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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> a wild scene in southeast today. a good samaritan trying to help a woman who fell from an overpass, i'm debra alfarone. instead of saying thanks, the samaritan was held by gunpoint and hit by a car. matt yurus is live at the scene. show us the scene. >> reporter: debra, police say a good samaritan watched a person fall from this overpass onto pennsylvania avenue. as he rushed over, the victim's boyfriend ran over to them and said get away. she
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the gunfired but the gunfire didn't strike anyone. the victim's boyfriend hit the good samaritan with his vehicle. he suffered serious but nonlife threatening injuries. the woman who fell from the bridge is expected to be okay. one witness described this as an apparent suicide attempt. live in southeast, matt yurus, wusa9. >> thank you so much, matt. police say that suspect still out there. well, memorial day weekend and one day down, what a beauty. meteorologist howard bernstein has our first look at memorial day. >> look at first alert doppler, nothing near us, a couple of storms in pennsylvania and ohio. we are
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70s on the bay, rockville, college park, 87 degrees. perhaps you are going to the nats game, no problem to night. but tomorrow, some clouds will increase, temps go from the 80s into the 70s . clouds increase tomorrow. and we are talking about, i'll give you a peek at the three- day here, temperatures only in the low 80s with the threat for afternoon and evening showers and storms, yellow weather alert. monday, rain and shower ins the morning, fewer showers in the afternoon, by tuesday, yes debra, that's the next best day, an everybody is back to work and school. temperatures well into the 80s . look at bonnie, newly formed tropical storm coming up in a few minutes. and i'll talk about how that will impact the rest of the weekend. >> thank you very much howard. huge crowds expected along maryland's eastern shore. taking a live look at traffic heading over the chesapeake bay bridge. triple a says more people will be traveling this year over last year in part
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the lowest gas prices in a decade. and some of the people will be headed to ocean city for the unofficial start to summer. and you are looking there live right now at the boardwalk and the beach this evening. wish i was there. memorial day weekend one of the the busiest weekends of the summer. at the resort town, and city officials expect over 250,000 visitors. paying respected to our fallen heros this memorial day weekend brought dozens of volunteers to arlington national cemetery, but our stephanie ramirez reports from another ceremony less well known, the alexandria national cemetery. >> reporter: that's right. not arlington like so many know. the cemetery here now alexandria is actually two years older than arlington national. there's about 5,000 graves here of military members from civil war to vietnam, afghanistan, even iraq. air force cadets placed flags on the tombs to make sure the fallen re
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i feel like we should support the people who have served for us and the people who have fallen and died for us. for our liberty so we can be here now and enjoy this american afternoon. >> we are smaller. but we are just as important. >> reporter: today, there weren't enough flags to place at every tombstone which is why if not placing flags, spending time here is so important, especially to the ones who are connected to this cemetery. you will hear from a loved one tonight at 11:00, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> and the alexandria national cemetery one of the original 14 cemeteries established in 1862 under president lincoln. it is called the civil war unknown monument. it houses the remains of 2100 confederate and union soldiers but the monument at arlington seldom sees the attention
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the better known tomb of the unknown. today, veterans laid a wreath at the civil war unknown monument. >> on all of these things in every state have been representing the fact there are those who have given their lives for their country and they all have been forgotten and we owe them not only a debt of gratitude, but a debt that we can't fully repay. but we can respect what they have done. >> the remains inside the tomb were once scattered across the battlefield of bow run and the roust. thousands of motorcyclists in the washington area this weekend for rolling thunder. >> i think it is vital. without things like these, people begin to forget. not forget what happened, but, they definitely, it brings it back into people's minds. it was a serious event. they didn't get much respect for what they
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>> the annual memorial day weekend rally designed to bring attention to prisoners of war and the servicemen and women listed as missing in action. the bikers attended a wreath laying ceremony on pennsylvania avenue followed by a absolute to the troops near the vietnam veteran's memorial. we caught up with them in a pop up rolling thunder vending area known as thunder alley. tomorrow, the bikers will gather at the pentagon parking lot for a ride to the reflecting pool and the korean war memorial. republican presumptive nominee donald trump expected to make an appearance during the rolling thunder event. as you send your kids to the pool, a few things you need to remember to keep them safe. nikki burdine has the story. >> are you ready? >> we are ready. this is the most anticipated day of the year
