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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  June 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. only on 9 tonight, justice finally in a brutal dc murder 23 years after the crime. glad you're with us tonight. i'm leslie foster. police arrested -- after they say he stabbed a young woman to death in a dc neighborhood back in 1993. only on with wusa9. >>
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worked hand in hand on this case following a trail of dna from the crime scene through the decades, finally making an arrest this week. elijah jenkins can still remember the morning police discovered the body of his friend. >> what do you remember when you came over and saw it? >> i was shocked. i knew her. i knew her baby father and everything and i knew her. >> someone had beaten johnson badly and stabbed her to death outside this home. just one 467 homicides recorded in. >> how is the pd working with these cases. >> basically with forensics. he picked up johnson's case after it had gone cold. as bart part of a task force. they started with a blood trail leading away from the scene. >> what we
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trail that we can now enter into a brand new database. >> the database ruled out two suspects and a -- who had confessed to the crime. the fbi kept testing it until they got a positive hit in 2014. detectives interviewed -- whose criminal record landed him in the da's database. earlier this year the fbi tested a second sample, ryan matched again. this time police got a warrant and a task force arrested bryant this week. >> to know they percentisted -- persisted until they found the person. >> bryant was presented before a dc judge this morning. he will be held without bond. in his last interview with police after his arrest
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continued to deny any involvement with the murder but could not explain how his blood and dna was found at the scene. >> some really good police work. thank you, garrett. we are tracking metro tonight and we are just 24 hours away from the launch of metro's safe plan. >> it's a project that will affect every single commuter, regardless of whether you take the metro or not. has been at metro stops tonight to see whether all these commuters, are they really ready for what's ahead. >> the riders we spoke with say they are ready. for what, exactly, though, they are not sure yet. >> if metro riders have learned anything from years of break downs and delays, it's kind of wait. >> they definitely have prepared the city, the region for being patient. >>
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whole conversation, patience. >> meantmetro riders are going to need that for the next i don't know -- the first victims, east coast church and boston station. though the ripple will be felt down the line. >> no worry. >> that's because kortney takes the orange line. >> i actually live in centreville so i drive in and take the metro from vena. >> you don't know what to expect. >> i have no idea. >> it makes planning a bit of a challenge. >> i'm going to try to work from home as much as possible and from there, with metro. going in a little earlier, just kind of go with it. >> but not everyone can be so flexible, especially finding a different way to work from uber to car pool. >> so you're willing to maybe explore other
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walking would not an option. the bus will definitely be an option. >> unfortunately i don't have much of a choice for working downtown. but we'll hopefully be able to get to work on the orange rail. >> i just hope that everybody has everything under control yes, they will need that hope and some patience. >> i ride metro every day. the train. i'm used to it so i know exactly what to expect, wait. >> well, the other side to this is the employers. the riders we spoke with say their bosses are being accommodating and we are hoping they will also have plenty of patience. it's going to be an adjustment for everyone for sure. thanks. wusa9, your one stop for everything you need to know. now would be a great time to download our app
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best traffic alerts and navigate the shut downs. a yellow weather alert in effect for tomorrow and you may have heard a rumble of thunder out there tonight. >> let's get right to -- who has been tracking some thunderstorms. hey, howy. >> looks like tomorrow afternoon and sunday are going to be -- the activity moving west to east. having a hard time making it east. there's nothing immediate in the metro but you go to winchester up toward 81. this is where we are seeing showers, occasional thunder out here. really north of route 7 for the most activity. just north of maryville. cable town and toward shepherd town. this is all moving off to the
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northeast. so at 11:07, travis burg 11:41. not only tomorrow but sunday afternoon. i'll be back with that full 7 day forecast. it's been a difficult day for our military, first, 6 soldiers are dead, after an army truck overturned in texas. then the pilot of a -- then in colorado springs the video you see here on the right, a parachuting air force thunder birth thunderbird crash. first researchers in the air, they are checking out a rain swollen creek at a texas army post. it happened when a transport truck was swamped. 3 other soldiers were rescued. next the blew angels pilot killed has been identifi
