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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  December 23, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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carrie fisher's reported massive heart attack on an airplane. the midair drama and the condition of the "star wars" icon now. plus, mariah's christmas with her new man. why her ex, nick, is in the hospital. and did j. lo cancel her new year's plans to cuddle up with another superstar singer? then the biggest movies of 2017. the rock and zac efron show off their beach bottle in "baywatch" -- >> you were getting pumped in between talks. transformed into mark gotti. mark wahlberg and jock duhamel blow up stonehenge. and on the set of melissa mccarthy's new movie. now for december 23rd, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> hi, thank you very much for joining us. >> let's get right to the latest
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carrie fisher, 50-year-old, was on a flight to l.a.x. when she went into cardiac arrest. fellow passengers on the plane tried to help and administered cpr. we're told the victim who was "unresponsive" was then transported to a local hospital for further treatment. actors were in front of carrie and tweeted details. carrie fisher stopped breathing on the flight, hope she's going to be okay. later came this from another passenger -- she wasn't breathing for ten minutes or so. they were administering cpr up until we landed. >> you seem like somebody who speaks her mind no matter what -- >> i think in my mouth. >> you think in your mouth? >> which means i can't lie. >> the outspoken actress most recently made headlines after she confessed she had an affair with harrison ford. it seems carrie was in london for
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home to celebrate the holidays with her daughter, billie lord. we'll continue to follow the story, check for updates. now to another big headline our newscast has been working on. >> merry christmas. >> mariah in aspen inside her christmas getaway with her new man. stopped by gucci for last-minute shopping with her rumored boyfriend, backupce danr bryan takaka wednesday. the singer picked up an early gift for herself. this $4,500 gucci leather shoulder bag embroidered with a "b." yesterday, the queen of christmas instagramed this adorable clip in the kitchen with her son, moroccan. >> are you ready for my song? >> roc, who is 5 1/2, danced and lip-synched to his mom's holiday classic "all i want for christmas is you," which is ranked on billboard's hottest song chart. meanwhile, arell d ussed p as elves in a christmas video.
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♪ bryan tanaka is featured in the video which was released yesterday. while mariah is rocking the hill, her ex, nick cannon, is spending it in the hospital. he instagramed this picture and wrote, doctors i sayl wilbe back to normal in the new year. #lupussucks. cannon was diagnosed with lupus four years ago after he suffered kidney failure. and finally, what's up with j. lo and drake? there's a report she bailed on her new year's eigve g in miami to spend the holiday with him in vegas. while a source tells e.t., she has not made her plans yet. we asked her rep about the romance rurps and got the reply -- rumors and got the reply, "jennifer and drake are spending time together working on a new music project." it was announced nicki minaj will step in for j. lo at miami's 11 nightclub. >> let's move to the set visit of the year. a lot have one thing in common, or shall i say one man in common.
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it's been an exciting year. it has been an exciting year for john travolta as well, up for golden globe playing robert shapiro in "the people versus o.j. simpson." i joined him on the set where he transformed into a famous figure from the other side of the law in "the life and death of john gotti." i watched how you interact the in the dancing scene and the wedding scene and it is beautiful to see. >> for us to be in a movie playing other people is so much fun, and that's what we kind of live for. >> okay. you think john gotti, you think mafia crime boss convicted murderer. but he could turn on the charm, and "in the life and death of john gotti," which comes out next year, travolta captures that swagger perfectly. what is it like to direct john travolta in the film? it's got to be incredible. >> it is amazing. >> the dapper don. >> dapper don. there he is. >> and when he looked at
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completely felt like i was in john gotti's arms. it sent chills. >> the film is set in new york city, but it can be difficult to shut down city blocks to make a movie. it shows parts of cincinnati that look just like the big apple. and traveling to ohio with kelly and john are daughter ella blue. >> i want them to know i'm kidding, i laugh at the end of the harsh scene to make sure he knows i'm pretending. he said, don't laugh at the end of that scene. >> the 5-year-old didn't mind the character, but you did. spending all day with the gottis. one of the amazing sets i got to. and i traveled outside of london for the new "transformers" movie. and, oh, man, i got to watch mark wahlberg and gang lay waste to one of the seven wonders of the world, stonehenge. says action and things go boom. the exos
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they are readynd a so are we. [ explosions ] i'm here with the man himself, mark wahlberg. this is action all over the place here. we have choppers landing. >> yeah. >> taking off. you got stonehenge, potentially getting blown up today. >> it gets crazier and crazier every day we go on. >> you got michael bayh, a historical landmark. what can possibly go wrong? >> nothing! >> well, it was nice knowing you, stonehenge. >> now, to pull off the destruction of stonehenge, the director built a second stonehenge a few miles away from the original so he can destroy it without harming the original landmark. these perfect replica stones stand 30-feet tall and are sink 16 feet into the ground. -- sunk 16 feet into the ground. sir anthony hopkins was blown away by the scope. >> there's a lot of excitement here today. >> it is fantastic. i have never been in a movie like this one. >> did you visit stonehenge as a kid? >> yes, as a little boy.
