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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now, look as the memorial day holiday weekend comes to a close. it is pretty humid and we're looking ahead to the morning drive. things for joining us, i'm adam foster. >> i'm adam longo, there are things you need to worry about . fog later tonight, still a few showers but the concern and where we have
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a problem for the thursday morning commute. still a few showers to the west and east and over some city. a little bit of rain left over but we missed the showers so we are stuck on 19 days of precipitation, one shy of the record. south and west moving toward rickardsville, it is coming out and north baltimore if you hours and purging east through st. michaels come up prince frederick. of course the eastern shore, a couple of showers. it is muggy with temperatures in the low 70s and tomorrow some patchy fog, and isolated shower with nice temperatures getting back into the mid-80s and the folks who went on to the beach, they knew the rain was coming
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application. when we come back we will talk about a couple more rain showers before the week is out. a man accused of stealing crab legs from a grocery store is in critical condition after being shot by an off-duty police officer. >> it happened on a quiet sunday morning when a suspected shoplifter pointed a gun at the cop working security. we are live in the 300 block. reporter: the man is in critical but stable condition as police continue to investigate this as well as another incident that happened also here at this giant two weeks ago. >> this giant grocery store has been the scene of some unwanted attention. around 6:30 dc police say an off-duty officer
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carrying items from the store, when the off-duty officer approached him the suspect pulled out a gun and added they did not comply with the owners of the officers of the off-duty officer shot the man. >> i bring my daughter over here with me because i live down the street and walk here all the time, that is a big concern for our safety.>> it comes two weeks after a security guard and a transgender woman, they charged the security guard after surveillance showed her refusing to let the woman use the women's restroom. the incidents concern some. >> you can't remove all that conflict with the new development. >> it is part of the fabric of the city.>> what happened? reporter: while the it
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room for improvement it is making progress. >> it is a neighborhood in transition. reporter: they add that the suspect, his weapon was also found here after the incident and they are still investigating. president. obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown to honor the dead-- the nation's war dead. he commemorated people who have died serving the nation and the president. called for active support of families of the falling. >> as we gather here a year ago more than 20 brave americans have given their lives for the security of our people in afghanistan. we prayed for them and their
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>> in iraq in the fight, three americans have given their lives on our behalf. today i ask you to remember the stories as well. >> there are 4000 troops participating in the anti-isis effort. high school bands marched down constitution avenue is thousands of spectators took in the nation's largest memorial day parades. hundreds of go for utterance to place in the parade which marked the largest reunion since the 1991 point that will come veterans back home. issues will remain in the political spotlight for at least another day thinks to the presumptive gop nominee donald trump. >> he will arrive which charities will receive money from the millions he claimed to have raised at a fundraiser back in january. we are joined live with the report of why th
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where it is going has become a political liability. what do you know? >> you may remember this back in january, there was scandal when it started. he participated to put-- refused to participate in a debate but instead held a rally where he claimed to raise money for charities. that number has changed several times as have the answers about who is getting the money when. reporter: he made his roar known. >> we're going to rebuild the military and take care of veterans. >> we just raised almost $6 million for the vets. reporter: one factor aren't him the qualified support of many events. >> he supports his troops and everything else i think is
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reporters dogging him to find out exactly how much money he raised. >> he fired off a series of frustrated tweets after making his own donation, something his campaign manager said had already been done. he sees the fundraiser as a test case for trumps ability to follow through on his pledges. >> the operational requirements of taking in $6 million and giving it away is peanuts compared to what it would mean to reform the da a giant couple kidded institution. as he struggled to do this i would say is he struggling-- what he struggled to do a more complicated job? >> they see it as a nonserious stunt campaign. >> i don't think he takes the election seriously. i think if he takes it seriously an
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serious about releasing taxes. >> we probably won't see them tomorrow but the washington post believes they have accounted for $4 million of the money he raised. a spokesperson did not respond to questions about the money. the questions will likely continue. reporting live, garrett hage. >> it will be an event. the democratic primary of the district is coming up on june 14 early voting starts tomorrow and not just the race for president. there are several key city council seats as well. download the application to stay informed on campaign 2016 whether you are talking local or national the voter guides including your polling place and candidate pro part-- profiles are all in one place. a security scare, a woman tossed a metal container
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the fence and apparently there were papers inside. the secret service arrested the woman, the white house on lock down and called in a hazmat team but found nothing dangerous. >> police search for a suspect who shot a teenage girl outside the metro station last night. the victim told an officer she had been shot by a man that she didn't know at the entrance of the best bay area. still no word on who police may be looking for. the family of a young mother, this is a memorial day for all the wrong reasons. last memorial day someone on a dirt bike fired into a barbecue party, killing tamara. a year later, no arrests and no rest a year later.>> it is frustrating and painful to know that hundreds of people and no one saw anything
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but refused to come forward. that same week someone killed milton and her family is also waiting for answers and an arrest. just after last call, a fight escalates into a shootout. one man died, the killer ran off and it happened early this morning outside the babylon hookah lounge. we tried to talk to somebody but an employee slammed the board-- slammed the door in our reporter space. so far no arrests. the trail the killer after a young mother is found. to death in the laundry room of an apartment building. it is often 18th it is often 18th avenue. and someone discovered the body -- it is often 18th avenue.
