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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  December 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the only way to achieve a just and lasting peace between israelis and palestinians. >> the plan did not go over well. the prime minister of israel blamed the u.s. for condemning the settlement. >> we have it absolutelien consistable evidence that the united states organized, d advanced and brought this resolution to the u.n. we will share that with the incoming administration. >> it's not just israel opposing secretary of state john kerry idea for peace. president elect donald trump is critic siding the obama administration. >> president elect donald trump said we cannot let israel be treated with such disrespect. they used to have a great friend in the u.s. but not anymore. the begig
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iran deal. january 20th is fast approaching. israel is still moving forward with settlements. wednesday a housing committee approved new construction of a four story building in east engineer lemm. -- jerusalem. >> the u.s. de nies that they wrote the passage of the resolution. the palestinian president said he's ready to resume peace talks. also today president elect donald trump appears to accuse president obama of sabotaging his upcoming administration. this morning mr. trump tweeted, doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory president obama states mentand roadblocks. i thought it was going to be a smooth transition... not. the president elect said that president obama did phone him today. mr. trump said the two
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conversation but he would not comment any further. the washington post reports the obama administration is preparing to announce retaliation measures against russia for meddling in the u.s. presidential race. the actions are expected to include new economic sanctions, diplomatic measures and possibly covert operation. russia denies any cyber hacking. it said it will respond to any hostile steps. adriene dwayne johnson was in court accused of murdering trisha mccollie. this as disturbing documents about what happened when she was killed emerged. our nikki burdine was in the courtroom and has the latest from the dc superior court. >> friends of trisha were in the courtroom for the first appearance in the death of their friend. it was an emotional day. so much so that one of trisha's friend
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animal he stole my friend from me. >> greg and marcella were in court today for the hearing. >> i was over come because if there's a possibility that the goo i gets released again i can't live it with. >> understandably emotional and more details about her death emerged. >> johnson told police he had sex with her and said after they sad sex she was suicidal and hung herself in the car. johnson also told police she told him that he could have all her belongings before she died. >> in court today the prosecutor told the judge that evidence suggests that it's a violent forcible sexual assault. >> when police arrested johnson she was tied up and bound by the seat belt and was hidden under 2 rear folded back area of her car. heinous crimes adding to johnson's extensive criminal history including a court appearance on december 20th for
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when the judge released him he ordered that he come back the next day to receive an ankle monitor. that never happened. no arrest warpt was issue warrant was issued. >> the defendant was charged with multiple crimes and allowed to walk free or our streets. >> dc police union secretary jimmy white agrees. >> he was wandering the streets when she should have been in jail. >> white who knew her said there was a gap in the system. >> it's a sad one and reresolved it quickly now we have to hope that it's resolved on the prosecute end and the judge's end. >> this isn't the only case like this and something needs to be done is what people are saying. i reached out to johnson's attorney and she would not look me in the eye or tell us her name when we asked for comment. nikki burdine, wusa 9. >> johnson was de
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his next court appearance the january 13th. there's new surveillance video that police hope will lee them to a missing montgomery county man. this is an unidentified woman with a child who went on a shopping stree. she was using the credit card of 36-year-old john patrick donnaho who has been missing since the 13th. his father was one of the last people to see his son before he vanished from the family's bethesda home. >> i've never seen that person before. i don't know who it is. i know that john's card was used and we are trying to find a connection between john and how the card got to be used. >> his family is pleading for anyone who might recognize the woman who used his missing son's credit card to contact montgomery county police right away. the caroline county sheriff has released security video of a missing great grandmother. it showed 71-year-old barbara brayly at an exxon on christmas
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eve. that's the last time anyone saw her and her 5-year-old great granddaughter. they were traveling to new jersey to north carolina to visit family. volunteers have been scouting the areas but no sign of the two. tonight a serial robber sweeping the region is still on the loose. police in prince george's county just released this video from a week ago. a masked man jumped the counter of this duncan donuts and got away with cash. the same guy has robbed five 7-elevens in prince george's county. now police in alexandria said he hit this 7-eleven ere will i this -- early this morning. >> it seems like a safe quiet area so i definitely hope they catch the guy. >> the man is 5 feet 6 in his late teens or early 20s. he always wearing black adidas pants and using the same resolver style handgun. he could be driving a silver chrysler 300 like this one. stops in bowie and clinton
