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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  December 3, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

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luke bryan slaps a fan in the face. why the country star took a swing from the stage and can luke now face criminal charges? then epic burn or thoughtful throwback. is nick cannon slamming mariah beach shoot with her younger man?
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your love life. >> you're working on baby number two. >> then are with two ageless movie stars. ageless wonder will smith reveals how he still looks like the fresh-faced prince of bel air. and -- boom! oh, yeah! >> vin diesel gone wild in brazil. >> oh, wow! ooh! ow! >> his big surprise for his fans. >> i love this. is this salsa? gu this is "entertainment tonight?" >> couutry music superstar luke bryan caught on tape striking a heckler right in the face. >> luke has sold more than 7 million sing else, but this might be his biggest hit ever. ?? ?? >> luke bryan paused mid-song, stepped off the stage and there it is. he slapped a concert goer. luke's rep explained it this way. quote, a man in the front row was making crude hand gestures toward luke during his
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saw the man's disruptive actions during the event and he was escorted out. ?? ?? it happened as bryan was performing his song "move" at the charlie daniels all-star volunteer jam in nashville. a veterans fund-raiser. his rep said the concert goer was, quote, insulting not only to him, but more importantly to the men and women in uniform sitting around him. it all happened pretty fast, but here's the question, could luke be charged with a crime? well, this mng at this point no one has come forward filing a report. we showed this to michael crout who has reviewed similar cases. >> from a public relations standpoint it's understandable why luke did what he did. he was offending the name and honor of the service men that the concert was there for. from a legal standpoint, though, in my opinion, i think luke has two issues here. number one, he could be criminally charged with battery or something similar to that or from a civil lawsuit, he can
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>> luke swung with his right arm so it seems he's all healed after breaking his right clavicle, and the slap comes as a surprise to music editor sophie shalesy who spent a lot of time with luke on the red carpet and backstage. >> this incident feels completely out of accharfoter r luke. if you'll recall in the past, usually if he's off the stage it's because he's fallen and luke is such a good sport he always laughs those things off. been such a positive guy and he's truly got a great outlook. so for me, it feels like i believe him that he must have been really offended on behalf of the military families and veterans that were in the audience. >> i've never known luke to misbehave except in a fun way. while he threw his left hook, did nick cannon just throw a jab at mariah's backup dancer, you know, the one who was snapped frolicking in hawaii with her. ??
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nick seemingly throwing shade at the recent shots of mariah on the beach with her boy toy bryan tanaka. the caption, this is how you do it. lol. #wepetty. ?? ? >> okay, granted, nick's pic was taken in 2008 which is four minutes after his original post. nick denied any diss saying, quote, it's all love, no hate, but dang, we looked amazing. mariah carey will always be my family and the queen and anyone hate, check that at the door. yep. sounds pretty much the same as what nick told us in february. >> at the end of the day that's one of the most amazing people i've met in my life and it's still rooted in love. when two mature adults can handle it, we still speak every single day, so it's, like, you know, we've got children together. >> yesterday mariah was out with a new mystery man wearing what
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another guy already? no. we found out he's just her fashion stylist robert behar. don't worry, bryan. >> frolicking, tell us about the frolicking. >> i refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me. >> you pick cute men. >> mariah's docuseries premieres on sunday, so we're wondering if ex james packer will be watching. >> oh, my goodness, there are some people and i don't want to get into it. they're bleak, darling, they're bleak. >> think about pulling the plug on it when your relationship ended up not working out. >> i can't give somebody that much power. you have to keep on pushing. >> it has to be one wild adventure when you date mariah carey because she loves to embrace her diva image, but the same cannot be said of gwen stefani because just listen to what her man blake shelton just revealed. >> she literally may be the most normal person that i have ever
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>> that is blake gushing to ellen about his girlfriend of a year. >> it's good for me to be with somebody that's so grounded and just a good human being with a great heart, and she's hot. have you seen her? >> yeah. >> and since the country singer has been spending more time with gwen's three boys, he wanted to try his hand at writing more than just songs. >> you wrote a children's book. >> yes, i did. >> you really did. >> it was called blake and his tiny little snake. >> there once was a man named blake. blake was a very tall and handsome man, but blake had a very tiny little snake. none of blake's friends could believe that such a big, strapping man could have such a teeny, tiny snake. >> i think we get the picture. >> that make, he's kidding, of course, but we do have real baby news.