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as marine captain jeff cuss. cuss is originally from durango colorado. the blue angels were out practicing for an air show when this happened. then to colorado where the pilot in the thunder bird crash was able to eject safely. he was later greeted by president obama who had been attending the graduation of the air force academy. both crashes are now under investigation. tonight in montgomery county, a 24-year-old man is behind bars convicted of carrying out a violent armed robbery in the fall of last year. police arrested devon day dixon but police say he did not act alone. allison barber brings us the story from rocksville. >> devan day dixon is facing 45 years behind bars for armed robbery but poli
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an accomplice and so far they haven't found him. worn out air jordans, that's how police caught he van day and say it's the main reason a jury convicted him. >> police were able to lift the shoe prints from the door which was kick understand and match the wear and tear on those air jordans to the shoe print on the door. they were able to lift the shoe prints down. >> but prosecutors say dixon didn't just rob a home. he violently attacked a woman he had met years before in class at roberto clem en day middle school. >> it was just a coincidence. >> according to court documents dixon and another man burst into the apartment on november 4, 2015. the victim was in a bedroom putting her one-year-old to sleep when she heard loud
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time to see the front door fly open. dixon documents said came in and began to punch her in the face saying where is the money at. even as the victim held her one- year-old daughter, documents say dixon kept going until. >> she had screamed during the invasion, i know you, why are you doing this to me. court documents say that's when dixon and the other ran and sped off without any money. the victim actually went on facebook after the home invasion and found a photo of dixon that she then gave to detectives. that's the big reason they were able to identify him. reporting in rockville. a vicious crime. allison, thank you. dixon will be sentenced in july. the police are asking for your help. they want to get his partner off the street and they are asking anyone with information to give them a call. and the word th
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you have seen it by now. that is pretty stupid. a guy in an atv taunting a police officer. well, now the suspect has gone behind bars. he's of fort washington now charged with restless driving. his buddy is also charged. turns out barber here is a registered sex offenders, convicted of rape back in 2007. 2 teenagers have some explaining to do. tonight they are back home nearly a month after they disappeared. 13-year-old facet lima and 14- year-old ruby tore san oh. they left home voluntarily. officers finally caught up with them in baltimore. >> it's not hard to imagine trump. leading us into a war just because somebody got under his
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very thin skin. >> hillary clinton issuing a warning about donald trump. her vicious attacks on his tantrums and templement. and he's under arrest for a violent bizarre crime. so why is this man crying? an update on the man known as the greatest,
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going to need lots of delays tomorrow morning. we'll tell you how to plan ahead. the campaign television now 2016 now and hillary clinton has used a speech to rip donald trump. >> trump responded by calling her crooked and taking to twitter. >> the person the republicans have nominated for president cannot do the job. >> in a speech that was deadly serious one
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humorious the next. >> donald trump's ideas aren't just different. they are dangerously incoherent. they are not even really ideas, just a series of bizarre rants, personal feuds and outright lies lies. this is not someone who should ever have the nuclear code because it's not hard to imagine donald trump leading us into a war just because somebody got under his very thin skin. >> she said trump lacks the knowledge to become commander in chief. >> i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. >> his seemingly cavalier attitude about waterboarding and other countries. >> you say you will start a trade war. when you're making that kind of money wh
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>> there's no. >> the former secretary of state brought up the many foreign leaders who have mocked trump calling him, quote, dumb and barking mad, a man who changes opinio like the rest of us change underwear. he has drawn praise in north korea which called him wise and farsighted this week after he complemented their leader. >> he said you have got to give him credit -- he said if he were grading putin as a leader he would give him an a. now, i will leave it to the psychiatrist to explain his. >> bernie sanders also joined in the fight tonight criticizing clinton for voting in the war for iraq which he called the blunder. a young man sobbed
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police took his mugshot and he's got plenty to cry b. he's charged with sexual assault. say he went to a house party, walked in on a woman using the bathroom and they say he held a knife to her neck and threatened to cut her if she did not have sex with him. that woman screamed and somebody called police and he's crying now. autopsy results show prince died from an overdose of a painkiller. up to 50 times more potent than heroin. friends say he suffered from intense pain from his performances. former heavyweight champion mohammed ali is in the hospital. he is in fair condition. his stay in the hospital is prescribed as a precaution but
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soon. we wish him well. absolutely. all right, the star must go on. but the star inaccurate or -- inaccurate or is -- sources say his last day on stage is july 9 july 9th and then it's on to other projects. miranda is not confirming it but july 9th is the day contracts run out for the principal actors. and we heard -- snag m hifor his care cokey -- karaoke segment. team we'll all -- tomorrow we'll all be singing in the rain maybe. >> sunday may be the day we're singing in the rain. >> do your best gene kelly for us. >> let's take care of business. forecast high today 82 degree
