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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 10, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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flynn, his national security adviser discussed u.s. sanctions with russian officials, prior to the president taking office. white house officials, including vice president mike pence, have acknowledged flynn talked with russian officials, but say sanctions were never discussed. >> they did not discuss anything having to do with the united states decision to expel diplomats or impose a censure against russia. >> reporter: but investigators tell cbs news, flynn did talk about sanctions. the phone calls were discovered through continued electronic surveillance of russian officials. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. well, the kremlin has denied the report, saying no russian official talked about u.s. sanctions against russia, with general flynn prior to the president taking office. also at today's news conference, president trump promised to announce additional steps to improve u.s. security. the comment comes one day after a u.s. appeals court unanimously refused to trinstate his temporary ban on
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mostly muslim countries. we'll be doing something very rapidly, having to do with additional security for our country. you'll be seeing that sometime next week. in addition, we will continue to go through the court process and ultimately, i have no doubt that we'll win that particular case. >> now, earlier in the day, the president used a harsher tone on twitter, calling the court's decision disgraceful. a senior white house official tells the washington post, president trump won't immediately appeal the decision to the supreme court but adds that it's still a possibility. and the president is on air force one, consider re-signing a new executive order on immigration. another cabinet member has been sworn into office. tom price is now secretary of health and human services. hours after price won senate confirmation on a party line vote. reports say e
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white house point person for obama care. new education secretary betsy voss. betsy devos. the teachers union, parents and teachers held the line, as they waited to greet devos. delia goncalves tells us, one protestor was led away in handcuffs. >> a cold reception for the newly confirmed education secretary, who came here to jefferson middle school for a meet-and-greet. >> reporter: it was a cat-and- mouse game. and even on this cold day, things got heated. a protestor was arrested. another pried away from the vehicle suspected to be that of the secretary. only to learn it was actually a decoy. >> i don't think she's the qualified person to do it. not being a teacher or anything like that. >> to make it better, she
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members chanted on the front steps. >> save our public schools. >> why? >> make america great. >> betsy devos snuck in through the back door. an hour and a half later, the education secretary emerge would. >> it was wonderful to visit the school. and i look forward to many visits of many great publicity schools. both in d.c. and across the country. >> devos did not answer reporter questions, walked back into the school and drove out the back lot. meanwhile, out front, new chancellor antoine wilson said devos talked to students and teachers, even school leaders inside. >> we also talked about the importance of strengthening the support for public schools and making sure that we have a system of fairness throughout all schools. and public school systems serve everyone, educate everyone. and i think it's great that families come out. and others come out and make sure that we do everything we can to protect it. >> reporter: so while the protests and police are gone, folks are still sending a message to
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secretary, posting signs on their vehicles, showing their support for public schools. in southwest, delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> the education secretary later released a statement that says in part, i respect peaceful protest. and i will not be deterred in executing the vital mission of the department of education. no school door in america will be blocked from those seeking to help our nation's school children. well, students from several loudoun county high schools walked out of class today to protest president trump's travel ban. at least 85 of them demonstrated in front of broad run high school. >> all you need is love. because at the end of the day, that's what this kind of boils down to. i mean, there's a reason we're all standing out here. there's something going on in our country. and it's putting us down on a darker path. and we gotta do something about it. >> reporter: school administrators say the students will likely get one detention each. for leaving class early. indiana's new governor has done
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vice president mike pence, refused to do. >> governor eric holcomb pardoned a chicago man, who was wrongly convicted of a 1996 armed robbery. 49-year-old keith cooper said he is anxietiry his name wasn't cleared by pence, who didn't act on his pardon request while governor for two years. >> he let holcomb, who hasn't been in office 30 days, passeron me. and -- pardon me. and i'm thankful for that. i'm very thankful that he had the heart to do what pence couldn't do. >> cooper had been sentenced to 40 years in prison. he was released in 2006 after an appeals court overturned s hi codefendant's conviction. cooper's felony conviction remained on his record until now. the four people charged with beating and torturing a mentally disabled man, and posted the ordeal on facebook, entered not guilty
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the four last month, the judge called them a danger to society and refused to set bail. on the video, the suspects are seen beating the victim and shouting profanities against white people and then president- elect-donald trump. the public defender for the two men and two women, all black, say their clients had been receiving death threats. pretty expensive bond ruling is getting a lot of attention on social media tonight. a texas judge set a $4 billion bond. that's "billbillion "with a" b ." cludeia brown said -- claudia brown said she set it extraordinarily high to send a message. >> lower the bonds to reasonable rates for poor people. we cannot set bonds in a punitive fashion that punishes people -- i mean, three- quarters of the people who are sitting in il
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they can't afford to get out. the system is broken, therefore. >> brown said she wanted to impose a $100,000 bond but she became irritated when prosecutors argued for more. she acknowledges that $4 billion amount can be challenged as a violation of the suspect's constitutional rights. and she expects a district judge will lower it. milder temps are on the way, just in time for the weekend. chief meteorologist topper shutt is out on the weather terrace. topper? >> 61 tomorrow for a high downtown. 63 in frederick. and 60 as far north as hagerstown and cumberland. i'll come back and tell you which day will be the dryer of the two weekend days.
