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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  July 3, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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it's time we took notice. we're getting ready to celebrate independence day. there's no freedom from the twitter war between president trump and the media. hello and thank you for watching wusa9 at noon. i'm andrea roane. the president set off the latest fireworks when he tweeted on sunday a video smackdown showing him getting the best of a man with a cnn logo over his face. >> president trump spent the holiday
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the news media. >> the fake media is trying to silence us, but we will not let them. >> mr. trump drew criticism after he tweeted this doctored video showing him punching someone with a cnn logo pasted over his head. cnn called it a sad day when the president of the united states encourages violence against reporters. he is involved in juvenile behavior far below the dignity of his office. thomas bossart defended the tweet. >> there's a lot of cable news shows that reach directly into hundreds of thousands of viewers and they're really not always very fair to the president. >> monday morning the president took to twitter again claiming the media is overlooking accomplishments. >> people heard very little about any of those things because of the focus on the issues the president raises on social media. it seems like a distraction on many mornings. >> over the weekend, the president's tweets seemed to overshadow several calls to foreign
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chinese president and the japanese prime minister to discuss the threat from north korea. he's also preparing for a much anticipated meeting with russian president vladimir putin on the sidelines of the g20 summit. mola lenghi cbs news the white house. >> the white house saying mr. trump will talk about whatever mr. putin wants to discuss. no word on whether their talks will include russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. you've had a lot to say about what's going on. joe tweets it's only a matter of time as someone takes trump's tweet as an encouragement to try to shoot up cnn officers. >> and chris tweets i'd be willing to regard president trump as the best president of all time if he resigned tomorrow and let an adult take control of the country. people across the nation rallied in
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calling impeachment rallies. some protestors say the possibility of collusion with russia is the reason president trump should leave office, while others discussed how they can make america great again. now wusa9's first alert weather rated d. c.'s most accurate forecast. >> it is pretty warm out there. yesterday was just hot, especially by 2, 3:00 in the afternoon. today is pretty warm. we had about two showers and thunderstorms yesterday. a nice little breathe out of the northwest is keeping our humidity a little lower. i'm not going to rule out a stray shower. around the region we're at 86 for gaithersburg, 89 for manassas, 90 for leesburg. our feels like temperature, right on par with the actual temperature, but that humidity will increase in the days to come, and so are our rain chances. generally pretty dry today, absolutely. if you're getting the barbecue ready to go later on tonight, i think we'll be
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looking dry on first alert live doppler. if your town is doing the fireworks tonight, i think tonight might be the better night of the two. of course tomorrow looks pretty good. i think we're going to have more showers and thunderstorms for tomorrow. let's go through your futurecast. i want to show you a couple of storms that could pop up. this is a few storms here or there, most areas will be dry, just be advised you could have a quick passing shower or thunderstorm and get back to the rest of your monday evening festivities. as we head through tomorrow, more scattered showers and thunderstorms are keeping with the heat and the humidity into the 90s. so coming up, we'll go through the futurecast hour-by-hour. we could have some showers and storms linger when we're trying to get those fireworks going. we'll have that coming up in a little bit. always use the wusa9 app keep track of the thunderstorms around the region. ♪ baby i need your loving, baby i need your loving ♪ >> practice makes perfect. yo
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this morning, you probably heard some music. the media got a sneak peek of the dress rehearsal for tomorrow's capital 4th concert. some of the artists performing include the beach boys, the blues brothers, kellie pickler and trace atkins. if you're heading down to the mall tomorrow, give yourself plenty of time. >> still a day away from 4th of july celebrations, but already they're getting started. they're preparing for everything that's going to be going on, and this place is going to be a bit of a mad house because there's going to be a lot of road closures. i printed out a list of all the roads that are going to be closed. yeah, you just need 2 pages. there's a lot of closures that are going to be happening. there have been a lot of trucks coming in and out by the washington monument. the folk life festival is already set up. you can maybe see some of the tents. then we're going to jump over and show you what it looks like by the capital. you can already see they're preparing for the concert. let's show you a map of those road closures we were talking asout.
