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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  December 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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we've got a crew just arriving at iverson mall and we'll have a live report soon. we stay in prince george's county for the next story where one man was shot at a construction site. >> that's where nikki burdine is now. >> reporter: prince george's county police themselves say this is a very strange situation. they just left the scene a few minutes ago. this all happened here on this construction site where two men were robbed, one of them shot and now he's fighting for his life. >> i can honestly say this isn't something that we see every day here. >> it was just after noon today at this construction site in brandy wine at danville road. two men walked up to two workers, shot one of them robbed them and away. the man shot was flown to the hospital. >> police won't say what the suspects gotwa
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it's a rural area, only a few homes near by which is why neighbors choose to live here in the first place. >> i never thought about it. i wouldn't have move ed d here if i thought about something like that. >> even though this neighbor didn't hear or see anything it's not something she wants in her backyard. >> pray for this family that he will be all right. >> reporter: that victim is still in critical condition. police say it's not clear if the victims and the suspects knew each other and they don't have a good description of those suspects. for now they are asking anyone with information that happened to see people running away from this construction site around noon today to give them a call. nick kick burdine, wusa. >> that number is 866-411- tips. a huge impact being felt today after the death of a 13-year-old boy in just a horrible wreck on i-95 near laurel last night. it was an 8th grader raising mon
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other kids with life-threatening pediatric illnesses. today at the religious school he attended in baltimore there's been an out pouring of grief. scott droop broom -- broom is live to tell us about this young boy. >> reporter: his father was a rabbi and teacher at the school. the family dedicated to community service. >> this is boy that people remember here, scene completing the 170 ride to raise money to forth other kids with life-threatening illnesses. >> such a terrible loss. >> the rabbi spoke today for the entire town school of baltimore community. >> he projected himself to anyone he came in contact with as the most happy young man. he was full of spirit. >> whenever there was a project helping to distribute foods
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the needy, this bikeathn he was out there. >> the accident that killed him left his mother who is a teacher in critical condition and two other people in another vehicle hospitalized. >> i-95 north near route 200 in laurel was closed from 9:15 last night to 5:00 this morning. he was riding in a dodge van with his mom when they got tangled in a four vehicle pile up caused when an suv broke down in a travel lane. the family was returning to baltimore after dropping his older sister at dulles for a flight to israel where she too is involved in a service organization. >> reporter: people just in shock here. this family so well known. the kid so well regarded here. he had four brothers and sisters. again, his dad a teacher and rabbi here in baltimore. this news spread in israel as well as the entire family and school community
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thinking about his mother who survived this wreck but who is in critical condition. they are praying for her. reporting live in baltimore, scott broom, wusa 9. >> all right, scott, thank you. maryland state police continue to investigate the accident. no charges have been filed against anyone involved. activists marked a grim anniversary outside the headquarters of the national rifle association. 4 years ago today 20 children and 6 educators were gunned down at sandy hook elementary school. since that tragedy some groups have pulled together to push for gun control reform. >> imagine being the parent of one of those 20 children. imagine christmas in those homes where they're trying to be joyful. they are grieving. they are, i would guess , trying to demonstrate joy to their other children and their other family members.