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caught on camera, chaos in an indiana courtroom. a defendant flipped out and started throwing chairs in the courtroom. look at that. a judge had just sentenced that 20-year-old to a year in jail for contempt of court. after he arrived more than an hour late. he was originally summoned to court on a probation violation. but now, he's going to spend more time behind bars because of all of this. >> you think so? >> uh-huh. a grandmother from maryland's eastern shores is headed back to prison tonight. convicted for a second time of murdering a toddler at her day care. prosecutors say the conviction is the third time in a row, that
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questions about shaken baby syndrome. some were disputing the diagnosis. some doctors say retinal bleeding and brain swelling can be united states caused by disease or old injury, instead of murder. >> i suppose you would say this is the second time a jury has said, no you you did do -- you did do this. >> absolutely. and my son is in a grave. so he's not here. he should be 8 years old and in second grade. so she did do this. >> 12 members of the jury. >> yeah. twice. so 24 members really. >> montgomery county state's attorney john mccarthy said the doctors questioning shaken baby syndrome, are simply dalling in junk science --idabling in -- dabbling in junk science. genay and her daughter were at a kfc restaurant in seattle
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that's when they heard a customer singling out one of the restaurant's cooks. >> then he said, i don't want any black man touching my food. so you have to recook it. >> needs to be heard. but this is just not tolerable. >> well, after seeing how upset the worker was, autumn and her school classmates made him a car to help him feel better. >> mine said, god loves you. and it says, i'm sorry that happened. >> and it was just a really sad thing to hear. >> sometimes the kids know more than the adults. >> kudos to that mom, too. >> absolutely. they describe said the experience as a great one. coming up, setting the record straight about when it's okay to save a shoveled out parging space after -- parking space after a snowstorm. a group of youngsters arrive in d.c. fo
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new at 6:00 tonight. a group of cheerleaders with special needs from florida made their
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because of the battle at the capital. >> this is so great. it's a competition for athletes with special needs. these cheerleaders came all the way from jacksonville to fight for the dietlez. but as nick -- title. but as nikki burdine reports, it's not always about the win. >> their journey to d.c. wasn't an easy one. nothing about their lives was easy. but you won't hear them complaining. >> cheerleft-siders from jacksonville, florida, plus their parents and coaches made the trip. they're here to compete in the battle at the capitol. some are wheelchair bound. others have autism or down syndrome. all very different. >> we make a special spotlight for each kid. does a handstand. madison in the wheelchair gets lifted up. everyone does something that makes the routine come together. >> they're ecstatic, just to be part of this. >> to be part of anything really. >> they have a place in this world. >> reporter: and in return, they teach a few
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always believe in yourself. >> when they think they can't do something, they try it anyway. and they usually like achieve it. >> reporter: dance like no one is watching. >> are you sure? >> like this? >> yeah. >> whether you're in practice, on stage, or in front of the washington monuments. love unconditionally. because everyone is fighting their own battle. >> every day, we have hardships that we have to deal with. and whenever i get to come in touch with them and see them, they make my day. >> reporter: and when all else fails, just be happy. >> no matter what they do when they get out there, because a lot of times, it's unpredictsable. it's going -- unpredictable. it's going to be their best. when they go out there, it's like they won the super bowl, olympics, everything all in one. >> don't -- they don't underestimate themselves. >> our motto is
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shine. >> and that's exactly what they do. >> one, two, three, shine! >> reporter: nikki burdine, wusa 9. >> the group is always raising money for the program. if you'd like to donate, just look for the link on our wusa 9 mobile app. by the way, the team competes tonight. a florida man runs into an unexpected hazard at a fort myers golf course. >> probably about 6 feet away from the water. i heard a splash. as soon as i seen that splash, i knew it was an alligator. but he had me. he had me in the water up to my waist. i started to hit him over the head. i could see the size of him. you could see the claws as he was pushing, pulling me back. and i'm heeling in, ngtryi to go the other way. and it looked like he was looking right at me. and i'm looking at him. so i started to hit nim had -- hit him in the eye socket. so i hit him
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>> he suffered bites on his foot. that's all. he said if it wasn't for his putter, he might not be here today. wildlife officers reportedly captured the 10-foot gator. wusa 9 morning anchor, jan jeffcoat is all about heart love. she got quite a square recently. and -- scare recently. and tonight, we hope it's a lesson for all of us. >> my mom is japanese and grew up on an island. and ate rice and was healthy. a couple of years ago, when i was pregnant with my second daughter, my mom found out she had an aneurysm. the doctors were shocked said she was a ticking time bomb and had to have open-heart surgery. but that genetic abnormality often goes undiagnosed in women. and because of this, i have a chance of developing it, as well
