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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 1, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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gorsuch. i think the president made an outstanding appointment. >> republicans are praising judge gorsuch's qualifications but he will also face democrats who are still angry with republicans for blocking former president obama's nominee. gorsuch's critics say he's too conservative. >> i do believe he's outside of the mainstream of traditional american injuries prudence. -- >> it takes 60 votes to confirm a supreme court nominee. there's also a so-called nuclear option which changes those rules to a simple majority. president trump is urging majority leader to do that if democrats hold up judge gorsuch's nomination. >> we end up with that gridlock, i would say if you can, go nuclear. >> democrats say the filibuster rule is in place
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the supreme court nomination, bipartisan support should be a prerequisite. it should be essential. that's what 60 votes does. >> if republicans do change the rules then the 60 vote threshold won't be available to them the next time they're the minority party. weijia jiang. >> judge gorsuch said the first call he made was to judge garland out of respect. late this afternoon the full senate confirmed rex tillerson as secretary of state. the vote was 56-43. he did pick up three democratic votes. also today the senate judiciary committee voted strictly along party lines to advance senator jeff sessions nomination for attorney general. for the second day democrats boycotted committee votes for several of president trump's other nominees. >> we made it clear throughout yesterday that when we got answers to these questions we were y
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>> to not be here and participate, that's a total -- i think it's pathetic. >> republicans had to suspend committee rules to send to the full senate the nominations of tom price and steve mnuchin. this could be big news later. the confirmation of education secretary nomination betsy devos is in question. two republican senators will oppose her nomination. >> she needs three of those votes to move forward. late today president trump made an unannounced visit to dover air force base to honor the returning remains of a u.s. navy seal. 36-year-old chief special warfare officer william ryan owens was killed in a weekend raid on an al qaeda base in yemen. it is the first known
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combat casualty since president trump took office. the president was joined by his daughter ivanka trump and the owens family for this private ceremony. sons of an american citizen with immigrant visas were ready to join their father in flint, michigan. when they arrived at dulles airport because they are from yemen those young men were handcuffed and put back on a plane. peggy fox has talked to their father in michigan. how is he handling this? >> he's crushed. he doesn't know what to do. the man has been in the united states for a decade and became a naturalized citizen. he's living the american dream and he wanted the same for his sons. but donald trump's order has stamped out those dreams for now. the aziz brothers sent this photo to their father as they flew to america to start their new life. tarek on the left is 21. his younger brother amar is 19. they were in the air when president trump is
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executive order and it would change everything when they reached dulles airport. >> they were taken aside, put in handcuffs, basically bullied into signing away their rights to come into the united states as lawful permanent residents. >> the aziz brothers had immigrant visas in their hands, which means they are including green card holders. the process took them about a year and a half. >> you know these kids know nothing about the law, they were not given access to attorneys. there were attorneys, however many feet away at the airport. you want to talk about these immigrants need to wait in line, these are immigrants who waited in line. was a years long line. >> the legal aid justice center in falls church wrote the lawsuit on behalf of the aziz'. he couldn't understand why border agents didn't just send them back and tell them to wait out days because that's what the executive order stated. a 90 day ban on immigrants
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seven countries. this order signed by the deputy assistant secretary at the state department on friday explains why. >> so just last night we learned about this other secret order that was put into place that does exactly that, that actually straight up cancels visas. >> they are in a hotel waiting for answers. now the attorney says there is a whole family in the same boat as the aziz brothers who they were on the same flight. a family of seven with five children under the age of 14. they were detained, had their permanent visas canceled and were sent back on another flight. they may be included in the aziz lawsuit. >> all right, peg. thank you. a hearing in that case is set for federal court next friday, february 10th. hundreds of university of maryland students are protesting the president's executive order. this afternoon they marched to the university administration building. they are demanding the school become
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last weekend a maryland student from iran was detained at dulles airport. she was returning from a trip to turkey, which is not on the ban list. >> you feel alone and ostracized and like this country hates you and the point of this rally is to show we don't hate you, wear with you, we are you. >> this is a big deal on campus. about a third of maryland's grad students are from another country. maryland governor larry hogan made no mention of president trump or his policies during his state of the state address. >> hogan did not support trump's candidacy. he's been mum on the new administration. the republican governor did announce that maryland has moved into the top ten states in the nation for economic performance. >> we're experiencing tremendous job growth, business growth and an exciting economic resurgence in maryland. businesses are returning to and expanding in our state once again. maryland truly
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business. >> governor hogan called for lawmakers to find common ground on pending proposals that require employers to offer paid sick leave. he said he doesn't want small businesses to be hurt. northern virginia is about to get sweeter. nestle usa is moving from glendale, california to virginia. the 35 story skyscraper on north moore street is the tallest building in the dc area. it's been vacant since 2013. virginia governor says nestle's move will invest $39.5 million and create 750 new jobs in the commonwealth. >> diversifying the new virginia economy. we could not ask for a better corporate partner. there's in the a better company than what we have with nestle. >> nest see usa said the move brings its headquarters closer to its customers. the company says 85% of its