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she has a three-year-old son and did not live in that complex. out of montgomery county a report of an adult falling to their death. police say it happened at the sterling apartment in bethesda, right now more questions than answers, we will stay on top of the story for you. a swimming pool, it was a lifeguard who needed saving. it happened at the riverside park swimming pool on camera and run terrace. they tell us the lifeguard suffered some type of emotional distress and he resisting offers of help and jumped into the water and sink to the bottom. a fire and rescue unit revived him and took him to the hospital. a chaotic day is sparking a debate across the country. i'm ellison barber and that story is coming up . a flash flooding and-- in -- and a tornado warning, and it is not
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the cincinnati zoo. >> a boy managed to sneak into guerrilla exhibit. the zoo says killing the animal was the only option but not everyone agrees. ellison barber has the story life -- live. reporter: this zoo is 400 miles away from the cincinnati zoo but still every visitor knew exactly what happened over there. >> i have seen the vi deo. reporter: a 400 pound gorilla harambe is sitting in front of a four-yr-old boy, moments later he is dragging him by the ankle.>> his head was banging against the wall as he was climbing up, so that is the part that people didn't see.>> roughly 10 minutes after he landed, zoo workers shot and killed the critically endangered gorilla and know what sparked all kinds of debate.>> he was a nc
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city of cincinnati. >> i believe that is the parents mistake. they should take care of their kids so it is unfair.>> if it was happening to me i would want them to save my child.>> you find the parents-- give the parents a fine. >> they say they did not have a choice, a tranquilizer would not work and the risks were too great. >> the second guessers don't understand that you can't take a risk with a silverback gorilla, they are three times bigger than a man, six times stronger. not a gentle thing. >> wherever the debate ends, it is minding many people to keep their guard up. even as replacement for fun. >> the ape was banging on the wall a long time ago. >> what do you do to save safe- - a stay safe?>> i
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anywhere near the fence and i stay with my dad. reporter: the director says there gorilla exhibit has a bear your 3 feet tall and exceeds the regulatory standards outlined by two government agencies. however that exhibit is now closed indefinitely. reporting live the national zoo, ellison barber , wusa9. >> the boy involved was taken to the hospital and released a few hours later, no charges filed against the parents but that has not stopped people from calling them out. first of all, the mother of that child is down, irresponsible, and should be held responsible for the death of harambe. >> when you have little kids you have to be on top of them at all times. >> other people step forward to the defense of the parent, it is unfair to judge the mother, every mother will have a scar
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broken bones or stitches, when i was five both my parents lost the in a crowd, they were not neglecting me, lay off of the mother. have you ever seen a live spout tornado? this is from colorado near the nebraska border, it is a tornado that looks like a waterspout. it is real but that twister took out a born and a few others and knocked down a power line.>> if you wanted to go to mars, tonight is the night. it is as close as it has been the past 11 years. it is a mere 46.8 million miles. good road trip. >> it is called the mars close approach. it will be even closer, only 35.8 million miles, st
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bags and take off. folks out there probably will not get a good shot. >> it will be bright for the next few weeks and will not be a problem. they sent the emails and he took some pictures and it will be pretty visible, right after sunset pretty bright most of the night, if we could clear some of the clouds out, the next few weeks will still be bright. >> if we don't see you tonight. we have a temperature forecast of 80 degrees thinking about the clouds, the possibility of rain and that is where we stopped, 80. 11 of the last 12 and 86, it will be warmer tomorrow and they will have more sunshine
