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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  July 31, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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nearly all are boys 14 and under. the investigation now dates back to may of 2015 and it is not over. part of it not being over, you heard the state's attorney saying they know of 24 victims but 11 are unidentified. that is because they see them on the videos and in the photos that they seized from bell but they are not sure who the individuals are. that means there are a lot of parents and administrators and other people in the county who are unaware that the children they are affiliated with may be victims in this case. bell was fired and put on administrative leave. he was fired and put under investigation back in january when a parent complained about an inappropriate text to a student but it took investigators six months to crack all the electronic devices they seized from bell and it wasn't until june when he was charged and now all these charges brought today and you heard the
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say there could be more as they keep unpeeling this case. reporting live, scott broom wusa 9. parents are supposed to hear later in august. they will have a lot more questions before going to work in charles county schools, bell appeared on the reality show called the job. he competed for an internship at a fashion magazine in new york. a stunning turn of events today at the white house. anthony scaramucci is out as communications director. the move came as retired general john kelly was sworn in as the new white house chief of staff. anthony scaramucci's 11 days on the job were con troversial. he publicly accused former white house chief of staff leaking damaging info about him and the rnc chairman in an interview. >> the president felt his comments were inappropriate
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a person in that position and he didn't want to burden general kelly. earlier today president donald trump tweeted there is no chaos at the white house. we have been telling you about the trouble in d.c. with illegal atv and motorcycle riders. we're seeing video of aggressive motorcycle riders causing chaos on the beltway near upper marlboro. a woman posted this on sunday and said these riders were taking up several lanes and getting aggressive with people when they tried to pass them by and it looks like two of the bikes ran into each other here on the beltway. fake a listen. >> look at that other guy. >> he is on his back. who didn't see that coming? >> unbelievable. somebody else is taping it, too. it doesn't get any bleep. pardon my french. there are the cops now. >> i can't believe he is up walking. he is going to be
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>> oh, my gosh. >> they are running because they know. >> debris is scattered everywhere. we reached out to the maryland state police and we're waiting to hear back from them. >> >> a woman and two children vanished in the middle of a rain storm and police are searching for them. family members say this is out of the ordinary. >> just come home to us. we love you. >> family members beg for courtney ash, her five-year-old son cameron and nine-year-old cousin jalen to return. >> we're hurting as a family and we want them back. >> but no one has seen them. they were last seen leaving a family member's house last week. they were expected to return to a house in leesburg, but they never showed up. >> it is just the days have gone by and it is four days now and i just can't see her being a way that
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have a reason to believe that anything shady is going on, but there is a concern for their well-being. >> i have a daughter that is missing and i have a grandson and a little cousin that is missing, and they are very close. >> this whole thing has just been awful for the family and they hope and pray for their safe return. >> come home. we're waiting for them with open arms and that we love them very much. they may be in a 2002 ford taurus with virginia tags. >> a road-rage incident near the beltway. he is being held now after he was arrested in maryland earlier this month. this happened on the eisenhower connector road in alexandria. the woman was shot in her neck and back,
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to be okay. he may claim self-defense. some say the woman who was shot got out of her suv and was yelling as she approached the car. the state's attorney has her eye on a bigger prize. she will officially announce her candidate da sy for county executive. it is not enough for the county to have great potential. just around the corner on the brink, we're almost there have called expectations. it is time for us to realize the dream. it is time for us to fulfill our promise. >> also brooks joins the race that includes anthony muse, and her name has been floated as a possible canned too and lewis dod son has also filed to run on
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agreement to host the 2028 olympic games. the decision means paris will host in 2024. the international olympic committee said the two cities would be awarded the games last month. until today it was unclear which would go first. >> hopefully, you were able to get outside today, because we made it into the high 80s. beautiful. first alert meteorologist and these temperatures are inching up now? >> yes, they are but what a great way to finish july. comfortable pli hot, comfortable warm and dry. temperatures going up. 91 tomorrow. 91 on wednesday. humidity in check tomorrow and then it creeps back wednesday. thursday probably the hottest day of the week, 93. 91 on friday. 86 on saturday. a little cooler on saturday. we'll come back and tell you which days are going to promise the beth
