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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 8, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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advisory. winter storm warnings north of pennsylvania. winter storm warnings as you get into maryland. inside the beltway tomorrow we're expecting just wet roads. because of this storm we'll have the latest on closings, wake up washington begins at 4:00 a.m. we'll have the storm tracker out there as well. i've broken out the impact meter. >> all right, top. thanks so much. you're watching wusa9 news at 6:00. >> senate republicans set to approve another pick for president donald trump's cabinet. but the fight over jeff sessions' nomination for attorney general now includes what can and cannot be is said on the senate floor. the fallout continues from last night's debate. republicans cut off and then voted to silence democrat elizabeth warren. >> reporter: the senate is working to complete the confirmation of senator jeff sessions to be the next attorney general. >> he will
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job in restoring the reputation of the department of justice. >> sessions' confirmation comes over the objections of his democratic colleagues. >> i know his record on voting rights. he's no champion of voting rights. >> republicans silenced massachusetts senator elizabeth warren on the senate floor tuesday night, which overshadowed the vote. >> i tried to read a letter from coretta scott king and mitch mcconnell came to the floor and shut me down. >> mitch mcconnell says warren was damaging the reputation of her fellow colleague. a violation of a rarely enforced senate rule. >> the only speech being stifled is speech that republicans don't agree with. >> some of her colleagues picked up where senator warren left off, reading the letter on the senate floor. >> sincerely, coretta scott king. >> others defended senator warren, arguing she should be allowed to speak. >> i
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owes senator warren an apology. >> leader mcconnell says it's sessions who deserves one. >> it's been tough to watch all this good man has been put through in recent weeks. >> senator sessions' staffers have started cleaning out his senate office in prepare preparation for a move to the department of justice. cbs news, capitol hill. on twitter president donald trump said it was a disgrace that he doesn't have his full cabinet in place. he says it was the longest delay in the history of the country. that's not true. president obama did not have his full cabinet confirmed until april 28th, more than three months after taking office. a day after betsy devos spoke to hundreds of employees who gathered at the department of education. she's asking staff to keep an open mind about her and she promised to do the same. >> let's make
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i will challenge all on how and why we've done things a certain way. but i will listen to each of you on your ideas for how we can do better for students. >> the vote by the vice president to get her into office. devos an advocate of charter schools and vouchers did not offer a sweeping vision for the department today. she encouraged the staff to think big, be bold and act to serve students. president trump spoke about the legal dispute over his executive order to temporarily ban travelers from seven majority muslim countries. last week a federal judge in seattle put that ban on hold. an appeals court is considering an appeal from the trump administration. >> i don't want to call a court biased. i won't call it biased. we haven't had a decision yet. but courts seem to be so political. it would be
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justice system if they would be able to read the statement and do what's right. and that has to do with the security of our country, which is so important. right now we are at risk because of what happened. >> president trump was speaking to a group of police chiefs and sheriffs from around the nation. the pentagon wants to rent some space at trump tower when the president is working in new york city. there's no word on how much it would cost. it is customary for the military to obtain space near a president's private home. put down your cell phone, be nice and reach across the aisle. that advice to president donald trump. >> former governor bob nnmcdoell has surprising words for the new president. >> do you agree with donald trump's use of twitter? >> i wish he'd hand somebody hill
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it alone. >> eight months out from the united states supreme court vacating his corruption sentence has a unique perspective on holding a high public office. >> when you're a governor or a president your words have immense power. whether it's a tweet or whether it's a way you explain a policy. so on the substance i think donald trump is doing a lot of positive things that he said he was going to do and as a conservative i applaud them. but there's no need, especially when you're in the majority and you have power, to -- for lack of a better word, rub salt in the wound of your opponents. >> mcdonnell and his wife were tried and convicted on corruption charges. people came to his defense. he is well known for his polite demeanor. >> people who disagree with you aren't your enemy. what they disagree with you on one bill they might
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best allies on another bill. >> but the president acts like they are his enemy. he goes after people on twitter who disagree with him. >> and that's wrong. and vice versa. democrats have said any nominees for the supreme court we're going to oppose because they opposed president obama's nominee. if you listen to the rhetoric, there's hypocrisy on both sides. >> he reminded himself that it's the same job held by patrick henry and thomas jefferson. >> what advice would you give to the trump administration to reach out across the aisle and get consensus? >> you have to do it. we're not democrats and republicans. you have to understand we're americans first. i think in due course mr. trump will realize from washington to jefferson to lincoln to reagan to obama this is an amazing, special group of people that have had this privilege. that he's got to govern in a
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vast majority of americans. >> in mitch round, peggy foxx, wusa9. >> he's working with his old law firm and has started a business development firm. all in month we're committed to helping you take care of your hearts. we're calling the initiative heart love. >> we're making it easy for you. andrea roane is live from the inova urgent care center. people are coming out to get free heart health screenings. >> they're coming out and they're showing some heart love to both you and bruce. we've had a steady stream of people coming in since before we opened at 4:00. we're here until 8:00. one of the nice people who stopped by thank you for being with us. why did you come out this evening? >> my wife told me about the service you've rendering today
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advantage of it. what tests have you had? >> i've had my blood pressure, glucose test. i'm waiting on the results now. >> he's waiting on the results. after everyone has gone through, gotten their cholesterol screening, they will meet to discuss the results. we thank you for being with us. the results are going to come out well. thank your wife for encouraging you. where is she? >> really appreciate. >> we thank you for that. we just want to let you know we're one of five locations. we're here at west springfield. you can walk in, bilingual counselors. it could be a lifesaver. you know me, i'm all about early detection. >> that's right. whether it's heart, breast cancer or anything. thank you for keeping us going. students kept home after bedbugs took ov
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they report back to class but in a different place.
