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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  December 22, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

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is kim k. losing millions? out of the public eye and silenced on social media since the paris robbery. tonight we reveal the crushing bbow to her bank account. >> plus breaking baby news. what ryan reynolds and blake lively named their daughter. then it's "e.t.'s" christmas movie preview. behind the scenes of a can't-miss movie this holiday
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are my issues. >> from out of this world romances to the real-life heroes. >> it makes me extremely proud to be a bostonian. >> plus the movies battling for oscar gold. >> how far will he go? >> will going bald with a beer belly win matthew mcconaughey another academy award? >> reese witherspoon gets animated. how she lays down the law with her kids. >> i would say if you're not yelling at your kids you're not spending enough time with them. >> now for december 21, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight"" thanks for joining us, everyone. 'tis the season for big films with some big stars. some hit theaters today so we are here just in time for our christmas movie preview. >> absolutely. we're in front of the news making headlines right now. here's tonight's top stories. kim kardashian, her empire in freefall and her brand in jeopardy? e.t. has been investigating the impact of the paris robbery on the reality star and the results are
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>> on sunday, kim and kanye enjoyed a date night, but the reality star has been avoiding the spotlight. most notably on social media. kim has not posted on instagram for almost three months. the last image was before she was robbed at gun point, an eternity for a celebrity like kim who has built her empire on sharing details about her personal life. etonline senior editor sophie shalasy has been crunching the numbers. kim's influence has plunged from seventh to 57th. by another estimate she may have missed out on up to $3 million on endorsement deals over the last two and a half months. in fact, the social media software company that ran the numbers, they are now pointing their clients toward so-called more reliable influences like kylie jenner and ariana grande. >> it's not just social media. kim is losing money by skipping public appearances. >> she used to make anywhere from 50,000 to half a million per club appearance and there's en
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robbery and to keep everything in perspective, that the appearances and postings probably only make up about 5% to 7% of her total business. >> a new year brings new opportunities and for kim, that's a chance to re-brand, as a more private kind of celebrity. >> if kim continues to pull back on public appearances, her scarcity could make her stock go up. in fact, her first public appearance since the robbery could net her her highest pay date to date. kim is in no rush to gutet o erthe. if there has been any sort of silver lining to this terrible sin atiois that kim's been spending almost all of her time at home with her kids. >> now let's get to another big headline our news desk has been working. baby reynolds name has finally been revealed. >> blake and ryan named their adorable 2-month-old girl ines. it means pure. she was named after make's
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blake's grandmother. naming after family seems to be a thing. 2-year-old james who stole the show shares her moniker with ryan's late father and blake's grandfather. >> blake, you made me the father of my dreams when i thought i only had fun uncle potential. us weekly confirmed the name and here's why ryan didn't reveal the name. i didn't want to scream out her name, and little girls turn into teenage girls and teenage girls scroll through the archives and they go, why did you do that? >> are you ready for more cuteness? katy and orlando dressed up like santa and mrs. claus at children's hospital l.a. and makes us hope their engagement rumors are true. orlando's ring even says dad. 32-year-old katy told us a family is in her future. >> do you think you will have kids down the road? >> of course!
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will probably make my biggest collaboration. >> now it's time to kick off our biggest christmas preview. the holiday season wouldn't be complete without a big film starring jennifer lawrence in the past we had "joy" and "silver linings playbook" now it's "passengers" with chris pratt and they sat down for a conversation that was out of this world. >> and action. >> did you guys know each other before doing this film or was it instant? >> we didn't. it was a real roll of the dice. >> it could have been a nightmare. >> total disaster. >> yeah. we dodgeded a bullet. >> i jumped right in. i said my name is jennifer and these are my issuee. >> okay. these two are clearly buds on and off camera and he's been messing with jen by cropping her out of his photos. i didn't know for a while, and when i found out it was three to four times, five times, maybe, it was hilarious by the time i actually saw because theree
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and i'm, like, this one. i remember taking that photo. >> on the set, chris' 4-year-old son jack got to hang with dad. jack's been on set to visit me on every movie that i've done since he's been alive. there was a moment he's looking through his little glasses at the monitor, and he said can i get a coconut water? and he wasn't, like, talking to anyone necessarily which is totally terrible behavior that we do all the time, where we throw a random request into the ether and expect someone to deliver it like totally spoiled baby actors. >> he wasn't on the set when his daddy had to strip down. >> i was naked for most of the movie. >> we saw. >> it went down pretty well. >> did it? that's good. >> people booed. >> i got a spray tan. that's the way i prepare. >> there was one thing jennifer
