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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630 PM  CBS  July 9, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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investigating right now. that's all the information we have. you can find the latest updates on this story and others on our website and on our free wusa9 mobile app. it was really a nice day outside today, but it's going to start heating up. at least that's what the weather forecast tells us. howard bernstein joins us with a first look at the forecast. >> enjoy the evening because tomorrow we jump into the lower 90s, by tuesday mid- to upper 90s and we could be there a few days. what a gorgeous looking
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in mid-july pittsburgh in the 70s, 87 charlesville and we are at 85. the humidity levels are way down and over at ocean city if you know anybody at the beach this weekend, it was a great day there and still looks fantastic tonight. temperatures will fall from the low 80s today into the mid-70s by midnight in town. we'll be a good 5 to 8 degrees cooler in the outer suburbs, no another comfortable night is headed our way. futurecast shows we'll start in the morning, a few clouds. there could be an overnight shower well north and west of us, some warmer air tries to return. low 60s to low 70s to start your monday. by lunchtime we'll be in the mid-80s already on our way into the low 90s. notice a spotty shower or storm south and east of town. then in the evening we'll see if any of this stuff in ohio can make it into western maryland and west virginia by about 5:30. i'm coming back in a few minutes. we'll have more on the high heat, the hottest of 2017 so far headed tower way and how long it will last. back to you. she's a mother of two killed on
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95 is still out there. the reward to find whoever killed chyrain holland is knoll to $50,000. her family is gathering more tips -- up to $50,000. her family is gathering more tips today. >> reporter: a 90-mile pilgrammage from manassas to richmond and we have dozens and dozens of family members ready to take that drive to show the city of richmond the mother of two who we lost on mother's day. >> my daughter wasn't ready to go. somebody just came and took her life. we're trying to get information on who did this horrible act. >> it hurts more than any parent can ever bear to be gunned down like an animal. we need the community to come forth. we need these people off the street. >> as time goes on, it gets even harder because the reality has bitten in with us that our daughter is not in this
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anymore. our innocent daughter had been murdered, murdered. my daughter was a peacemaker. she was an excellent mom. she never went anywhere. school and those two babies was her life. our crusade is to pass out the flyers, the $50,000 reward for any information that can lead to an arrest or a conviction to this senseless crime. we're going to the richmond community to ask them , to beg them to please help us. look at this as your family member. these killers don't need to be on the face of this earth because if they did it to our loved one, they can do it to yours. >> reporter: in manassas mike valerio, wusa9. a d.c. firefighter is recovering tonight after being injured on the job. that firefighter was battling an early morn
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near wheelie road and valley avenue in southeast washington. the fire destroyed a two-story home and spread to two adjacent homes before firefighters were able to put the flames out. the firefighter was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. several families were displaced by the blaze. the cause of the fire is still under investigation this evening. a maryland trooper is recovering tonight after being hit by an alleged impaired driver. it happened early this morning when a trooper was trying to conduct a traffic stop on the outer loop of the beltway at annapolis road. maryland state police say 31- year-old andrew mitchell of new carrollton struck the trooper's marked patrol car with his pickup truck. he's charged with driving under the influence and other traffic offenses. as for that trooper that was taken to the hospital, he was treated and since released. funeral services were held in prince george's county for adriano lombre. the father of four was shot and
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the 4th of july. family and friends remembered him as a loving father and someone always willing to help someone else in need. >> he was a people's person. he was a family person. he wanted to make life better. everybody he met, whether he knew you or not in the grocery store, he wanted to be a better -- you be a better you because of him and that's what, you know, we should remember and strive to be like that. >> prince george's county police are still searching for lombre's killer. they believe someone saw his skins for life bumper sticker on the rear windshield of his white mercury grand marquise and they want to hear from whoever saw that bumper sticker. high winds delayed the painting of a controversial high school logo on a nearby water tower. the damascus high school wanted to put its swarming logo on the water tower. there is an agreement wi
