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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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showers moving in triggered tonight's yellow alert and it appears the showers can stick around for memorial day. hello, how can the weather effect your planss? we have the
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>> we have the first alert forecast now. heavy rains earlier and a couple flood warnings. now, some three inches of rain with the tropical downpours all from trop cal depression, bonnie. we are seeing the heaviest pulling away from us in queens town. lightning, thunder as well. a lot of breaks in what is not going on here, a little bit of drizzle in the air and it is a very sticky tropical night. now, upper marlboro as well. it is really drying out. light sprinkles. now, in clemens earlier it is north, 3-1/2 inches of rain. this area from parts of fredericks and central area a flash flood going on until 2:00. don't drive in the high water. want to point out more rain coming up out in the mountains of the eastern and west virginia. we will watch it for the next few ho
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showers over night into tomorrow morning especially we will watch for more in the afternoon. that is why tomorrow, yellow weather alert. better mys in the middle of the week. now, the app you will need it tomorrow to make sure that your bbq or whatever you are doing will not be hampered by the passing showers. see you in a few. >> thank you very much, howard. right now, the shunt on for a gunman that shot a teenage girl in the leg and took off. it happened tonight at 7:30 on howard road southeast. we are joined live from the scene where the investigation is taking the police right now, stephanie? >> reporter: debra, the teen victim was shot in the leg but certainly the good news this evening is she is going to be okay. after she was shot she walked up to a police officer here at the metring station and told that officer she was
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stranger. now, three hours after that shooting the police are still here investigating. >> reporter: it happened near the entrance of the metro station. a source tells me he heard one gunshot and then saw a woman slumped over on the ground near the bus bay. the shooting sparked an all out search for the suspect. metro riders say they are fed up with all of the recent violence. >> a lot of violence and it needs to stop. it really makes me kind of scared to come out here to the bus terminals. >> reporter: the police are still searching for the gunman. wusa9. >> thank you, stephanie. thousands of people braved tonight's showers to go to the memorial day concert
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mall. it is hosted by joe montania. it was on the west lawn of the capitol. the concert's mission to remember the fallen and show support for their families. [music] the event included the "beachboys," general colonpowell and more. they were joined by the u.s. army chorus and other musical performances, readings and documentary footage. this year was the 27th year this free concert has been held. donald trump spoke at this afternoon's rolling thunder event. thousands of motorcyclists took part in the ride around the washington mall honoring members of the military who are missing in
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the event was calm and absent of a protest that is increasingly common at trump speeches. today he focused on the military and veterans. >> when you think of the great general paton, they are spin figure their graves when they watch "we can't beat isis" we are going to beat tphepl and knock the hell out of them. >> reporter: police had riot gear ready but ended up not using it. trump's presence drew mixed reactions. >> reporter: bikers for trump is a group supporting trump along the campaign trail. the gop nominee spoke to them and veterans on sunday even though not everyone wanted to hear it. >> i don't want to see him. >> politicalicize something like this, it seems opportunistic and cheap. >> reporter: if they like him or not there is one thing they agreed on. >> this block of people take their
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>> reporter: veterans, thousands of them roaring through dc on motorcycles for the 29th annual rolling thunder run. for many participating it is said to be a form of therapy, closure, even. >> it is connecting toy a community of veterans and just -- connecting you to a community of veterans and just makes you proud. >> reporter: engines revved up for trump. presidential candidate who once insulted a prisoner of war, senator mccain. many seemed to of welcomed the opportunity to hear where he stands. >> i don't think he meant it. no american would mean what he said. >> he speaks for a lot of people who have -- have not had a voice up until now. in their homes screaming at the tv. >> reporter: at the rally, those missing in action remaining the focus of the day. does not moan the campaign will slow down. >> he had the intention of most people in america if they like him or don'
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it will be interesting to see what happens in the next four or five months. >> reporter: at the national mall, back to you. >> hillary clinton taking a break from campaigning this holiday weekend. the polls show clinton in a dead heat with sanders ahead of june primary in california. clinton stomped across the state as she played down a report from the state department's general that criticized her use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. meantime, former new mexico governor, johnson, has won the libertarian presidential nominations on the second ballot in orlando. he is hoping to be a rival contender. peterson finished 2nd with 203 votes. we heard from donald trump, now hear from rolling thunder. although if you were in the area you might
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hundreds of thousands of bikers riding their motorcycles down to the national mall, 29th year but as it is reported people riding today wanted to make clear this tradition is not a parade it is a protest. >> reporter: on the weekend when we remember those fallen hundreds of thousands of bikers are showing what articled forces those missing in action are not forget 19this is not a parade or a party it is a protest. we need to tell our government that we still have people overseas and they need to account for them. >> this year, going to make me cry taking this beautiful lady. >> reporter: peckecky henry rode on the -- becky henry rode on the back of this motorcycle, her husband was a p.o.w. >> i just lost my husband in january. this is an honor. >> he lost his son. >> i did not want my son to ride in a hearse because he never did that be.