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the latest on tropical storm emily. >> american play right sam shepherd being remembered this evening. he passed away in kentucky last week after battling als which is also known as lou gehrig's disease. his work spans more than five decades. he was nominated for an oscar in the right stuff. he won a politzer prize for his play, one of 40 that he wrote. sam shepherd was 73. though the people have spoken, a movie giant has a charge of heart after bringing down the uptown theater sign in d.c. that story in a little bit. president donald trump responds to the latest missile test from north korea. an incr
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what is happening to marriage in the u.s.? fewer people are tieing the knot and people who do get hitched are waiting longer to walk down the aisle. i'm sure i know nothing about that. one of the most popular stories on wusa and you can read about it on our news app. >> you're happily married. congratulations. >> president donald trump said the u.s. will handle north korea. he made that comment today after they successfully tested another bliss tick missile last week. they teamed up with their allies flying two supersonic bombers along the korean peninsula. this latest launch shows north korea has the capability to hit the u.s. mainland including los angeles and possibly chicago, new york and near washington. the war of dip mow
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continues tonight with the u.s. and russia with rae tal yation, russian president vladimir putin ordered the u.s. to slash 755 people. as many as 1200 diplomats maybe working in russia but this round of cuts could even out the number of diplomats working in each country. >> the story of a miracle child began nearly three years ago. that is when the officer was assassinated in his police cruiser. on that night, she said she knew this day would come. >> i had a dream. i had a baby quiet and he handed me the baby. he said it is a girl. >> you dreamed about him handing you a baby that night? >> the same night. >> it was a girl. >> right. >> she asked doctors if they could preserve her husband's spermn't they didn't know if it
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would work, but it did. she went ahead with the invitro fertilization. >> i told my daughter he was a hero and that he made the ultimate sacrifice to make this world a safer place. >> the baby's name is angelina. >> yes. >> why is that? >> she is not only the angel for heaven but for the nypd, all the police officers. i hope she will bring all the hope and strength to my blue family. >> she is going to pass on that necklace with his badge number ber so it can always be close to her heart. what a sweet story. >> absolutely. >> tropical storm emily is just slashing florida. a look at our next chance for rain. plus, we're going to hear from a 93-year-old redskins fan today at training cammen on her birthday and when will the power come back? the outer banks in north caro
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i have never been hacked in my life so that is why i never thought it would be at this personal level. >> this
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surprise when someone in russia hacked her uber account. experts say this happens all the time and it can happen to you. we find out how and what you can do to better protect yourself from hackers taking you for a ride. that is tonight at 11:00 on wusa 9. tropical storms have been dis continued but tropical storm emily made landfall. that is just a couple hours south of the tampa. emily has brought as much as 4 inches of rain to some areas flooding streets as it moves across florida. the birthday boy is back and you had a bit of a soggy birthday. >> we did. good news that's it it a depression and not a storm anymore. it could become a storm offshore which is perfect. it is 70 miles west southwest. tropical depression. it will move
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of the atlantic. it could become a tropical storm tomorrow with the winds around 2 p.m. it is more offshore which is great. by wednesday, 45 miles per hour for winds. it will pick up rip currents possible, but for the most part staying dry. then by thursday, even further on out to see winds of 45 miles per hour, still a tropical stormment then iterations out into the shipping lanes into friday and saturday. we'll watch this carefully but right thought it does not appear to be a prock for the east coast over the next few days. remember, we're getting into the teeth, the hurricane development. june, only 4% developed. 29% in august. 36% in september. more storms develop in october than june
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a live look outside. gorgeous right now. it is warm, yes, it is 88 but the dewpoints low enough that it does not make a heat index. the heat index is 88. wind blight out of the north at 3. another comfortable night. it was chilly the last couple of nights. 7:30 to 9:30. hot the rest of the week. around 90 and increasing in humidity as well. a few storms wednesday, thursday and friday. the best chance for storms will be saturday. it will leave us with a nice sunday, but keep that in mind. 91 tuesday. 90 wednesday. 91 friday. then back to 86 on saturday. that it more of a result of clouds and showers than storms. so as we
