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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  December 5, 2016 1:35am-2:35am EST

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? oh, my, mariah. the diva gets caught making out with her backup dancer. the must-see over-the-top photos. wait. did he just drop her? >> then katy and orlando's date night after the engagement rumors. >> we saw each other a lot. >> it's "e.t.'s" new interview talking about the relationship o r the first time. >> plus new kanye breakdown details. what the 911 call revealed. >> request if we can have some police backup. then bradley cooper's girlfriend pregnant on the victoria's secret runway as "e.t." takes you backstage for all the model drama. >> i'm freaking out. our paris exclusive with lady gaga, bruno mars, and all the angels. >> here we go. then tears for florence henderson. >> she's just one i could have spent more time with.
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>> she's mine with all of my heart. ? i love rock and roll ? >> we're first on the set of the movie britney spears doesn't want you to see. >> get ready. it's a ride. >> now this is "entertainment tonight." remembering "brady bunch" mom florence henderson. our most unforgettable moments are ahead. >> but first, major couples news. mariah looking lips with a backup dancer? and katy perry and orlando's love in full bloom after rs it's all covered in our romance report. ? fantasy baby ? >> my, oh my. mariah. her leg hiked up around brian tanaka tip as they kiss in the waves in hawaii. there's hugs and big smiles and a very playful piggyback ride. at one point the 33-year-old backup dancer shows off his strength, lifting mariah up and carrying her. not the most comfortable-looking shot. and in this one brian appears to
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? mariah's ex nick cannon took notice posting his own similar-looking pics with mariah from 2008. the caption, "this is how you do it. lol #beingpetty." but just four minutes after his original post nick denied any diss saying it's all love, no hate, but dang we looked amazing. family and the queen. so anyone looking to divide that or spew hate, check that at the door. back to brian. has his crush turned into true love or is this a showmance for "mariah's world" which premieres sunday and is still shooting? here's what mariah said about brian when our carlie field sat down with her two weeks ago. >> brian of course, he's a hottie. love that bod. lots of speculation if you guys are dating or not. you have a lot of chemistry in
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>> let's move on to another romance rumor. is katy perry engaged to orlando bloom? ? you make ? >> very nice. >> why is it so good to have him by your side tonight? >> he knows it better than i, and he's been -- for over ten years. and i've only been a few years. so he's kind of shown me some of the ropes. >> orlando! >> bloom showed up together at usf's s the carpet five minutes apart. but we were wondering where was that giant diamond ring katy was wearing on that finger the night before? it sparked engagement rumors but looks like they're keeping us guessing. the couple have been dating for ten months now. finally a big congrats to bradley cooper and irina shayk. a mini cooper is on the way. we got our first glimpse of the supermodel baby bump this week at the victoria's secret fashion show in paris. the 30-year-old russian model used some pretty clever cover-up.
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adjustable tie at the waist to accommodate her growing baby bump. we were backstage and saw marina calm with a bottle of water. an update on kanye west after his release from the hospital. we have the just released 911 call revealing dramatic new details about his breakdown. >> i'm actually one of his doctors. i'm just calling from my cell phone. he definitely is going to need to be hospitalized. i wouldn't do the police by itself. i think he needs -- >> what is the medical condition >> authorities deleted that and any reference to kanye's private medical info before releasing the 911 call on thursday. on it you can hear kanye's personal fission physician, dr. michael farzam. >> don't let him get any weapons or anything like that. if anything changes and he does become physically combative between now and when the police and/or paramedics get there, call us at 911. >> will do. thank you so much. >> the call was placed november 2 is 1st while kanye was at the
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>> is kanye okay in. >> you can reach his publicist. >> kanye spent nine days at the ucla medical center. he left the hospital wednesday morning at around 2:00 a.m. a source confirms to "e.t." that kanye right now is in his bel air home with kim and their two children. i'm told he's happy to finally be back with the kids and that he missed them very much. saint's first birthday is this coming monday and he's really happy that he can be home for that. my source people in kanye's inner circle are really hoping that this hospital stay makes him realize that he had to take a step back and focus on his mental health and mindset right now. >> so what happened? we played kanye's 911 call for dr. charles soef carrie. he's a mental health expert but has not treated kanye. >> it must have been a tough situation where the doctor felt there was no way to transport this person in a car or a safe manner to a hospital. >> we just want him to get better, right?
