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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  July 13, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we are flirting with record highs. this can be some of the hottest temperatures of the summer so far. the humidity just makes it worse. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i hope you are watching from a cool place. howard joins us with your first alert forecast. as bad as the temperatures are, t
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>> the combination gives us the heat index near 110 later this afternoon. most of us will be closer to 105. right now we are around 90 pushing 100 with the heat index. we have a break due to the fact that we have clouds out there. all the areas in orange from lower montgomery, fairfax, up to baltimore and south and east are under heat advisory until 8:00 p.m. that combination of heat and humidity. you are urged to take it easy, stay indoors. if you have to be outside, actively cool yourself. we have showers and storms in ohio, pennsylvania, new york. these are moving easterly, not southerly. we will have to watch that. some of this could scrape the area later on. with the heat and humidity we are likely to bubble up some. here is futurecast through the afternoon. low 90s here. we'll get to the mid 90s. notice the broken showers and storms coming through. that's what we will
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3:00 or 4:00. by 5:00 notice most of the line. we are still in the low to mid 90s at 5:00 p.m. today will be the hottest day of the sum irving. tonight we will have to watch for some showers and storms in western maryland, west virginia panhandle, northern maryland about 10:00 p.m. we may get one or two of those overnight. on friday, another hot day with upper 70s at 7:00 am. by lunch friday, we will be pushing towards the low 90s already but we will have isolated to scattered showers and storms. the problem tomorrow with highs around 95, some of those could be strong to severe. we will be watching tomorrow closely. today and tomorrow are yellow weather alert days. if you can't be here, you can always be with us on your smart phone. just download our wusa9 app. >> thank you. far less humid and nearly
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15 degrees cooler in paris, france. at noon, president trump is expected to hold a joint news conference with the french president from paris within the half hour. jane ferguson is traveling with the president. >> reporter: the french government rolled out the red carpet to welcome the president of the united states. mr. trump and the french president are meeting in paris ahead of bastille day celebrations. this marks the 100th anniversary of u.s. joining allied forces in world war i. leaders have clashed on climate change but are looking to find common ground on ways to fight terror and solve crisis in syria. the president's trip here may offer a break from the growing russia scandal back home. before he left for paris, mr. trump spoke of his recent meeting with the russian president vladimir putin. >> i think we got along very well. i think that's a good thing, not a bad thing. >> reporter: in
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wanted hillary clinton, not him, to win the election. >> if hillary had won, our military would be decimated. our energy would be much more expensive. that's what putin doesn't like about me. >> reporter: security forces are on guard in the french capitol as antitrump protests are expected. when president trump pulled out of the paris climate change accord last month, it sparked outrage across europe. jane ferguson for cbs news, paris. >> president trump will be a guest of honor at a military parade tomorrow to celebrate french national day. nearly 200 american troops will take part in the event. we have a long history together, long time friends establishing diplomatic relations in 1778 following the united states declaration of independence from great britain. france severed diplomatic relations with united states in 1942 during world war ii. relations were
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the united states and france are among five permanent members of the united nations security council. here is a live look at capitol hill inside even before senate gop leaders unveil the draft of the latest plan to repeal and replace obamacare. there are protesters camped outside denouncing the bill. mitch mcconnell insists upper chamber will vote on the legislation next week. he still has a lot of work to do to win over the votes of reluctant republicans who oppose the current draft. >> ♪ summer time in northern michigan. >> kid rock may not just be celebrating summer in michigan. he might soon be representing his home state as a u.s. senator. he tweets that his new website is not a joke and he promises major announcement in the near future. he camped
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six members of afghanistan's all girls robotics team are coming to the united states to compete. apparently the third time is the charm. the all girls team applied twice before to compete in an international robotics competition in washington. they will receive parole status allowing them in after being told president trump personally intervened to reverse a system by u.s. state department to deny them visas. new developments in the case of four missing young men in pennsylvania. investigators uncovered a mass grave on a farm with remains of some of the missing men. >> reporter: investigators say initial tests have identified the body of 19 year old dean finocchiaro. >> we are in progress of identifying the other remains. >> i am very, very pleased paradoxically with our progress but i am not prepared to acknowledge that at this time. >> reporter: four men have
