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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  July 31, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the job. >> i think this was a mutually agreed conversation that took place between several people. >> anthony scaramucci's hiring prompted then press secretary sean spicer to quit. days later his tirade about chief of staff priebus forced him out. >> the president certainly felt that anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position and he didn't want to burden general kelly with that. >> president donald trump started the day welcoming his new chief of staff, john kelly. >> we just swore in general kelly. he will do a spectacular job. i have no doubt as chief of staff. >> kelly, retired marine corps general will bring discipline and order to the west wing. >> this looks like john kelly is coming in as chief of staff on day one and set up a staff that works r
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the cabinet for a meeting with the president today. >> overall, i think we're doing incredibly well. the economy is doing incredibly well. >> president donald trump pushed past criticism his white house is in turmoil and gave assurances not only on the economy but tensions with north korea. >> anthony scaramucci will not have a new role in the trump administration. it is not clear who the next director of communications will be. the mood skyrocketed to the list online. everything is a okay in the white house. well oiled machine he says. another popular thought from jackie. this is like a tricking circus. people are scared by this. aimee added thank goodness. that guy was
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work. you can join the conversation, wusa 9 on our facebook page. tens of thousands are without power as emily drenches parts of florida tonight. this is video on facebook. a tropical storm on the gulf coast. the storm developed quickly overnight and dumped several inches of rain before heading in land. roads were flooded. scattered all kinds of reports to damage to homes and buildings. emily has gusting winds. conditions have improved here along the sunshine sky way bridge. we're on the st. pete side. people are out fishing and every now and then you can catch a glimpse of blue sky. this morning it was bad. the rain was coming completely sideways. the winds were
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whiteout. you could barely see the bridge. that is about the time they shut it down. it is still a bit gusty out here, but greatly improved from the morning. she is tracking emily and you have more on where this is heading next. >> the good news, it is a tropical depression. there are no warnings or watches along the florida coast, either coast. 70miles west southwest of melbourne. it will move back into the atlantic and could become a tropical storm by tomorrow afternoon, winds about 40 miles an hour, but it is offshore which is a good thing. by wednesday, 2:00 in the afternoon, 45 miles an hour, tropical storm and still far enough offshore to keep the precipitation and winds off shore. that said, there could be some rip currents but in terms of a hit, we're in good shape. it continues to move out to sea on thursday. winds still 45 miles an hour. we get to
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saturday, it moves due east into the atlantic so that is a great thing. watch it in case it comes closer to shore but right now the only affect would be the rip currents. we'll come back and talk about how long the heat will last for the rest of the week. >> it has more than doubled targeting a former teaching aide. they now have evidence of at least 24 young people who were sexually abused by the teacher and coach carlos d. bell. bell was served with a 119 count enditesment in the case. every time you interview a witness, there are more to talk to. it goes on and on. because of that, i will tell you that i can't predict for you when this investigation will be over because we still need help from the public. we still need people who know something about this case to contact the sheriff's office. most of bell's alleged victims re
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ages of -- under 14. many the alleged sex crimes were committed on the grounds of the stoddard middle school where he had been working. he has been in jail since his arrest in june. they think crimes had been occurring as far back as may of 2015. in the last hour we learned the principal there has been reassigned. he is headed to add ministrative headquarters. executive director of schools will be the principal immediately. >> >> fire killed him. james morrow died of smoke inhalation. the fire appears to be an accident, but his troubled life had a direct impact on his brother's career. it broke out at his home and peggy fox has more on that bond between two brothers. >> reporter: it appears the fire started in the front of the house. they found jimmie's body
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inside the front door. >> it really devastated me. it seemed like a family member, a very nice guy. >> the 62-year-old lived alone in this house on walnut street for the past 40 years. >> my brother's death was accidental. it probably had to do with the faulty wire in the wall. he was killed attempting to escape the flames. my brother was always poor, didn't have muf but anything he had he was always willing to share with others. it was just a very kind and gentle soul. >> jimmie had a tough life. when he was a teen-ager growing up, gang members bullied him. he never recovered from a vicious beating. >> he was coming around the corner. we had all these kids of pav ya and they formed a gang. my dad was a way wait the navy and the police brought him and he had blood coming out of his