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once the week tropical storm off to the carolinas, finally they are just about done, the atlantic beach come at the end of the memorial day weekend, back to school and they cleared out early with all the rain. you see some showers lingering off to the west north and east. nothing going on in the immediate metro and you will see showers weakening. we have this line trying to get to baltimore, you see it about to extend toward the coast county maybe it's frederick but st. michaels just to the north and west, you may see a few showers. temperatures are upper 60s and low 70s and the dewpoint, it is very mighty-- muggy. if we could get a clearing i think some patchy fog form
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visibility, 73 and south wind 8 miles per hour, this continues thanks to, we will see improving conditions for tomorrow. the isolated showers will taper off and be in the 60to near 70s. tomorrow morning 60s and 70s, partly sunny skies after they burn off, mid-80s are looking pretty good. an isolated shower or thunderstorm wednesday, isolated showers 82, looking good and by friday not so good. scattered showers and storms, saturday looks like the better day on sunday. >> lots going on in the world of weather. >> you can make changes. a lot going on on the college campus.
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will the national title game weight be over? this is the last time they won the in 2016
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game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> how good has this guy been? and daniel murphy has been a big reason they are on pace for 90+ winds. a nine-game road trip visiting the philadelphia phillies. 1-0 no more as they go deep. we are all tied up in philadelphia not exactly sure what they are doing, maybe it will go viral, who knows? two outs, comes through with a base hit and that would score 2 runs as they hold on for the win 4-3 . bryce harper they had an issue there
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okay. the men's lacrosse program is one of the best in the country but they needed a national title to validate that, something they have not done in 41 years. they are facing north carolina for connor kelly, 13-11 and that stood, carolina cut it to one, then we go to overtime. inches moments and maryland cannot convert, chris scores a game-winner, unc upsetting maryland as they are denied get again, they have more from philadelphia.
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>> this is supposed to be the year the end the drought, they have been in this position four out of six years so you can imagine walking off the field after losing to unc there was some silence and plenty of cheers. >> that's the hardest part, as coach. it is never about us, it is always about them and this group is awesome. >> it is tough when we lose in the beginning of february, it is a tough loss to see so many put in so much effort. >> one game is not going to define us. 1516 or whatever, it is exceptionally hard to do i couldn't be anymore proud of the guys this year. >> it is a sweep this memorial day weeken
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to win both the men's in the women's lacrosse national championship. in philadelphia i'm kristen berset. this remains the last time, there's always next year but this is supposed to be big year, lawyers have just been oklahoma city 96-88. >> we all saw that
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a marine lost a leg to a bomb in afghanistan. >> he found something more precious at the top of mount everest. the world's tallest peak. he made ithe
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first combat wounded veteran to do so. he says he did not do it just for himself.>> when i got to mount everest i took a few tokens of fallen servicemembers , some really great friends that i remember and i said a little prayer not only for them but for every service member that has given their life for our great country. >> a remarkable feat and he did it with purpose. >> a support for the heroes project for supporting charlie every step of the way.>> he was not alone, lots
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g. >> stephen: hey, chris. >> hey, stephen. >> stephen: hey, man, thanks so much for being here. we're so excited that coldplay is on the show tonight. >> thanks so much. it looks like an amazing show. >> stephen: oh, we're going to have a good time. >> everything looks great. just one thing. >> stephen: about the show? >> about the theme song. >> stephen: what, is there something wrong with the theme song? >> no, the tune is great, the tune is good, but i just feel like it needs words, it needs lyrics. so i've just been working on some, right here. >> stephen: you wrote lyrics? to our theme song? >> yeah, i did. >> stephen: can i hear them? >> yeah, so you know how the show opens with that drum roll? >> stephen: yeah, brr-rr-rap! >> and shoo-be-do-dop. shoo-doo-dop-doo. shoo-be-do-dop. shoo-be-doo-doo-doo-doo. >> stephen: that's our theme song. >> thanks, man, i'm glad you love it.


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