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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  July 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to police closed the book on a crime that grabbed headlines. the city says they've got to go but where will they live? >> wait to see this from a teenager to the secretary of defense. >> make plans tonight to handle tomorrow's dangerous heat. the news at 11 starts now. >>
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year tomorrow. a yellow weather alert for heat. let's talk about some of the warning signs for heat stroke and heat exhaustion. if you have heavy sweating, dehydration with this type of heat your waddy cannot cool itself. nausea, vomiting and dizziness and clammy skin could be getting into heat exhaustion. you need to get into a cool room. more importantly, heat stroke body temperature close to 103 or higher. this is serious. you need to called 911. nausea, headache and confusion. people do get confused. hot, red or dry skin is signs of heat stroke. with these symptoms you need to called 911. this can happen in a matter of 15 minutes depending on your body type and how much heat your putting on your body. we have a heat advisory tomorrow. it can be from que to 52109.
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we will track those by the hour and talk about a yellow weather alert for friday. not this time for heat. our digital team is here to help you handle those hot temperatures. lets go to wusa 9 facebook page. >> following breaking news in the district police just announced they made an arrest in a hit and run case that nearly killed a young transgender woman in northeast. stephanie ramirez has that force tonight. >> reporter: the friends tell me the victim got out of the icu but still in the hospital in critical condition. she's on a breathing tube and only blinking. she's a transgender woman. friends say she goes by boo- boo. this was a hate crime her friends say. >> women having conversation with men they don't get run over. transgender women of color
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always over-the-top. >> washington was coming back from fourth of july celebration last week when witnesses say she was struck by a car and left for dead. before that friends say there was some kind of back and forth with a driver who they believe hit on the group. moments later police say that driver struck washington and took off. they found her unconscious and found the card -- cart days later. tonight they announced the arrest from a northeastern. >> we have not ruled a hate crime out. we're still investigating. >> someone is getting justice. >> those their say there was will more than one person in the car. right now police only have the 18-year-old charged. the police are working overtime
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was charge in connection with the death of two people found in a parking lot last week. the police are currently working 12 hour shifts after a recent spike of violence in the area. let's talk about good news. we have some to pass along about the most seriously wounded victim in the alexandria ballfield shooting. steve scalise is still in serious condition but he's been moved out of the intensive care unit. he's been there for the last week. going through more surgery because of infections. he was shot in the hip on june 14 when a gunman shot up a practice section for the republican congressional baseball team. a bizarre confrontation in alexandria police officers are in the hospital. it started on king street. a man caring a brick and a pipe going down the street attacking passing -- passing cars. police showed up and witnesses say he charged a female
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and hit her in the head. she fired her gone but did not hit anyone. he was arrested and charged. the officer will be okay. in the district a major facelift and one of the city's most notorious housing projects. the residents say it's a way to push them out. people being asked to relocate now ahead of a $13 million redevelopment project. a couple hundred of them are saying, no deal. here's the explanation. >> this is paulette. he's taking us on a tour. this is what's left. her home for 20 years. >> you want to live here? >> looking around, i would say no. i've lived through this. when you come and fix it up, i should be able to live through that. >> reporter: hundreds of home are boarded up after people moved out. their units were overrun by
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unlivable. >> i don't fall them for going. they had to do that. >> reporter: they said they would still maintain the repairs. >> so they say. >> date is dc housing and they have a plan to relocate residents through other public housing units or give them a voucher to run privately. the deal is they will all get first priority to return. mathews is not buying it. >> it's not about that, it's the principle. we are not animals that you can just uproot. this is happening everywhere. they are greedy and hungry and evil people. it's money over people. republicans should get rid of obamacare is nothing new. they promise to re i
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not easy. president donald trump talked about that in a interview with 700 club host. >> i'm sitting in the oval office with a pen in hand waiting for our senators to give it to me. you have good people. these are good people. we have 52 senators. it's hard to get all we need. we need almost all of them. that's the holdup. >> the newest draft is coming out tomorrow morning. the majority leader mitch mcconnell heard all the complaints about the first one so he went back and made some tweaks. we will see if those strangers are enough to garner more gop support. two years of -- ago to reporters were killed gone down
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in virginia. allison's boyfriend, was an anchor at their station. he's now quit to run for the virginia house of delegates. peggy fox caught up with him tonight. >> the time for virginia to enter the new 21st century is here. >> instead of covering campaigns chris is now a candidate. two years ago he planned to marry his girlfriend allison parker. the two tv journalist met at work in roanoke. it was not love at first sight. >> her parents like to tease me. she thought i was a jerk. she had another word for it. allison and photographer adam ward were murdered on live tv by a violent coworker who recently had been fired >> he was impossible to work with. he was impossible to be around. he never should have been at that station.
