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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 2, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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beyonce's secret rehearsare. we know she's expecting twins, but expect another big surprise. queen b is getting ready to take the stage. is she going to be at the gr grammy's super bowl, or both? plus, lady gaga and luke bryan from super bowl central. and then an "e.t." exclusive. alan thicke's final words to the son who witnessed everything. >> you think you're going to come into the house and he's going to be there. and he's not. >> now, for february 2nd, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." beyonce broke the instagram record with most likes for her announcement she's having twins. >> when and how will mama b make her first appearance.
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multiple sources tell "e.t." beyonce will perform a week from sunday at the grammy's. she spotted today at a secret rehearsal in los angeles. beyonce fans, however, are concerned today that she will drop out of the music festival in april. beyonce is three months pregnant, she would be 5 1/2 months along then. beyonce's former band mate was asked about her pregnancy yesterday at l.a.x. meanwhile, beyonce released new photos today, this is not your typical pregnancy announcement. that is beyonce, pregnant with twins, under water, on top of a red porsche and with her firstborn blue eyed baby. there's speculation that beyonce is hinting that she's having a boy and a girl. the pink ribbon and mismatched blue
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the image appears to be inspired by the birth of venus. and then there's thista insgram post from back in december. at the time everyone thought beyonce was flashing a v sign, but now everyone is thinking it is two for babies. some falsely claimed that beyonce faked her last pregnancy and used a surrogate. >> there are a lot of people who believe this rumor. >> she posted her own photos of her pregnancy progression with blue ivy. >> there is a lot of love for beyonce, her hometown of houston. and where lady gaga is set to play the super bowl halftime on sunday. >> nancy, actually, gaga with a little love for beyonce today. houston, you are beautiful with a v emoji. and everybody got to thinking that that meant beyonce
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joining gaga during her halftime show. you instagramed today, a little b on one of your posts. is that a hint of someone who's going to show up during your performance? >> you guys read everything into everything. t>>he telephone singer teaming up again is right up their alley. both love pulling off epic surprises. in 2013 we were at the big game when beyonce reunited with the ladies of destiny's child. but this year, don't read anything into it. >> i wouldn't read into it. i have sent her flowers. >> here's what to expect from dpa ga. a spectacular stunt. like being suspended from the roof. that is racking up a reported $10 million in production costs. how many costume changes will you try to cram into 13 minutes? >> i don't like to use the word cram. when it comes to fashion. i will tell you
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be no -- >> numberu. two, no lip synci. the ladies started working with a vocal coach who trained her for the oscars and said gaga never using a track. and tony bennett introducing gaga. and her family will be there. >> i have a big family and they're all coming. >> we speak exclusively to gaga's excited parents. >> since the time she was little, until now, she's been an inspiration. on the biggest stage of the world. every artist's dream. >> and our other daughter natalie is involved in the show. she's working the wardrobe. so we're extremely proud and honored to have all of our family here. >> it really was a great day for gaga's family. her mom got a souvenir football from one of her all-time great heroes, terry bradshaw. pretty cool.
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anthem. this year that honor goes to luke bryan. >> i'm excited to hopefully put my stamp on it. >> luke is the first male performer to kick off the super bowl since billy joel ten years ago. the country singer has been doing his homework. >> i'm kind of going back through the years and watched how people approached the anthem. and just tried to figure out in my mind how i wanted to approach it. >> and we can reveal he'll take an a capella approach like he did four years ago at major league baseball's all-star game. >> i'm just going to walk out there and sing it. it's not like i've got a band, or an orchestra. >> but luke admits, he's not sure how long he'll hold all those notes. >> i may get out there and i'm about to pass over, i need to get this over
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get out there and really, really feel good in the moment and try to, you know, try to milk it a little bit. >> of course, lots of parties and events going on here in houston. and the night before the big game, taylor swift will perform at directv's super saturday night concert. there she is rehearsing her hit from the new movie, 50 shades darker. ♪ >> and nancy, it looks like it's going to be an acoustic version. >> thanks very much. now our major "e.t." exclusive. carter thicke, the 19-year-old son of alan thicke, is opening up for the first time on the day he watched his father collapse at an ice rink. he's only speaking to our special correspondent. >> he was like the perfect dad. >> how often did you play hockey with your dad? >> maybe like twice a week. those were probably some of the best memories with him.