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carried his casket the there myself. >> reporter: he has been driving the same army truck that he used for his son's funeral in riding thunder. >> it brings back all of the memories. allen was kind of a loudmouth and this is how he would go out and go in style. >> reporter: it is wonderful. it is wonderful. noise to >> nice to be here. >> if you don't get emotional here then you don't have a heart. >> it was a mess. not good watching all of these guys -- 32 dead and god knows how many died ital. >> reporter: and to a count for those that served. back to you. >> sadly a biker who took part in today's rolling thunder ride is dead after a crash on i-66 and arlington. inside nova is reporting that a group of motorcycles was on the road when they came to a stop as they
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it appears that victim could not stop in time and crashed. medics shed him to george washington university hospital where he died. if you are in town there are many ways to observe memorial day. tomorrow is a day of remembrance begins with a laying of a wreath at the national memorial. there will be a wreath laying ceremony at the tom of the unknown soldier at 10:30 a.m. that is followed by a ceremony at the vietnam veterans memorial at 1:00 and national memorial day parade kicks off at 2:00 p.m. you can download our app for the full list of memorial day events going on tomorrow. now, a teen spheusing -- a teen is missing tonight and the police want your help. he has been missing since wednesday. he was last seen in georgetown wearing a black hoody and sweat pants and tennis shoes, described at 5 '6, weighs t
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160 pounds. anyone with information should contact dc police. okay, now, how did a child end up in this position in the gorilla enclosure? reaction from zoo visitors as the gorillaa is killed. this is a story you don't want to mis. >> but -- gorilla is ♪ what if there was a paint that made you look at paint differently
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a lockdown has been lifted. >> it sounded like war. it sounded like a war was going on. >> reporter: heavily armed police officers took cover behind trees looking for a man who opened fire. >> they were shooting randomly. one victim shot dead in this auto detail shop. five others injuredip cluing two officers, both are expected to be okay. >> ininjured including two officers, both are expected to
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be okay. >> this dodge -- injured including two officers, both are expected to be okay. >> this driver narrowly escaped. >> it went through that seat. grazed the backseat. >> reporter: another driver escaped with his life. >> the dude looked and seen me across the street and shot at me. >> reporter: the police blocked off streets and warned residents in the neighborhood to stay inside. >> we went house to house to ensure nobody else was shot and wounded. >> reporter: one suspect killed during a gun battle with a s.w.a.t. officer. the second has been detained. back to you. >> the police don't have a motive but they are not ruling out anything including the possibility that suspect was targeting the police. ukranian community is reeling after 15 people died in a fire at an unlicensed nursing me
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from that two-story building. five of them are in the hospital for burns. at this point the police are not sure what sparked this morning's blaze. however the operators of that nursing home are likely to face charges. three european countries rescued migrants from smugglers off of the coast. they rushed to the scene of a boat in distress on saturday. the latest rescue brought those migrants rescued to 13,000. the cincinnati zoo will open on tuesday but the gorilla exhibit is closed indefinitely. a 4-year-old boy got into the enclosure on saturday and was hurt. endangered gorilla had to be killed. jamie has the latest. >> cell phone videos from people visits the zoo show a 4- year-old boy in the gorella
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gorilla moot. that is when the goril approaches the boy. at first it looks like he is being protective and then it turned threatening. [screaming] >> oh my god. oh my god. >> the gorilla has the child? >> it is dragging him around the pen. >> the zoo officials removed two female gorillas from the enclosure but did not approach the gorilla for 10 minutes. eventually the zoo president said the 400 pound gorilla became vie length. >> -- became violent. the choice was made to put down or shoot the gorilla. >> reporter: the zoo says the team chose not to tranquilize the gorilla because the animal was agitated and it would of taken too long to sedate him. >> we don't want to be if a situation where they have to be killed. >> reporter: animal activists created petitions and
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pages. many angry the gorilla was put down. others want the boy's mother to face child endangerment charges. back to you. >> people for peta released a saeuplt saying the enclosure should have been surrounded by a secondary barrier between the humans and the animals. the zoo says they are reviewing security around the enclosure. good news is the boy was treated for nonlife-threatening injuries and will be okay. there was a daredevil stunt over the great wall of china today. world famous base jumper performed a human arrow stunt by dropping from a helicopter and 600 feet. there he is. >> flipping through the air at 120 miles an hour and hit a target suspended over the wall. he told the reporters the stunt involved a lot of planning and precision. >> i feel great. this is -- this is a propblg thaebgt is about 10 years in the making. something that i have been dreaming about for a long me