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i was about 8 years of age, just after the war. >> and she's got mark wahlberg wndo. >> he's like a man, you know. >> show me that. let me see it. come on. a man. there it is. >> walks in, everybody's like -- oh. >> she has that down, right? of course you don't do it when mark is standing next to you. i also got to take a side trip to josh. we went to the art walk of east london, a creative haven for street artists and, well, artist want to bes. >> when it comes to getting down to business, edge to wahlberg. >> every morning he plays 18 holes of speed golf. ?> every day >> when we started the movie, i was like i'm going to do that with you. he was like get up at 3:30 and we play at 5:00. i'm like, you know what? i'll catch you on the weekend. >> can't blame you, josh. one star who could give them both a run for their money, tom cruise. he has pulled off insane action features captured on film. wait until you see what he does to bring the mummy back to life. >> here we go. ♪ >> three, two, one!
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>> does this guy ever get tired? tom runs, jumps and punches his way through countless scenes, but this isn't just an action movie, it is a monster movie, too. >> you're playing a navy s.e.a.l., it is set in iraq. >> it is very scary. it is a monster movie so there are scenes and sequences in here that are really epic, and people are going to jump. >> tom's toughest foe? the mummy. of course sexy sophia transformed into a super creepy creature. >> the audience can expect to be excruciatingly terrified. >> you identify with these classic characters. they terrify us and yet you feel sympathy for them. >> welcome. >> you're playing -- wait, how is she at that role? >> incredible. i mean we have some great scenes together, and really great fight scene between th
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>> it is first time tom and russell ever teamed up for a film. >> we've known each other over 20 years and talked about working together, and now we're doing this very cool film. i can't wait, i have always wanted to make a movie like this. ittis a lot of fun. coming up, vin diesel going wild in brazil.z+ >> book. oh, yeah! >> the action star like you've never seen him before. then on set with melissa mccarthy. how she recruited her entire family to be in her new movie, her husband, her daughters and even her dad. >> it is a family affair for sure. and scarlett johansson invites "entertainment tonight" to new zealand for her new thriller. >> can't believe you're here. you rock.
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♪ vin diesel has been all over the world getting everybody pumped up for his return as xxx. carley joined him in brazil where vin was living the wild life in comic-con. oh! >> boom. >> oh! yeah! >> oh, my. in brazil. >> can you believe we're in amazing brazil? >> how have you been enjoying sao paolo? that says it all. >> oh, boy. how do you not enjoy it? how do you not enjoy it? >> vin headlined sao paolo comic con. he promoted "xxx: return of zander cage." >> people were going nuts before you came out.
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energy here that is infectious and wonderful. it is a life form. it is just so much, oh. >> here we go. >> it is amazing to have that many great, beautiful, talented, strong, formidable. the women in "xxx" are the because asses of the movie. >> i live for this. >> i guess we're on the same team now. >> you ready to have fun? >> he says making the film was a welcome distraction. >> making this movie came after a very difficult time, making "furious 7." never in my life did i need to do a movie where i could laugh more than right now. >> during film figure for "furious 7," he lost close friend paul walker. hard to believe it's been three years since paul's fatal car wreck. ve the last three years ha been some of the hardest of my
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like that. of still ahead, on the set the new movie. sure, hollywood's funniest actress, but can she play racquetball? >> oh! and behind the scenes kick ing butt with scarlett johansson as the a-lister reveals her softer side to "e.t." >> baby blue, like your eyes. >> oh. >> and kevin is with the sexy stars of "baywatch," zac efron shirtless and the sexiest man alive. >> what do you call him now is. >> dwayne. >> never rock, never daddy like you call me. >> daddy. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ hard to believe it's been 15 years since "baywatch" was a worldwide phenomenon, and this summer it is going to be a big screen blockbuster. let's be honest, part of the reason you will see it is because of the beautiful bodies. it starts with the sexiest man alive, dwayne johnson. zac efron looks like a greek god, but at the end of the day, it's the women of "baywatch" who may steal the show. ♪ >> clearly, there's a large amount of sucr
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people. >> you know, actually we do. i mean all of the makeup artists come around with a squirt of baby oil between every take and you're like -- >> and they lather you down. >> yeah. >> we're hanging in miami beach with the sexy stars of "baywatch." the ladies are right over there. not these guys -- >> no, no, i was talking about the ladies. >> oh, the ladies, yes. >> mike kelly who plays pamela anderson's role c.j. parker. was there any pressure when you booked this role? >> a little bit for sure. >> was there a moment where you're like i just want to breathe and have ice cream? >> every day. >> you're the cheater? >> total cheater. hey, hey. >> the little dance party playing stephanie holden is ilfanesh hadera, played by alexandra paul originally. did you work out with the guys at all? i've seep them flipping the tires. >> zac has a guy who comes on set. and sometimes when zac is busy, he will give us a quick workout and we're trying to look like zac, all of us. good goal. >> i try to give myself a cheat. >> oh, do you? what is your cheat? >> chocolate. >> alexandra who plays summer