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dmitri kutcher was born on wednesday, 8 pound, 15 ounces. congratulations. if you are one of the millions who can't help, but glance at the cover of a tabloid magazine, you might think there's trouble between chris pratt and anna faris. anna is speaking out. >> there are tabloid rumors about a strain in our relationship. >> anna! chris! >> it's much more interesting to see a story about a tumultuous tirelaonship than a peaceful one. >> on her latest, unqualified podcast, chris' wife of seven years sounded off on the nasty headlines that began to surface last year and continued through the summer. >> i just remember feeling so hurt in a way that it bothered me. >> can i just flip it off. >> it made me feel insecure. >> ana denied the rumors and did get real about the unique challenges of the hollywood relationship. >> i take pride in how great my relationship is with chris, but
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this crazy world where he's off doing movies and i'm in l.a., of course, i'm going to feel vulnerable like any normal human would. >> faris shoots her cbs show "mom" in l.a. so she'll be able to be home with their adorable 4-year-old son jeff. >> i'm a working mom. he's gone a lot. >> daddy chris has spent time, but frequently haswo to rk far from home. his upcoming movie "passengers" shot in atlanta and doing press across europe with co-star jennifer lawrence. chris told us how they work it out. these are the work years and the gravy years are to come. the way we work it out is take one moment every day to be present with each other whether or not we're in the room or same state or the same country. our motto is eye on the prize. >> they're figuring out how to do it in hollywood.
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facing a tough test with his breakdown, but they're trying to figure it out. >> yes, they are. >> the family held a small celebration in honor of kanye coming home from the hospital. look at all of those balloons. >> it's an early birthday party for son saint, and look at that christmas tree. >> that's how you do it. >> are those doors there? that's the size of the door? >> i want to know who will decorate that tree. >> maybe you, mr. fix it because you can do that well. >> meanwhile, kanye is in the thoughts of all of his celebrity friends including steve harvey. i've met him personally, and he's a cool guy to me. i wish him the best. just surround yourself with well-meaning people. being famous is hard. there's no mercy. the internet is killing this guy. >> tv's reported $100 million man says he supports kanye. >> i think i'll take a page and go off and just have to go lay down for a month. >> yeah, that won't happen. steve's at the helm of eight shows which includes steve
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feud, little big shots and little big shoorts f yever oung and premiering on monday, showtime at the apollo. we were behind the scenes as steve prepped for the two-hour special at the famed theater where he started his career back in 1993 while rocking some fresh suits. >> those suits died in 2009. my wife said she's tired of being married to a pimp, and so she got rid of the suits. >> i hope they got a proper burial. those steve back in the day. >> he's looking pretty good now. the style's nice and he's doing good. >> up next, will smith talks about nearing 50. is he thinking about a fresh prince reboot? >> ooh! >> plus wedding dress shopping with the self-proclaimed first supermodel and why janice dickinson shows us why she's not your typical bride, and our
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now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. can you say thanks nicoderm cq? every great why needs a great how. ? now this is a story all about how my life got flip turned upside down ? >> believe it or been two decades since "the fresh prince of bel air" left the air. no wonder that will smith is showing a little gray in his new movie "collateral beauty" and we he told us how he keeps a spring in his step. >> he seems to know the fountain
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>> will is 48 years old, but he seems to know that secret to the fountain of youth. >> i cannot believe that it's the 20th anniversary of the finale of "the fresh prince of bel air.? the final episode was 20 years ago. >> you must be unbelievable. >> now i'm bouncy. back then i'm sure i was quite irritating. >> any chance of a reboot? >> i've been hearing stuff about it. i'm not doing it. if somebody wanted to i would probably let them, but you know, i have no intention. >> well, we can hope. in "collateral beauty" helen mirren co-stars with will as a surprising character make up the gray hair and ages will as he plays a broken man who writes letters to the universe after a tragedy. >> who did you write the letter to? >> i wrote the letter to death. >> nice to meet you. charmed, i'm sure. >> what was the best advice helen has given you on set. >> i was on the learning set because he is the star of it, obviously, and he was leading our little cavalry and we were sort of galloping along behind him. >> the 71-year-old oscar winner is also very youthful.
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for pirelli's 2017 calendar. >> all credit to them to step up and actually do it and say this is another idea of beauty. >> now we have some exciting movie news to break. dick van dyke just told us that he will be in the new "mary poppins.? i play the old banker and this time no four hours into the makeup chair. i grew into the spa going to london in the spring to do my role, and i get to do a song and dance number. >> it wouldn't be the same without him and he's still got it dick turns 91 on the 13th. still ahead, john legend on life with baby luna. >> trust me. she cries. she pouts. >> is he ready for another babe we wife chrissy. then vin diesel on the third anniversary of his close friend paul walker's death. he>> tre were a lot of tissues and it was a hard morning. >> how he's celebrating his legacy today.
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supermodel janice dickinson is getting married. only we are inside this bride bizarre dress fitting. >> the thing is, honey -- you can't wear black. you can't wear black. ? it's my wedding and i'll cry if i want to ?