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>> carter was right there when alan suffered a heart attack on this hockey rink in december. alan collapsed but never lost consciousness. he was even joking with his son and told him to snap a photo with him with the emts. >> what was that moment like? >> it was kind of a moment of relief for me. that's why obviously how that day ended, was quite a shock. the ambulance came, and the paramedics stabilized him and everything seemed fine. he was back to joking. i've been in a couple of his emergency room situations. when his lung collapsed, i was there. and every time he's made me take a icture of him because he thinks it's hilarious for some reason of the he thought it was funny that in that state he looked so funny. he sent it out to a ton of people. so, yeah, he asked me to take a picture of him. and he's telling all the emts to smile and put their thumbs up. he was cheery. and happy. anoi
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so i took the picture. >> did you have any sense he wasn't feeling well? was he sick before? >> no. he was hilarious in the locker room. full of life. very energetic. he didn't seem like he was out of shape or anything. >> so you were completely shocked? >> completely shocked. i had no idea what was going on. >> the 19-year-old college sophomore looks just like his dad, around the same age. he recalls alan's final moments. what's the last thing he said to you. after the thumbs up, did he say anything else? >> no, i followed them to the emergency room. the last thing he really said o me before going into the operating room was, morbid as he usually is, oh, i got to play hockey with my son and watch him score a goal, what a way to go out. before he went into the operating room, i got to give him a hug and say i love you. that was the last time i saw him. >> glad they got the three special words out. alan loved by so many. and we
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about the star tributes coming in. >> the family was definitely touched by this massive outpouring of support. the cast of growing pains reunited to say good-bye, complete with leonardo dicaprio. you'll hear about that coming up. >> thank you so much. margo romney completes her tranmasfor.tion shots that will have you wondering what's this. oprah gone blond? why lady o is rocking the wild do. and "the big bang theory" preview. >> i have an
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right there, you got your answer with that video. >> you see the resemblance? it's crazy. mar go is hitting the ice. a very '90s figure skating costume, you know it. the skills on the ice? well, they're almost there. the film titled itonia is shooting in atlanta, called an edgy comedy. and margot stars alongside caitlin carver. and a blond oprah. >> what movie are we making? >> she was all smiles as she rocked her wig on the stage. oprah plays mrs. witch, one of the magical ladies who helps the little girl in the story find he
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and finally, james cordon had a different kind of hosting gig last night in new york. lincoln center for the performing arts honored leslie moonvet at the gala. >> talking about a man who's changed my life, and my family's life. >> people go to cbs for popula entertainment. but we're also a cultural center. >> once inside, he sat next to his wife, and even julie andrews and carol burnett were among the many stars who showed their support. >> that's a good looking family there, nancy. he brought along his daughter sarah and son charlie. cop dprat lagss. well erdesved. >> you bet. and the whole family. still ahead, more from our exclusive interview with alan thick's youngest son. we take carter back to f theirst time we met him.
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as a youngri ng bearer at his dad's wedding. >> wow, that's a long time ago. d>>rew barrymore on how her new role helped her through her divorce. >> i lost like 20 pounds playing her. i just started thinking like a woman again. our exclusive "big bang theory" sneak peek. >> i'm a grown man. i have a thick skin. >> you're so stupid. >> hey. closed captioning provided by --
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now, an exclusive sneak peek at tonight's "big bang theory." >> i have an emotion to fester. >> raj has called a meeting with all his ex-girl friends. >> i want information in order to improve myself. >> you're not going to get information, you're just going to get criticism and hurt your feelings. >> don't worry, i'm a grown man. i have a thick skin. hey! >> doesn't bode well for that meeting. also on cbs tonight, you'll want to check out training day. the series is based on a movie with denzel washington and ethan hawke. a cop likes to break rules and cornwell is his
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changes for drew barrymore. her marriage came to an end. she threw herself right back into a new tv series, which has paid off in surprising ways. >> i lost like 20 pounds playing her. i had a whole attitude shift. plucked my eyebrows. just started thhnking like a woman again. and it was amazing. >> that was a year ago. and this is now. after splitting with her ex, drew credits it withan chging her outlook on life. how has it helped you restart and regain your confidence. >> my character dies basically in the first episode and becomes a zombie, the undead. with that comes an awakening for her life. and that gave me one, too. >> timothy is her tv husband, who helps feed her cannibalistic
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craving. >> like dehydrated apples, or stuff that tasted like a jolly rancher but not an easy thing. >> she is one of the executive producers. let's welcome back our special correspondent the insider's kelsey knight for more of her exclusive conversation with alan thicke's son carter. >> this is such a difficult thingg i know, i've seen firsthand how strong carter has been through all of this. but he told me that the funeral is where it all hit home. the father he loved so dearly was gone forever. >> being one of the paul bearers of the casket, that was brutal. that was really rough. and obviously watching the casket go down, that's kind of that moment where you realize that he's being buried. he's dead. >> the day before alan's funeral, hisgr owing
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pains family all paid tribute to america's dad at an emotional private memorial. >> one of theo mments from the memorial where the whole cast of growing pains got together, and leo was speaking. it was such a fabulous way to honor him. what did that mean to you? >> i've kind of grown up with all of them. and their children. and so it was really, really incredible to have them hetre. and then leo is just the most amazing guy. i mean, i didn't even have his number, and he sent me a text. you could see his genuine love and respect for my dad. >> alan's widow tonya is continuing to heal. she and carter formed a special bond since he was just 7 years old. >> spending the wedding with your family, we have some amazing footage of you.
