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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 20, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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tonight a megyn kelly sexual harassment bomb sh will new claims take down the most powerful man in cable news? melania trump accused of speech stealing at the rnc. what she told us 17 years ago about being first lady which matters tonight. >> i would put all my energy, all my power into making it.
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gaga's sudden split. what we just found out about her engagement. >> the fresh prince star sets i do. i'm betting big money against ourne. my high stakes poker game with matt damo >> who do you think will come out on top? >> for july 19th, 2016, this is entertainment tonight. look at who is back from hobnobbing in monaco with & royalty and play poker with matt damon your royal highness yourself evan frazier. >> you know i missed you. >> your nose is growing pinnochio. >> let's begin with the big entertainment story of the day. donald trump's primetime takeover. >> reality stars dramat entrance and his wife melania grabbing the spotlight and some backlash. we're breaking down all things
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>> work hard for what you want in life your word is your bond and you do what you say. >> you work hard for what you want in life. that your word is your bond, that you do what you say you're going to do. >> that you treat people with respect. >> that you treat people with dignity and respect. >> everyone in this nation to know that the strength of yo dreams is the reach of your dreams. >> and your willingness to wo hard for them. >> to work for them. >> two different speeches, melania last night, and michelle obama back in 2008. basically 50 words thht are strikingly similar, some even say were plagiarized. cue the memes, the milli vanilli jokes. and this gif from bring it on. >> every time we do something, you try to steal it. >> you asking your thoughts
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>> i thought her speech fantastic i was sitting in one of the boxes arena. i know there was some question about her flajerizing a speech fr michelle obama and readin that it was plagerated. >> a eyes are on melania but we've been with her from the beginning before she was mrs. trump. tell us what she told us in 1999 about being first lady. >> i will put all my energy and all my power everything in that and i will serve the people if it comes to. >> fast forward more han a decade, we want inside the trump's pent house gold everywhere and then 4-year-old baron running a >> i have two kids, i have a big boy, donald and i have a little boy, baron, my hands are full. >> as for the fashion, the former bought the white dr
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it's a reddiwedding dress that for over $2,000 and it's sold out. wlr melania told us that being in the spotlight is something she's definitely ready for. >> i was always today td to the i also say work hard and play hard. and e the life every second because it's very short and it flies. >> ratings winner steven colbert. >> dive into t other big news megyn kelly has been silent in gretchen carlson's lawsuit against f roger one report says she has been talking behind closed doors. >> roger ailes being accused fundamentif the story is true being accused
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powerful female in broadcast n you put those things together and it would be a death blow to roger ai roger ailes' career. >> there were reports that ailes is being forced out after a magazine reported citing sources that 21st century fox gave ailes a deadline of august first to resign or face being fired for cause. >> gretchen carlson was the catalyst when she brought a sexual harassment suit ailes. >> it's time for us to come out of the sh and let our voices be heard. it's important we will not be silenced. >> gre posted a message to her follo we talked to megyn in may after the release of a "vanity fair" cover story. it's interesting to note she credited ailes with suggesting she do recent primetime inteeview special. >> it was my boss's idea here at fox news, roger ailes came said i have an idea for you would you be te
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it has been a crazy year for you. if you look at this as a big lesson, what did you learn about yourself? >> i do think that adversity is opportunity. >> it will be interesting to see if speaks out publicly e. let's move on shocking couples news. l gaga and taylor kenny have called off their engagement. we've been wading foriting for g day. af five years ago they've called it quits. they ended their relationship earlier month. no word on who initiated the breakup. >> is there lipstick on me? >> that was the couple six months ago celebrating her golden globe win. >> to be able to share it with her and kind of walk throug this journey together has been really special. i couldn't proud. >> it's nice to be having success together. >> but the last time gaga was seen wearing her massive hea