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that be? >> activists blame the nra for repeatedly blocking gun control legislation on capitol hill. sanity hook is on the minds of many on twitter. ian writes, a good chance an armed and trained staff would have prevented this carnage. so sad. laura writes to one grieve ing mother, i'm so very sorry for your loss and for your fact that this nation has done nothing to prevent it from happening again. today the white house was the size after a shoe and the washington monument no bigger than a ruler. of course we are talking at models of the landmarks which were on display today as the national guard prepares for the inauguration of donald trump. wusa 9 recorder evan costlove has that story. >> from the washington monument to the white house dc is full of big things. sometimes it helps to shrink it down a bit as they map out the inauguration. >> i have a clear view of the city around me. >> master sergeant aaron lovely is feeling
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that is as he marches along the inauguration route. >> from here the president and president elect will be escorted down pennsylvania avenue on their way to the capitol. >> this is all part of the rehearsal where they map out their plans. here's a time lapse of the 40 by 60 map. mayor brian fitterman said this is no easy task. >> we've been planning this thing now for well over 2 years. so you can just tell that, you know, every detail is going to be covered. >> so let's talk numbers. nearly 8,000 national guardsmen, 5,000 active duty soldiers and in the crowd an expected 800,000 people. lieutenant nicole bergada is helping with traffic. >> driving is probably going to be a nightmare. i would recommend if you want to be a spectator that you take the metro. >> then comes the issue of safety and security half a bitter campaign protesters are expected and leaders of the national guard say they are only going to int
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ask for their help. >> if something goes bad it's up to the law enforcement agency to make the first move if you will. >> as for general william walker, one of the main organizers, he said the mess is all worth it come january 20th. >> there's a sense that you are actually witnessing history. i mean, you are. you are witnessing history. you are witnessing the transfer of power. >> in the district, wusa 9. >> and evan said u.s. military has been part of this tradition for a very long time. we are talking about back to the first inauguration in 1789. that is when george washington was escorted to his ceremony in new york city. america has got talent star jackie ivanko will sing the national anthem. the 16-year-old told nbc today that she's excited and it's going to be awesome. some of the tech world's biggest names gathered at trump tower today. e
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was among those who attended a meeting with the president-elect. many in the group described trump as a threat to their future during the presidential campaign. the president elect pledged to help them today. >> i would like to help the people in the room. anything that we can do to help this go along we are going to be there for you and you call my people, you call me. we have no formal chain of command around here. >> donald trump continues to defend his pick for secretary of state exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson. rex tillerson has been criticized for his ties to russian president vladimir putin. democrats need just one republican member of the senate foreign relations economy to join them to block rex tillerson's nomination. closing arguments set for tomorrow in the trial of dylan roof. the prosecution and defense ed
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accused of killing nine black partitioners in a historic charleston church last year. his attorneys say the self-described white supremes would be willing to plead guilty if prosecutors dropped their pursuit of the death penalty. 400 workers went on strike today at dulles international airport and reagan airport. flights were not effected we are told. these are contract employees who handle bags or help check in passengers at curb side. they are looking for $15 an hour. they said $8 an hour just isn't enough to take care of his three children. he said he works two jobs and sleeps in his car to make ends meet. >> i'm feeling this terrible life is not good. i feel bad. i don't have a choice to cover my bills and to risk -- i am responsible
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the federal reserve raise d a key interest rate today. the central bank raised the borrowing rate by one-quarter of a percent. this will mean modestly higher rates on loans. you may experience this on your mortgage, the other bank loans, even your credit cards. the central bank said it anticipating three more rate hikes in 2017. now we are just getting started on wusa 9 news at 5:00. explains syria and how you can help the victims in just a little bit. >> how the real life family is reckless -- reacting to the death of alan thicke. >> people in the midwest already dealing with the arctic blast heading this way. topper has the details of what to effect here. >> the sob
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he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say,
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a warning about your christmas tree from the university of maryland. the school of fire and engineers showed us how quick a tree christmas tree can go up in flames. christmas tree fires are five times more likely to take lives than other types of house fires. we are hours awa combrshgs from oury from our coldest part of the season. in minnesota good samaritans pulled a woman from her car after she slid off the road into thin ice. single digit temperatures are causing brutal working conditions for contractors in minneapolis. >> it's cool on the cheeks, cool on the lips. we are dressed in layers out there. >> wind chills were below zero over night in chicago. they light f
