat, our news app all day. search #wusa9onmetro. summer cook out will cost less this year. beef prices have dropped. burgers to brisket will cost 2% less because cattle ranchers expanding herds and the cost to feed cows is going down. >> now we just need some sunshine. >> there will be a couple days we can barbecue over the weekend which is law. you have to pick a day and cook out. >> absolutely. we had some big thunderstorms roll through. lynn sent this in to us from cul pepper. that's almost quarter sized hail. at one time you folks
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under a severe thunderstorm warning. that's now dissipated a little bit. we are tracking showers and storms. they're waning, diminishing in intensity. a live look outside, we are down to 61 with winds out of the north northeast at about eight. yet another day with rainfall here in the metro area. i think it is 18 out of 23 or something like that. here is the radar over the last hour. here is what you should realize. see the yellow that disappears? it's all now green. the storms are dissipating in intensity and coverage. that said, it's still going to be a wet ride home, north up to 70 past spur to rock ville, german town, i-95, the parkway as well, even down 95, at least through town. the good news is it is nothing heavy. the bad news is nats are in delay. good news is it is all shades of green which is light activity. the back edge of the precipitation is about 18 miles away. so we are looking
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or 35 minutes before all this clears nats park and they can get the game underway. the heavy activity by far is south of town. there are still no warnings. but there is a pretty good storm and a big storm around colonial beach. that's a very heavy down pour right over the o of colonial beach. this will head towards fredericksburg at 7:44. good news, nothing severe. bad news, we are still looking at heavy storms. a yellow weather alert this evening, heavy or severe storms until 9:00 p.m. bus stop temperatures, 52 to 68 but dry.
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50s by 6:00 and well to the 60s by 9:00. nats are in town for a while. it will be warmer wednesday with upper 80s, upper 80s thursday and friday. a couple storms are possible thursday and friday. we'll keep saturday dry, a few storms sunday, not a huge deal. the best chance will be memorial day with highs in the 70s to near 80. >> everybody is asking is the team better? they'll have to be better to repeat. >> they'll have to be. they've got the rookie that's supposed to be really good. we'll see. who knows? that 90 man roster is filled. the burg deand gold is who we are talking about. our nfl experts
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this is the time of year most of us are optimistic about the burgundy and gold. the draft is done, big names have been signed.
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what to expect in 2016. >> reporter: this year the burgundy and gold hope to extend last year's success. they're 9-7 season ended with a division championship. a cbs analyst and former player says they can build on that. >> i think they have momentum. now they're buying into group system, trying to understand the philosophy. they have to compete and understand when you have success one year it's tougher the next year because you can't go in and think you will start at the same point. >> reporter: the team is starting better in some spots. they signed shut down corner josh norman from panthers. >> that's going to solidify the corner spot, allow defense to rotate and be able to be creative. when you have a lock down shut down corner in his prime, i think he will add a lot of value to the team. >> if you asking this cbs colleague he says one of the most important guys on the team is the tightened jordan reed. washington signed
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year reportedly $50 million deal. he remembers watching him from the sidelines. >> i could see then and there that that's the guy he is looking for and he will continue to look for. he is the guy who made drives last longer. he was the guy on third down. i think he is the most important player in the offense. >> viable winning quarterback who is certainly better than other signal callers who have similar time in the league. >> what he did clips anything done in his career. while it is a short sample size, it spoke enough to future potential production that i get why they did what they did. >> reporter: he thinks the franchise tag the team placed on cousins will mean bigger money down the road and with the team drafting dotson with the first pick, things are looking bright for football in the nation's nation's capital. >> thanks so much. bruce you are not so wo
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>> the biggest moments of the billboard music awards. what you didn't see on tv. >> i just collapsed. >> celine even more emotional. aftee her son's surprise. >> i didn't expect that. >> why justin bieber is lashi out after leaving the show early. plus the dos, don'ts, and do overs from the red carpet. >> and then is the biggest loser pushing drugs for contestants to lose weight. >> i'm at home with simon cowell. why he never, ever, wants to co-host with k ripa again. >> from house wooif to instant >> entertainment tonight i wouldn't pass it. >> here's the chewbacca love amazing story. [ laughs ] >> now for may 23rd, 2016, this entertainment tonight. >> some of the biggest names in music hit the stage at the bo


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