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kendall jenner and her and her fellow models in paris where the victoria's secret fashion show is take place. >> we'll see the full show on monday, right? but kevin frazier got the very tough assignment -- >> oh, man. >> -- to talk to the angels before thfr main event. and kendall finally broke her silence on kanye. >> how's everybody doing? any upsets on kanye or anything? >> everyone's okay. everyone's doing okay, yeah. just praying. >> we were with kendall right befoew that kanye would be going home after more than a week in the hospital. she was getting ready to strut her stuff wearing her wig. >> any of the family members coming tonight?wh o's coming to support? >> it's just me this year. you guys just get me. [ cheers ] >> hashtag "e.t." team. >> here we go. >> now it is showtime. it is go time. you're about to see all the magic. >> let's go. now i'm freaking out.
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platform boots to be as tall as the models, and we found out she even gets preshow jitters. >> i'm nervous. these women are -- it's so amazing, you know. they should be given an incredible amount of credit for how vulnerable it is to walk out in front of the world in your underwear. >> yeah, try doing it in front of your ex like bella hadid. she walked the runway with the weeknd on stage but told us it's all good. >> he's the best. we're still great >> look at me. >> no nerves for bruno mars, who also performed. but emotions ran high for angel josephine schreiber who left the runway in tears. >> what was going through your mind? >> i don't know. just hit me out there. >> kevin spent the week with the angels leading up to the show starting with the plane ride to paris. to the photo shoot at the eiffel tower where security was t.tigh >> it's cold outside. your nose is red.
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wrapped these ladies were ready to hit the afterparty where we hear kendall hit up the dj booth and gigi hadid had a moment with her mom. >> it seems like a beautiful moment where you first came out and you looked over at your mom. >> i saw you at first, i was like -- >> don't cry. you'll make me cry. let's go have some drinks. >> oh, j'adore paris. this year it cost $3 million. it's made of 9,000 gem stones wear it on the runway. she had to sit in a mold for three hours just to get this fit right. you know it's going to be a great show. now to another big headline this week, the loss of florence henderson. "e.t." spent nearly four decades with the "brady bunch" mom. we are the only show talking to three of her brady kids in mourning. we begin with marsha, maureen mccormick. >> what was your immediate reaction when you heard the news? >> just total disbelief. just total disbelief.
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i think everyone was shocked. >> maureen fought back tears, remembering the woman who played her tv mom and became one of her best friends. florence even texted her love as she competed on "dancing with the stars." >> she said "hi, sweet maureen. i got so many calls and messages saying how wonderful you were last night. and you were. thanks so much for dinner." >> and her actual very last television performance was for you on where she came out and said "marsha, marsha, marsha." >> marsha, marsha, marsha. >> what was that moment like? >> it was amazing. it was amazing. it was so great to be with her. >> i'm so proud of you. we've been through a lot together. >> haven't we? >> then almost two weeks ago florence was in the audience for the show's finale. just three days later, on thanksgiving, she passed away at l.a.'s cedars-sinai medical center. the cause of death was heart failure. we showed maureen our last
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>> you got very emotional when you saw maureen dancing. what were you feeling then? >> well, you know, i know what maureen's life has been like and all she's been through. and you know, i still feel like she's mine. and so i love her very much. >> i'm hers, she's mine. i mean, how lucky, how lucky i am. how lucky we all are. florence's heart was so good. you kn yeah, she played this mother that, you know, many people joke about and say oh, you know, it's just so sweet and everything. but you know what? she was that sweet. she really was. >> she was the lovely lady they sing about in the brady song. >> she was the loveliest of ladies. but she could tell the dirtiest joke too. i've been reading so many things from so many people that kind of
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and you know, they said she's saucy and spicy and a dame and just such an outpouring. >> if you could say anything to florence right now, what would it be? >> thank you. thank you. i love you forever. >> and maureen wanted everyone to know that in lieu of flowers florence's family has asked that donations be made to broadway cares. florence at the end of the month and there will be a public service in january. >> gosh, we'll miss her. >> absolutely. >> there's still so much more to come later in the show. we will take you back to the brady reunion show. florence on set with her tv husband the late robert reed and of course alice, ann b. davis. dolly parton on the raging fire that threatened to destroy her beloved amusement park. our new interview. plus meet the cast of the new "celebrity apprentice."