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and that is sing, even though we did a little bit in "the hunger games" movies. on the other hand, reese witherspoon loves to belt it out and she does just that with matthew mcconaughey in "sing." ♪ ♪ >> which is your favorite character from this film. >> i'm fine, how are you? >> gunther. >> yes, i'm fine. thank you. how are you? >> he's awesome. >> reese plays a frazzled mom with a dream to her form in the new animated movie "sing," and >> matthew is buster moon, the koala, who puts on a talent show to save his failing theater. >> just think, your neighbor, the grocery store manager. that chicken right there. >> what do your kids think? what kind of feedback do you get from your kids? >> mine loved it. i have a little more clout. >> they were very proud of me. that was sweet. they had to endure me singing firework around the house for a million times. >> reese and matthew may be movie star parents, but most of the time they're just parents. >> i would i
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spending enough time with them. >> it makes us feel like we're not alone and we have a hard time pictures this mom of three yelling at anyone. >> we have rules around the house and things like that. >> i feel like i'm always telling them to clean up. >> how are you, matthew? >> a lot of the same. the youngest one who you have to wake up differently than the other two. it can be a long process. >> we have the same with the youngest. you're not allowed to talk to him before 8:00 a.m. you can't sit next to him, either, or he'll get really mad. >> he drags his toys and his blankets. >> a slow walk and an inch at a time. just to sit there and go, i'll be there when i get there. we've all got a process. >> people know not to call me before 8:15. at 8:15 everyone has to be on the bus or at school and then my whole life starts after 8:15.& >> matthew is keeping busy. he
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put his body through another incredible transformation. could it lead to another oscar? that's coming up a little bit later. mark wahlberg is back playing a real-life boston hero right from his hometown and mark is a police officer caught up in the horrific boston marathon bombing in "patriot's day." >> general patton in a neon vest. >> april 15, 2013, was supposed to be like any other patriot's day in boston, but then at 2:49 p.m. >> are you behaving yourself? >> two homemade bombs, 12 seconds and about a hundred yard apart sent the city into a tailspin of terror. >> to see the explosions going off and seeing people running toward the problem instead of away of the problem made me extremely proud to be a bostonian. >> we're going to show the world who boston is and what boston strong really is. >> before filming even began,
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peter berg what the town was all about. >> i'd take him into neighborhoods and areas that i grew up in and places where i went to school and how when i took the train i took it to the boys club. i took him -- >> to my house. we spent a lot of time, and i wanted him to see what our neeghborhood and our communities were like. >> what's that like when you roll up? >> for the most part it's really good because, you know, people know that i haven't forgotten where i come from. >> the bombing suspects were identified as chechen brothers dzhokhar and tamerlan tsarnaev. >> the battle in wateetown was unbelievable. >> it was hellacious. none of those officers had ever fired their weapons in combat or in action. the courage that those cops showed to stand and hold the line and not let those brothers get away. very inspiring. >> also in theaters today, michael fassbender and marion cotillard star in "assassin's creed." i talked to them about the challenge of bringing a best-selling game to the big screen. >> are you a gamer?
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so no would be the correct answer. >> up next we're with the 14-year-old star of "a monster calls," how he channels his real-life tragedy in his new role. >> my own mother passed a couple years ago. >> and we're with denzel washington producing, directing and starring in his own movie as he looks back at his life before hollywood fame. >> the garbage man taught me i need to go back to school. >> ryan cranston, versus james franco, and the crack-up behind the scenes of why him? >> i had never lost it like that before ever. >> out in limited release this weekend, hidden figures tells the untold stories of three brilliant women working at nasa. >> why didn't i know? >> it wasn't in the books. that's why we're all excited to be a part of this movie because we didn't know these stories and there are so many more to be told. >> we either get there together or we don't get there at all. >> closed captioning provided by --
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>> that is felicity jones etching her name into "star wars" lore. felicity in "rogue one" is packing theaters right now. she stars in another movie that's part fantasy, part drama, a monster call. >> i wish i had a hundred years. a hundred years i can give to you. >> felicity plays a mom to 14-year-old scottish actor louis mcdougal. >> how does the story begin? >> there is a boy too old to be a kid. >> as he deals with his mom's terminal illness, louis is confronted by a monster in the form of a tree voiced by liam neeson. >> you called for a monster? >> what do you think made louis so perfect for this? >> he was real. absolutely real. >> where did that come from in you? have you had an experience like that? >> yeah, i was similar. my own mother passed three years ago, so that definitely -- those
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different, and they didn't have an understanding. >> break the window. >> break it yourself. >> it was recorded in motion capture so they could be animated later. >> the reason we're doing the motion capture is because i capture his movements and not just his voice octave. so i think it was a fantastic job. >> it's almost time for the holidays. do you guys have any traditions? >> i'm very, very traditional. yeah. my two boys, myself, and a couple of buddies are coming up, light the fires, cook the turkey. >> do you cook the turkey? >> i do. >> you can see liam in the martin scorcese drama "silence," he stars with adam driver and andrew garfield as priests struggling to bring christianity to 17th century japan. >> martin scorcese called you a god send. >> i can't fully receive that because your ego would get
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the size of this room, and i can't accept that. >> bryan cranston's return to comedy in "why him," why he couldn't keep it together. >> they had to spend a lot of money on cgi to actually have briearound's performance. >> the camera will catch the truth. >> denzel washington and viola davis on "14ses" and matthew mcconaughey, will changing his look win him another academy award? >> almost, baby. we're almost there.
