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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  July 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the cases. some neighbors save safety is the concern. forcing people to walk where they normally wouldn't walk, plus many streetlights are broken. >> this corner along flagler these two or three blocks is where so much of the crime has been concentrated in the last few months, a carjacking, robberies. >> now, this murder. >> we are looking out for each other talking with each other because we don't want anyone walking by themselves. >> it is alarming but something not to worry about tremendously. dc always crime goes up in the summer. >> it is scary i want something to be done. there is a lot of talk about stuff going on but not much is being done. >> reporter: police say they do have regular patrols in this community, right now investigators are trying to determ
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video caught part of the crime on camera. reporting live in bloomingdale, wusa9. >> on a statement it is written on their website our hearts are broken from the loss of one of our dnc family members, seth rich was a dedicated self -- selfless public servant. funeral arrangements have been announced for some of the five police officers killed by a sniper during a protest in dallas thursday. >> the gunman had plans for a bigger attack after uncovering a lot more ammunition. here is more. >> as the city continues to grieve the murders of the five police officers and the 13 others shot and wounded, they continue to recover, authorities are learning more about the gunman and his plans.
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>> dallas is still hurting. >> i think about it every day. not being able to save those cops. >> the pain on display, police cruisers parked in front of the dallas pd headquarters turned into a memorial. this morning a moment of silence , dallas police chief dave brown praised officers and cops are in the nation not just for doing their job but doing jobs that perhaps shouldn't be there's. >> we are asked to do too much. every side of failure we put it off on the cops. >> micah johnson felt police with a problem he was planning a bigger attack than the one that killed five and wounded 13 others. inside his home investigators found a journal and an arsenal two years in the making including guns and bomb making materials. >> he knew what he was doing. >> johnson had hundreds of rounds of magazines attached to his body than i did the shooting
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negotiators he wanted to kill more cops that he had. authorities ultimately killed johnson with a bomb on a police robot. >> i would do it again. i would do it again to save our officers lives. >> brown urged protesters to consider other ways to become part of the solution to the problem. >> we are hiring. we are hiring. get off that protest line and put in an application. we will put you in your neighborhood and we will help you resolve some of the problems you are protesting about. >> president obama scheduled to be in dallas tomorrow to speak at the memorial service and to meet privacy -- privately with the officers families. in the meantime more protests against police killings over the weekend in baton rouge, louisiana heavily armed police arrested ns
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demonstrators. officers had to remove protesters standing in the middle of the street blocking traffic. for more than one hour police ordered the processors to leave, when they didn't, they were led away in handcuffs, the protesters broke the law by blocking main roads and try to retreat to a safe place. u. s. park police identified one of two people who died when a car plunged into a river. marquis goodman of dc. they drove into the river last saturday night, one of the passengers dropped his -- and drove to the shore. police are investigating what happened. a healthcare facility back open tonight, a suspicious note forced everybody out of building from 900 south washington street,
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of an abundance for caution. the cruz gave all clear before noon. adc federal judge handed a 22-year-old a prison sentence for doing this. live from dc federal court, what is squatting? >> reporter: it is sending a police special weapon to tactics team into somebody's home, guns drawn usually with a false report that there is some kind of violent crime going on inside, often they are young internet hackers committing a sweet -- six joke. one victim tells me the one year in prison that the guy did it to him was nowhere near enough. heavily armed fairfax county police turned up at this front door in annandale. after a 911 call saying four russian men had broken into the home, shot hi
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explosives. it was all a lie. >> i didn't know the cops were there. i opened the door and there were eight or nine squad cars surrounding the house, a lot of weapons being pointed in my direction. >> they actually handcuffed you?>> they asked me to get down on the ground and they instructed me to turn around and handcuffed me. >> he was 19 at the time spending every waking hour on the computer and he had his friends did this to at least three other people and apparently stole and posted social security numbers from people like arnold schwarzenegger, kanye west and pdd,. >> i wanted to hear a little remorse in what he had claimed responsibility for. he disrupted so many lives. really put so many peoples lives in danger. i was disappointed he didn't say he was sorry. he didn't acknowledge the pain he caused.
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>> a well-known cyber security expert he may have got him after he wrote about a website where he and his co- conspirators were exposing the social security numbers of all kinds of celebrities. he is now cooperating with prosecutors and the judge told him he had time to get his life on track. live from the court, wusa9. >> he told the judge hackers are swating fewer people because the message got out you can get to prison. many of the perpetrators never end up behind bars, he told the judge it was a matter of time before someone gets hurt or killed. tracking the metro, if you take the train to get to reagan national airport for the next week it will not be easy. metro transitions to the next step.