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you're fired. >> well, there's a brand new boss in charge on the new "celebrity apprentice." we are less than four weeks away from the show's big return with its new host. i'm talking about arnold schwarzenegger. ? money, money, money, money ? >> i am, you know, the boss. >> the terminator is the new "apprentice" ceo since donald >> i've been governor twice in california. and for him it's great to go from this to politics. only in america. >> we've all come to the new season of "celebrity apprentice." >> i'm 68 years old, and it's a whole new challenge, something that i've never done before. so this is relate wondally wond. and i think the characters they picked, that will be major drama. >> let's break down the celebs. fithrst e wild card snooki. >> i'm not scared of you. >> forget "jersey shore."
1:50 am
anymore, getting drunk and wasted. like i'm home with my kids. and i love my life so far. the brand is still snooki but as a mom i'm nicole. >> another mom and reality star kyle richards. since this season the show moves from new york to l.a. we're calling her the local. >> i think what is an advantage is that i'm born and raised in los angeles. >> athletes layla ali and lisa leslie are the contenders. and boy george, '80s icon. ? karma, karma >> it's going to be very interesting to see whether i am a team player, whether i can survive. we'll see. >> the billion-dollar question? what will replace this iconic tag line? >> you're fired. >> so many ideas. from hasta la vista, baby. >> hasta la vista, baby. >> to "you won't be back." or "get to the chopper."
1:51 am
lines. but it's got to play off him being the terminator. like -- you're terminated. >> i love it. do it one more time for me. >> you're terminated. >> i think you could be a fill-in. i think you've got it. well, coming up, we are talking to dolly parton on that wildfire that's near dollywood, and she shares very painful memories on her childhood and how she got her famous look. >> people say oh, she's just trash. and i said, well, that's what i want to be when i grow up. then, secrets from the set of the new "hairspray live." >> plus john legend on his wif secrets behind luna's cameo in ?? ?? secrets behind luna's cameo in ?? ?? ??
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welcome back, everybody. you know, so many people were left devastated this week over that eastern tennessee wildfire, including those residing close to the world famous dollywood. now, it's a place the country superstar has held so dear.
1:54 am
tennessee fire and these dramatic photos show just how close the fire got to the singer's dollywood resort in fijon forge. >> resort staff evacuated families staying in 50 rooms in dollywood's dream more resort. and 19 of dollywood's smoky mountain cabins. >> although there isn't any damage to the amusement park itself, earlier this week dolly told us, "i'm praying for all the families affected by the fire and the firefighters who are working so hard to keep everyone safe." "e.t." was with dolly just laste premiere of her new movie, parts of which were shot there. >> we get new presents for christmas, daddy? >> it's her second autobievgal tv flick. in it she shares a chilling memory that changed the parton family forever. >> the part where we almost froze to death that was very difficult to death. we lived back in the mountains and our whole cabin was kind of between this hollow. and the snow had just piled up so high. and we had boarded up our windows to keep the snow -- to
1:55 am
but we had no idea there was going to come a snow like that. we got trapped in there. we thought we were going to die. and our little tears were frozen on our little faces. and so it had to have been prayer that melted the snow around us. that's kind of like a christmas miracle. but yeah. mama had a lot of faith. >> you say you're all i need. well, i need you now. >> jennifer nettles and ricky schroeder is once again papa parton. >> anyone needs a dream, daddy, don't take itwa >> i loved ricky schroeder since he was a little bitty boy. i loved him. >> but what everyone's talking about, dolly's cameo. >> i got to play the painted lady, the woman i patterned my look after when i was little. but i'd never seen anything quite like her with all that yellow hair piled up on her head, painted eye shadows. it's like you'd think of like a movie star. we didn't see that. we didn't go to the movies. people say oh, she's just trash. and i said, well, that's what i want to be when i grow up.