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>> oh, wow. >> i'm really excited. >> good with the ladies. look at that. >> carter says his dad's death has brought him closer to his brothers, robin and brennan, but he still can't believe the man he called his best friend and idol is gone. >> you think you're going to come in the driveway and come in the house and he's going to be there, and he's not. there's always a hope that, oh, it's a crappy dream. >> could you even have imagined the twitter and social media? >> getting to see some of his best friends, bob sag at and gretzky, these guys i grew up with, pouring their hearts out. he did touch so many people's hearts. that was a shining moment. because i knew he would be ecstatic to be the
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trending topic on twitter. i'm sure he would have loved that. >> so sweet. so many people don't know that alan didn't actually live in los angeles. he would drive two and a half hours eaa day twice a week. >> always friendly. >> tomorrow on "the insider," more on my interview with carter. including the best advice his dad ever gave him, right before he died. >> thank you so much. we'll send it back to you, kevin, for the super bowl. kevin has a special guest. >> standing next to me, one of the best receivers in the nfl, antonio brown from the pittsburgh steelers. you know him from the "dancing with the stars." we're inside the nfl shops. we're going to take our visa rings and delight fans that have no idea we're going touy b them stuff. >> surprise the fans. it's going toobe fun. >> i'm giving you two minutes to grab anything you can
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go, run! come on, let's go! >> i'll meet you at the checkout. >> bring them all up. got your football? oh, i love it. oh, you got a jacket. >> my girl got smart, she got a jacket. >> let's get these rings. >> antonio takes a quick break, and we'll have a spe cial surprise a little bit later. today appetizers on me. what do we owe you? >> 105 appetizers. >> i told you we had a surprise for you with the rest of the stuff. we're here at the texans children's hospital. we're going to hand out a bunch of footballs and jerseys. >> football. >> wear all your stuff while you're watching the super bowl. >> what's going on, man? >> seeing the kids is a reminder of what life is all about. they were so excit
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antonio. it was a spectacular day.
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travel considerations provided by -- join us tomorrow because the bold and beautiful star is going to join us as a special guest co-host. >> before we go, let's check back in with kevin frazier at the super bowl. >> thank you, guys. j.j. watt is one of the best players in the nfl. had e's now an actor and the most eligible bachelor. hearts are breaking all across the country thanks to instagram. it's this shot j.j. posted from cabo with soccer pro that tells us his single days are over. >> just wishing her a happy birthday. we have a lot of fun together. >> maybe his new lady will be impressed with his gig as a spokesman for
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what's going on with that woman you're dating? i broke up with her. why? she said she didn't want to see me anymore and i found that insulting. i thought things were going well. what happened? i don't know, she didn't even give me a reason. oh, not a problem, we can figure this out. what are the reasons women reject raj? koothrappali: can we not play this game? sheldon: doesn't like games. that's one. ignore him. yeah, sorry about the breakup. that's okay, i'm fine. sheldon: of course you're fine. not every member of a species finds a mate. sir isaac newton died a virgin. look at the contributions he made. i'm not a virgin, sheldon. wha... so now you think you're better than isaac newton? oh. no wonder women don't like you. you're not being very nice. sheldon: what? he said he was fine. wolowitz: sometimes people say things they don't mean. sheldon: oh, that's a paradox.


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