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metro blue and yellow lines in virginia one week away from being completely done. crews are replacing worn out wooden ties and swapping out insulators. changes are coming your way tomorrow as metro shifts to the next phase starting tomorrow and going through next monday the blue and yellow lines will be closed from the pentagon city stop to national airport. the stations will be open but the crystal city stop will be closed, over one mile of track being worked on, three different shuttles to get people around, one going back and forth to pentagon city the other going from pentagon city to crystal city to the airport and back and there were also be shuttle service from springfield to the pentagon. this will be the last time metro completely shuts down a section of track until october.
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check out the metro page on our wusa9 app. a rough primary season the democrats appear ready to mend fences, sanders set to appear at a clinton rally tomorrow in new hampshire. on thursday clinton will bring her campaign to annandale. senator jim kane will join her at the community college. donald trump campaigning in virginia beach. >> it will be america first from now on america first. >> chris christie joined trump in virginia beach. we are told he will make up his mind on a running mate in the next three or four days. check montgomery county 911 system back online after going down for a couple of hours last night into this morning. >> county executive calling for an investigation into the cause of the outage.
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information to the neighborhood precinct in case you need help, authorities apologized for the outage they said in case of emergency try calling 311 or the department directly. two medical emergency calls involving fatalities during this outage. we're just getting started. >> not quite as cool as last night but comfortable. downtown low 70s but 60s elsewhere. we will come back and we will talk about when the heat and humidity rolled back in. people living in our time say that change should come now after last week's deadly police shootings. a popular and sometimes dangerous game gripping the u. s. pokimon go. the latest on the investigation surrounding the navy officials caught on camera traini
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exactly one month since a navy officer pointed a gun at kids on a street in virginia. >> no charges tonight, peggy fox is looking into what law enforcement is doing and what could be the cause of the delay. >> you know when you see the cell phone videos it is hard to understand why there are no charges especially considering what the navy officials said. >> there are two cell phone videos of the 49-year-old brandishing and threatening three young men on a public street in front of his house, this video lasts 1 1/2 minutes, during the time he points his gun directly at the young men twice.
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demand that his wife are accusing the young men of being drunk and he offers that as a legitimate reason to shoot them. >> i can shoot you. >> there is no way that is true. >> a former police officer former prosecutor and now a criminal defense attorney. >> his statement at the time of defense, that suggests a level of aggression on his part at a time when the facts of what is going on don't seem to justify that statement. >> man was getting into his car to stop -- stop and shoot the video. >> he made all of these statements, for somebody to be that out of control to be waving a gun, making the statement i'm going to shoot you i believe if i had not stepped in i do not know what would have happened, someone could have gotten killed. >> even though video is easy for anyone to download or grab, obtaining videos for legal
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police. that may have caused difficulties in the case. >> in the age of digital video, that actually is far more susceptible to manipulation. i'm not saying the video was manipulated, but it is far easier to manipulate a digital video, so the longer the police don't have it the harder it is for the government in a trial to demonstrate the video hasn't been altered. >> the best way for police to obtain original cell phone video is for them to see the cell phone and have a forensic expert extracted from the device, my understanding is that did not happen in the case. police did arrest the officer but they did not find probable cause and he was let go. police are gathering more evidence to present to the commonwealth attorney.
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behind bars accused of killing his estranged wife. 41-year-old daron lincoln odom charged with murder, investigators responded to the scene on oxon hill road where they found the victim shot inside a car. officials say he drove himself to the police station and turn himself in. changing of the guard in britain. prime minister david cameron announced he will step down from his post on wednesday. the resignation makes way for new prime minister, who cameron says has strong support from the conservative party. he will lead the uk as it makes plans to leave the european union. >> i am honored and humbled to have been chosen by the conservative party to become the prime minister. the second woman in history to lead the uk, served as the last six years for responsible for security and spent 20 years in pa
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replace dozens of instruments damaged by flood. >> the rich wood band lost dozens of band uniforms also in the historic flooding, the band has raised over $5700 so far we have set up a link to the bands fundraising page if you would like help download our wusa9 news app. let's talk some weather right now. a gorgeous weekend. >> yesterday was textbook, as good as it gets in july but as we know it can't stay comfortable for long and the heat will roll back. may be the hottest day of the season by the end of the week. we are feeling pretty confident, a high today of 88 which is average, 88, 89 the average now, that seems hot but that is average. look outside, you can see it is pretty clear outcome of the air is crisp, temperature at 85,
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the dew point in the low 60s, relative humidity 44%, that is almost as good as it gets. headlines go like this a beautiful evening leading to a mild night not quite as cool as last night, low 60s. a nice tuesday with a few thunderstorms most of the storms west of town along i-81 weather alert wednesday afternoon and more thunderstorms wednesday some could affect the evening commute. 9:30, 10:00 tonight 80 downtown but in the 70s for the rest of us and by morning not bad, 72 downtown but 69 in silver springs, 68 fairfax even 69 fredericksburg pretty comfortable start. by midmorning, mid to upper 70s, a few clouds and you will notice into the afternoon and lunchtime some showers popping up here and there. either side of i-81. nothing crazy heavy.