1:56 am
was a perfect part for me to play. >> i want to look exactly like you when i grow up. >> well, maybe you will, sweetheart. >> and miss dolly, i want to be you when i grow up. i sure do. dolly told us some very exciting news, cameron. she is putting together a musical about her life. >> yes. we've already written. >> i belong to the church of dolly. i cannot wait for this. or i can't wait for this either. "hairspray live" is what we're talking about. >> i know you're seams. wednesday's a big day. >> i do not think there's been another live television production with this much musical talent. ? you can try to stop the hands of time ? ? but you know ? >> we've cried ten hundred times today. the two of us are basket cases. we've been crying. it's such an emotional journey for everybody. >> ariana told me christensen like a mom to all the cast members. and ms. grande has become close
1:57 am
maddie baillio. >> she had a party at her mom's house and i came over. we had the cast bonding. she's just the sweetest person. >> how would you like to come down to audition? >> oh, my god. it's the dream of a lifetime. >> costumes are incredible. the hair, the wigs. it's amazing. the cast is incredible too. i love them. ? i can't stop ? >> the nbc production is taking live musical to a whole new level with 18 different sets. plus a don't miss diva duet between ariana and jennifer hudson. >> i'm a fan. >> how do all these big voices meet in the middle of this production? jennifer hudson, ariana grande, kristen chenowith. all you all are power singers. >> i think we're just thinking about doing the part. it's not about we're all used to doing our separate kind of things but now we're coming
1:58 am
>> you entertain me. she entertains you at home. but also -- >> i don't know about you. there are some great guest stars on this show. i wish i was one of them but i am not. they do include "will & grace's" sean hayes, rosie o'donnell and billy eichner. >> let's talk about two major guest stars in singer john legend's new music video. talking about chrissy teigen and baby girl luna. >> they are so, so cute. john and i got to talk all about his new music and of course that gorgeous family of his. amas. when she stepped out, did you say is that a slip or -- >> i knew what it was. i assumed it was they put -- beecaus every move -- we were like testing all the walking moves. we thought it would stay put. but apparently the photographer is resourceful enough they can find that one angle. >> yeah. we won't show you the not safe for work shot. instead, soak in all of this adorable goodness. baby luna starring in john's new
1:59 am
>> i don't know who's going to kiss you when i'm gone ? >> we had to catch her when she was in a good mood. she woke up from her nap and had some food. she was just happy. >> is there ever a time she's not in a good mood? >> oh, yeah. trust me. she cries. she pouts. >> she says just assume your next child will not be as good as her because she's as good as it can get. >> also as good as it can get, john's new album light." the title has a special hidden meaning. >> i named my daughter luna, which is literally the light in the darkness, the moon. a lot of it is making it work despite the odds, the difficulties. i always cared about what was going on in the world but i think it gives it a little extra significance knowing that you want to leave a better place for your kids and for your grandkids. ? i just want to love you now ? >> are you already working on baby number two? >> well, we're practicing. who knows what will happen? ? oh, oh ? >> practicing's a good thing,
2:00 am
maybe number two could be here any day. you never know. "darkness and light," by the way, is out right now. on the way, our oprah exclusive. the story behind her on-camera explosion. >> i have to dig so deep. >> bring it up. >> you brought this on yourself! so go! >> and what's it like having kim k. as a neighbor? >> kim said this to you. >> last week? >> kathy griffin is dishing dirt on all her a-list friends. >> i look at swifty, and i go hey. >> jordan smith, team adam! >> last december's winner of "the voice." after the number two debut of his debut album "something beautiful" jordan smith already has a second "'tis the season." >> i tried to fit all kinds of different kinds of holiday songs in there that everyone could relate to and enjoy. ? he sees when you're sleeping ? >> jordan also has a holiday special airing all month long on pbs. and the newlywed told us he's looking forward to his first
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if you're just joining us here are this week's top five stories. number 5 bradley cooper's baby on the way. >> it's a big surprise for everyone. >> that's bradley's supermodel girlfriend irina shayk with us after a year and a half of dating mini cooper is on the way. we saw the 30-year-old russian model backstage at the victoria's secret fashion show. reps for both have not responded to our request for comment. number 4, mariah's makeout with her backup dancer. ? like that, y'all ? these wild pda pics were taken on monday in hawaii. ea46-yd r-olmimi in her black monokini even laid herself out on the rocks to strike a pose