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he found the strength to grieve in public. her parents and i were resolved from day one that allison would be mad if we had a pity party for ourselves. >> reporter: he decided to quit his job and run for a delicate for the district 12. >> he's here in dc getting money for his campaign. he's one of the top fundraisers. he makes no apologies for using the spotlight that's been on him to raise money. >> allison's parents also attended the dc fundraiser. >> he's running for office in her honor. >> when i see her on the other side, i want her to think that i did all that i could. >> reporter: he hopes to make places safer for employees and keep guns away from dangerous people. >> this is the real deal. >> do you t a
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she is with us and she's very proud. >> one last note on virginia politics, former staffer corey stewart is expected to announce tomorrow morning that he is jumping into the race to challenge senator. tim kaine next year. he's holding a news conference tomorrow morning. looks like christopher rate is going to become the next fbi director. his confirmation hearing went well and here are the highlights. in 60 seconds of your time -- no question by anyone asking you for loyalty. >> my loyalty is to the constitution and the rule of law. no one asked me for any type of loyalty oath at any point during thioc
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>> here's where when you talk every politician. if you get a call from somebody suggesting that a foreign government wants to help you by disparaging your opponent, tell us to call the fbi. >> to the members of this committee, any threat or effort with our election from a knee nations or any non-state is a kind of thing the fbi would want to know. >> the fbi is and must remain in independent law enforcement organization free from political influence and this starts at the top. >> i pledge to be the leader that the fbi deserves and to lead an independent bureau that will make every american proud. >> here's more on christopher wray. he's an attorney in private practice. one of his clients chris christie. he is no stranger to washington. he was an assistant attorney general in the george w. bush administrati
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2005. >> we told you about the high school newspaper editor who scored and in number -- interview with mattis. he noticed his phone number in a newspaper. we heard about the first text and we had to share with you. it says, hi jim, he then goes on to ask for an interview and he wraps up with this. by the weight your personal number was leak to the american public. have a wonderful day. >> it's time for a couple of stories of unwanted guest in your home. first the tremors. we're getting a firsthand look at how metro is handling complaints that their trains are shaping -- shaking some homes. a woman who cannot get's waters out of the house. you had questions about this story and we are ready to verify the answers. it's become a tradition for the news at 11 team.
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some kind of shenanigans in the newsroom and tonight is no exception.
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tonight on verify we were talking about a story that everyone is talking about online. we did not get a chance to see it. it's a story out of marietta, georgia near atlanta. she moved out of her home and was selling her house. that's when she said a family of four moved in without her permission. she did what everyone would do, call the cops. the family living there says she rented the home. they sign documents and got the keys from a person they thought was the owner and they say, they are not moving out. >> all i know is on the legal owner of a property and i should not have to expend this energy to get someone out that i did not give permission to be in my home. >> hundreds of people reacted to this story. there were many questions like this one
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viewer who reached out to our verify team. >> my name is john from virginia and i'm wondering what the squatting rights or laws are in northern virginia. >> great question. a lot of people are wondering, could something like this happen to them. could it happened around here virginia, maryland or dc. our verified research team looked up the adverse possession law that deals with squatters rights for virginia. here's what we found. to claim squatters right in virginia you need to live at the property continuously not hide the fact your living there. here's the important part. the person needs to live there for 15 years to claim the property under this lot. we can verify under certain circumstances yes if they meet those criteria's in virginia it you could have a squatters right situation on your hands. our verify team spoke with the realtor that says ou
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property, call the police. they are the first one in helping to settle these disputes . i'm going through your emails every afternoon. favorite part of my day. myself or the research team will write you back on your email. if you want something verified or curious about, find me on twitter or facebook and -- or send me an email. i will go to work for you. to a story we've been following. we found metros new claims -- trains are shaking homes. a woman came to us for help and she learned she's getting some results. she told transportation reporter it could be because we shared her story. >> it's a peculiar problem of northwest dc. hannah -- hannah's home rattles near by os