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keep them from freezing over. >> i don't think i've ever seen that. that's troubling. >> it's been a while since it's been that cold. it's going to take us a minute to get used to it. >> it's the coldest air since we had last february. it's the coldest december air that we've had in 6 years. now let's talk about wind chills and even some snow showers tonight. first things first though, 3 degree guarantee. i think we are in pretty good shape. we went about 45 to 50 but i went 47 for a high at national. we are 23 of the last 24. we will let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. a live look outside from the live michael and son weather cam. it's 44 right now. dew points in the low 20s. remember the dew points yesterdy in the low 40s and then dropping into the low 30s. again, tomorrow night at this time we are going to see dew points right around zero. calm winds and clouds have rolled in. tonight snow showers are possible, less than an inch. 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. the
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showers. where they are going to set up exactly we can't really say. the model have been around the beltway though. now what about bus stop temperatures? in the 20s. focus on the wind chills. 8 to 18. temperatures and when is drop wind chills drop all daytime. it will be colder at lunchtime than the morning and colder when you head home. that's good enough for a yellow weather alert. future cast at 10:00 tonight still developing some rain and snow showers right along the beltway and towards la platta. probably just rain showers in charles county that could end in snow showers. remember this time yesterday the snow showers were a little further north. so, again, not everybody is going to see anything tonight. those areas that will see snow showers 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. the best chance. by morning we are clear and temperatures in the 20s. by 8:30 or 9:00 in the upper teens. 18 in cumberland, 19 in hagerstown. these are straight temperatures. these are not wind chills. by 1:00 only 27
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fredericksburg. so don't be deceived. tomorrow we'll say the high was like 35. that's going to be a midnight temperatures tonight as the temperatures remain steadier to fall all day. 19 in gaithersburg, 24 in downtown. 21 in manassas and 24 in fredericksburg. i had a couple of facebook questions. should i drain my hose? you should probably do that. the little cold snap will probably not cause any problems but if your hose is outside bring that in because that could crack over the next couple of days with this cold air. by midnight tomorrow, 16 in frederick and 16 in manassas. 18 at 6:00 tomorrow morning. this is the forecast, yes. 3 for a wind chill in hagerstown. by lunchtime it goes down to 2 in hagerstown, it goes down to 12 downtown. out to the west winchester only 1 and 6 in lorray. folks walking to lunch tomorrow you have to cover all your skin
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scarves, gloves all of it. tomorrow at this time zero along i 81. we know wind chills out there to 10 to 15 degrees below zero by tomorrow evening. there are wind chill advisories out there. there's no wind chill advisories in the immediate metro area. all right. let's move on. the wind chills, that's what you have to dress for as we go through the next little bit. all right. wind chills are going to be the main fact and the main deal. all right. day planner goes like this, look at the temperatures, they don't go anywhere. in 20s. 26 at 9:00 and 27 at 1:00. those are straight temperatures. yellow weather alert across the board. the mix after midnight, mix goes to rain and 50 on saturday. the next 7 days. mild on sunday with shower s and rain, 58. could end in snow north and west. just cold on monday and tuesday, pleasant on wednesday. we'll keep it clear andhi
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night. >> thank you, top. tonight the world remember s the late alan thicke. the growing pains star was one of america's favorite tv dads. >> that is right. entertainment tonight's camerons a look at how his real life family is reaccelerating to his passing. >> absolutely, leslie and bruce. alan was a devoted father to three boys that we at e.t. have been watching grow up before our very eyes. >> how is your dad as a coach? >> pretty good. >> we were with alan back in 1985 coaching his two older sons, brennan and robin. >> on saturday i have four games. >> robin had his own son julian. robin got into acting with the help of his dad. we were with the 13-year-old as he shot a cameo on growing pains. >> you want to go into music? >> yeah, aisle
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best i can. >> robin instagramed this message that reads, he was the best man i ever knew. the best friend i ever had. >> it echoes with alan's youngest son carter. >> is this him? >> in this interview from 2013 carter spoke of their bond. he was of course with his dad at the ice rink yesterday. >> you guys like playing sports together? >> yeah. >> i know you mentioned it. >> we play hock ey together. >> what's the bonding thing? >> sports or him helping me with school work i guess. >> really? >> yeah. >> so sad and so touching seeing all of that footage i spoke with his first wife of 14 years, singer and days of our lives actress gloria. you can hear that interview tonight on e.t. >> not only an amazing tv dad, just an amazing present dad for his own children. leaves quite a legacy. >> absolutely. absolutely right. thank you , cameron for that. we've got an update tonight on a story that went viral this
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the santa who said a terminally ill boy died in his arms. >> so the knoxville news, the newspaper that first reported the story, said despite an investigation they can't authenticate the story. our story in knoxville is scheduled to reinterview him tonight aleppo -- tonight along with his wife. a beloved dc mother ends a holiday tradition for local police officers honoring her late son. >> a warning tonight about a scam targeting amazon customers.