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think we got up to? 82 degrees. a bull's eye here. that's 14 of the last 15. i know we got off to a rough start in may but we are rolling right now. storms are rolling. this is probably depression bonnie trying to become a tropical storm and look at all the activity we've had out to the west. see how rain is falling apart. still holding together north and west to leesburg. nothing in the immediate area but some light showers here. heavier showers coming into jefferson county. you see them here from -- moving in toward areas in eastern washington and fredericks son. look at cable town, heavy rain about to move in. we see a little bit of lightning with this stuff. wind about 20 miles per hour. and there are
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warnings that have had some heavy rain. go to my facebook. i retweeted something from texas texas. there's a car getting swept off a bridge. that's what not to do. heading to the beach you may be dodging a few showers. saturday looks good but sunday features the threat for showers and storms and a high of 81. right now we're in the 70s and where the rain was west don't be surprised if we have a couple of areas of fog by morning. 74 right now and the humidity is high. we're looking at low 80s tomorrow. 114 in phoenix, that would be record. lots of showers in texas. around here, we're just watching the activity because there's so much activity that's going to be coming the next few days and by the way,
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tropical depression bonnie still going strong. our forecast for tonight. can't rule out a storm passing. that's going to be a little muggy. tomorrow showers. a yellow weather alert. three day forecast, saturday, not too bad, just a few showers and storms in the afternoon. sunday looks to be a very active day, another yellow weather alert. there could be some storms and drying out finally as we start out the week. >> that poor softball game is looking. >> but there is a bright spot. tough weekend for terps lacrosse. didn't end the way they wanted but a great night. one terp's career comes to a
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♪ it's time to get out and explore. look beyond the expected. hidden among the trees. there's a special place. where getting away... brings us so much closer. vacation packages start at just $50 per person. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. a whole other world awaits. now wusa game on sports. brought to you by xfinity. the burgundy and gold has spent the last few weeks together as a team working toward the 2016 season. every member of the team has shown up for voluntary otas,
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their burgundy and gold for white. it was the first annual white party down to the millennial building. a fun night for the team to come together away from the football field and it all benefits the boys and girls club of washington. >> guys enjoy dressing up. and having a good time and definitely celebrating a good event, sponsoring a good organization that everybody kind of has some kind of relationship to. i had to show he the burgundy side, but it's fun to see guys dress up like this. >> this is what we talked about all week. who is going to be. >> we can get away from the football building and there's value in that. >> a fun night had by all. all -- was the best. finishing off a regular season bu
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of their national title. but once again tonight they had something to celebrate at the awards. >> and the first ever three time male and female winner. >> senior taylor cummings becomes the first three time winner of the -- award given to the best collegiate lacrosse player. >> our season didn't end how we wanted again but i would lose again to get 60 more minutes with you. this is for you. this award isn't for me. i have loved every single second. it's because of you and i'm forever terp, so thank you and have a great night. >> we're so proud of taylor and then up in baltimore was maryland pride t.
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at the oriole -- pitchers were like, oprah, you get a homerun. everybody gets a homerun. other goals hit -- orioles hit 7 homeruns. os win 12-7, being there with the fans. >> it's always great to get over to an orioles game because there are a lot of terp fans. i always like coming over here. >> yeah, fun night for them. great game for all of them to see. and an exciting season for the
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after certaining for six days they found him and he seems to be okay. a little boy abandoned in a forest in japan. >> the
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police their son disappeared. well they later admitted they made him get out of the car to punish him for throwing rocks. they returned a few minutes later but he was gone. no word on whether the parents will face charges. >> probably not a good idea. glad they found him safe. watch out for some showers and storms, especially tomorrow afternoon. saturday not too bad and sunday could be some strong storms. sundays looks very active. >> okay, we'll pay attention. >> thanks for watching, everybody, have a
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>> tonight stephen welcomes tom hanks, lesley odom, jr. and a musical performance by the strumbella's. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now it's time for the "late show" with stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs


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