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9:00, in the 80s. 70s in the bushes. and then by morning temperatures low 70s downtown but plenty of that. by lunchtime, future cast kicking up a few showers. most will be west of town. i think you can walk to lunch not a huge deal. 87, now 8. better chance for showers there in windshield and romney into the low 80s there. we get into tomorrow night. a little muggier. 75 and 9:30 and 78 in leesburg at 9:30. clear and comfortable. it was 62 to 72. on the dayplanner, 70s to start downtown. 83 by 11:00. 87 by 1:00. getting a little on the hot side. still a nice start to st
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93. next several days low 90s on friday and storms on saturday. that could be our next weather alert day. another gorgeous sunday in the wake of the cold front and back into the 80s by sunday. >> thanks tom. their fourth day of training camp. fans, they are always a big part of it. here is more from richland, of one of the oldest fans there. >> yes, coaches and players are always telling us how much the fanned needed them. they are yelling for kirk and whoever they could get today. they like to celebrate her girlfriends. she was born july 21, 1924. yes. melba was in the owner's tent to watch the action
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birthday. she caught his attention on his 90th birthday. now she has to choose who gets to come of her four children, 15 grandchildren and 13 great gland children. she gets more calls during that final. more out to lunch. everybody wants to come but she can only bring so many a year. >> i had one son-in-law who is a dow boy's fan and i won't let him come to the training camp or to a game. one of the grandsons took things into his own hands. he flew all the way out here, so he could go to training camp with grandma today. her favorite player, kirk
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cousins is walking around back there right now. she is watching the team almost every game since 1941. debra, back to you. >> thanks so much diane. the new superintendent is not wasting any time when it comes to renaming a controversial high school. they voted to change it. here is what will happen next. saturday, september 19th, residents are invited to gath and voting will take place the following saturday with the school board making the final decision. we have it's all on our wusa 9 app. it helped lead to the capture of baghdad in 2003. the m3 bradley cal ven tri vehicle. the tank and other the that
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protective continues until it opens in 19. north has a popular vacation place. but it could be two weeks until the power comes back on. last year a construction began on a new bridge that connected it to the main lane. workers damaged all three transmission cabling and that mistake is forcing a 70,000. the blackout could cost him tens of thousands of dollars in lost business. this is not a natural dis as der. this is somebody's false. i hope they sted up. >> generators have been trucked into help provide limited power to year-round homeowners who have been allowed to stay. >> the fda is trying to make
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break. a community banned together to keep a piece of history. we'll show you how next.
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the fda wants lower levels of nicotine insignificant rett's to make them less addictive. it sent shares of tobacco companies plummeting. we may be able to reach a day when the more harmful products are no longer able to. >> it is the leading cause of preventible disease and death. spacex is out of this world. $21billion. it is one of the world's most highly valued private companies behind uber and air b &
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is run by tesla's elon musk and spacex is known for putting rockets into space sometimes unsuccessfully. >> they created this wheelchair. it can last longer outside than normal electric wheelchairs because it doesn't have to be plugged into charge. this prototype can get up to 34 miles per hour. it is being developed now and plans to release it are still in the distance. >> is that cool. >> it is cool to see how solar energy is powering things that people need to live. we're just one day until august and back to school is slowly creeping up. >> oh, yeah. it can get expensive of course, but there is a little help. there will be sales tax free weekends. this is when the state won't get sales tax on certain items. it is in virginia from friday to sunday. school supplies $20 or less on
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sales tax the same for certain brands of clothing averaged shoes for under $100. >> in maryland the sales tax exemption is for the six days and it goes to any clothes you buy. get on the wusa 9 app or our website to learn more. that is wusa 9 news at 5:00. the news at 5:30 starts right now. >> >> right now at 5:30 it was a brief but tough fight to keep it alive. amc petitioned to take down the e historic uptown movie theater sign and replace it with an amc sign but with a brief and aggressive fight from the community, reporter janice park has
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history. >> there is no way to know how many tens of thousands upon hundreds of thousands of cars have whizzed by this section of connecticut avenue. one thing that has never changed since 1936 the uptown theater but one sign on the door threatens to change that. this morning amc threatened to take down the sign add replace it with this one. >> it hat been an institution is this neighborhood for decades. >> it should be saved. >> historic footprint in this community. there is no need to change that. >> still remembers the magic. >> seeing the first ever "star wars" blockbuster there in the 1970s. it is a legend in this neighborhood. why would you want to eliminate a legend? >> we have lost the battle but not the war. >> that is exactly how the community felt at noon on


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