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high school allowing for a limited use of the logo. the painting was to take place this weekend before the contract with the washington sanitary commission expires. now the tower is not expected to be painted for another 20 to 25 years. tonight another active marine corps fighter jet pilot volunteered to help world war two veterans and their families. he spent his holiday giving retired veterans a chance to hop in the cockpit and take the ride of their life. the original pilots were given six hours of flying time to learn this plane and then take to the skies. >> it's a wonderful venerable experience with the open cockpit. it makes you feel like you're a barnstormer out there in the wind. the airline is so simple in so many ways that it really is a lot of fun, but it's also very challenging to take off and land in. >> when i was a lad, i went to every airshow i could get to that somebody would take me to and ev
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pt17, i just wished i could have gone for a ride. >> there were 10,000 made. they were a lot cheaper back then as you can imagine at $1,200 each. ageless aviation dreams foundation is a nonprofit going around the country giving retired vets rides as a thank you for their military service. we are hours away from the start of amazon's prime day. we have details ahead on how to get a jump start on the savings. >> plus it was a day of celebration in the war against isis. armed forces were able restlessness... extreme anxiety... pacing... a constant urge to move. if someone you know is suffering from schizophrenia
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how dixie ultra plates?roved
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nd. dixie ultra. stress tested so you can stress less at dinner. welcome back. president trump is back and home after spending part of the week in germany for the international g20 summit. one of the biggest parts of the meeting was meeting with russian president vladimir putin. president trump tweeted about it this morning saying, "i strongly pressed president putin twice about russian meddling in our election. he vehemently denied. i've already given my opinion." trump said it could have been russia in the past but he wasn't sure. he said he and putin discussed an impenetrable cyber security unit so that elections hacking will be guarded and safe. iraqi security forces celebrated in the old city of mosul this weekend declaring defeat
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latest stronghold in that city. ♪[ music ] >> they say isis has been "terminated" and they're hopeful men, women and children can soon return to their houses. mosul was the largest city seized by the islamic state in its offensive three years ago over parts of both iraq and syria. a leave look this evening shows -- live look this evening shows you how things are shaping up outside. it was a great day today. apparently the sun should stick around as we see temperatures start to creep back up, a look
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welcome back. police just sent out an update to the 4-month-old baby found death in gaithersburg. the little baby girl was found at 10:30 this morning in a parking lot of a motel 6. they responded that the baby was not breathing when
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information and she was pronounced dead at the hospital of the her name is brooklyn ruth irby. an autopsy has been ordered to figure out how she died. when we get more information, we'll pass it along to you. amazon prime day is almost here. it will feature hundreds of thousands of deals, some every five minutes we're told. after three years of breaking record sales this year it will last even longer, for 30 hours. the deals will start at 9:00 tomorrow night and will stretch till 3 a.m. on wednesday. if you're not an amazon prime member, you probably want to get in on this deal. you can get a free 30 day trial membership. we'll have much more on this coming up shortly, but it looks like a great opportunity to get some good stuff for you and your family. caught on camera in north carolina a 15-year-old caused $3 million in damages after this. he set a fire inside of a wal- mart. the 15-year-old was charged with intentionally burning personal property inside of
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public building. thankfully firefighters were able to put out the flames with some fire extinguishers and thankfully no one was hurt. police don't know why the teenager started the fire inside the store. if you visited our station's facebook or twitter pages lately, you probably noticed this little guy there. his name is nigel. he's certainly growing into his paws. em has a big job ahead of him and needs your help. here's at wusa9 we are work -- he has a big job ahead of him and needs your help. here at wusa9 we are working to help a veteran get a highly trained service dog free of charge. we've gained 149 co-sponsors in the house. we've launched a petition and already have thousands of signatures. if you believe in the paws act like we do, check it out on our website you can also check it out on our app as well. >
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tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> man, talk about a good day outside. it was a treat. >> it was great, best day of the month, maybe the best day of the year. it was fantastic and a treat because here we are in july. we expect heat and humidity and we didn't have it today. >> beautiful. >> it's like a one day sale. you snooze you lose because tomorrow the heat is back. humidity creeps up. by tuesday, wow, it's going to be very hot and humid, heated index values by tuesday, wednesday, thursday, 100 to 105. let's talk about this evening first or just tomorrow. you can see outside now how beautiful it is. tomorrow it starts off in the low 70s in town, low 60s in the suburbs. by lunchtime mid-80s and then in the afternoon upper 80s and low 90s. if we see a shower or storm, better chances during the day will be south and east of town, but late afternoon it may be a few making it into the western maryland, west virginia mountains coming out