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santa traded in his sleigh for a motorcycle today. they on the way to the national institute of health department and dropped off donations for sick children. an alternative to the epi pen, that injector that can save your life if you're having a severe allergic reaction.
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the maker of epi pen made headlines when prices jumped 500%. there's a cheaper version called adreniclick. it contains the same medicine. doctors don't prescribe it because epi pen has become the standard norm for the drug must in the way that klee exisex is used. it started in pittsburgh this fall when uber launched those self-driving ford focus vehicles. the cars still have a safety driver and an uber test engineer on board. if you get an e-mail from amazon saying your order wasn't shipped you better check that twice, it could be a scam. the better business bureau has issued a warning about e-mailing with the subject line your order can b
5:25 pm
if you open the e-mail it contains a link to click to confirm information which includes credit card numbers. don't do this. amazon said you can check the status of an order any time on its website. it's really important that you don't do that because you give away all your personal information and it's a hassle to get it back. >> that's right. it's the end of a heartfelt tradition today in the district. >> for the last time shirley gibson served a meal to hundreds of mrifrs. she police officers. she does it this mem ory of her son. gibson said she feels now is the time to call tidiane -- call it quits. >> this is the last time. this is the 20th time that i've done it. i'm sure that, you know, the memory of ryan will always be with
5:26 pm
enforcement but his mom has gotten to an age where i need to let go. >> shirley gibson we love you. she said the dinner help ed her recover from the loss of her son. he was shot back in 1997 by a man who said he just wanted to kill any police officer he could find. >> what a gift she has given for 20 years. straight ahead the controversial assignment that landed a maryland teacher er in trouble. >> it's a complicated war that has many of you asking how can i help? we will try to untangle the war in syria and explain what you can do to help people caught in the cross fire.
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all right. we've got more onhe news at iverson mall in temple hill. s that's where our shoot -- >> that's where our shooting victim crashed this afternoon. allyson barber is live with more. >> reporter: police say this driver crashed into the front of
5:30 pm
decorations that are outside of the main entrance. they say the driver was bleeding. he was shot multiple times. when they got to the car and they were talking to the man he told them he was not shot here, he was shot in dc. the sources in many police department are trying to figure out where this shooting occurred but they have some evidence that it happened here in prince george's county actually. one thing police are confirming for me is they have gotten a number of 911 calls where people were reported that there was some sort of car chase involving this vehicle and another vehicle. we've heard from a couple of different source ins the police department. there was perhaps a shooting between two different vehicles. right now police aren't confirming that. they are only saying that they do have multiple reports of some sort of chase involving the vehicle that is still on scene here at iverson mall. right now you can see a little bit behind me. police are still working to gather evidence. the person who was shot here was taken to the hospital. they saye
5:31 pm
conscious and breathing when he left the scene. reporting live, i'm allyson barber, wusa 9. we turn to syria now where a cease fire is back on again. rebels say a deal has been reached to evacuate fighters and civilians from a small pocket in eastern aleppo. government forces backed by russia and iran control the rest of what remains of the city. there are widespread reports that syrian troops are executing civilians. many of you are taking to social media to express your concerns about the increasing violence in aleppo. >> that's right. we posted on facebook and many responded with questions about the conflict and how you can help. delia gonclaves is live at the white house with some answers. deal yeah. -- delia. >> reporter: you can donate and help many many ways and raise awareness and add some political pressure by attending rallies like here at the
5:32 pm
friday. >> starvation, torture, rape, mass executions. >> it's enough to bring you to tears. the tragedy a world aleppo way is unfolding before our eyes and advocates say we cannot afford to look aleppo way. away. >> now we are seeing what is going on which is extermination of the civilians there. half a million people have been killed and the results have been the worse refugee crisis since world war ii. >> responses drew scores of shares and comments. >> one comment is why is russia interested in aleppo that's in the middle of the syrian war? >> they intervened on september 30th. they want to prop up the assad regime and keep them in power. there's people leaving syria now from the bombardment. >> friday we are organizing a vigil at the