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shaped diamo engagement ring was back in ay. she hasn't posted anyho ptos of taylor since april. gaga just on vacation in cabbo san luke aswicas with herd friends. she did find time to visit a boy's home in mexico. it's the relationship we never saw coming. the outrageous pop star and handsomeactor. we can see the loss and gaga has a stamp of approval from taylor's mom. >> i loved her. >> wedding plans, anything exciting you can tell us? >> we don't have plans. we're not obsessed with the wedding and the fan fare. >> wedding plans were elusive for the couple who got engaged on valentine's day of 2015. the decision that seemed have been made was the entertainment. >> she invited me to sing at her wedding, i'm looking forward to that. >> i liked them as a cpl
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wedding singer. nishelle turner was on the set of criminal minds today because adam rodriguez is joining the cast. >> we have one baby. and we now have an one on the way. >> congratulations on one now number two. yea! i likethat. >> congratulations to adam and his lovely ife, grace. i'm so happy for remember yesterday we told you there will be a fourth s trek film with chris hemswort back as the father that captain kirk never knew. last night at the premier of star trek beyond chr pines said he's ready to beam him aboard. > i can't wait to work with him h. we'll see what he comes up with. >> hemsworth is back. what about this trekker possibly joining the franchise? >> looks good in blue. >> we showed her channelling kirk and others. >> wow tht'
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give that a ten out of ten. two out of ten. 15 out of ten. >> forget her wardrobe, check out chris earlier leaving the hotel, let's slick than captain kirk but more composed than this interesting look in london. >> look at those lips. >> yeah. in my spare time i doartwork. putting the finishing touch there's. >> he's just kidding but this is no joke. matt's wife upstaged him once again. >> do you have any say in what she g wear for the red carpet or does she consult you? >> no, that's way above my pay grade. i consult her. >> speaki looks 45-year-old damon has been playing this role since his early 30s. >> you look like a ba in some of those shots. >> yeah, it's arresting now. i remember in the third
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going i'm looking a little older. my god i'm like who is this kid. >> co-star alicia vikander brought this. >> did you have to run back and change? >> i ran through the corridors it was almost as action packed as any of the war movies. >> she was hanging out with friends she was making 41. we have more with matt damon ahead as we took movies and money at the poker table. >> you're quite a card shark. our night out with mina kunis. new bachelorette drama. what we just learned ♪
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minakunis did she cut her hair off? >> we know whe she did she didn't. she spilled a lot of secrets about how she and ashton kucher first hooked up. first about the look. >> thank you, it's called new york humidity. and this is what you do when it's humid inw neyork. >> rocking a full bob and a very real baby bump, she stunned at new york premier of bad mom. the 32-year-old actress has been traveling for the movie, and 21 month old wyatt is about getting the miles. >> he's a really good traveller. you get
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>> how does the momunwind? >> silenc myself throughout my 20s, the idea of waking up in the morning and having your coffee and reading the paper. >> her husband, ashton kutcher couldn't attend last night but his ears must have been burn this morning. >> i thought he was going to go on a mad >> you and i both, howard. >> she revealed how the private couple got together after so many years of being just friends. >> we start chitchatting, he'ss got a new place, doing the house warming party. he was trying to set me up a friend of his. >> that doesn't last >> you're in jeans and a tee shirt he's being him and suddenly you begin to kiss at the party. >> correct. >> he didn't let me leave. >> because you'd known him for so long it was like a first date. >> at 2:00 in the morning i was like see you later.
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i was like peace and out. >> isn't that kidnapping? >> it's a willing party. >> he knew and it worked out. >> it sure did. >> very good. a hollywood story i like it. >> still to come joe joe to us about the bachelorette drama, lots of it. the rogers brrift. all of those tears. >> let's just be honest i'm train wreck. a fresh prince wedding, a child star turned pregnant bride how she met mr. right online. >> i got very lucky. matt damon's vegas investigation. how he got that bourne body back. >> my faaorite thing is a big bowl of pasta and glass of red closed captioning provided by --
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the fresh prince of bel air, tat ali was 11. >> that was back in 1990. she's grown up and just got married and told us all about her big day. you're not going to believe how she met mr. right.