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parks and rec is ready for the swimmers but parents are you ready for your kids to take the plunge? drowning is the leading accidental death of children ages one through four: the biggest mistake parents make is just not paying attention. somebody should be watching the kid in the pool at all times. >> that does not mean occasionally looking up over the top of your book or having a drink of a soda. it is actively engaging in your children. >> reporter: and don't rely on life guards. >> we are not babysitters. we respond to life threatening emergencies. >> reporter: the watchdog program. >> you put this tag over your head. wear it like a lanierd and it is your responsibility to watch the child. then when that 15 minutes is up, you take it off, hand it to someone else. it becomes their
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pool, make sure the drain cover has a dome like shape. the suction at the bottom of the pull can be very dangerous and just because the pool is shallow doesn't mean it is safe. even hot tubs can be hot spots for drowning. nikki burdine, wusa9. >> experts also suggest that children go through a water comfort course very early in life, and when they are three to four years out, put them in actual swimming lessons. the alexandria public pool has opened. dozens showed up at the old town pool today at cameron street. it was the perfect way to beat the heat for many. >> the water is cold, but it's a lot of fun to swim with my cousins. >> it looks pretty safe because i got to see my cousins and stuff. so, but i also like to go into the pool and stuff. and, since it was so nice out today, it is good to actually cool off
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and not, like, burn out here. >> reporter: swim complex features a 25-yard pool with a diving well and a separate training pool for children. more metro woes. arlington county fire reports a brake fire on a metro train at the arlington national cemetery station. there are no reports of injuries but fire officials say service to the metro station will be shut down now, so firefighters can put the fire out. all right, tragedy at a child's birthday party this weekend. what went horribly wrong? >> and people in texas battling massive flooding. ho
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>> a children's birthday party in a paris park takes a tragic turn when 11 people were struck by lightning. ate eight of the victims were children. the victims sought shelter under a tree during a spring storm and it was struck by a lightning bolt. six are in serious condition. back in the states, heavy rains flooding homes, streets, and neighborhoods, look at that across parts of texas. they have received nearly a foot of rain. rescue crews have been busy helping stranded individuals get back to dry land. >> i just started walking and i saw the fire department and said can you give me a ride? >> hundreds are ordered out of their homes and two deaths ar
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blamed on the weather. four people are missing. today, the united house of prayer remembered those who made the ultimate sacrifice in deft of our country. the church hosted its annual memorial day parade. and the parade features cheer leaders, marching bands and gospel singers. today's heat and humidity proved too much for spectators. dc fire and ems says several people were treated for minor heat related injuries. we have got a pleasant saturday night on tap. oh yes we do. but we keep the showers away? howard has the full forecast next. and later in sports, can the terps end a
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>> back on wusa9, you're looking at a picture of the world war ii memorial
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southwest washington dc. the 56 pillars small arches and fountains pay tribute to the people serving in the armed forces and civilians. 1.4million people visit this memorial each year. always watching, always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. dc's most accurate. >> so many powerful memorials we have in this town. >> breathtaking and awe inspiring. and i would like to use those words to describe thewet. >> the weather was fantastic. we have a tropical storm we are watching now. it was upgraded from a tropical depression to a tropical storm. all is not lost. all is not lost. let's talk about what is happening. you see
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right near charleston and most of the carolina coast. there's a center of circulation separated from the high cloud tops there. you sort of see right down there. so this will be tracking off toward the northwest. and from the hurricane center, tropical storm warn, in yellow. this thing has winds of 40 miles an hour. barely a tropical storm. expected to make landfall late tonight, early sunday. south of charleston, slowly move across eastern south carolina. north carolina, here, we have monday into tuesday as the tropical depression. they will stay three, four, five inches of rain. for us, the problem comes as the moisture gets here, but all is not lost. we are in the 70s along the bay. everyone else in the 80s . cumberland, 88. hagerstown, 89. they got up to 89. humidity dropped just a
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bit from yesterday. yesterday's dew point was 70. right now, 67. it is still a little sticky making the 84 feel like 87. not much going on out west. shower ins the mountains here, one severe thunderstorm watch in texas. another one in chicago land. yeah, just what they need for folks trying to fly through there. but around here, look what we have going on. this is again a look at the radar and the satellite on bonnie, boy, we had a beautiful afternoon with a high of 87 at reagan internationality. just a couple of clouds. as we look at the futurecast, a quiet night. clouds build in with some showers scattered about. futurecast doesn't look bad. i have a yellow weather alert tomorrow and monday. but the showers will hold off really until sunday night. heaviest will be monday morning which is a few showers monday afternoon. so hey, we may escape the worst of .