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by 6:00 p.m., showers get further north, maybe winchester, maybe to hagerstown, more than likely west of i-81, certainly southern maryland st. mary's county you are fine, a gorgeous day. by 8:00 tomorrow night heavier activity to the southwest and this will move through overnight on tuesday, a better chance of thunderstorms tomorrow night in parts of the metro than during the day. tonight clear to partly cloudy mild, 64 to 72, winds out of the south southeast at 10. 64 to 82 tomorrow and by the afternoon partly sunny, increasing clouds, most of the showers west of town high temperatures 85 to 89 which is about average. pretty warm for the mountains, 84 oakland, 88 cumberland. a good chance of showers and storms, not quite as high in hagerstown. 87 winchester, probably staying
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moving east isolated storm possible to the north, generally dry east of the river and pretty warm, 82 annapolis, 85 in the river and upper 80s in the metro areas. the day planner, low 70s to start, downtime temperatures some 60s, 82 by 8:00 and 85 by 1:00. more storms on wednesday, another weather alert possible yellow weather alert for heat. 97, 95 again friday, at 9:00 low 90s on saturday, more storms on sunday. and 90 isolated storms next monday. two maryland boaters presented with an award after rescuing this drowning record. prices at an all- time low. why you month
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the announcement comes after 19 seasons, five championships and 15 all-star appearances. duncan was the number one pick out of wake forest in 1997. the end of an era for the spurs and the nba. best of luck to him. tonight sharing your netflix password could land you in prison. >> a former employee continue to use a coworkers password at his new job, the ruling could make millions of americans who share netflix hbo and other account passwords from -- federal criminals, the netflix ceo said it creates a bigger audience. mortgage rates at an all- time low, last year it was more than 4%, now it is 3.41%, .1 off the record said -- said back in 2012, a 15 year
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mortgage averages 2.4% this is lower than this time last year. now is a good time to buy. amazon kicks off its prime day event, offering deep discounts to members but nonmembers can sign up for a free 30 day trial to take advantage of more than 100,000 megadeals in all categories. amazon prime day in several countries. peter honored two boaters who rescued a young raccoon. >> the video is on youtube. more than 300,000 views since it was posted this little guy swimming for his life, six days ago throwing a liferaft to the raccoon. it is believed to the little guy got spooked from fireworks. thing the genius that he is jump into the water to get away from them creating a olwhe new problem. theyve
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framed certificate and a box of the vegan cookies. he held onto the little raft. straightahead another golfer dropping out of the olympics. the story of this picture taken in a protest against police brutality. bruce johnson talking to people in our area saying the time is now for us to repair racial and police with
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breaking news, a medical and legal case we have been following closely, the virginia supreme court has denied the efforts of the vcu hospital to expedite a brain death test on two-year-old brenda grace lawson, the little girl has been hospitalized since choking on a piece of popcorn in may, her parents are fighting because they want to keep her on life support, doctors say the little girl is past the point of recovery. a full hearing goes before the court in september. could the recent violence in dallas baton rouge and minnesota push leaders on both sides to the table and see changes all around. >> bruce johnson has been talking to a number of people he is here to share what they had to say. >> from streets to the college campus to the airwaves we are hearin
5:30 pm
who would have thunk that a smart phone would be the most powerful tool in civil rights movement.>> to suggest because one says black lives matter does not suggest that other lives don't matter. >> the biggest problem they are not acknowledging that there is a problem. >> police shooting death of black men in baton rouge and minnesota, the killing of white police officers in dallas happened far from dc but the impact continues to hit hard in the nation's capital and suburbs. police use of excessive force front and center as well. >> i am a hung -- harmless young african-american. there is no need for the hesitation or hostility. >> the only difference between now and days past is there are cameras. >> we need to dispense the notion that what is happening is something new. it has been happening for decades. >>
5:31 pm
