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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  May 30, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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fo right now at 7:00. heavy rain and thunderstorms greeting travelers as they come home from the holiday weekend. there is a live look right now on route 50 as drives approach the bay bridge. maryland transportation authorities said that cars are backed up bumper to bumper for a 16-mile stretch. hello and thanks for joining us. i'm bruce johnson. showers will continue through the night. howard bernstein telling us who is getting hit hardest. howard. >> a measurable memorial day on the beaches. look at the tropical moisture. southeast virginia, the outer banks and ocean city, a very wet day. locally we have had a couple of showers and much better. some of them rather heavy and nothing severe. weakening as they approach cross
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20 minutes and maybe martyrsburg. winchester 7:43 and we have to watch. up to the south and east. it has been a wet day and southern maryland. you notice the back edge slowly creeping away. i think it will dry out in just a little while. a sticky night. if you have been outside. the humidity is back. temperatures are in the mid-70s and still 80s in germantown and hay market at 72. clouds and a sticky night. could be a spotty shower or storm. overall, not too bad as temperatures fall through the 70s. but a couple of rain chances coming up in the next few days and picking up towards the end of the week. seven-day forecast along with first alert doppler pull available on the wusa9 app. download if you haven't because you can take us with you. i will be back in a few minutes and bruce will talk about what
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taking a live look at the white house where all is back to normal after a security scare. a woman threw something over the fence. emergency crews swarmed to the scenes that was crowd crowded with memorial day visitors. president obama was inside the white house and went into brief lock down with everybody else. just ten days ago the secret service shot man outside the white house. when he refused to put down a gun while walking towards a checkpoint. right now prince henry county police trying to track down the other side after deadly shootout. gunfire erupted in woodbridge virginia at a bar after last call this morning. 23-year-old johnny camaro was shot and later died at a hospital. police say they have been called to that bar before.
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i'm concerned that it could get worse. the bar is off smoketown road and still opened. it is the 10th homicide in woodbridge. prince george's police. trying to figure out who killed a young mother in adelphi. found dead in a laundry room. she was so badly beaten that a family member had to identify her by a tattoo. she struggled with addiction. and had a 3-year-old son. detectives looking for evidence. all across the country americans paused to remember those that gave their lives protecting our country. on this last memorial day in office, president obama placed a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns in arlington national cemetary and called for
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families. there was a wreath laid at the world war ii memorial. mike h ydak emceed the ceremony. he talked to a man that fought in the battle of normandy. >> do you feel your service is appreciated? >> absolutely. i happen to be an extremely loyal american. i love this country with a passion and the military. and i hope we continue to be this strongest and most powerful nation in the world. it is a deterrent to war. not an introduction to war. >> god bless you. thank you so much for your service. children from france came to the memorial today to thank american gis for liberating their countries. today thousands turned out for the largest memorial day parade in the nation's capital. wusa9 stephanie gilhart takes us there. the parade came through here and people lined constitu a
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waved flags like this and the parade continued down this way about ten blocks. this parade is a moving timeline of our military history. saluting our nation's fallen heroes from the american revolution to today. >> i am very proud of my husband. he is a veteran. this is all about him and the veterans today. we have a stronger bond than we would with our blood family because we have been through so much and the true meaning of this, saying thank you to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. alongside the veterans, celebrities like buzz aldridge performing. >> coming here to see my daughter and her high school get picked for this is a lot. i'm currently stationed in new york and she lives in wisconsin so i get to see her and get to be at this parade and to be in d. c. it is a big deal. special military tributes this year included e
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anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. as you can see cleanup is under way. reporting in d. c., stephanie gilhart, wusa9. hundreds of gulf war veterans were in today's parade. the largest reunion since 1991. that is when we had a break to welcome them back home. the vice president joe biden is spending the day and honoring his late son bo. he died a year ago today of brain cancer at a hospital in bethesda. today the delaware national guard revealed new signs naming its headquarters after the former state's attorney and national guard major. bo biden enlisted back in 2003 and spent a year deployed in iraq. for so many this is the solemn day of remembrance and one widow we spoke with wants everybody to celebrate our fallen heroes by living. jane warden loss her husband chris warden to the war in afghanistan five years ago. seeing the