2:05 am
on hand. so is this true will have or a showmance for mariah's world? >> speculation is if you guys are dating or not. you have a lot of chemistry in the show. >> wait and watch the show. >> number 3, katy perry and orlando bloom step out after engagement rumors. ? you make ? >> my girlfriend tonight looks very nice. >> we see each other a lot. >> it's the first time on camera katy and orlando have spoken about their relationship. they showed up together but apart at unicef's snowflake ball tuesday night. we're wondering where was that giant diamond ring katy was wearing on that finger the night before? looks like they want to keep us guessing on that one. >> there are a lot of distractions in this world. this weird world that i live in. >> number 2, kanye west the 911 call. >> i'm actually one of his doctors. i'm just calling from my cell phone. he definitely is going to need to be hospitalized. i wouldn't dot police by itself. >> what is the medical condition he's having, sir?
2:06 am
medical references in the recording of the call placed november 21st. kanye is understood to have had a breakdown, landing at ucla medical center for nine days. >> he left the hospital wednesday morning at around 2:00 a.m. a source confirms to "e.t." that kanye right now is in his bel air home with kim and their two children. >> and our number one story this week, reaction to the death of florence henderson. >> what was your immediate reaction when you heard the news? >> just total disbelief. just total disbelief. i had just i'd just seeb seen her. i think everyone was shocked. >> maureen mccormick fought back tears rec the woman who played her tv mom on "the brady bunch." on thanksgiving she passed away at l.a.'s cedars-sinai medical center. the cause of death was heart failure. go to et for the latest. now there's also some tv news. oprah winfrey's own series is currently shooting its second season in atlanta and we got a
2:07 am
>> yes, we did. recurring role on the set and brooke anderson was first on the set as they raised the bar for season 2. >> you've got the infidelity, the greed, the adultery, the betrayal, the sinning. >> one of the things that informs me so much is all of those years of doing the "oprah" show. it was like living in a life classroom. >> if a man hits you once, he will hit you again. >> not everybody can get over an affair. so being able to take some of those dysfuncon people actually shared with me and our audience and be able to inrporate them into the lives of our characters. it's fantastic. >> she's using 25 years of oprah shows to help with storylines. but the best part about being boss, you get to tell everyone what to do. >> thinking about my own character, mavis. i said to the writers mavis needs to shake her wig out a little bit, and whoa, there was shaking going on. >> you're going down.
2:08 am
and everybody to get the hair and makeup and the wardrobe? >> i wanted a real fro. like a fro-fro, like i used to wear. and the fro was too big. they were always like we can't see around the fro. and i didn't want to have a little fro. so we let that go and just did the sort of curly wiry thing. >> brooke met oprah on the atlanta set of "greenleaf" as they began shooting season 2. but lady o admits she's still recovering from this scene with her on-screen sister lynn whitfield. in the dramatic finale o >> if anybody's to blame for whatever it is you came down here to bitch to me about it's you because you thu. >> i could see the simmering rage in your eyes as you were playing that. it was explosive. >> i am not going to be your scapegoat. you brought this on yourself! >> that scene wasn't written when i came to set that day. somebody write me a scene right
2:09 am
>> -- so they can go at it. and i will tell you, for me i don't carry a lot of anger. i just don't. i just don't. i don't even have it buried. so i have to dig so deep. >> bring it up. >> to bring it up. that on the day we did that scene i had such a migraine headache from digging. this is what i learned. what i learned is omg, there are people walking around with this feeling this all the ti they must be sick. >> it's unhealthy. >> they must be sick. >> that's why we look to you for your wisdom. will you please run for president one day? >> that will never happen to me. that is the one thing i can say will never happen to me. everybody can take a deep breath now. >> i think i speak for millions of americans when i say never say never, oprah. please. now to a comedian who dropped oprah's name a time or two in her stand-up.