around to considering the fact the police he encounters might not be the same young officers the black people run into. >> black people in the community are telling people like me in the white community for decades stuff like this has happened but we do not believe them, this is a dark time. at the same time, more darkness will not get rid of them. >> joe madison says he wants the majority of good cops to start tuing in the bad ones. he believes the community and police departments everywhere are ready for changes. >> we want the same thing the police want. the police want respect, we want respect. >> our country has two long been in a state of denial about race. >> a professor from american university said now is the time for all sides to discuss change. >> much in the thinking said tension is often necessary, constructive change and progress. he said he is not afraid of the
5:32 pm
word tension. he welcomes it, not violent tension but the time of constructive tension bringing about change and progress.>> they agree with president barack obama who said the gunmen who ambushed the police officers in dallas is no more representative of african- americans than the shooter entrusting was representative of white americans or the shooters in orlando and san bernardino were representatives of the muslim community, they are not who we are. everyone can agree it is time for change. but are they confident a change will happen?>> who knows? the type of change their talking about americans are saying it doesn't cover them with a broad brush. they want the good cops to rat out the backups, the police officers are saying don't lump us into the same pan. not all cops are bad. we need community police.
5:33 pm
dc has pretty good community policing, we need more community policing and police talking on a day-to-day basis not just when we get into these situations. >> as long as the discussion doesn't drop off the radar. he is a good cop who goes the extra mile for a lot of african-american children. that is the facebook post from rapper the game about a beloved police officer in north little rock, arkansas, tommy norman has been praised for handing out free candy and spending time in the black community. the game started a gofundme page for officer norman to help them out with the cost associated with his goodwill, so far he has raised nearly $33,000. reports reveal who was photographed in a picture shown on social media during a protest in baton rouge. the woman there standing in front of militarized police during a protest at police headquarters. the woman was later detained and as
5:34 pm
that protesters had blocked, the woman is reportedly a 28- year-old nurse and mother of a five-year-old. the fourth baltimore police officer to be tried in the death of freddie gray back in court, lieutenant brian rice accused of failing to secure great inside of a police then, his fellow officers testified in court today, one said that gray rocked the van violently at both stops, he ended up dying as a result of his injuries in april of last year. a man behind bars accused of killing his own member. the 61-year-old robert crosby charged with murder, accused of robbing and killing a 62-year- old inside of her home. the two were neighbors on 71st avenue, they found frederick's body on friday after someone became concerned about her well- being. pro golfer jordan spieth joining the high-profile players
5:35 pm
olympics because of zika concerns, jason day dustin johnson and royal -- rory mcilroy withdrew. the players may be overreacting but they say they do understand why the players have made the decision to drop out. just like every other day, a little more intense, millions of people wandering the streets like zombies staring at their phones. >> live in montgomery county on the pokimon go craze threatening to bring productivity to a standstill. we did not get a break, loafer trees antifur grasses, you can get this on our website, and by downloading our free app.
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in a matter of days the new pokimon go app has become america's latest obsession. >> millions have downloaded spending hours playing the game.
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>> i am probably going to download this because i am curious what it is. i have no clue.>> reporter: it is completely addictive, this location is absolutely packed with pokimon, if you are not already familiar with the summer sensation you will be. the gamers are easy to spot. hunched over their smart phones, on foot, on bikes and in cars. they speak a different language. >> around here you can't find them anywhere else. only in this swim center.>> reporter: swim -- trainers catch to aim and catch pokimon. on this app they appear to be the real world. >> you see other people playing and you ask them are you playing pokimon go? >> reporter: unlike traditional video games, players are
5:40 pm
>> you are outside getting exercise burning calories. i have been doing this for an hour and a half i am really tired. i'm going to rest for a little bit and eat and go back out. >> reporter: the game is not without real-world dangers. the sheriff in st. mary's county tweeted don't catch and drive. look around when walking through town. in missouri, three teenagers are facing charges after allegedly lowering pokimon go players to a location and robbing them. a summertime craze unlike any other. so you haven't captured any yet? >> i hope not. if i have i'm unaware. >> reporter: you know what maybe the pokimon go kris is a generational thing, but you know what once you start it isn't easy to stop in fact i've got to run have to go catch one.