5:33 pm
starting at 6:00 and shortly after we will have a march to the ambassador's residence and just say enough is enough. >> many are marching to place political pressure on the government but you can help at home. >> donate to organizations who support the refugees. >> call on the white house, on their congressmen on their senators, on president obama to act immediately to put consequences on assad and russia for violating the cease fire. push them to a cease fire. >> reporter: and that gentleman we spoke to was in a rally in a protest right outside the russian embassy on wisconsin avenue earlier this afternoon. on friday there will be another rally, a vigil happening here outside of the white house at 6:00 p.m. protesters will then march to the russian ambassador's residence. live outside the white house, delia gonclaves, wusa 9. >> delia, thank you for that. several charities and nonprofits help people
5:34 pm
offering services and aid to refugees. if you'd like to learn how you can donate back here log onto the wusa 9 mobile app. lawyers for bill cosby are attacking the credibility of a woman who is accusing him of sexual assaulting her back in 2004. the pretrial hearing continued today in pennsylvania. andrea constand changed her version of the incident four times they said. the hearings are to decide if 13 other accusers can now testify for the prosecution at cosby's upcoming trial. a maryland teacher the back on the job after a controversial assignment. the high school teacher was put on leave for four days after encouraging students to have fun, writing a song about slavery. it was a part of a lesson on frederick douglas. the school's principal said he was inexperienced and the assignment offensive. federal highway safety advocates are out
5:35 pm
virtual reality experience tonight. they are hoping to convince all of us to drive sober this holiday season. it's called last call 360. it takes you to a bar, lets you make a series of choices and in the video the worse thing that can happen is you get pulled over. bruce leshan is here with the story of things that have far worse consequences. >> reporter: yeah, leslie. it is christine alexander's continuing nightmare. she drove drunk, killed a friend, went to prison but still struggles with her guilt. her story is a cautionary tale for all of us as we head into the holidays. >> i relive it every day. i wish that i could go back and change it. >> she's been medicated, had counseling and shock therapy by christine alexander remains deeply depressed what she did to her friend. >> i tried to kill myself several times. like
5:36 pm
>> just like in the video, alexander went to a bar and made some terrible choices. her friend climbed on a motorcycle and she drove after him even though her blood alcohol was nearly twice the legal limit. >> i hit him from behind. he flew 65 feet up into the air, bounced off my windshield, landed in the intersection and -- >> he died at the hospital. >> they wouldn't let me go to the funeral. >> alexander told her story as the national highway traffic safety administration kicked off the annual drive sober or get pulled over campaign at a dc nightclub. >> it cost me my dear friend's life and the rest of mine. >> last year drunk drivers killed 120 people. enough to fill the club just in the three and a half days around christmas. >> we do the
5:37 pm
every one of them is a mother, father, a son, a daughter, a brother, a coworker, a family friend. >> but somehow they are hoping this year will be different. >> i just want to keep people from going through what i've been through. i don't want people to make the same mistakes i did. >> reporter: now, safety advocates are hoping that technology will help save lives. the feds just announced a multimillion dollar effort they call dads for driver alcohol detection system. now, breath and fingerprint sensors actually check your blood alcohol level when you climb behind the wheel of the vehicle. they will keep you from starting the car if your blood alcohol level is above.08. they are planning to demonstrate that in virginia and roll it out as an option on new cars in 2020. >> bruce, thank you. here's a sobering that stay on e
5:38 pm
35,000 people died in vehicle crashes and almost a third involved drunk drivers. trending right now, pop singer is busted for drugs at dulles international airport. >> the holidays send people starving for attention to professional cuddlers. >> topper. >> all right. the arctic air arrives tonight. these are low temperatures, these are not wind chills. 28 downtown, 22 frederick and 23 in leesburg. we will come back and talk about where the snow showers will set up and how many consecutive days we have a yellow weather alert.