2:10 am
dropping oprah's name in a comedy routine. but kathy griffin is fearless. and by the way, she is so not d list. she's actually neighbors with kim and kanye. and when kathy and i talked about that, it was before kanye's breakdown, when the most alarming headline in kim's life was the robbery in paris. >> so you've seen her since the whole -- >> we live next door to each other. >> and how's she doing? >> s dhe'soing fine. >> kathy gave us a quick update on kim and said she's a super quiet and respectful neighbor. but even after the traumatic robbery in paris kim's still not immune to the stand-up comic's irreverent brand of humor. >> excited, emotional, anxious, three words to describe what i'm feeling right now. which is three more than i thought she knew. >> the last thing kim kardashian actually said to me was -- because i warned her. i said you know, we might get along, you're never out of the act. and she's just like i get, it it's an honor. and i was like, good girl. good girl. >> kim said this to you? >> yeah. i think she was counting her
2:11 am
>> her in your face attitude has earned kathy legions of followers and a reported $20 million net worth. now she's dishing it in a new book. i owt dn with her at a hollywood hotel where she told me about the time she called out leonardo dicaprio. >> i was presenting at the directors guild of america but leo made the mistake of just scrolling on the twitter and basically i lovingly tortured leonardo dicaprio. i believe i called him a man whore from the stage. he leaned in and he goes this. >> uh-oh. >> and that's when i fell in love with him. >> but sometimes celebrities have got to be a little bit afraid. >> of course. last time i went to a grammy party and i looked at taylor swift across the room and i really was trying to make her laugh. >> i'm excited to see you perform tonight. >> i look at swifty thinking thinking she's going to giggle. and i go, "hey." and she legit goes like --
2:12 am
she says refused to talk to her during a charity performance they did together. can't imagine why. >> so ashton kutcher released some kind of statement saying that marriage is one of the most difficult things in the world. really? i would say fighting cancer.>> i just assumed he'd be like a nice guy and stuff. it was very bizarre. >> and there's miley cyrus who she's actually made peace with. >> we worked the whole day together and she turns to me and goes, "so this whole time you've and i go, yeah. this whole time, babe. it's really, really just all in fun. i've never ruined anyone's career. i've never been the cause of a loss of income. i think, by the way, i've made fun of oprah a lot. i think she's okay. i don't think she's bankrupt. for now. >> she's wild. she's fun. she cracks me up nonstop. i can talk to her for hours. >> all right. straight ahead, remembering florence henderson with two of her tv sons. >> then, britney spears's life.
2:13 am
new lifetime movie. >> it was very sad. >> plus michael jackson's son
2:14 am
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? britney's slumber party music video. got pretty close to the singer last week. >> just about as close as you and i. >> maybe a little closer.