5:41 pm
>> it is so addictive i can't get involved to begin with. >> i was looking forward on the app store it is the number one search app right now. >> the white house and pentagon are on the list of stops, at the pentagon they love for you to be outside their playing on your phone.>> if you like to learn how to play we posted a brief tutorial on our wusa9 news app. it goes without saying it is lighting up social media. pretty sure we are witnessing a dual, neither of these guys has looked up. >> the nba tweeted, just caught a rare one here in atlanta, a photoshop photo of chs
5:42 pm
incredibly strange. the nationals and orioles hope to play in the fall classic, baltimore paying tribute to its first world series team. >> after the break why hundreds of landscapers across the country
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we are in the roland park section of baltimore where 59- year-old renowned space policy economist was stabbed to death while walking her dogs, baltimore city police put on a show of force looking for clues but no suspect has been named not even a description. colleagues from the dc-based think tank are stunned and this neighborhood of john hopkins university there is fear. i will be here back to introduce you to a 72-year-old woman who was speaking about buying a gun. let's take a trip to the campaign trail. tweets from hillary clinton, donald trump supports the veterans but he has taken advantage of them, time and time again. from donald trump, the media is soho
5:46 pm
it to make it sound that at foolish, they think the public is stupid. landscapers volunteering for the renewal and remembrance project at arlington national cemetery. >> how they are getting back. >> reporter: the grounds at arlington national cemetery well taken care of, a full-time crew makes sure of that. that won't stop these volunteers from helping. >> we are spreading some phosphorus. doing some tree trimming. just the little things we can do to help out. >> more than 400 volunteers spent the day working on special projects. part of the national association of landscapers day of service. >> it is really almost a sacred place in american history. to be here today with all these people it touches me. >> some volunteers are also veterans. >> that is always a little tough. as a veteran, you look over this d
5:47 pm
>> rogers knows how important it is to have a place like arlington national cemetery to pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. before roger got to work he made a special stop. >> i went by and saw my classmates yesterday, four of them are here i got a chance to stop off and let them know nobody has forgotten them or their service. eventually we will serve together again. >> the 20th year for the event, nikki burdine wusa9. a lottery player one -- won $1 million from the megamillion drawing. from greenbelt. the second $1 million ticket sold there in the past two years. a winner in indiana scored the $540 million jackpot which is the third largest in history. a nine-year-old from ocean city standing proudly next to the record-setting fish that she can't.
5:48 pm
look at that, she weighs just 65 pounds, she snared a 94 pound fish while fishing with her father and friends. at first they thought it was a shock, it took 20 minutes to real in the fish breaking the previous record of 79 pounds setback in 2014. hopefully that thing is good eating. >> or take a picture and release it. a live look outside, it is pretty nice out in terms of air quality and humidity. 85 comfortable, but not human, 44% humidity light winds at five miles per hour, not quite as cool it ends up being a mild night it is a beautiful evening, you can exercise in the evening if you want to if it is comfortable. you won't be able to thursday and friday, nice tomorrow a few thunderstorms primarily west of town,
5:49 pm
alert for wednesday afternoon because thunderstorms looking at more storms wednesday afternoon and evening which could impact the evening commute. the morning commute will be fine. 10:00 tonight, generally in the 70s, temperatures won't fall quite as fast tonight but in the mid-70s by 9:30, 10:00. 77 and by the morning 60s, 68 in frederick and 64 in romney, pretty nice 67 in sterling. by midmorning, a few clouds showing up along i-81, the immediate metro-area temperatures in the mid-to upper 70s, a lot of sun. by lunchtime showers may be west of culpepper. one of those cases where either side of i-81 inside the beltway don't take an umbrella. comfortably warm, 85 on tuesday.