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quinn, nicole eggert's role in the series, once played the rock's daughter in the blockbuster "san andreas." what do you call him now? >> dwayne. >> do you? >> i think it would be weird, hey, the rock, good morning the rocker, hey, rock. >> she says she never calls you the rock. >> no, she always calls me d.j., never the rock, never rock, never daddy like you call me. >> daddy? >> welcome to "baywatch." >> so happy to be here. >> i got my hands full. >> actually, priyanka, star of abc's "quantico" has her hands full playing the villain. the rock is almost a foot taller than she is. >> can you imagine intimidating dwayne like this? listen, be scared -- no. i have to wear super high stilettos and look him straight in the eye, and yeah, i'm pretty intimidating. >> i'm in trouble. i'm in trouble. ♪ >> it really was one of the
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sexiest sets i have ever been on. here now is one of the most -pdangerous. melissa mccarthy's new comedy "life of the party" has a pivotal scene that takes place at a racquetball court. seems harmless, right? until she challenged me to a game. i'm going to come down and hit a couple of racquetballs with you, is that okay? >> we're going to hit that ball. see if you've got moves. anything goes. the more you hit your partner, the more points you get. >> okay. >> camera guys, i hope are wearing cups. >> oh, that was terrible. oh, i got it, got, got it! >> nobody is safe in a game with melissa. not me -- ho-ho-ho. >> not the camera man. >> oh, my, god, i'm so sorry. >> not the other camera man. >> oh, my! oh, my god! >> speaking of not safe,
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melissa's husband ben falcone has been in harm's way a couple of times, too. >> as melissa's lawyer in "the boss" "-- >> ynoou kw what -- >> and her boss in "tammy" -- >> she is disgruntled. >> you know what? >> ben, who is directing "life of the party" where melissa gets divorced and goes back to college, pops in for cameos in almost all of his wife's films. >> uh-oh, what is that? >> i got to get back in my seat. >> he always has a role. >> he didn't get hit by anything. i think that's first time. >> you moved the whole family to atlanta. >> we pick up and move like a tribe. we don't separate well. i get real weird without ben and the kids. i get real squirrelly. it is too quiet. all you want is like do anything for a little quiet time, and after 45 minutes of quiet i'm , likewhere is everybody? >> oh! ho-ho-ho. >> and as for our little encore competition, finally got
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>> oh! >> uh-oh. >> gonna kill you. >> no, oh, oh. >> wow. that was not on purpose. i had so much fun with melissa, and, yes, i was losing so i might have -- anyway, you were a whole lot smarter than i was when you stay out of harm's way on the set of scarlett johansson's new thriller. >> i knew better. scarlett is playing her butt-kicking character. hard core. it was pretty impressive watching her in action on the set of "ghost on the shell." >> action! >> those gunshots only sounded sometimes louder than anything i have ever heard onset. you guys are hard core out there. >> jump in there and doing a deep dive. >> okay. so right now they're blocking out a scene that's going to take four days to shoot, one scene, d
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cyborg. gun toting and black hair. i like the wig. >> it is my hair. >> it is your real hair? >> maybe. >> i like your hair. >> my real hair, it is on my head. >> i like your hair is what i meant to say. it is a good look. >> thank you. >> she doesn't like it. >> she doesn't? >> no. i think it would be weird if the person that their everything suddenly looks like not the person that you're everything anymore. >> of course, rose is scarlett's two-year-old daughter. >> lucy, black widow, now major. i mean these are some pretty kick ass characters. >> i think more than anything i want my daughter to feel comfortable taking risks and know that, you know, you can -- sometimes you fail, and then when you win it is awesome. >> looks like we're in some futuristic asian metropolis, right? no, actually in the heart of wellington, new zealand. is it a paparazzi issue? >> i'm pretty low key anyway, just basically buying toilet paper and -- >> yeah, but to them it is
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fascinating. i'm getting scarlett johansson buying toilet paper. >> i do need it. everybody needs toilet paper. i buy it. >> it is shocking. >> i know it is shocking. >> you rock. >> thank you, you rock. in wellington. i can't believe you're here! seems like their friends now. cameron knows where he can go when he runs out of toilet paper. >> yeah. >> don't be surprised if you see the black widow again because we believe scarlett will be in the next "avengers" ovie, "infinite war."
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>> we have a great time. >> we have the latest on your favorite stars. >> consideration provided boy -- we are out of time. we hope you all have a great christmas weekend. >> we're going to leave you with a little preview of miranda lambert as she headlines tonight's "home for
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