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welcome back to our big christmas movie preview. our next film stars two golden globe winners, james franco and bryan cranston. i don't know if they'll get a nomination for "why him," but th
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>> how did you guys keep it together during this movie? >> i didn't. i'm very excited for you to meet my boyfriend. >> yes! >> oh, my god! >> get up here! >> let's just say they had to spend a lot of money on cgi to actually make bryan's performance. >> yeah. i could not -- it was just really the one scene. this one scene -- >> let me guess. >> yeah, that one scene. >> focus on your end in there and i will focus on your end out here. >> i have never lost it like that out here. >> i did the best i could. >> i mean, come on. >> we had a good time. we had too good of a time. we did two really enormously long takes and one was 46 minutes and one was 23 minutes and i think we have two and a half useable minutes of footage. >> all of the ingredients for chaos are here. >> dad meets daughter's wacky boyfriend, boyfriend wants to
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>> by christmas morning you'll be call me son and i'll call you dad. >> i don't think that's going to happen. >> think it's going to, dad. >> dad. >> stop that. >> all right, dad. >> he steals the show as the right-hand man gustav. >> he said no! how did you respond? >> i started calling him dad. >> oh! >> and there's megan mulally as the mom. >> he has a tattoo with his name on. >> oh, no -- that is so cute! >> do you see yourself in that character? >> is that the best question of the day that you keep getting? no? you're supposed to say no! nothing! >> i never really thought about putting james franco and bryan cranston together, but boy, am i glad they did. >> there's one thing about this christmas movie season, there is something for everyone and if you're in the mood for an emotional drama then "fences" is just the ticket. denzel washington and viola davis won tonys when they played these roles on broadway, and now many oscar to follow.
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>> we get to play on broadway for 13 weeks and 114 performances. >> they're bringing the magic back to the big screen reviving their roles as a husband and wife trying to make it in 1960s pittsburgh along with their teenage son. >> i don't know that you should worry about whether someone yokes u or want. you better be making sure that they do right by the you. >> want only are they familiar with these roles, it's the second time denzel is directing viola. >> kevin frazier sat down with the cast and told us, viola absolutely nailed it as rose. >> as long as you're telling the truth the camera will catch the truth. if you're lying it will catch you lying. >> i've been standing in the same place for 18 years. >> i have been standing with you! i've given 18 years to stand in the same spot as you! >> when you meet rose, her family is her entire life.
2:00 am
this is someone who is a housewife, who is, you know, has limited choices in her life. >> denzel is, as always, front-back, he, too, was once a garbage man. >> i had this 60-year-old jack just kept singing and i'm a young buck. you can't keep up with me, bang! couldn't close my hands and forearms. he said how are you doing, youngster? i said fine. he said okay. >> he looked so good. oscar will be keeping a close eye on that one and you can bet on this next one, as well because matthew mcconaughey has totally transformed once again in his new drama gold and remember the last time he changed his look, matthew won oscar gold. >> he'll second look at it and you will see what i see. and that's money. >> not our money. >> matthew loses his hair in this one and for good reason. his mining company run first by his grandfather anen
2:01 am
father, is going under. >> he's a great, big dreamer and you meet him and it's the bottom of the barrel and they run it into the ground. he has a dream one night that there's gold in this place, and he's brave enough to follow up on that dream. the story for me is about what a man will do to keep his dream alive. how far will he go? he'll go all the way. >> kenny goes all the way, all right. >> when he gets there he finds that pot of gold isn't all it's made out to be after all. >> the gold is mine! i found it. and the only question i'm left with is how did $17 billion disappear overnight?
2:02 am
>> so here's the question, will matthew get a wake-up call eaaly in the morning from oscar? >> i predict that he will. >> we'll know soon enough. the nominations will be announced january 24th.
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for entertainment news. >> primal consideration provided by -- so we have run out of time tonight, but check out what we have tomorrow. h>>ave a great night. bye. >> did you see celebrity confessions of 2016? from amy schumer's love life to kelly clarkson's struggles of having two kids in two years. >> she is a handful.
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report all that? >> bits and pieces of black marks on what its otherwise been a lot of enthusiasm over driverless cars. >> uber says it is being unfairly singed out here and scum pairs self driving technology to the autopilot feature on tesla cars. scott, those do not require permits. >> you wonder how many humans are running red lights. carter evans for us in california tonight. carter, thank you. coming up next, for the first time, a drug may provide relief for the worst form of ms.


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