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loved ones go through the same hardships, the wife told us she must persevere to make her husband proud. >> that is what it is all about. those closest live in sadness for the rest of their lives. they want them to be happy and them to enjoy their freedom that they fought and that many of them bled for. well said. living a worthy life is a way to give a fallen a voice. the hunt is on this memorial day for looters that desecrated a battlefield. investigators from the national park service are now trying to track down the thieves that dug holes across acres of petersburg national battlefield south of richmond. it is the site of the longest siege of the civil war. almost 70,000 soldiers were wounded more than 1,000 killed in the nine-and-a-half battle. historians say we lose a context when someone does this to the relics. >> it is like ripping
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artifacts as they are in the ground, they show patterns and depth. they show types. all kinds of information can be learned from them by doing the proper archaeological dig. and we are reminded that there's a thriving online market for all kinds of civil war artifacts and prices can run in the thousands of dollars. soand me of the online ads specifically brag that their artifacts are from petersburg. a store stirring strong emotions. a gorilla killed after dragging a boy. now zoo officials defending their decision to kill the animal. tracking great white sharks in delmar. soon we will be able to tell if there's something under the surface without getting into the water. we are checking in with a famous visitor. we will show you how close the shark got to the beach. that's coming
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some incredible videos of a tornado near peach colorado. fortunately no one hurt and only minor damage reported. the logan county sheriff's office says it ripped off the front door of a barn and knocked down power poles. it saved the little boy's life from the director of the zoo. it was said that they did the right thing when they shot and killed the gorilla from a boy that entered the enclosure. everybody is talking about this. at one point the 450-pound gorilla drags the boy through the moat. he says the tranquilizer was
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danger and people that capture that and monday morning quarterbacks were second guessers don't understand that you can't take a risk with a silver back gorilla. maynard says the zoo is devastated by the loss and the zookeepers were able to harvest dna for the future. some want the mother of the child charged for not looking at her child. caught on camera. good samaritans in sri lanka saved a baby elephant in a drain. they had to use rope to drag him out. wildlife officials returned him to his mom that is eagerly waiting for him on the side of the road. watching
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doppler approaching winchester but today with all of the humidity and the last two days with the rain. no surprise. high on the molds and grasses are high. talking about rain chances for the short-term and rising again. that seven-day forecast is coming up after the break. these veterans have a unique way for dealing with stress. the
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the department of veteran affairs says that 20% of vets suffer from post traumatic disorder and what happens with horses. >> kevin did not expect to find healing on this rural virginia farm. >> there is something peaceful about horses. >> the retired marines suffers from ptsd and says this former horse, clayton is helping him cope. diagnosed after serving in iraq and afghanistan. >> i just had a short temper and as a sergeant it was an expectation that you are doing your job well when you are on that edge a little bit. the problem was carrying that home. >> we came over to him. >> susie leads this equine assisted therapy. she says veterans learn
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at peace through walking and grooming the animals. >> they have gone through traumas and you have to put up defenses and have to find ways to deal. what the horses offer is an opportunity to let down all of your defenses. >> one things the veterans don't do with the horses is ride them. we are about relationship, companionship and partnership and not control. >> when mike returned from iraq he struggled with alcohol abuse and anxiety. spending time with horses is calming. >> you guys start to feed off each other and the energies intertwine. >> after spending a week at the ranch. some with their families, many vets say they are moving in the right direction. the next time you gaze in the atlantic ocean, great white shark population is growing. you
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officials are using high tech and low tech waves for beachgoers. in cape cod new flags with shark silhouettes were warned that they were nearby and later this summer we will see where they are by using our phones. that's right, the atlantic great white conservancy is developing an app to let beachgoers monitored the movement of tagged great whites and post their possible sightings along the eastern seaboard. one of the most popular great whites is ck in our own neighborhood for the memorial day weekend. mary lee the shark that went viral last year with a twitter post. now swimming in the waters. her tracker pinged yesterday afternoon when there were plenty of people in the water and she was pretty far away from shore, about 80 miles away we are told. the rainy weather has not scared mary lee away. it did keep people from