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customers and 75% of its factories are in the eastern united states. breaking news out of the state of delaware. a prison uprising continues at this hour. it began around 10:30. inmates in delaware took five correctional employees hostage. one of them has been released. all prisons throughout the state are on lockdown. the fbi, department of corrections and delaware police are working to bring the situation under control. good news from the national zoo over on connecticut avenue. ollie the bobcat is back. she never left. acting on a tip from a visitor at the zoo, ollie was trapped near the national zoo's birdhouse. >> she was hungry. >> exactly. >> she didn't know her way around. officials say the bob cat did suffer a cut on its paw during its time on the run. otherwise appears to be uninjured. that's good news. ollie will undergo a full examination tomorrow. the bobcat went miss
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monday, sparking a city wild search and lockdowns. all that suspended earlier today. >> twitter handle everything. calendar says it's february. doesn't feel like it out there. topper shutt is out on the terrace. >> i'm in a suit coat. look at the lows tonight. most folks above freezing again. we'll come back and talk about an unusually warm january and look ahead to yes, a few flakes on super bowl sunday.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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here in the u.s. heart disease kills more men and women in this country than any other condition. more than 17 million people. that is why wusa9 is launching a month long initiative called heart month. so the heart next to the wusa9 in the lower corner is just part of our commitment to informing you, inspiring you and helping you change your lives. >> when i first heard that one of our employees, bun of our photographers had had a heart attack, deion wiggins was the last guy to come to my mind. i thought he was in shape. he's fairly young. he just turned 50. i'm like oh no. then i was reminded of my own situation some 20 years ago. >> this is where you were. >> he had blockage in three major arteries, including that main artery. we call that
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because most people that have a blockage in that artery, if they don't get to the hospital like almost immediately they don't make it. good news is that he survived. >> how you doing? >> feeling good, man. >> deion's story is important. we want you to watch it with us. you can see it right here thursday night 11:00. it's part of our heart love project.
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after being hit by a car for the fifth time since the owner has lived here, prince george's county affirms are looking into the possibility of launching a safety study on this section of cipriano road. 89-year-old leonard miller was dozing on a tv room couch when a honda came crashing through the wall at 2:00 in the morning. >> i heard the bang and something flying up at me. hit my house again. it's nice to have company. >> miller says he never complained to county officials and he will continue to live in the house without fear. i don't know about that. police have not charged the driver in last night's crash. tragic story trending tonight. a tooth ache may have led to the sudden death of a 26-year- old
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father. >> the man's family are trying to make sense out of something that seemed so minor at the time. these flowers were meant for celebrating a birthday. now sadly they'll be for a funeral. >> he was the best sband. for me, as a wife, for kids. he really loves kids. he was more that guy that loved to be around people. >> had just turned 26 years old. as a truck driver he was used to driving coast to coast. this was something nobody could have seen coming. >> come home faster. he's like, i know, i'm trying. he's like -- so yeah, he didn't get to make it home. >> a tooth infection that ended up taking his life. on the drive back things got so bad he had to go to the icu in utah. with his brother, good friend and wife by his side, he passed away monday morning. >> he was a sweet guy. ly
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>> his widow only 22 years old left behind with their two young children, 2-year-old vanessa and 11 month maya. >> main thing is to take care of those kids for him. >> thankfully, she has 12 siblings and her family has made sure to be by her side. it's what's to come in the next week, the next month that she knows will be toughest to get through. >> i was always waiting for him to come home after trucking. i wouldn't see him for weeks. just that moment that you know he's coming home like just makes you happy. >> now a go fund me page has been set up for the family's medical expenses and to help with the young children. the public is being allowed to come in and see the scene of that deadly mosque shooting in quebec city. a mosque official says he wanted
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the public so they could see what the worshipers had to endure. sunday's shooting killed six people. alexander bissonnet is charged. for the first time we're learning more details about the charges against the wife of the orlando nightclub shooter. today prosecutors say noor salman knew about omar mateen's plan and accompanied him on scouting trips to the pulse nightclub in they say salman saw her husband leave their home on the night of the attack. 49 people were killed. 53 others wounded. her attorneys maintain she was a battered spouse who knew nothing of the plans. a scare aboard an american airlines flight from charlotte. the plane made an unscheduled landing in kentucky. passengers rushed out on to the tarmac as bomb experts swept the
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police questioned and released two passengers. the plane eventually took off for indianapolis this morning after it it was given the all clear. >> it's been mighty warm in january. >> sure has. hard to snow when it's so warm. >> sorry about that. >> we had a couple of opportunities. we didn't jump on those. let's talk about january. the twelfth warmest january on record. we did have three day in the 20s and three days in the 30s. we had 11 days in the 40s, nine days in the 50s, four days in the 60s. we even had a day in the 70s. good month. i got to play golf once in january. average high was 48.5. the average high should be right around 42. so it's the twelfth warmest on record. live look outside. it is our live michael and son weather cam. it's up to 51 right now. high so far today. humidity, 41%. the air is not that dry. winds are calm. a few sprinkles out there. by and large, just some clouds. not that cold tonight.