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missing for about five days. the grave was discovered on a farm owned by the family of cosmo dinardo. the 20 year old is considered a person of interest in the case. he is in custody on separate charges. at least some of the missing men are believed to be friends but it is unclear if any of them knew dinardo. >> i know more than i am sharing on the relationships, and i have to keep it that way. >> reporter: court records show on the day tom meo was reported missing, dinardo to sell his maxima for $500. authorities have not said how finocchiaro died. >> cadaver dogs helped uncover the mass grave. a convicted child porn producer has declined complaint that his legal defense has been inadequate. he demanded state charges against him
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today's appearance while being questioned by judge leo green he said he now has no problem with his defense and green ended the hearing. he pled guilty in january to federal child pornography charges after investigators discovered he had made sexually explicit videos with students from the dr. sill vein i can woods elementary school where care away was a volunteer. he has agreed to a prison sentence of at least 60 years in prison. he has not been tried on state charges in prince georges county. an 18 year old expected of running over a transgender woman is expected in court. he hit -- friends say while she's out of the icu, she's still in critical condition and can't speak. they believe this is a hate crime. that's not what police are calling it at
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intentionally hit. investigators also say there was more than one person in the car but so far, anderson is the only one charged. they say desperate times call for desperate measures. metro leaders are strapped for cash. they're selling naming rights for some stations. >> reporter: right now metro quite simply can't do it. they can't sell the naming rights but with all the money problems they're starting to think about it, so they're putting it on the table. this stack of paper is the agenda item discussed at a meeting this morning. it was about what it would look like to sell naming rights. i need to show two graphics. the first one is provided by metro. advertising revenue is only a small piece of the pie
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dollars and passenger fares. still a hefty amount, $24 million, brought from advertising each year and some want to bring that up. that brings us to graphic 2 about how much money is really on the line. if we look at nearby systems we may get the answer. in new york city their transit leaders sold naming rights of one of the stations for $4 million over 20 years. philly made two deals, one where they turned it from patterson station to att for $5 million and another was to turn market e station to jefferson station for 4 philly the dollars. no doubt, we are talking about a lot of money. the question is will this work in dc? right now they're going to start by looking at four stations with i are gallery place, metro center, navy yard and land front plaza. the question is do riders want this? a survey a year ago
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half of you said no. i will end this with one last thing by showing you a picture. maybe i am getting too carried away. maybe wusa9 can find something lying around and do some advertising of our own. do you want stadium andrea station? probably not. >> stadium rhone has a better sounding name. if somebody wants to pay for it, i will go with it. with digital advertising, metro says these are three times more profitable than normal ads. caught on camera, a brutal attack in greece that ended in the death of a young american tourist. we'll be back.
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shocking security footage shows an angry mob brutally attack henderson, the american killed if greece. after he took a selfie with a friend a fight ensued and he tried to get away but he couldn't. >> never once saw him angry. i never saw him irritated or the slightest bit flustered. >> reporter: daniel brown spoke before leaving without his friend. >> this is a reminder to myself to always be humble, pursue my dreams and never get upset by little things in life. i never saw him once upset about anything. >> reporter: brown says he was on his way to meet henderson when the attack happened. according to another friend who was there but didn't want to be identified henderson and friends set beers on a table
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a place called bar code. that's when two men grabbed their bottles, broke them, held them like weapons sparking a fate that spilled into the streets. henderson became separated from his friends as more than ten people started beating him. police have so far arrested and charged eight men with voluntary manslaughter including a bar employee and a bouncer. police say henderson suffered severe head injuries. >> he was always extremely self less and worried about everyone else before himself. >> reporter: henderson's close friend from texas agrees. >> he was the most compassionate courageous genuine friend i had growing up. >> reporter: mcrae says she's not satisfied with the information she's getting about the death of henderson. an aspiring entrepreneur who had just graduated college and looking to launch a new clothing line. he wasn't the type to get into the bar fight. >>s
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swallow because that wasn't the person we knew him to be. all of my friends and family have been trying to get down to the bottom of why ten guys were against him. >> a spokes woman for henderson's family says they're still working with u.s. state department to bring his body home. they hope that will happen this week. a gofundme account has raised $40,000 to help with costs. many on social media are speaking out. one tweets when you see the footage and just can't understand why, why a group of thugs that want to plead innocent. then, i am disgusted at what has happened in greece. a man's life has been taken away over a selfie. let's face is, it is hot out there. and unfortunately not everyone has air conditioning. that's why the