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new year, time to get rid of stuff. simplify, declutter, unplug, purge, or even quit cold turkey. i raise turkeys without growth-promoting antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. if you're looking for little ways to simplify life, feeling good about what your family eats is a pretty simple place to start. my name is tammy plumlee, and i raise honest, simple turkey for shady brook farms. hundreds of students are back to class in southeast. the youngsters are headed back to the ferebee hope school. savoy elementary had to be shut down after weeks of complaints about bedbugs biting students at the school. >> i was kind of upset that
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but now that they're back at school i'm happy. i'm excited. >> it's kind of sad. they got to get an education. it'll work. >> it'll work. dc schools say savoy elementary will likely be closed until the end of the month while they clean everything up. dc police arrested a 17- year-old who tried to bring a gun and ammo into a senior high school in southeast. officers say a 22 caliber handgun was found in the teenager's book bag when he tried to enter the high school this morning. the teenager was takerren into custody. -- taken into custody. if you're opposed to the dakota access pipeline, native american activists are encouraging you to come to north dakota to protest. the army corps of engineers announced it will allow the controversial pipeline to cross under the missouri river reservoir. activists say this violates the rights of native americans and it willea
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supply. the developer says the pipeline is safe. five circus performers were seriously injured when they fell 25 feet while practicing a high wire act. it happened at a circus in sarasota, florida. eight performers were practicing a pyramid act. one of them lost their balance. that group included high wire walker nic wallenda. coming up at 6:00, victims of hurricane katrina are picking up the pieces once again. this after mother nature deals another devastating blow. but up next, three officers in. the right place at the right time team up to save a life. at dominion, we're putting our energy to work
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caught on camera. dramatic video of a charles county sheriff's office officering up on a crash involving a car on route 301. watch this. an suv struck a pole, it was on fire. the officer got a fire extinguisher and used it up. then two more officers showed up and used four more extinguishers. that fire still burned. so they risked their lives to pull the driver out of the car. >> i was getting his legs. you could see undern
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so seconds. any longer it could have been done and over with. >> it made all the difference. thanks to those officers that 32-year-old driver from clinton is going to survive. cleanup is underway in southeastern louisiantonight where at least four tornadoes touched down yesterday. national weather service has confirmed three tornadoes hit near baton rouge. one struck eastern new orleans. homes and businesses have been destroyed. many of them in the very same neighborhoods hit hard by hurricane katrina. this time there was no warning. >> we had some gumbo. we sat down at the table. the wind started blowing a lot. then i say something's not right. then the door started shaking. i grabbed him and we ran inside of the house. >> we all went through katrina. you just get on it and you just got to clean up and move forward. >> next step is to start back to rebuild. that's what we do in
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orleans. we encounter disasters and we come back. >> there you go. louisiana is under a state of emergency tonight. thousands remain without power. dozens of people have been injured. some seriously. fortunately no deaths thus far reported. >> look at that damage. no fatalities. that's amazing. fantastic. >> it really is amazing. around here, we're talking about snow and everybody wants to see your map. >> okay. i'm going to show you my snowfall map. this is not a bread-o-meter worthy storm. >> mess but no stress. >> well. i kind of like that. dc south, probably a trace. maybe a coating on the ground. dc north to gaithersburg, maybe an inch or so. gaithersburg to frederick, looking at 2 to 4 inches. it's going to be a tight gradient between snowfall amounts. the further north you go, not going to take many miles to get significantly more snow. you get up to
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if you look carefully here, you see this magenta there. that's going to be 6 to 12. that's going to be up into the laurel mountains of pennsylvania as well. impact-o-meter. i would say 1 to 2 in terms of disrupting your travel tomorrow. little more disruptive. south of town because of the snow showers coming in in the evening tomorrow night south of town. we're down to 60. we dropped 4 degrees already. dew points falling. winds out of the north at 10. cold front is through. it's going to take a while to get the cold front in here. temps at the bus stop. 32-42. we start tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. in case we have delays or cancellations. windy and cold. snow showers in the afternoon. south of town, maybe an inch south of town. wet roads inside the beltway for the morning commuted. then slick north and west of town. these are