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of closures. some 31 roads are shutting down at 6 in the morning. the take away from all of this, take the metro if you can. it's going to be messy. as for the schedule for the 4th here's what we've got. there will be 8 security check points that open at 10 a.m. tomorrow morning. we've got the smithsonian folk life festival kicking off at 11, the national independence day parade at 11:45. at 6:00 we've got the u.s. army band down range at the washington monument, then the capital 4th concert will kick off at 8:00 right here at the capital. after that there comes the main event, 9:09. that's when the fireworks display is going to begin here on the national mall. i know a lot of you guys are saying you want to be far, far away from downtown d. c., and there are a lot of fireworks displays in maryland virginia. we've got a full list on our website, also on our app. check it out, you can also get the forecast for tomorrow and traffic
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for tomorrow. here's the national mall, evan koslof wusa9. >> and the best advice is take public transportation there. let's talk aboutfireworks, a big deal on the 4th of july. using fireworks is illegal across our region except for west virginia. the house of delegates there passed a law allowing the purchase of fireworks last year. a bus carrying mostly senior citizens went up in flames in southern germany after it crashed into a truck on the highway. the collision is believed to have killed 18 and injured 30. several helicopters and ambulances were on the scene to rescue survivors from the charred bus and the a9 highway was closed in both directions. if those missing are confirmed killed, the accident at the start of the summer holiday season would be one of the worst ever to hit germany. the suspect in a road rage murder in pennsylvania has been arrested. 28-year-old david despers
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he's charged with first degree murder with the road rage killing of recent high school graduate bianca roberson. >> bianca roberson's parents sat in silence on sunday as authorities announced the arrest of the man that allegedly killed their daughter. >> bianca roberson, 18 years old gunned down because somebody didn't want to give way. somebody didn't want her to merge into a lane of traffic. >> david desper turned himself in to police early sunday morning. he was arrested and charged with first and third degree murder, possession of an instrument of crime and reckless endangerment. tom hogan is the chester county district attorney. >> this appears to be a savage, senseless and brutal act from one human being to another human being. >> according to police desper and roberson were attempting to merge into a single lane of a suburban philadelphia highway wednesday afternoon as they drove side by side jock i canning
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desper pulled out a gun striking her in the head. investigators recovered desper's red pickup truck and in his home a 40 caliber handgun suspected of being used in the shooting. according to court documents desper had a permit to carry the gun. >> he just shot my baby. he just shot my baby. >> roberson was apparently on her way back from shopping as the i think so occurred. she was preparing for her first year at jacksonville university. >> she was a good girl, loved by many, never bothered anybody. she was just a sweet girl. >> a source close to desper's family told cbs news they are devastated. desper voluntarily surrendered himself to police. he is being held in the chester county prison without bail. cbs news new york. >> and at this point investigators say the shooting does not appear to be racially motivated. the man accused of kidnapping a chin
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court later today in connection with her disappearance. ying yang -- got a master's degree. she says she spoke with the suspect before police arrested him. >> the cops came, the fbi came and s.w.a.t. team came and pulled him out. i was like freaking out because i was like oh, my goodness. that's the dude who asked to help me. that's the dude who i talked to this morning. >> when investigators reviewed the search history on christianson's phone it showed he had visited a website about abduction. we have breaking news from dallas. at least one person has been trapped after a trench collapsed. it happened at a construction site. so far no word on how bad the injuries are. we'll keep you posted on this, and you can always
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our mobile app. why was governor chris christie and his family spotted on a beach over the weekend. >> and this holiday can be tough for some people like this woman, she's a wife, a mother and a veteran who loves her country but she's not celebrating 4th of july like most of us. fireworks trigger her post- traumatic stress. she's sharing her story with us in hopes of helping others. >> fireworks and post-traumatic stress at 11:00 tonight right here on wusa9.
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in new jersey this 4th of july weekend, roadblocks are keeping visitors off all state run beaches. state run tourist attractions to the public. as hena daniels reports the rules apparently do not apply to governor chris christie and his
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>> we're continuing to be here. we'll continue to work. >> new jersey governor chris christie is ordering lawmakers to return to the state capital for another special session this morning, to hammer out a deal on a new state budget. >> this government is not open because i can't constitutionally let it be open. i don't have any money. >> the governor himself came under fire sunday for lounging on a beach at a state park with his family after shutting down non-essential state services friday. >> when i have a choice between sleeping with my family or sleeping alone, i generally like to sleep where my family is. >> police were forced to turn people away from state parks and beaches ahead of the 4th of july. >> it's a holiday weekend, what about all the kids that had birthday parties and paid to rent to have a barbecue here. >> governor christie blamed the general assembly speaker vincent prietto who has drawn the line in the sand over the overhauling of bluecross
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that has not been a line in the sand. that is cement in the sand for me. >> we want to work, we want to work >> along with new jersey lawmakers in maine are also working to break a budget impasse already putting state workers out of work. >> the not knowing right now is the hardest thing. >> it's stressful, it's making me a little bit angry. it's annoying. >> all eyes will be on legislators in both states today to see if they can reach a deal before independence day. hena daniels cbs news. >> as you can imagine, many are sounding off about governor christie's weekend trip to the beach after ordering the closing of new jersey's state parks and beaches, and it's not good. mary tweets christie had to know that the the beach trip would make him look terrible, he's so self-involved he no longer carries about jersey at all. >> chris christie really quite ll