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up cooling centers. across the area people can go to recreation areas, libraries, senior centers, other air conditioned d.c. public buildings. spray parks will also be open until 8:30 at night. here are a few ideas from fema to make things more bear able today. keep the shade and blinds closed over windows that get morning or afternoon sun. if you must go outside, wear loose fitting clothes. wear light colors. wear a hat with a wide brim to protect your face and head. we always remind you to wear sunscreen, at least 30 or above. make sure you apply it properly. don't just spray it on and walk away. spray on, rub it in, reapply. >> this is the sort of heat where you have to actively cool yourself. >> dehydration. >> it was 106 when i was playing softball. two jugs of ice water. one was for drinking. the other one i put some
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head every couple minutes. >> i forgot the other day to have water with me. i was at the driving range. i really felt woozy. >> that's one of the first signs, when you feel faint or dizzy. be smart. weather wise let's see what we are expecting. it is already 94. we are talking 96. we might get to 97 or 98. this will be the hottest day so far. with the heat indices in the 105 plus range we have the heat advisory. there will be isolated storms this afternoon and again tonight. that heat advisory is for i-95 including baltimore, d.c., fredericksburg south and east. it's hot west of there. it's not hot enough for the advisory which kicks in east of the blue ridge whether we get to 105 on the heat index. west of the blue ridge, 100 is where it kicks in. the records, we are not likely to beat them. we may challenge the 100 at dulles
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thankfully be safe. still it's plenty hot out there. we have 93 baltimore, waldorf and lees burg. in shenandoah valley, there have been some clouds. that's been keeping the temperatures a little bit down. we have 103 in easton. it's still plenty hot out there and it is only getting worse. looking at the weather camera, a little bit of sun off the top of the dome but we've got mostly cloudy skies. that's helping a little bit but not a lot. we have a dew point above 70 and temperature of 94. the heat index does feel like 101. look at the storms from nebraska to the midwest into the northeast. there is a frontal boundary with the storminess. that is going to push through as we get into friday night and saturday. ahead of it, wee
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the humidity. look at this behalf of storms through new york state and pennsylvania moving east along i-90, i-80 and the turn pike. the tail end is far enough south that we will have to watch late today and tonight to see how that may impact areas to the west. ahead of that we are expecting the threat for showers and storms here and there again today. anything that pops can be strong. a couple storm and showers possible tonight. tomorrow in the middle of the afternoon notice the showers and storms here. some can be strong to severe with the storm prediction center placing us in a slight risk for severe weather tomorrow from southern pennsylvania through the metro. this means damaging gusts, hail, maybe an isolated tornado though the tornado threat is lower than the damaging wind gusts being the primary threat tomorrow. we have a yellow weather alert today. tomorrow a yellow weather alert for the heat with scattered storms,
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there is a search for a dog underway in detroit after her puppies were rescued. michigan humane society posted a 30 minute video of the rescue. staffers were worried the hole would fill with water and drown them. one by one they pulled the puppies out safe, all 11 of them. >> it was already wet and muddy down there. those guys were wet
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if they didn't make it out, they wouldn't have a home. mom can protect them only so much. >> workers have set traps in hopes of
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tonight on wusa9 news at 5:00, new details on the student charged in murder. we'll hear from the out spoken prince william county supervisor after announcing he is running for u.s. senate. >> tipping for keeping you cool on this brutally hot day. >> mid to
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please take it easy, isolated storms. tomorrow strong to severe storms and 95. much better over the weekend, a few storms next week. >> drink lots of water. that's it for wusa9 news at noon. we will be back at
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>> hilary: this is hilary curtis with your red carpet coverage. [ sighs ] pffft. pbbbbbtttt. >> howard: oh, come on. you got this, okay? just charm the rich folks, praise nikki newman's fabulous show, praise the big cheese, victor newman, but don't forget the most important part. >> hilary: that i should have left you in los angeles? >> howard: we're not going live. anyone tanks, we can fix it in post. >> hilary: i think we got our first mover and shaker now, so stop talking, start rolling. >> howard: rolling. >> hilary: hello. this is hilary curtis with your exclusive red carpet coverage. sir, how excited are you about tonight? >> reed: um, it's cool, i guess. >> abby: just get here. break land speed records, but do it safely. >> victoria: what are you doing? dad just said we have to cancel this concert. >> abby: [ scoffs ] noat


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