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little more harmonious. about an inch downtown. this is not necessarily a great storm. it intensifies too far to the north of us. we're digging farther south, different story. hiviest precip, midnight to 7:00 p.m. rain to snow. the change over 3:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. heavy snow early. look impressive for a while. snow showers and flurries linger all day. keep that in mind. all right. we'll have sun in between. 30s to start. look at these. way above freezing temps downtown. 37 at 1:00. maybe a snow shower by 1:00. cold on friday. quiet, 41. boom. we're back to the 50s on saturday. maybe a shower. wouldn't plan around it. near 70 on sunday. you kidding me? maybe a shower. 50s on monday and valentine's day. back in the 40s on wednesday. >> thanks, top. today is the day to show your heart some tender loving care. what better
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free heart health screening. >> it's part of the heart love campaign. we're serious about this. andrea roane joins us live from inova urgent care in springfield with details. >> we are here and we'll be here until 8:00 this evening. we want you to still come out, go to our app or website to learn more about the locations. we have all of these wonderful people, men and women coming out, getting their numbers, which is important to decreasing the risk for heart disease. what do they do with this information once they've got stop sign? >> thank you were doing this. great for having you promote, doing this most important outcome reach to get people involved with their own health. we're good at collecting data. if your blood pressure is elevated, get it treated. if your cholesterol are elevated, see someone and
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it treated. see your provider and begin to address that. when all of those numbers come together, what can you do? stop smoking. americans are smoking at the rates they were in 2007. you can exercise. you can pay attention to what you eat. we are what we eat. >> all right. very good advice. we are still here at the location and four others in northern virginia. you can find those locations on our mobile app or website. they're open until 8:00 p.m. and they're free. back to you. >> that's the best part. >> absolutely. >> a lot of churches are involved in this campaign too. the dream come true for a hockey team from the middle east. hockey player from the middle east. she gets set to meet some of the best hockey players in the world. her st
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new year, time to get rid of stuff. simplify, declutter, unplug, purge, or even quit cold turkey. i raise turkeys without growth-promoting antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. if you're looking for little ways to simplify life, feeling good about what your family eats is a pretty simple place to start. my name is tammy plumlee, and i raise honest, simple turkey for shady brook farms. because my teeth are yellow. these photos? why don't you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... ...and fortify weak spots. use together for 2 times stronger enamel. crest 3d white.
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when you think about hockey, let's face it, a lot of people a probably think of a lot of white guys from north america. >> in a month the national hockey league is celebrating the hockey for everyone campaign. and the caps scored the perfect visitor. diane roberts has more on one woman from the middle east making her mark. >> good morning. >> morning. >> fatima al ali is famous in the united arab emirates for her mad skills on the hockey rink. even in her far away country she knows about and loves the washington capitals. her favorite player, alexander ovechkin. >> he's the best now. alex is one of the best players w
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>> imagine the surreal feeling for this muslim woman taking the ice after caps practice. >> it's unreal. unbelievable. i never thought this would happen in my life. overwhelming. >> fatima first caught the attention of caps great who was in ab u dhabi last fall. >> i just see the girl step on the ice, no skates on and she start handling pucks and controlling a little bit differently. i was amazed. >> one thing led to another and when the invitation came to visit the capitals in person she said yes. >> congratulations. >> i'm going to give her a stick. >> treasured moments for this soft spoken woman is receiving a game used hockey ovechkin. >> did you score a goal with it? >> i hope she going to have more interest in the .
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she's going to be star of her country. [ unintelligible ] >> fatima started her week long visit monday night. spent some time at the united arab emirates embassy in dc tuesday and will drop the ceremonial first puck at thursday's game against the red wings. diane roberts, wusa9 sports. >> that's quite a story. let's hope she gets a chance to play somewhere. >> going to feel like the ice tomorrow. >> it will. we have a temperature of 48. that's a midnight temp. dress for the 30s. winds are going to gust over 30 miles an hour tomorrow. we'll see bands of heavy snow. i think you have to go north of town to find something worthwhile. >> get your fill. >> that's wusa9 news
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