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60s around 70. no problems if you are headed out. tomorrow morning looks okay with increasing clouds. 60s and 70s . cool ever tomorrow afternoon. maybe a thunderstorm developing late in a few spots. upper 70s , low 80s . as we head toward monday, yellow weather alert. rain and shower ins the morning with a few showers left over in the afternoon. 83. tuesday, 87. wednesday looks good. 84. and as we head toward the second half of the week, just a chance of afternoon storms, highs in the low 80s , that's on nine tomorrow. fingers crossed. i think they will get the game. >> all right, fingers crossed. today was a great game. i'm happy about today. >> it was a great day for maryland men's lacrosse. >> there you go. >> it was a nail biter. we sweated this one out as the men terps are trying to get to the ncaa finals.
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with frank hanrahan brought to you by xfinity. >> for maryland men's lacrosse, here it is. your chance to get back to the men's lacrosse finals. all they had to do was beat brown in the semis. the men looking for their first national title in 41 years. so here we go. the philadelphia. and the coach that serves. coach tillman trying for win 100. dylan malt scores and they get 4-1. terps are controlling early. then, terps seemingly in control. henry west scores so they are up 14-10 with less than ten minutes left. this thing is over. no it wasn't. brown would not go away. under two minutes to go in regulation. brown comes all the way back. they tie it up in the fourth overtime. but they charge the possession. matty rambo. benlam, ball game. maryland win
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. our kristin berset is joined by the hero winning goal scorer. >> reporter: wow, going into overtime, what was all the emotion running in that overtime period? >> well you know, it was just another period. they were doing great. davis allen. the defense really stepped up. what were you seeing on the final goal? >> he had the ball in his stick. all the guys up there, really created movement down there. i was staying in the middle not really doing anything. all the credit goes to those guys moveing the ball around, putting motion on the defensive side. >> reporter: matt rambo had an incredible game as well. your team fighting back throughout this game. how does it feel knowing you are going back to the championship game? another shot at the title? >> it is a
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pretty experienced. we have to look at it as another game. one step closer. >> your experience helping you, north carolina has had a successful team, but they are unseeded this year. you guys going in as number one, you think this will give you that benefit? >> we just treat every game like the same. we go in there, do what we do and hopefully come out with the win. >> congratulations to the terps. a shout-out to this young kid. fin, the biggest terps terps fan, rooting on maryland in the middle of the final four. as an honorary member of the lacrosse team. carolina scores its 14 goal of the half. up 14-4 at
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greyhounds would not go quietly. they would get no closer. carolina advances to play the terps in monday's title game. the men have advanced to the finals, so did the women. they will face north carolina as well. same school. yes. the men will face. terps got there by beating syracuse last night in another dominating performance. 19-9 by maryland. so yeah. the terrapins on thore do step of winning their third straight national championship. >> we will figure out how to beat a really good carolina team. they are always exciting and when the championship is on the line, they are even more exciting. people should be in for a good one on sunday. >> we have been talking about our confidence all week around really stepping on the field and supporting each other every step of the way and focusing on the little things not worrying about the big picture. >> maryland baba
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two wins to get into title contention. not with plays like this. iowa shuts out maryland to eliminate the terps from the big ten tournament. but on the bright side, lacrosse, would they do nit they sweep come tomorrow and monday. >> and i love fin. the little six-year-old. fin, we are a fan of you. >> good luck charm. >> yeah. tell us about tomorrow. tomorrow is going to start out okay, but later on in the day, we could have a few showers and storms. that will be the case tomorrow night and monday. morning with fewer showers monday afternoon. so, if it works out, it will work out. >> excellent, we will see you right back here tonight at
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>> ninan: tropical storm warnings are up along the carolina coast. potentially dangerous weather threatens to wash out memorial day plans for millions. also tonight, nearly a dozen people hit by lightning in a paris park, including children at a birthday party. health officials issue an urgent plea to cancel or postpone the summer olympics because of the zika outbreak in brazil. more trump campaign turmoil as protesters clash with police and trump supporters. and, the search for answers after a world war ii plane crashes into the hudson river off new york city. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs weekend news."


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