2:16 am
romance rumors. britney's entire life has been the subject of headlines. and now she is getting the lifetime movie treatment and only "e.t." online's leanne aguilera was on set. ? i love rock and roll ? >> i've watched every video i can. every interview i can. and just immersed myself into britney land. >> australian actress natasha bassett plays the pop princess in lifetime's britney bio pic. she certainly has that floor crawling >> are you a big britney fan? >> i listened to her music so much growing up. like i have videos of me as a tween practicing her songs in the mirror with a hairbrush in my hand. >> natasha had to change up her look and learn those famous moves. >> i'm not a dancer. i've never danced in my life. >> the two-hour tv movie covers all the major moments in britney's life. like her romance with justin timberlake. nathan keys had to go through his own transformation to become
2:17 am
hairstyles. so we've got the -- we affectionately call them the ramen noodle hair. ? it's gonna be me ? >> we also do this girl, which is like the cap and highlight number. and we get the darker look and the little pompadour later. we kind of span all time with it. >> the guys cast at his 'n sync bandmates don't really look much like the real deal. clayton kiddie does resemble britney's ex-husband kevin federline. and into her troubles after their split. >> i started to gain a lot more of an understanding of what she went through. and it was very hot. >> the movie does not have britney's blessing. >> are you hoping she'll see the movie and change her mind? >> i do. i really hope she watches the movie. i think she'd really enjoy it. it's really a love letter to her and to her story. >> if britney does tune in, she'll also get to relive iconic moments like that kiss with madonna. and her vma performance with a giant snake. >> walk me through that because
2:18 am
>> yeah. it was awful. i was crying. i'm getting like panic attacks thinking about that snake. >> let's stick with music for a minute. michael jackson's oldest son, prince michael, doesn't sits down for interviews very often but he's 19 now and ready to step into the spotlight. prince shared with me some special memories of his legendary father. >> we see him as larger than life. what was the most normal thing about your dad? >> him trying to cook. actually, he was a i can't cook. >> michael jackson was a good cook? >> yeah. >> what was his best dish? >> it was called daddy bread. i didn't know what it was until recently. it's actually just french toast. >> prince is already following in his father's footsteps in the music business, but as a producer. he's done music videos for artists omar baddi and so through his company king sun productions. >> everyone's always thought i'm going to do music, i'm going to be a dancer.
2:19 am
>> we always knew prince would be in show business. we were with him when he acted on "90210." he even once served as an "e.t." special correspondent. >> but the fact is i've learned a lot from this week. >> i don't think i'd ever go down a reality series kind of way. i enjoy keeping my life private. because there's been so much of my life that i haven't been able to keep private, i like to cherish what i'm able to. >> now a student at loy loyola-marymount in los angeles prince feels it's important to give back. he heal los angeles, which supports families in the l.a. area with a focus on ending child abuse, homelessness, and hunger. >> i think if people can just reach out and try and help everybody the world can be a better place if you just help each other. >> okay. i have to ask, do you have a girlfriend? >> yes. >> you do. are you in love? >> we've been together since the beginning, since college started. >> is it your first love? >> no. >> aw. he got a little shy there. if you see him around campus, just call him mike because
2:20 am
campus. well, still to come, florence henderson in her own words. how she almost missed out on her most iconic role. >> carol brady had been cast already. >> plus how her tv sons are remembering the icon. >> she'll be loved for a long time. >> that's ahead. but first, this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays. which oscar winner graduated from high school in germany? is it patricia arquette,
2:21 am
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welcome back. as we remember "brady bunch" mom florence henderson we are hearing from her grief-stricken brady kids. >> earlier you saw maureen mccormick who of course played marsha. now her tv sons peter, christopher knight, and greg, barry williams, share their memories of the tv icon. >> i think it's important to know that many people share this loss. she will be remembered. she'll be loved for a long time. >> barry williams, who played greg, fighting back tears. >> regrets. you know, just -- >> go ahead and take a second. >> she's just one i could have spent more time with. it's a huge shock to everyone. we all lost her. not myself. we all had her as a representative of mom. and i had her kind of as my
2:24 am
my mom died 12 years earlier on the same date. >> we are leaning on each other right now. it's been -- it's very challenging again because it's so fresh and so unexpected. but that's what we do. and that's who we are. we have now shared almost all the major milestones of our lives together. this is a particularly poignan had a great affinity for her and attraction to her. she's played so many different roles in my life as a mother, as a professional, as a mentor. and she was inspiring to me as well. >> barry had been open about the crush he had on his tv mom. florence was 36. barry 15. >> as a teenager and growing un, i think she knew that i had a crush on her. and i think that was kind of