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why do voters put up with him. >> on another note we all know that little kids can throw some pretty mean temper tantrums and parentally baby whales are no different. whale watchers filmed this drone in what they say is a baby humpback whale throwing a temper tantrum. numother whale is trying to rse the baby so when mom doesn't give the baby whale enough, the little one seems to get frustrated and thrashings his body on top of his mother. days before independence day, an american tradition continues as the newest combat ship was christened -- thank you -- and launched saturday after months of production. named after montana's largest city, the u. s. s. billings will carry crews. the estimated cost of the ship is more than $300 million. the christening, of course. >> that's a hard word to say. >> n
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weather, rated d. c.'s most accurate forecast. >> thank you very much for helping me. >> all right, how hot is it going to be for the holiday. >> it's pretty hot out there. >> yesterday was unbelievable. >> it was really uncomfortable. i was walking around downtown, and i thought i'm just going to sit in the shade and take a minute to kind of cool off here. it was really steamy. >> it was brutal. >> and it wasn't even that humid. today our wind out of the northwest feels pretty nice. we are going to have a few stray showers today, most areas, i would say about 95% of the area is going to be just fine and dry, enjoy another day of the long holiday weekend. tomorrow for the actual 4th of july, it could be our wettest day since saturday. we had those strong storms come on saturday. these are going to be a little different. there's going to be more of them at once around the region. 89 degrees, take a look at at
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it's pretty comfortable. well, compared to what it could be. let me rephrase that. it could feel into the mid-90s, and that's how it's going to feel tomorrow. it's pretty nice because the dew point is on the lower side relatively speaking, so that will keep a lot of our rain chances at bay today, however, one or two can't rule it out. around the region we're at 84 for hagerstown, 89 for fredericksburg and 88 for waldorf. for the rest of the night if you are headed to nats park tonight, what an evening. it will be very comfortable, especially once the sunsets we'll be into the 80s. if you're having fireworks tonight, maybe your town is setting off the fireworks at 9:00 tonight it feels pretty good. we'll be into the 80s. no real rain chances around the region. one or two stray showers we'll see. it feels into the mid-90s tomorrow. tomorrow more humid and more scattered showers and thunderstorms. by 9:00 tomorrow this is for tuesday, temperatures will feel into the 80s as you get ready to watch out for fireworks around the region. >> one or two stray showers, tomorrow
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start to increase. as you get the barbecues ready, use the app and the storms will pop up and see how they're progressing around the region. we'll be at 88 by noon and 86 by 3:00. this is 6:00, nats game getting going. things are looking good around nats park. one or two stray showers especially off to the west near the mountains. as we head through tomorrow morning, we're starting off in the 70s. it's going to be rather muggy when you step out the door tomorrow morning. this is 11:30, nats game at 11. in the morning and early afternoon we get it done before the heat cranks up and also before our rain chances start to move in. as you head home from nats park we could start to run into a couple of showers, and watch how they kind of linger. these are prompted as the heat and humidity continue to build. by 7:00 we're still tracking showers and thunderstorms. if you're heading out to watch some fireworks, make note that you might have to bring a nice blanke
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this is not good news. this thunderstorm is right on top of d. c. at 10:30 at night. we're trying to get the fireworks at 9:30. keep in mind, this could be really at any location around our region. the exact location we really don't want to take literally from the futurecast, the idea that there will be a few storms lingering around by tomorrow evening that's going to be the case. use our app to see where those thunderstorms are. hopefully they're not on top of the national mall. for wednesday the thunderstorms will continue to be around the region. we have an unsettled pattern. fireworks, we're looking at 83 degrees. for tomorrow 91, nats are here all week. we will have some scattered showers. we'll be right back.
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and we have breaking news from montgomery county where a tractor-trailer has overturned on the outer loop. these are pictures offense inner loop rather of the beltway between georgia and connecticut avenue. no one was hurt. if you have to drive through the area on the inner loop of the beltway between georgia and connecticut avenue, be advised. the same guy. >> same guy? >> yeah. >> wow. >> was that two foul balls caught on two pitches? >> that's right. >> most baseball fans go their entire life without catching a foul ball, but this lucky oakland a's fan caught three foul balls in one game, and not only do it in one game he caught two
12:24 pm
crazy lucky there. our friends at usa today report baltimore's camden yards is the best place to increase your chances of catching a foul ball. scratching this north carolina restaurant off the list. check out this trending video of the woman clipping her toenails in the dining room of a chinese restaurant in winston- salem. she saw the woman come from behind the counter and then filed a complaint against the restaurant. while it's not aesthetically pleasing to see one clipping their toenails it's not necessarily a violation. that's because the woman was not behind the counter or in the restaurant's kitchen. my question is
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[ indistinct chatter ] >> jordan: this seat taken, ma'am? >> hilary: not yet. but after the way you've been treating me lately, you might want to think twice before getting too close. >> neil: so, that is my plan for hamilton-winters for the fourth quarter. i have our financial prospectus planned so that we maintain a steady cash flow. and at the same time, we're gonna go after two, maybe three lucrative acquisitions. so, you know, it's win-win. >> devon: sounds good. you are by far the smartest


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