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areas. bus stop temps, 30. breezy in the afternoon. it will feel cooler tomorrow than it was today. even though temps are about average. about the same, rather. cold and dry friday and saturday. 10:00 tonight, maybe a sprinkle. temperatures, low 40s. maybe 41 in la plata. early morning, sunshine. 36 in manassas. 36 also in fairfax. by 9:00, we're in the upper 30s downtown. maybe up to 40 in leesburg. 41 in fredericksburg. by 1:00, we're in the upper 40s. 46, 47 in bwi and fairfax. i think these numbers are running low. they did yesterday for today's numbers. running low tomorrow. breezes will make it feel cooler. up iser 30s to start. that's nice. 44 at 11:00. 46 partly cloudy at 1:00. now on friday, colder. clouds come
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not a huge deal. 43. partly cloudy on saturday, 41. little below average. next seven days. sunday, some clouds. a sprinkle or flurry. that's all i got right now. clipper to the north. upper 40s on monday. milder on tuesday and wednesday. showers and rain move in tuesday. showers linger on wednesday. it's 60 on wednesday. one area football star takes to snapchat. his story is nex at dominion, we're putting our energy to work creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources
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we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy. my husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. my whole family wants to stay free from artificial preservatives.
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national signing day 2017 is in the books for the most part. high school athletes across the country, especially here in this area too made their intenses known today. >> -- intentions known today. >> the pen was powerful. >> reporter: you're about to meet a player who used a clever social media campaign to make his announcement. weighing in on his decision some heavy hitters from the nfl, including a hall of famer. it made for an interesting signing day. >> what's up. this is anthony mcfarland. >> anthony teached with bleacher report to tell his tale. he's one of the top all purpose running backs in the country. he was being recruited by alabama, miami and the university of maryland. >> it was a stressful process figuring it out between miami and maryland. i just prayed every night. prayed to god that follow my
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>> famous university of miami alum and ray lewis were in his ear during his decision making process. they weren't trying to strong arm him to choose the u. >> i knew i was going to talk to them. i heard about it. i thought everyone would sell me on miami. >> it was stressful. it was a lot going on. try to keep things under control and bring perspective to it, it was tough. >> in his snapchat last week, he took metro to the airport and teased inquiring minds with boarding passes to tuscaloosa and miami. in the end the terps were top on his list. >> mcfarland, university of maryland. >> everybody been watching since i was young. watching me play ball. i know that maryland and the academic support. >> the sky is the limit for him. he has a chance every time he has it to go the st
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all the attention was surprising since he missed his entire senior year after breaking his leg in the preseason. this fascias lightning running back won't miss a step when he gets to maryland. >> wow. call this weather depressing? what's wrong with you? >> nothing down the pike to get me excited. here we go. 50 tomorrow. >> 40 plus days from spring. >> nice. thank you for that. low 40s on friday and saturday. a flurry or sprinkle on super bowl sunday. your party plans are safe. >> 50 plus degrees. i call that good news. that's a good day. >> i'm pulling for march. >> cbs is next. >> bruce will be back with off script at 7:00. we'll see you back at 11:00.
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