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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 2, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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america. >> it's a deal that it was cut by the last administration. it's something that he extremely upset with. >> reporter: president trump reportedly had a confrontational phone call about the arrangement. >> when you hear about the tough phone calls i'm having, don't worry about it. they are tough. we have to be tough. >> reporter: the tension between the two allies is front page new in australia. prime minister turnball says the deal to resettle the refugees is still on. >> john mccain says after president trump's dust up with australia's prime minister, he called him an expressed and waiverring support for the alliance. on capitol hill today senate democrats boycotted another vote. this time for president trump's pick for epa administrator. they say he is not fit to lead
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while attorney general for the state of oklahoma. they also say he failed to fully answer questions during his confirmation process. republicans dealt with the democrats no show by suspending the rules to allow for a vote in their absence. the committee approved pruitt 11-0. sending the matter on to the u.s. senate. the minorities wants political theater. the nation needs a new epa administrator. >> democrats showed up for another committee vote. this one approved the nomination of congressman mick to be the next budget director. president trump is expected to impose new sanctions against iran. it's all in response to iran's ballistic missile test last sunday. a top advisor to iran supreme leader said today that iran would not be intimidated by threats from quote, an inexperienced person. the pent
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special forces in yemen. it appears that likely innocent civilians were killed including children. aircrafts were called in to help the u.s. troops caught in a fire fight with links to al qaeda. a navy seal was killed and three other u.s. service members were wounded. the day long siege at a delaware prison is over but not before one of the guards there a 16 year veteran was killed. state police stormed the building with the inmates were hold up. troopers rescued the remaining hostage and aerial footage shows the inmates laying face down in the prison yard. authorities are trying to determine which ones are behind the whole thing. inmates say they staged that revolt because of concerns about their treatment and the leadership of president trump. lawyers from two brothers from yemen -- they were approved
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status. but when they arrived on saturday, they were put on a return flight to ethiopia. they filed suit claiming there were no legal council member. they were cohearsed into signing papers they did not fully understand. giving visas they had worked if for for years. the brothers did not disclose details of that agreement. president trump suggesting the university of california of berkeley lose its federal funding. this after violent protests. protesters threw smoke bombs and broke windows. today president trump tweeted a school that does not allow free speeches and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view. at 6:00 tonight when the school was vandalized with racists, sexist symbols, the community was outraged. >> five teenage
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charged and sentenced. >> reporter: the prosecutors decided to look at it as a teachable moment. >> it was very obvious from the beginning these were teenagers. >> reporter: last september they covered the building with all sorts of offensive markings. but also some dinosaurs. >> this was not racially motivated. it was more of them being stupid and not understanding the seriousness of what they had done. >> reporter: the motivation she says came from one boy who had a falling out with a school for the gift chad is renovating the
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>> because they had no record, it would be very easy to walk into court and plead guilty and the judge would put them on probation and they would be meeting with a probation officer once a month and peeing in a cup to make sure they weren't smoking weed. >> reporter: loretta thought the kids could learn from his. so she composed a pile of books. important books and movies. >> so they have to write either a book report once a month or they can substitute three of the books for a movie review. i also gave them a list of approved movies they can watch. and hopefully what they get out of this year is a greater appreciation for gender, race, religion, bigotry and when they go out into the world, they are teachers. >> reporter: there are 35 books on the prosecutors list that the boys can choose from. the question now is, how many have
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in ashburn peggy fox. >> it is a great list. we have it on our website and wusa 9 app. they will also have to write a research payer to explain the message the symbols send to the various communities. and they have to go to the holocaust movie yum. movie-- museum. it is scheduled to be closed this spring with construction starting in the summer. when it's done there will be lots of new stuff. the plan calls for a spectacular transparent entry way. a cafe and patio. a rooftop event space at paris and even more. we have more winter like temps heading this way for
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weekend. chief meteorologist out there on the weather terrace. >> it starts tomorrow. high temperature 43 downtown. notice only 39 in frederick. we'll come back and talk about why you shouldn't dress.
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the great smoky mountains is busy prepping for what they hope is a big come back this spring. right now it's the slowest time of the year for visitors and businesses say it's just too soon to tell if e been a major economic impact. >> i talked to people from all over the country and who we do business with, and the perception that i think was out there was gatlin burg burnt to the ground. nobody followed back up to say no, gatlin burg relatively all of downtown wasn't effected. >> okay. that is good news. businesses say the weekends have been surprisingly busy but they hope it's a sign of what is to come. california water managers say the states snow pack is the heaviest in some 22 years. that snow pack provides one- third of california's year round water supply. thanks to a stormy january the state has received three- fourths of the precipitation it usually gets in one year. goor
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wait in april. a big scare for elizabeth smart. the kidnapping survivor was approached by a man with a knife at indiana state university. she was signing books on campus before that officer stepped in. now police say 80-year-old claude hudson punched the officer before he was stopped. he pleaded not guilty to a battery charge. he was ordered to have a mental health evaluation and police say he has a history of arrests across the country. intruder armed with an iron rod who tried to force his way into the maryland home of a retired fbi agent ended up being shot twice by the homeowner. neighbors say that man had been lurking in the area for weeks. he appeared to be suffering from mental health issues. they had spoken with him recently and told him not to come back before this morning's
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confrontation. he's at baltimore shock trauma. coming up we will hit the highway to find out where a virginia driver stands and whether to fine people who drive too slowly in the left lane. >> but up next a popular metro bus route in prince george's county could be on at dominion, we're putting our energy to work creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas.