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been robbed. luckily nobody was hurt. japanese air bag maker takata is near a settlement with the department of justice. the company is expected to pay up to $1 billion for allegations of criminal wrong doing relating to the faulty air bag inflaters. 11 deaths in the u.s. are blamed on those faulty air bags. coming up next, a popular electronic device at the center of a murder case in arkansas. should amazon be required to turn over information from a suspect with a virtual assistant. >> allyson. >> it's dry and comfortable for now but tomorrow morning tracking some showers and some areas will see a little bit of that
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police have a man in custody that's linked to the terrorist who drove through a christmas market in berlin. investigators say that man's number was play saved in the cell phone of attacker anis amri. 12 people were kill in the december 19th attack. prosecutors have until tomorrow night to file charges against that suspect or he'll go free. convicted charleston, south carolina church killer dylan roof said he's not planning to submit evidence that could possibly save him from a death sentence. court insiders
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that roof is working hard to make sure is not seen by the public. a jury convicted roof of murdered nine black partitioners during a bible study. a jury could sentence him to death. alexa is an arkansas man guilty of murder? alexa is the voice of a personal assistant called the amazon echo. you might remember those commercials. the device starts to record when it's spoken to and stores that conversation. jim bates has one in his home. he's charged with murdering a friend at that home during a night of drinking and police want to exam the echo to see if it recorded anything that might help them in their investigation. amazon is refusing to turn over customer information and the bates attorney is hoping the company doesn't give it. >> should things be said out of context is that scares me. it scare me that
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is using technology for what is supposed to help us. >> amazon is sticking to its guns. coming up, a video of one state's worse red light runners goes viral. >> a woman traveling hundreds of miles to recreate a photo of her grandmother taken mor ♪ ♪ ♪
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new at 6:00, what would you do to connect with a loved one who passed away? would you drive for 6.5 hours across 400 miles? exactly what one woman did to reconnect with her late grandmother. evan kozlove is here in the studio with her story. >> the year 1955, the korean war just wrapped up and a young man named tom was serving over seas in the air force and lift he has fiance juanita back home. that girlfriend drove to washington dc and took this photo right there to send to him. now all these years later her granddaughter is repeating that voyage. >> on any given day thousands of people come to the tomb of the unknown soldier. they all have stories but today is one
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making. >> angela rose traveled all the way from tennessee to recreate this photo of her grandmother. >> she would send him a picture every week. this is her favorite one. she said she looked the prettiest in this one. >> rose said her grandmother passed away and now this is about reconnecting. >> she would be mad at me for not wearing heels because it's a special occasion. sorry, granny. >> eventually it was time. security makes the same exact photo impossible, we were able to get her up where she got an up close opportunity to recreate history. rose was emotional. >> when i saw this view and i thought this is exactly where she was i remember her talking about how scared she was and she said that she knew it was all going to be worth it. she knew what a sacrifice he was making for his country even though he loved her. >> all that was left for a
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veteran back home. >> i can see where she was standing. i can see the same view where she was. >> well, that's cool. >> yes, it's pretty cool. >> two toe foe photos, one family and a 60-year journey to connect. >> i feel very connected to her. i feel like she's right here with me. >> so this is a true love story as well. after returning from war angela's grandparents were married for about 60 years before she passed away in 2014. debra. >> thank you so much, evan. tom is now 8 #0 0 and living in bristol, tennessee. a home alone situation in virginia as a 28-year-old mother is facing child neglect charges. loudin county sheriff's deputies arrested amanda galu after she left her 8-year-old to baby sit her 1-year-old. she walked to a starbucks to get coffee. her 8-year-oldrd
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thought the home was being broken into. she called police and authorities discovered those children alone. we spoke with her husband just a short time ago. >> my wife is a very caring person. it was just a small mistake. that's all that i can say. >> she's due in court tomorrow morning. a loudin county sheriff's office spokesperson did not say who has custody now. it's being investigating. old guns have been armed into the armrest of a new bench in southwest washington dc. an artist melted down several pistols that were used to make this bench today. the kids from youth creating change that's part of the mpd youth mentoring program made that bench in just one day. officials say they are scaling back on security around trump tower to improve traffic flow. new york city mayor bill de blasio said part of 56th street will reopen. however, the block trump tower is on will