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wall. a symbol of a nation it is amazing. amazing to do something in a monument like this. >> he said he had been planning that project for a decade. today is a yellow alert day. now, here is wusa9's first alert weather. >> try going on after that. >> you can fly? >> yes. if someone is at the control of the plane i can fly. [ laughter ] >> okay. let's get down to business here. now, we will have more showers around at times tomorrow. especially east of washington and east of i-95. but, we have to take care of business. the 3 degree guarantee. it was a tough one. rolling clouds, now, showers on the forecast, the highs of 82. now, i was nervous with all of that sun early. you know, 83. that is the absolute high here. now, 10 of the last 11. now, we still have what is left of
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spinning here. not doing much. you don't see much activity with it. notice the onshore flow of the moisture through the cape and that is what hit us earlier with heavy rains at times. we see breaks now but still more showers off to the west. heavier showers now on the eastern shore pulling up towards elkdonand northern delaware. like sprinkles on the bay. quickly pulling away from us. not done with the rain but for now the steadier rains are pulling away. prince fredericks seeing light showers, now, we still have a flood warning in effect for the county until 12:30. clemson, heavy rain. out to the west, notice the moisture pulling up towards winchester. heavier showers pushing your way. now, i don't think it will
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now, the temperatures, down into the 60s now to about 70. and a little warmer and humid on the eastern shore with the heavy rain and the mountains, the 50s, i am thinking may have the patchy fog overnight. 68, light rain, humidity at 90%, north easterly wind at 7 miles an hour. initially, there is a lot going on. we have showers going on. in the northern rockies, severe weather again in texas. seeing a lot of severe weather. tomorrow, going to be under the gun as well. then we have what was bonnie, circulation right there. again, the flow of moisture coming up off of the atlantic right towards us. a look at the future cast, on and off showers tonight, can not rule out heavy downpours. tomorrow, look at all of the rain that the future cast is trying to generate towards the beaches here through midday. east of 95. southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore, a soggy morning, inth
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activity but still a few showers and storms. we will hold with that yellow alert because one of the showers happens to hit your event you will not be happy. 60s tonight, scattered showers, maybe a storm. heavy downpours in a couple of spots. the worst has passed. 60ss -- 60s around. tuesday, isolated afternoon storm, it will be warmer, 85. wednesday, still can not rule out a storm or two. 82. then, looking at the second half of the coming week, thursday, it looks nice. still warm storms in the forecast. tomorrow, we would like to tie 20 of measurable rain days, tying 2003. >> oh, great. >> sorry. [ laughter ] >> well, you know, tonight's wet weather did not effect thousands of people from attending today's national
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lineup this free event featured photo essays of men and women in service and sacrifices to defend our country [music]
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a day on the water ends it in tragedy for one family. 39-year-old daniel phillipss,a parentally drowned in a lake trying to rescue his son. he was struggles and him and a
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it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. the target has been on their backs all season long. the bull's-eye was hit today after maryland women's lacrosse goes down in the national title game. they have been undefeated unblemished all season long. they suffered their first loss and it was not that close. 13-7 as north carolina ends the dream of a 3-pete. we have much more coming up
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game on over time. >> reporter: they fall short in the final game but the seniors leave behind an incredible legacy. i inam chester, pennsylvania more on the championship game, coming up. let see if maryland men can get that title, shall we? tomorrow the teres face north carolina in philadelphia coming off of that dramatic overtime victory over brown: all right, stephen strausberg improves mowing down st. louis this rnafteoon. final count, 10-2 to split the series. so the nats right now are still atop the nl east. now, the grand sal ami. the running of the indianapolis 500. rookie was on fumes, literally, just had enough gas to take the chre
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speed. >> and milk. fat free? >> i think you go heavy, vitamin d. when you win you earned it. the temperatures tomorrow, 80, drier by tuesday and wednesday the way it looks. not completely dry.
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coming up on next on "game on overtime." maryland la crosse, a chance for a clean sweep. looking for a 3-pete for the title but north carolina had other ideas. steven has been perfect for the nationals. a chance to improve 9-0 and trumping st. louis staring her down. we have the latest. "game on overtime" starts right now. north carolina, they waited 365 days to flip the script. the tar heels end perfection


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