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?? ?? check out baby luna absolutely stealing her daddy's music video, but john legend ought to be used to giving up the spotlight, rights? because all eyes were on chrissy teigen when she was on the red carpet letting it all hang out, and i do mean all. >> your wife stole the show and is that a slit? >> i knew what it was. assumed it would stay put because we were testing the walking moves and we thought it would -- apparently, the photographer is resourceful enough they can find that one angle. >> yeah, we won't show you the shot, but instead, soak in all of this adorable goodness. baby luna starring in john's new
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>> we just did literally two takes with her because we had to catch her while she was in a good mood, and she woke up from her nap, and had some food so she was, like, just happy enough. >> is there ever a time when she's not in a good mood? >> trust me. she cries and pouts and her daddy says just assume her next child will not be like the first. >> also as good as it can get, john's new album, darkness and light, the title has a special hidden meaning. >> i named my daughter luna which is the moon. a lot of it is about making love work despite the odds and despite the difficulties. i always cared about what was going on in the world and it gives it extra significance when you want to leave it a better place for your kids and grandkids. >> are you working on baby number two? >> we're practicing. ?? who knows what will happen? >> oh, i say, just keep those
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meanwhile, wedding number four is on the way for the woman known as theld wor's first supermodel, janice dickinson and she gave us an exclusive pick at the gown she's narrowed it down to, and all i can say is, oh, my. ?? >> i love this. i love it. it feels like it was made for me. >> you can't wear black. ? it's my wedding and i'll cry if i want to ? >> so she's not your average blushing bride. >> i'll buis >> that works. >> janice enlisted the help of l.a. designer jane book to help her find the perfect dress. the 61-year-old met her future husband, psychity onite rift robert gerner, aka, rocky on a blind date and the couple got engaged just months later. she credits him with taming her wild ways. >> haven't you noticed in the past almost five years s ince i've known rocky that i haven't been falling out of nightclubs with my underwear hanging around my kneecaps and spraying the press with bottles of water?
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>> is the back too sexy for a wedding? >> no. >> janice's road to the altar has been rocky. health issues and her ongoing lawsuit against bill cosby has stood in the way, but she's determined to tie the knot, and even agreeing to a prenup. >> i don't believe in prenups, but he does. so if he wants me to sign one, fine. whatever. >> he just blushed. >> now we have a prenup. >> i think you need for your wedding some statement dress. i really do, and i have the perfect one. >> let's get it on. >> when it comes to picking out the gown she'll be wear to her garden wedding, janice wasn't willing to change her mind. >> angels are facing each other on the fabric. >> oh, ie lov.this >> i really would love to have
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watching right now because it's certainly not going to be a surprise on the wedding day. janice and rocky are going to say "i do" one week from tomorrow. congrats. people will start to wonder if carly steele is stalking vin diesel. she joined him for a screening in hollywood and she followed him all of the way to brazil for their craziest encounter yet. >> oh! >> boom. >> oh! >> oh, in br!azil >> can you believe we're in amazing brazil? >> have you been enjoying sao paulo? >> oh, boy. >> that says it all. >> i did not enjoy it. i did not enjoy it. look at my eyes. look at how much -- vin headlines sao paulo's comic-con where he's promoting xxx return of zander cage. >> people were going nuts even before you came out.
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and a kind of energy here that is infectious and wonderful. it's a life force. it's just -- so much. >> here we go. >> it's amazing to have that many great, beautiful, talented, strong, formidable. the women in xxx are the bad asses of the movie. >> i live for this. are you ready to have some fun? >> vin says making the film was a welcome distraction. >> making this movie came after a very difficult time making "furious 7," so never in my life did i need to do a movie where i could laugh more than right now. >> during filming for furious 7 vin lost close friend paul walker and this week marked the third anniversary of the fatal car wreck. the last three years have been some of the hardest years of my life because i'm losing a brother like that.
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>> i was in rio one of those times with paul and vin. >> carly and vin will be together again at the official world premiere in london. that is happening next month.
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it's all at primal consideration provided by -- >> and before we go, while hollywood spread holiday cheer at the children's hospital los angeles, stars of ncis, ncis l.a., code black, helped raise the spirits of special little kids and it is so wonderful to see the smiles on all of their faces already spreading holiday cheer. >> i love it. >> bye, everybody. >> i love it. >> bye, everybody. why did luke bryan slap a (coughs) >> i love it. >> bye,that cough doesn't why dsound so good.slap a well i think you sound great. move over. easy booger man. take mucinex dm.
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coming up on today's telecast: >> hallelujah! there she goes! there she goes! she's been waiting! whoo! oh she's going to shout a little bit! look at that! she's going to run! >> he got $150,000! >> cancelled that debt and that debt was $27,000. god has used reverend peter popoff throughout his entire life and ministry to bring miraculous deliverance to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. stay tuned as reverend popoff ministers, prays, and reveals the power of a living god able to change your life and bring you into great joy,


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