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sadly, i've been procrastinating to get screened myself. so this month, i'm going to have all the tests to see what my own heart looks like. so my girls can have a long life with their mom and grandmom. >> good luck to her mom. and speaking of heart screenings. wusa 9 is holding two. taking place in hyattsville. also right here at wusa 9 in northwest d.c. 4100 wisconsin avenue. they will take place from 4:00 until 8:00 in the evening. and again, it's all free. amtrak hopped on twitter to apologize to dozens of people stuck on a train in the bronx for hours. without heat. apparently, there was a problem with the overhead electrical wires that stopped the train. and some of those passengers got on the train at d.c.'s union station last night. and they didn't get off until the problem was fixed around 7:00 this morning. the mayor of boston is trying to keep fights from breaking out
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dug out in the snow. he says for the next 48 hours, it's okay to use something like a lawn chair to reserve a spot. but it's not okay to threaten violence or resort to vandalism. and he's told the public works department to remove any space savers that include a threatening note. boston is digging out from a blizzard that dropped more than 10 inches of snow. and you know, people in d.c. often put those space savers out there, too, when they shovel it. you'd think that people would kind of respect the fact that you didn't dig this out. >> and sometimes there are consequences. >> yeah. wait a minute. >> dire consequences. well, no problems here. we had a cold day. but that was it. you know what? as quickly as it came in, cold air is going to move out. we'll have 60s over the weekend. >> see you. >> and we have a partial eclipse tonight. i don't think you'll be able to see it because of the cloud cover. just a partial eclipse. just starts around 7:00. by about quarter to 8:00, it's as full as it's going to
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shadow. earth will cast a very small shadow on the moon. not a total eclipse for us. and by 9:00, 9:53, it's pretty much over with. i think the clouds will be kind of our enemy tonight. 3-degree guarantee. that should be our friend. i lowered it from 41 to 40 last night. i think we're going to be okay. certainly this morning, it was one of the coldest days we've had this winter. and the coldest day in february. got down to 25 downtown. got down to 20 in dulles. 37 now. dew point is 11. very dry air mass. we had -- actually snowed above us, during the afternoon hours. it was just too dry to hit the ground. couple of flakes were north of us. that's about it. tonight, we're going to stay mostly cloudy. but not going to be as cold tonight. all right? plan outdoor activities tomorrow. won't be quite as warm tomorrow as sunday. but only a stray shower on saturday, as opposed to afternoon showers on sunday, as the cold front pushes through in the afternoon. but for tonight, want to walk the dog after dinner, if you can. notice the arrows. the winds are from the south. pushing all the cold
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time we get to 7:00. we're almost 40 downtown. 10:00, almost 50. by the time we get to 1:00, we're 60 degrees downtown. tomorrow is hagerstown and cumberland. upper 30s to low 40s overnight. 53 by 11:00. and 60 about 1:00. with some sun. but also some clouds, too. kind of a mix of sun and clouds. probably more cloud than sun. and 67 with afternoon showers. chilly monday. only 48. next seven days, we're watching a little something on wednesday and thursday. snow showers possible. temps in the 40s. clearing out on friday, with temps also in the 40s. frank will be back with sports right after this.
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remember natalie randolph, a few years ago, she was head football coach. only woman in the country with that jop job. we catch up with natalie, as part of game on varsity. randolph was at verizon center for the national girls and women in sports day on thursday. it's the first time d.c. public schools held an event for it. randolph is now the title ix coordinator, ensuring there is gender equity in sports. playing sports in college. and playing sports in high school is going to be the best thing that you've probably ever done. when you look back on it. and that was the thing that i loved the most about sports. the opportunity that i gave the young men that i was able to coach. i mean, now i've got, you know, they are graduating from school. one is graduating from aniversity of pennsylvania.
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boston, like really successful. and he swore he was going to the nfl. and now, he has got this great job. and a masters degree from u- pen. and he values that so much more. than anything he could have done in professional sports. so i hope that you guys take that from your athletic experience. and use this as a stepping stone to get really where you want to be. >> great advice there. >> absolutely. we know her. her players are all leaders in that school. all graduated. >> well, she's a leader. >> absolutely. >> inspired leadership. and then there's topper. >> what? >> oh. oh. >> do as i say, not as i do, right? 60s tomorrow. 60s on sunday. the wetter of the two days will be sunday. but my goodness. for february, get out and enjoy. >> that's the news at
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>> pelley: the president's plan b. after losing in court, the white house may have a new plan to resurrect the travel ban. >> we'll be doing something very rapidly having to do with additional security for our country. >> pelley: also tonight, feeling the wrath. members of congress gnet a earful at town meetings. >> bring him out. >> pelley: classrooms empty as flu season kicks in. and-- just in time for valentine's day, steve hartman with a couple whose love knows no bounds.


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