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5:41 pm
let's go to what is trending right now. a member of fifth harmony is in trouble tonight after being caught with drugs at dulles airport. >> lauren was obtained yesterday. a tsa worker found a little bag of marijuana in her carry on luggage. tm z said it appears she was heading to brazil for a performance. nominations are out for the 2017 screen and to guild awards and 's
5:42 pm
performance for a male actor kasey affleck was nominated for manchester by the sea. ryan gosling for la la land. for the women, emily adams, emily blunt and natalie portman. the awards are january 29th. another story getting a lot of clicks today, people looking for a ing hug this holiday season. >> it's kind of people. people are going to a professional cuddling place. they said it's the purpose to feel safe and connected. >> i done a lot of care giving but not really taken care of myself. this isn't something i do because i can't get a date. >> a lot of people think it's a front for prostitution. it's absolutely not. >> oak. during the sessions clients can
5:43 pm
down, hold hands, comfortable clothing is kept on at all times and no sex talk. studies show a lack of human interaction contributes to depression, stress and aggression. the burgundy and gold look to stay in the playoff hunt as they host the carolina panthers next monday night. we will hear from kirk cousins coming up in sports. >> after the break, a water main break means unflushed toilets and afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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all seems beautiful to me.
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here's a live look outside from the michael and son weather cam. it's 44 right now. the dew points have fall en into the 20s. the air is drier. winds for the time being are calm. winds will not pick up until after midnight and will howl tomorrow all day. snow showers tonight, less than an inch. 59 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. the best chance to see the showers. bus stop temperatures in the 20s. if that weren't bad enough wind
5:47 pm
temperatures and wind chills drop all day. when you pick the kids up it will be colder. wind chills like 4 to 14. that's good enough for a yellow weather alert on thursday for low wind chills. the yellow weather alert friday for the cold and a yellow weather alert for friday into saturday for the mix turning to rain. at 10:00 tonight the future cast has been consistent. it's changed location but it's been consistent of developing rain and snow showers right along 95 at 10:00 tonight . a little bit of snow in dc and rain near la,latta. la-- in la platta. the roads north and west of the beltway could get slippery if it snows hard enough and long enough. at 1:00 it pushes eastward into bowie and out route 50. e
5:48 pm
by 6:00 a.m. clear skies and temperatures in 20s. by 9:00 still in the 20s. 22 in frederick and 26 26 as far south as la platta and teens in hagerstown. in the morning 18 in downtown with the wind chills. the number goes down later in the day. this is now noon. it's down to 12. down to 6 in gaithersburg . this time tomorrow night it's down to 1 below in winchester and 1 above in hagerstown. day planner, temperatures kind of just sort of stay steady or fall tomorrow. the mid 20s to upper 20s. 27, 26, 27 by 1:00. plenty of sunshine. just a slight chance of a passing snow shower. then nice on friday. mostly sunny, clouds come in. some snow breaks out late. that mix changes to rain on saturday. good enough for a yellow weather alert. it will make 50 on saturday. it will take until 10:00 or 11:00 to d
5:49 pm
showers on sunday and 58 . i didn't put a flake in but there's a chance that this could end as snow briefly and then just chilly on monday and tuesday but dry for the game at fed-ex. >> all right. no running water today at west springfield high school made things a bit challenging ing. >> so what did the kids do? took pictures and put them on social media of unflushed toilets. parents were quite angry. peggy fox visited her alma mater to get some answers. >> 2200 students here at west springfield high school. you can imagine what the bathrooms look like with no running water. some parents were furious that fairfax county did not close. the principal thinks they made the right decision. >> principal michael muki saw water breaks on rolling road when he drove into work this morning and didn't think of it
5:50 pm
until 9:30 when the water crews told him there was a water main break and the school would have no running water. >> we didn't participate it. >> bottles of water was brought in and buckets to flush toilets. students started to post a picture. >> there was a trash can full of water. you had to dump it in the toilet to flush it and it was nasty. you couldn't wash your hands because it was nasty. >> why didn't you close? >> there's the transportation piece, the terms of making sure that we let parents know. it's one of those things that we have to balance that with making sure we get their education and the safety. >> extra crews were brought in to keep the toilets flushed using those buckets. the principal said
5:51 pm
were picked up. the rest stuck it out. >> to live with that can be an inconvenience but they will tell it and remember it for a long time. >> the principal is hoping they will have running water soon and not have to cancel activities tonight because it's their student verses faculty basketball game. peggy fox, wusa 9. >> the water is back on at west springfield and that basketball game is a go. now wusa 9's game on sports with brought to you by xfinity. >> the bur degrees -- burgundy and gold are preparing for another prime time show down, their third of the season. it comes against a team hanging on for r
5:52 pm
redskins have lost their last four games against carolina but quarterback kirk cousins has a trick up his sleeve called picking the brain of josh norman. >> it's worth talking through it. it's not like he's going to be able to predict the future. if he's on your team and he's there and available why not? at least ask. i'm always looking for any opportunity to gain some insight. >> there's a lot at stake for the burgundy and gold as well monday night. frank take a closer look at these two teams in tonight's inside the red zone. >> ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> after a clutch win in philadelphia the redskins getting a little extra time off to prepare for the carolina panthers to come to town on monday night. finally back at home after three weeks away. it's another game they need for a wild card spot. carolina has
5:53 pm
to the super bowl. kick monday night in landover. inside the red zone. >> frank, thank you so much. that's on the football field on monday night. it's g toingo be a good one. coming up, calls grow louder for president-elect donald trump to sell his interest in his new trump international hotel here in dc. >> first, a virginia woman and her husband make sure hundreds of children get gifts for christmas. >> and don't forget the cbs evening news with scott pelley is coming up at 6:30.