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and pennsylvania. you can see the stretch of weather i'm talking about, 92 tomorrow, 97 tuesday and wednesday. thursday is the peak at 98 with 96 friday. so it's going to be a tough week if you don't have ac. you better find some cool centering or someplace to -- center or someplace to go. this could take a real toll on your body. the longer this goes, the more heat-heated illnesses we'll see. exercise indoors or early and extra hydration is needed, too. air quality is potentially becoming unhealthy as the week wears on. travel, your battery can suffer from the heat and rail speed restrictions will probably be issued as well. pets need ac and water, too, and your yard may need some extra water. right now 79 in winchester, low 80s at pax river, reedsville and annapolis and gaithersburg at 80 and in d.c. 85. the key today, dew points are still in the 50s and the
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that high pressure over kentucky, we're on the less humid side of that as that high slides east, the winds heading more south and southeast bringing the heat and humidity and with the daytime heating and some disturbances we will have a threat for some showers and storms in some afternoons. tomorrow it's isolated, but this is what could affect areas west going through the evening hours. then we'll watch heading into tuesday with some scattered showers and storms in the afternoon, but again well into the 90s by tuesday. low 60s to low 70s tonight, still pretty comfortable. tomorrow morning very warm, a touch more humid, 60s in the morning, mid-80s by lunchtime. the three-day forecast after tomorrow afternoon 88 to 93. here's the three-day, very hot, a few afternoon storms on tuesday, isolated wednesday, thursday very hot at 98. heading towards the weekend perhaps we cool off a little on saturday around 90, but this will be the hottest week so far of the 2017 summer. >> aren't you
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news today? >> and i'm the bearer of excellent news. it's all perspective. >> it is all perspective. >> i'm surprised they played baseball today, just kidding. we're still reminiscing about thursday night and no rain delay. nats are wrapping up their series with the braves and we'll answer the question is this manager napping or is he actually managi
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now wusa9 game on sports with frank hanrahan brought to you by xfinity. >> nationals with a little ceremony showing off their all- stars playing on tuesday night in miami, lots of nats headed there, but they had one more game taking on the atlanta braves before the all-star break. napping or managing? you make the call. i see some movement. yes, he was awake. nats woke up early in
6:54 pm
anthony rendon scores a rip to the left. they try to split the series with atlanta. in the 4th inning now tied 3-3. a near home run and just hit the top of the wall as runners held for second but get the green light finally. nats take the lead and never look back, the bullpen coming through. nats win 10-5, way too early to think any further than where they are right now. >> i think it's way too early to even start thinking about that stuff, just try and win each series and play the team that we're playing that series and go from there, but yeah, that's a good team over there. they have a really good bullpen. their lineup got way deeper with freddie coming back and the way matt adams has been swinging the bat, it's a good team. as i mentioned, we have come to the all-star break and no rest for five nats who are headed to miami to represent d.c. tuesday night. the top
6:55 pm
harper, ryan zimmerman, daniel murphy, the hitters getting the nod. pitchers are stephen strasburg and matt scherzer. there's so many selections because the fans are smart and the nats lead the nl east by 9 1/2 games but time for the break. >> quick reflection, i think probably do it more tonight and then kind of put baseball on the back burner and watch these guys play in the all-star game. other than that it's kind of take these three days and enjoy the relaxation because we don't get it too much. >> excited about the break, think everybody needed it. so pretty crazy, goes to show how good this team can be 46-49 and how good we are. d.c. sports hall of fame class of 2017 inducted, likes of former skin mike nelms
6:56 pm
ex-sports writer tony cornheuser. >> i was not born her unlike tom mcmillan or ron weber or paul tagliboo and somebody to grow up and put in the washington sports hall of fame and you're not a native, that's particularly thrilling. it's very nice. orioles looking for two straight at minnesota to close out the series and our professional gum chewer adam jones going deal the second time for the birds, nice souvenir for a fan in the second deck. orioles beat the twins 11-5. top pick in the nba draft markelle fultz out of dematha high is done playing ball for the summer, sixes guard suffering a high ankle
6:57 pm
it's fine, but those smart and the smart thing to do is shut him down. he's too valuable for the team. nice night tonight. tomorrow we'll be comfortable, a little hot. really hot tuesday, wednesday, thursday, potentially dangerous heat and we cool it off a little by next weekend. >> i guess we'll do what we got to do. thanks so much for joining us. we're back tonight at 11:00 and don't forget you can get updates any time right to your phone from our wusa9 app. see
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