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and you can see it is deserted. that is because it is raining so badly. everybody is in the movie theater. a lot of people headed back home. a lot of people left early because they knew the day would look like this. >> and it has. up and down from the carolinas through the mid-atlantic and southern jersey. very typical picture. all thanks to what is left of bonnie. still spinning here. it is a post tropical low now. and the moisture continues to fall off of the atlantic and there's cape hatteras and virginia beach. still raining in ocean city and seeing the back edge pull to the east. and a line of showers and storms to the west that we have to track. early with one shower pop up in the 5:00 hour on the east side of dc towards prince george's and that stopped quickly and that part in junction the
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heavier showers back and just about to move in towards the baker area. all moving southeast about 20 miles per hour. so it may never make it to the blue ridge the way it is going now. if it is holds together it will be in winchester after 8:00 and charleston 8:15 and southern maryland, you have had a wet day. especially southern st. mary's county. rain is almost down there. cambridge and oxford as well. a few more hours it should start to finally give you a break. where it has been raining look at the temperatures, upper 60s and low 70s. we are sitting at 75 at a high of 80 this afternoon. 80s in the shenandoah valley and a humid night and a little bit of haze and mostly cloudy skies and 75 degrees. that's the problem. your dew point, 71 and it gets above 60 and above 70 and oppressive humidity like you
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well, we are seeing storms middle of the country. from southern canada to northern mexico. lots of storms and the tropical plume bringing all of the moisture up to the carolinas and to our next of the woods. good news is that we are going to see less activity the next few days. unfortunately the two better chances for showers and storms. what we are looking at, let me back up here. i kind of went past the forecast. tomorrow morning after tonight, patchy fog and down in the 60s. but we warm up quickly tomorrow as we head towards the afternoon. mid-80s with an isolated shower or storm. 3 day forecast with a seven-day forecast. shows the better chances of showers coming friday and again on sunday. well i'm sure they knew it could happen but i'm not sure maryland lacrosse even considered the outcome against north carolina and the national title. we have the
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another chance to race the path. disappoint for maryland. men's lacrosse the number one seed and the favorite to knock out unranked north carolina. the terps trying to shake it. can't win it. conner kelly to matt ramble makes it 13-11 maryland. but can't close it out. carolina cuts it to one goal and here with the equalizer from patrick kelley with 3 minutes left. we head to overtime again. and after maryland, the fans are anxious and can't convert, maryland comes down with a man advantage. chris kludei scoring the game- winning goal. north carolina national champs and the wait is 41 years and counting for the terms to get a title. kristen berset has more from philadelphia. this was supposed to be the year the maryland men's lacrosse team ended that championship drought. they have been in this position
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of the field this time after losing to unc. there was stunned silence and plenty of tears. >> i wanted those guys to enjoy the moment and that's the hardest part not seeing any smiles. as coach it's not ... it's never about us. it is always about them. and this group is awesome. it is tough when we lose. in the beginning of february, it is a tough loss seeing so many guys put in so much effort. one game is not going to define us. i don't know what the streak was but 15 or 16, it was exceptionally hard to do. again, couldn't be anymore prouder of the guys. in the end, it is a sweep by unc this memorial day weekend. they are the first program since princeton in 1994
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both the mens and the women's lacrosse national championship. in philadelphia,
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sizzling couples. >> she said yes. >> sexy bikini bodies. and big blockbusters getting ready to burn up the box office. >> action. >> yep, it must be summer time. >> whole lives built up to this moment. >> this memorial day, we're bringing the heat. the sweat. >> you are getting pumped in between takes. >> and the romance. >> it's the most important event that's ever happened. >> dust off the bikini. >> makes me feel better. >> or grab a comfy outfit. >> i'll take a gym suit. >> "e.t.'s" memorial day special starts right now. >> how are you doing? >> now for may30 th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." thanks for joining us, everyone, on this memorial day. nichelle turner in for fancy o'dell. the unofficial start of summer and here's what we're going to do, get you ready for the month. >> h.o.t. today. we have the hottest movies, stars,


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