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5:56 pm
hundreds of children will have a merry christmas thanks to a woman's act of kindness. she and her husband started a foundation to help children and families so they put out a call for the community to help them and boy did they
5:57 pm
story. >> ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> they are feeling the christmas spirit in hampton and caroline is really feeling it. >> oh, god, thank you. >> many people here actually sing her praises. >> i see. >> i will give them whatever i have. >> caroline inspired all of these gifts to be donated to families that have some christmas tree. >> these barbei doles -- barbie dolls were donated by her more. >> she's truly an angel. like a giving person. someone who has been trying to make a real difference in our community by getting involved with the kids around here. she's been stepping up to help us out. >> caroline and her husband started a non-profit that adopted 500
5:58 pm
christmas. >> we want to see the babies ride out of here on the bicycles. >> they reached out to community friends to volunteer to help turn this community center gym into a holiday party full of food and warmth. for some of the volunteers it was a good chance to learn about the true christmas spirit. >> i feel great. >> the true gift was not a bicycle or a barbie. >> the family has been a tremendous blessing. >> and it's this tremendous act of kindness that has earned her the nickname christmas caroline. right now at 6:00, should president elect donald trump have to sale his in his new dc hotel? tonight the federal government steps in. >> coming up, syrian rebels said a cease fact in aleppo is back on hours after that fighting resumed. >> testimony comes to an end in the capitol murde
5:59 pm
charleston church massacre. i'm leslie foster. >> i'm bruce johnson. we are get ing ting ready for what could be our first taste of snow this holiday season. topper shutt is tracking the cold air from the terrace. >> reporter: it depends on where you are. you folks in clarksberg had snow last week. yellow weather alert tomorrow for low wind chills. let's talk about temperatures. 35 tomorrow for the high. deceiving. that's going to occur at midnight so dress for the teens tomorrow. on saturday deceiving. 50, yes, but not until like midnight. we are going to see a mix changing to rain on saturday. good enough for another yellow weather alert. all right. let's talk about the wind chill s. wind chills are the big story. in fact, it's the coldest december air that we've seen in 6 years. by the time we get to tomorrow morning these are not temperatures but wind chills so that means gloves, cover up your skin, a hat, you kno
6:00 pm
8 for a wind chill in gaithersburg, 9 in leesburg. only 5 in winchester. the thing is it gets colder through the day. now 3 in hagerstown, 13 downtown and by 6:00 p.m. the single digits. this time tomorrow morning is going to feel like the single digits. we'll come back and show you future cast and talk about the mix late on friday night. tonight there's trouble for the trump brand and this time it's in our backyard. >> pennsylvania avenue. some on capitol hill want the president-elect to pull out of the new trump hotel. they think a new conflict of interest is just around the corner. wusa 9's pete monteen is live on pennsylvania avenue with the story. pete. >> reporter: another pro test just erupted here and now congress is protesting the trump hotel in a way. this building is owned by the federal government. congressional democrats say the real problems began when


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