2:25 am
music and that side of show business. so i used that as an exc tuseo pick her up in the car and take her out and try to steal a kiss. which i did. >> she was just a wonderful kind of warm and stern mothering fire. it just -- she to me was somebody i just never wanted to disappoint. she didn't have a mom like that, she represented that mom you didn't have. and you know, tra tragedy that we've all lost her. but we all own her. i know i will live being who i am with her because you know, she had a ver iymportant role in my life and i'm a good deal who i am because of her. >> it will be quite a while before it processes. >> they loved her so. >> they do. absolutely. >> and we are so fortunate that florence spent decades of her life with "entertainment tonight." you know, we'd only been on the air 11 days when she made this
2:26 am
precious moments with the tv icon known as everybody's mom. ? here's the story of a lovely lady ? >> i rarely watch anything i've done. i believe in the present and moving forward into the future. but i do realize the impact that it's had around the world. >> she was the mom who could solve any problem. >> i have answered all my mail. ever since i started in this business. every piece. i and the letters that i've received from young people saying could you come get me, would you, and my father's abusing me, i have such an unhappy home. oh, yeah, kids who want me to come and help them. >> there's an old saying, quitters never win and winners never quit. >> as far as our show's concerned, it's been running for 20 years. so it must be doing something right. >> tv history could have been
2:27 am
first choice for the part. >> carol brady had been cast already. a girl named joyce beautifont had the role. >> after a screen test the producers changed their minds and florence would embrace the role for the rest of her life. >> it's never been a curse for me because i don't allow it. there are a lot of actors they do something, they become very well known for it, and then they hate it, they hate what they were paid, they hate everything about the job. i don't hate it at all. it's part of my past. i cherish movies. in 1988 we were on the set of "a very brady christmas." >> my kids grew up with these kids. and instead of having four children of my own i felt like i had ten children, just like my mother did. >> fantastic. >> this show has a life of its own. the brady family is part of americana. and nothing surprises me about it. >> the show was even briefly brought back as a series with
2:28 am
>> do i really want to do this again? but i don't know. once you get back and you get on the set and all the energy's there, it feels good. >> any opportunity to be around her tv family, florence was there. >> float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! >> we're very protective of the "brady bunch." we don't like people to make fun of us. this hairdo now, which don't ask time, but a lot of punkers have this now. have you noticed? so i'm in again. >> and about that original 1969 hairdo, florence shared a little bit of brady history with us. >> i'll tell you the secret for like the first season i had the bubble do, that huge do. that was a wig. >> incredible woman. incredible career. and here's something that you may not know. in 1962 florence became the first woman ever to guest-host
2:29 am
2:30 am
?? ?? ?? ?? ??
2:31 am
?living well? rise above joint discomfort with move free ultra's triple action joint support for improved mobility and flexibility, and 20% better comfort from one tiny, mighty pill... get move free ultra, and enjoy living well. travel consideration provided by -- all right. look at all those stars with birthdays this weekend.
2:32 am
turning 43. jay-z 47. now, let's take a final look at your choices. which oscar winner graduated from high school in germany? that is julianne moore, who is 56 this weekend. monday on "e.t.," is mariah in love with her backup dancer? our new interview with the diva revealing her relationship status. monday on "e.t." we are almost out of time this weekend, but for all the late-breaking hollywood news just go to our website, the new video for "let me love you." >> that's the dj snake song featuring justin bieber that we all can't get out of our heads. it's the record producer's first number one single on the u.s. top 40 charts. >> the video is very bonnie and clyde. enjoy that and the rest of your weekend. bye. ?
2:33 am
? ? let me love you ?
2:34 am
2:35 am
lings with taiwan, mr. trump continued. interesting how the u.s. sells billions of dollars of military equipment but i should not accept a congratulatory call. >> i think president elect trump may not be fully aware of all of the details of the history of our relations with taiwan. >> an expert on u.s. china relations, bonnie glasser said america's unofficial relationship with taiwan exists because of the 1972, one china policy. a island nation of taiwan as part of china's territory and not a sovereign nation. >> the notion that the united states incoming president of the u.s. might be supporting a pro independence agenda will be very, very worrisome to china. and it will cause some problems in the u.s./china relationship. >> senior transition adviser, kellyanne conway said mr. trump


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