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a portion has been closed since trump won the election. a stray backpack made a scare yesterday. it was filled with toys. the worse red light runners. it's trending on you tube. it shows more than a dozen drivers that can't follow the basic rules of the road. some incidents involve crashes. others were near misses. you can see white red light runners hill hundreds of people every year. checkout this viral video of a jacksonville boy getting a big surprise after getting what he wanted for christmas. he cruised around in his very other batmobile. 2-year-old colton brown got pulled over for speeding. the deputy gave him
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fake ticket. colton even thanked the deputy. that's nice. by the way, his batmobile only goes 2.5 miles per hour. few would argue that 2016 hold many of bad memories. that's why many people turned out for the annual good riddance day. they said good-bye to their bad memories after putting them on paper and then chunking in. arlene roberts came to shred her wig, a symbol of conquering breast cancer. i kind of like that. >> that's a good story. >> that's a power ful move. it has a lot of meaning there. >> i love that batmobile kid. he was adore l. able -- adorable. we you can't shred the wipter jacket. >> we are going to end 2016 on a cold note. then the upper 60s that we saw. we will talk about our 3
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with 48 today. average highs for this time of year are around 45. we will see how we did tonight at 11:00. okay. so we are look ing ing pretty good for the rest of this evening. dry weather. it will be chilly but it's going to be comfortable right now. here's our rainmaker for tomorrow morning. yellow weather alert. regardless of a little bit of winter weather or not, the showers are enough for the yellow weather alert. this will impact anyone getting up early and heading to work or whatever you have planed for your thursday. we are talking at showers and mainly a rain event for most areas. where could we see the sleet or snow? the further north and west the better chances that you have. we are talking through the maryland panhandle. cumberland and oakland a little bit of sleet. this is 3:30 in the morning. we have southeastern winds so much of it will change over the rain pretty fast. at 7:00 moving through 95. as early as 11:00 most of it is winding down. we will dry out for the rest of the day. winds will be out of the west
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will be strong. sunshine and temperatures at 50 miles per hour. the other side of the divide will see 6 to 9 inches of snow between thursday and into friday. those winds are going to stay on friday for us and it is going to feel into the 20s and low 30s for much of the day even though the actual temperature will read about 41. so it will be pretty blustery on friday. 50 degrees for tomorrow. 41 for friday. that will be our cold est day. saturday 45. then we start 2017 on a little bit of a warmer note. into the 50s by monday but another round of showers. >> thank you, allyson. okay. 2016 people are saying they don't like it. i wonder if the redskins do? >> if they win on sunday they will really enjoy 2016. that's all i got to do right is win. not so simple. the giants are coming to town. win and they are in for the playoffs. the latest next in sports.
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the skins are trying to get one of the final playoff spots that they could get unless there's a tie between the packers and the lions. >> we put a whole lot of time into what else happens i'm sure after the game come sunday if we are fortunate enough to win the game
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that one. >> from the outside looking in there's pressure but we live for the moments. we want the moments to come around and it feels good. >> the players are loose and light hearted but they now what is at stake. if that happen with the packers and the lions washington would be left out of the playoffs. in ash burn, diane roberts, wusa 9 sports. play makers like desean jackson are stepping up big time to help the redskins make there playoff push. he's a free agent of the season but there's no sign of him slowing down. >> he can't. i don't think that he can. i don't think he will. he has not slowed down at all. sometimes when he's jogging it looks like he's running 100 miles per hour. he has great speed, great quickness and has unbelievable hands. that's what you take for granite. you think of him just as a speed guy but some
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that he made against carolina you can see the great hand and ball control. exceptional players. >> we want to get your thoughts on this game on the sunday on twitter at on handle. vote on your level of confidence. are you a nervous wreck, calm as a cucumber or booked your playoff tickets. >> i'm still a little nervous. >> they just have to win. we just got break ing news into the news room. we were talking about the grandmother and great granddaughter. they were found alive. we will have a lot more on that at 11:00. i wanted to make sure that you knew that because we've been talking about it for two days now. yellow weather alert for tomorrow morning. some showers out there. most areas we are talking about just showers and a little mix up to the north. that's wusa
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