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get a nice shake and get a little moving. >> we first showed you this in february after each rumble we checked the metro station. every time it matched up with one of metro's new trains. they are called the 7000 series. the high-tech cars are heavier. >> metro elected hannah's house -- a contractor will run vibration test. this >> it just arrived in the mail. >> i feel good that they will get data from my house. it is definitely shaking. order mac the contractor is wilson -- it uses sensors like these two tests spots. so far hannah likes what she sees but the proof will be in what she feels >> i hope they find out my house is not at risk of foundation damage and i hope they figure out a way to stop the li
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>> reporter: it's no coincidence her home was selected. our coverage of the issue played a big part. this is not a short test. it takes the whole day. hannah will have to take off work. the test has not been scheduled for we will stay on top of it. >> that's something to deal with all day long. some fireworks tonight. the stadium was rented out for private event. in must've been pretty swanky. >> the cool thing about those fireworks is they did not have to like them. they put them on the ground and they blew apart because of the heat. >> tomorrow will be dangerous and then we will see temperatures going down. let's cover the 3 degree guarantee. >> did you bull's-eye it? >> we might have. >>
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tomorrow's temperature. i will go from 98 back to 97. this is the stuff i think about. a live look at outside. it's still 84. the dew point is popping up to 94. it feels like it's 94 at 11:00 tonight. that's uncomfortable. in the morning 72 to 88. the kids cannot be doing their normal routine at camp. it's going to be too hot. i'm sure everyone knows that. thursday it will be 104 two 110. yellow alert for heat and yellow alert for friday for storms. that's more typical. 97 tomorrow. 94 on friday. 91 on saturday and sunday and 92 on monday. it stays hot over the weekend but will become less humid and more comfortable. exercise in the morning. it will feel like it's 80 tomorrow morning as opposed to 94 right now. limit your time outside.
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30 minutes tops in the son. check on the elderly. this is serious heats. it's the third day of our heat wave starting tomorrow. this is the forecast of the heat index. feels like 84 tomorrow morning to start and 70 in the suburbs. by lunchtime we are at 100 degrees. 101 downtown. by 6 pm, it will feel like it's 100 downtown. 101 in fredericksburg. about this time tomorrow night it will feel like it feels now. did you survive your run? let's see to survive tomorrow. that will be the test of a true tough man. maybe not a bright man but a tough man. >> 72 two 280 and 80 will be the low downtown tonight.
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temperature start around 80. 91 by 11:00. 95 by 1:00. yellow a weather alert for friday for severe storms. not as humid. it will be pretty nice. nice on sunday and a couple of storms possible on monday. better storms for tuesday and wednesday and temperatures around 90. >> all this he is going to your head. >> let's go to some stories you may have missed. a beloved kids toward turned criminal. police found this cookie monster with a surprise it's stuffed with a half pounds of cocaine. it happened in florida. the countdown is on for the new season of hbo game of thrones. to promoted these guys were out walking around london. they are called the white walkers. the premier is on sunday night. >> this is what happens when a former nasa engineer has too much time on his hands.
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the super sucker is 7 feet long. i pray neither one of you get your hands on one of those. >> after the break topper and i face off on a newsroom home run derby.
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now at wusa 9 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> today after the all-star baseball game is the most miserable day. it's the one day of the year where there's nothing going on. we're going to invent a sport tonight. why not? it's newsroom home run derby. i'm going to try to hit into the upper deck. >> i will pitch it. >> are you ready? >> oh no. >> that's one.
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>> one and done. that's it. >> foul ball. >> that's still too high. >> right here. >> boom. >> good night everyone. >> now we have to figure out who one. based on the fact that brian says upper decker, and the aaron judge of tv news. >> you have to do rock, paper and scissors. >>
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>> he was tested for performance enhancement drugs. >> it's called gatorade. z2e2bz z1a2z
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y2e2by y1a2y
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heat advisory tomorrow. we are talking about heat index over 105. take it easy tomorrow and we may have strong storms on friday. >> sta
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