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metro is considering big cuts. a half dozen bus routes could be changed or cut. they are facing a $3 million short fall and riders think short washington, and indian head are being targeted unfairly. >> it will be big for everybody. i'm sure i'm not the only person effected by this. >> metro is still taking public comment on this. and you can give your feedback through the website. the deadline to do that is monday. there is a push to find all the slow poke drivers who stay in the left lane on virginia's highways. >> and many are telling you that slow drivers are one of your pet peeves. >> we talked to so many
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pet peeve is people driving slowly in the left lane. it's not just a peeve, it's dangerous and also illegal. >> reporter: you pass in the left lane. apparently not every driver has learned that. >> it's jamming everything. >> reporter: this will make a big difference in a lot of people's lives. >> reporter: delegate jay is one of the cosponsors of the bill that aims to find the left lane slow pokes $250. she says it will make highways safer. >> a lot of times i see people it will be frustrating. cut them off. and do something. and then that might close accidents. >> reporter: if this does pass, that will be in july and then yon
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that $250 fine. keep my eyes on the road right now. on the beltway wusa 9. >> maryland's law similar to virginia's current law you are not allowed to drive slowly in the left lane. >> i think it has to be significantly lower. there is overwhelming support for the new law on our facebook page. beth news i've heard all day. there is a special hotline to call in drivers, let me know asap. samantha, i always seem to be stuck behind one of those slow pokes but sometimes you end up in the fast lane by accident and the drivers in the slower lanes won't let you pull in. you can join the conversation on wusa 9's facebook pain. >> people in maryland might be paying more for electricity. maryland's general
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over written hogan's veto. and with that over write the bill becomes law. by the year 2020 one-fourth of the states energy must come from solar and wind power. the department of legislative services estimates that as homeowners you might pay as much as $1.45 per month. facebook ice virtual reality company is being ordered to pay $500 million for violating the spect chill property rights -- intellectual property rights. oculus is planning to appeal. it's time to show your heart some love. every 34 seconds somebody in the u.s. has a heart attack. our friends and fellow
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anchor adam didn't want to become a member of that club so he made some major life changes. >> reporter: it was 15 years ago i didn't meet a cigarette or steak i didn't like. lango was large. i was 60 pounds over weight, smoking, heading toward disaster. the men in my family have not had a lot of good luck. my grandfather died of a heart related condition on my mom's 16th birthday. i knew the day i got engaged i needed to be healthy and smart and it turned things around for my wife and kids. i started running, i started lifting weights, and doing triathlon because i wanted to set an example for my family of how to live heart healthy and be strong. >> adam and all of us here are part of a month long initiative we are calling it heart love. heart love is our commitment to helping you change your lives with us. so we can all be healthier. >> all month we will be hosting special events. several of them being heart
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risk screenings. and you can get free blood pressure and cholesterol screenings. the first one will be february 8th in virginia. those screen screens will take place from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.. for those in maryland and d.c. we will be holding screenings your way too later until the month. you can find all of this information on our wusa 9 app or at >> come and join us. >> i may have jumped the gun. i will wear the red tie tomorrow. >> you can wear it again. >> i have a lot of red ties. >> we are going to go red for women tomorrow. for women's health. we are in pretty good shape. oftentimes when i tinker it backfires. mid 50 for a high. didn't feel like 250 with the winds picking up in the afternoon.
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11:00. a live look outside. it is our live cam. a pretty chilly air mass. winds still gusting to 23 but they will subside later on tonight. so wind gust tracker. 23 miles per hour in the last hour in downtown. 16 in gaithersberg. the winds are calming down a little bit. and with that it's going to be colder tonight. everyone below 32 degrees. bus stop temps 22-36. some of the suburbs will be low and mid 30s. cold and dry friday and saturday. and then some sun on sunday. i'll keep a sprinkle in or flurry in. for the time being, sun does not look that bad with sunshine to boot. all right. 10:00 tonight in the 30s. by 8:30 and 9:00 we
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at 26 in gaithersberg and 28 in buoy. because of the winds tomorrow, i want you to think more of 20s and 30s. it will be a blustery day. we haven't had many of those this year so it will be a shock. 38 at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. but 32 in gaitsersberg and 32 in frederick. day planner goes like this. around 30 to start. 36 by 11:00 and 40 by 1:00. the winds picking up in the afternoon it will feel much colder. saturday more sun, less winds. still cold. 48 just chilly on sunday. next seven days monday we are mild. 60 on tuesday with rain and showers. upper 50s on wednesday. showers ending. back to more average temperatures on thursday 42. frank will be back with sports after this.
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considered by many to be the best female basketball hooper in the world and she is coming here to d.c. to play for the washington mystics. buzz has started coming over in a trade for chicago. it's official today that she was the league mvp two years ago. makes the mystics an immediate contender for a title. wizards play the lakers tonight and they too had thoughts on the big deal. >> we're winning. we're winning. oh yeah we're winning for sure. i've seen her play. i've never met
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too. she is a little better than me. i might be intimidated actually. i might have to evaluate my thoughts before i have a sit down with her. >> this town has been hungry for hoop success for awhile and maybe we are finally getting it as the wizards best story in the nba today. going for their 15th straight win in a row. it would be a shocker if they don't beat los angeles this evening. they have the fourth best record in the east. the way they are playing right now you have to think they are the second best team in the eastern conference. that is right. the whole thing in wishing tiger woods would resume his form is just that a pipe dream. now he is in dubai taking part in a tournament there. not off to a good start. shot a five over 77.
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bogeys actually five bogeys and no birds. he finds himself tied for 121st. maybe headed back to the states tomorrow. he doesn't shape up. >> did you just say put the mystics in contention for the title? >> immediately. she's that good. >> wow. >> she looks like. it just from the highlight. >> 6'5" and can do it all. >> amazing. >> 6'5" just a little taller. >> we could bring her in and stand the two of you next to each other. >> we are using the green screen if we do that. >> low 40s. >> cbs is next.
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