5:50 pm
by the evening, we have some temperatures in the low to mid 80s, a few more clouds into the metro area but by and large most of the showers and storms out to the west, temperatures outage toward winchester, low 80s. we get into tomorrow night, some thunderstorms migrating eastward, the immediate metro-area for the western viewers and southern viewers the best chance for a shower or thunderstorm actually overnight tomorrow, not during the day. tonight clear and partly cloudy mild low temperature 64 to 72. by morning, very nice partly cloudy and pleasant, only 82 by lunchtime, by the afternoon again a couple isolated thunderstorms primarily to the west of town, temperatures 85 to 89. 80s across the board 84 in oakland, 88 cumberland, 86 hagerstown. a good chance of a shower or thunderstorm not much happening a nice day on the water, winds
5:51 pm
70s to start the day planner, 78 i 9:00, 82 by 11:00 and 85 by 1:00. still just a little more humid. wednesday much better chance for thunderstorms, 86 and then upper 90s on thursday. we may have to issue a yellow weather alert for heat on thursday and friday, 95. isolated storms saturday, a better chance of storms sunday and around 90 next monday. now, trying to game on sports with kristen burr said. -- berset. >> chris davis crushes his 22nd home run as the orioles just like the nationals heading to the all-star break with the divion
5:52 pm
orioles close out the season first half as the best since 1997. the birds took a moment to honor the past, it has been 60 years since the orioles won their first championship. we spent members with the history making team. >> in 1966 the baltimore orioles were playing baseball in the old memorial stadium, 50 years later they are here at camden yards were celebrations took place for the celebration of the world series team here are the memories of some of the players. >> i don't know, it seemed like it happened now it is all real. it was like jimmy said like living in fantasyland after it went so fast. >> sometimes i don't remember even playing. i don't. you know i see him make a
5:53 pm
that? i know i did but i don't think about it.>> you don't realize how much the fans love baseball. it is amazing that they can remember back then. but i think it shows how passionate the oriole fans are. you go back and think about it the first time we have had a world series. a special time for all of us. the fence, the community. >> the 50th anniversary celebration continues for the 1966 jim palmer replica jersey giveaway. diane roberts wusa9 sports. >> you were there yesterday, you saw a great game. >> it felt good to be out there under the shade. >> we will see what they can do after the all-star break. coming up investigators were -- revealed the gunman in dallas had plans for a
5:54 pm
two bailiffs and a gunman have been shot and killed at a michigan courthouse.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds,
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cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. unsanitary habits that kids have might not be so bad for the health. here are the details. >> reporter: like a lot of kids, gracie ingram used her hands to soothe herself as a
5:57 pm
suck on my fingers. >> her dad chris couldn't seem to stop her. >> we felt like we should discourage it but she was tenacious. >> gracie may have been doing a good thing, a new study shows children who bite their nails and suck their thumbs are about 1/3 less likely to develop certain allergies. >> some allergies, those were all reduced, some of them significantly some borderline. >> researchers say the findings could be an example of the hygiene hypothesis, the idea that being to clean could increase the child's risk of allergies.>> any exposure to dirt is a great thing, when they suck their thumbs or bite their nails they are introducing themselves to microbes stimulating the immune system. >> researchers say it isn't a recommendation, this
5:58 pm
>> they should be playing in the grass and playing in the dirt that's what kids should do. cbs news new york. >> the study looked at more than 1000 children from new zealand from age 5 following them into their 30s. researchers found decreases in the risk for certain allergies, they didn't find an association with hay fever or asthma. right now, the parents of the dallas gunman say there son returned from duty in afghanistan a changed man but they did not see the shootings coming. breaking news out of michigan where an inmate grabbed a gun killing two. a woman who works in dc was stabbed to death while walking her dog. thanks for joining us. >> the dallas police chief says authorities are downloading more than 170 hours of officer body camera footage and they are collecting countless hours
5:59 pm
11 officers fired their weapons at micah johnson before a bomb delivered by a robot ended his deadly rampage. live with the latest on the investigation. >> the gunman's parents are at a loss just like everyone else, now it seems the gunman's plans were much bigger than what happened. >> i hate what he did. >> the father of gunman micah johnson joins the city of dallas and the nation mourning the lives his son took. in an interview dave johnson is at a loss of words. >> i don't know what to say. to anybody to make anything better. >> the gunman wanted to make things worse. he had been planning a bigger attack than the one that killed five officers and wounded 13 others. inside his home
6:00 pm
found containing combat tactics and an arsenal two years in the making.>> he knew what he was doing. this wasn't some novice. >> he had hundreds of rounds of magazines attached to his body the night of the shooting when he told police negotiators he wanted to kill more cops. authorities ultimately killed johnson with a bomb on a police robot. >> this wasn't an ethical dilemma for me. i would do it again. i would do it again to save the officer lives. >> two police cruisers parked in front of the dallas pd headquarters have turned into a memorial. this morning a moment of silence for the officers. dallas police chief david brown praising cops around the nation are doing jobs that perhaps shouldn't be theirs to do. >> we get asked to do too much. we put the failures on the cops. >> president obama will be in dallas tomorrow to speak at a


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