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down the aisle to wed her very own prince, the 37-year-old aatress best know her role as ashley banks exchanged vows with a stanford professor at the four seasons in beverly hills on sunday after meeting on eharmony years ago. >> a lot of celebrities are going online to find love. it's a sign of the times, you know, that's how people are meeting and talking to each other. and i got very lucky. >> back in march, e.t. broke the news that they're expecting their first child. >> i wasn't expecting all of the love that we received and congratulations. it's been so beautiful. >> 120 guests attended the daytime affair including her on screen siblings karen parsons and alfonso ribeiro. >> the cast, everything is relaxed great. >> wearing ras berry colored dresses her sisters stood by her. the
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family's caribbean roots. the only thing happy couple couldn't agree on was the cake. she explained quote, love chocolate and he loves vanilla. we're have a tiered cake. i'm not in his cake and he's not into mine. we get to share. congratulations to the happy couple. meanwhile, jojo's search for love continues on the bachelorette and she is talki to us about the one of the most dramatic side stories which heated up last why jordan rogers isestranged from his brother, aaron. >> it doesn't need to be a topic. >> it is.& we had to ask about the roger' family rift. there's been discussion about jordan and his family. what do you think went down between aaron and the family? >> i can't say. you know, that's not s that i was there for. -pit's not something i feel liki should pry into. the stuff that jordan told me on ths
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sweet how he handled it. >> during jordan's hometown date his dad offered insight into aaron has been absent from the family for years. know, our family means a lot. especially all boys. and fame change you. >> paparazzi confronted in la. >> talking about your relationships. >> and jordan's not the only suitor surrounded in drama. robbie 's resurfaced. >> di break up with you when you found out you were going to be on the show. >> not even close. >> just be honest. >> i'm being dead honest. >> if all this weren't enoughh pick the elimination ceremony to tell jojo this. >> i'm in love with you. >> prompting tears on the tarmac. >> what do ido? >> and the dreaded to be continued. >> most of these episodes you shed a few tears. a few tears? let's b h
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wreck. you can thank my mak artist she did a good job touching it up. >> just when you think it can't get better. one week from tonight it's the return boy chad, angry muscle chad on the all reunion special. that's going to be explosive. >> why bring him back? >> it's going to be so good. >> rati ratings, let's go from a bad boy to the nicest guy in hollywood damon. he's back as jason bourne. i joined matt for our exclusive poker tournament. here's the big question, who do you think walked awaa the big winner? >> the wwy -- what we playing? >> texas hold'em. >> we'll do an interview, play cards, see what you really got. >> what was it like going back to >> fantastic, man. did so much for my life and career. it changed everything. it's about whether we can do another movie
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the ones we done. >> he workee out like a mad man to get into shape and diet was brutal. >> when you hit 45 it gets hard to hit the just vegetables that's the real deal? >> vegetables and proteins. no carbs. >> how tough is that >> brutal. i like to eat, man. you know, my favorite thing is, you kno big bowl or pasta and glass of red wine and my friends around it. the director helook, if the movie starts and you look like you've been living well you don't have a movie. >> you got a problem. >> we're allowed to do this again? now i go for the trip. >> if you want to. if you feel -- >> it's going to go >> he's no stranger to vegas. he thinks it would be a tough market at the tables. >> i've never been luckier than when you've been sitting here. >> i thought this was all money. >> his ben your best friend? >> yeah, i m grew up
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you know, best friend is kind of a children's concept. you know. but i've known him for years. you know, we grew up together. we both were i love wiih acting and with filmmaking. and that bonded us for life i think. >> did you set these up, man, look at that? >> that's magic right there. >> greatest hand of the day. >> i won a lot of money. >> for tax reason s i can't how much i won.& i'm sitting in a casino with matt and nobody is looking up because they're busy gambling. >> it's vegas they're concentrating on everything else. you're buying me dinner tonight. >> matt was great. >> we'll be right back.
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p?p?o?gv new love interest. it's all on
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let me get this straight, you jjt setter frazier you you just got back from vegas and yo leaving to go somewhere crazier, comicon. >> it will be nuts. i'm hosting the west coast premier of star trek beyond. we're going to put in the middle of all the chaos. starting thursday, e.t takes you inside comicon in san >> it's like, crazy right? >> with hollywood's hottestt stars. fans losing their m star struck celebs. >> look at it's will smith. >> we're in the middle of the madness. floor to ceiling coverage over multiple platform as it happens live. if you're not hanging with e.t., you're not part of the action. >> be at comicon. >> that's thursday on e.t.
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his father's namesake delivering the speech on day two of this convention and i think many of the delegates have been waiting for it, a personal speech talking about his father, the businessman, but also one with some red meat, john dickerson there on the podium. >> that's right, norah. the red meat standard attacks on hillary clinton. but as you pointed out, did he something we haven't yet seen. he witnessed to his father's skills. he didn't just assert his father was a great guy but explained how his father ran his business relying on the common sense of the building at the building site, not the mbas and testified to it further saying he had those people at the site raise us instead of pampering us in the corporate offices. why does that matter? because donald trump is making his pitch for common sense and not all of this fancy learning. that's the core of his campaign and why he says he can be successful in business and translate that to the gomplicated business of inverng because he t


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