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they warned us if you do anything, they will burn your house down. he was never right after that. he always was recluse siv and shy and that always stuck with me. >> he said those attacks on his brother encouraged him to become a prosecutor. >> i can't stand bullies. >> in your career are there times you think back to what happened to your brother? >> yes, frequently. i see it in the eyes of other people who have been victimized, women and children. i still believe most people are good, but there are a few bad ones out there and i really relish the chance to get them off the street and protect people. >> peggy fox, wusa 9. the fire marshal said it appears to be an accident, but the investigation how it started continues. police are looking for a woman and two children
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disappeared. they were last seen leaving a family members house. they don't believe there is anything shady going on here but family members say they are concerned about the amount of time that has gone by without hearing from them. >> come home. we're waiting for them with open arms and that we love them very much and that we're not mad at her, even if this was her fault to have them out this long. police say they may be in a blue 2002 ford taurus with virginia tags. if you see them or know where they are, call police right away. nbc4 anchor jim vance was laid to rest in a private service at gates of heaven cemetery in maryland today. his immediate family, about 40 people were in attendance. willie wilson, pastor of the union temple pastor church
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a public send off sometime in september. jim vance passed away last saturday at his home from cancer. he had been the longest working tv anchor in washington. 45 years at wr c tv. still ahead, the latest on when vacationers will be allowed to return to parts of north carolina's outer banks. up next, presiden
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president donald trump says it is time for talks on north korea is over. >> we'll handle north korea. it will be handled. we handle everything. president spoke by phone to do wait his japanese counterpart. he planned to increase pressure on north korea in response to the latest long-range missile test. the white house is putting pressure on china to act. >> i think this is it most significant decision the president makes during his presidency, whether four or eight years. this is the defining national security issue of his presidency. experts say north korea's launch proves the country could have the capability to hit the
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los angeles, chicago, new york and near us here in washington, d.c. isis is claiming responsibility for a deadly assault on the iraqi embassy in afghanistan. a bomber blew himself up. then they stormed the compound. a four hour standoff followed. two embassy staff were dead, the shoot out with police. afghan government condemned the attack calling it's unislamic and inhumane. security is tight. luggage is being screened more carefully across australia after authorities broke up a plot to bring down an airplane. four men arrested this weekend in sydney. they have yet to be charged but there are reports islamic extremists planned to kill passengers with poisonous gas and a bomb. the australian government will not reveal how
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this plot. new jersey governor chris christie gets some unwanted attention at the ballpark. the sign at the uptown theater on
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it was a short but tough fight. amc movie chain has taken down the sign and replace it with what else an amc sign but the company changed its mind after several falls from wusa 9. and the community. amc says they will keep the beloved sign that hat been there since 1936. that would be a big mistake. i mean, it is a legend in this neighborhood. why would you want to eliminate a legend? >> obviously amc didn't know who lives in that neighborhood. amc plans to upgrade the historic sign with l.e.d. lighting. it could be awhile before the power is back in north korea's outer banks. that is sad news for the businesses there. >> portable generators are providing people with some er
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enough to support the thousands vacationing there and they won't be allowed back until the power crews can meet the demand. >> past couple of days have been kind of numb, like shellshocked. >> we were in the gas stays this morning and people were wondering how they are going to pay the rent tomorrow. last week a construction crew building a new bridge accidentally cut two underground power cables that supply electricity to the island. visitors were told you have to go. a permanent fix could be one to two weeks away. tonight we're hearing from the chicago cub's fan involved in this baseball bruha ha with new jersey governor chris christie. >> i appreciate that. >> [ laughter ] >> what did he say to you? >> now viral video was
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yesterday during the game in milwaukee. why was the governor there in the first place? he was irritated. confront the fan while holding on to an order of nachos. here is how the fan describes what happened. >> initially he was going up the stairs, i yelled his name. he was already quite a bit passed me and 30 feet away. i yelled his name and i told him that he sucked. he then turned around and walked back towards me and got up in my face for what seemed like a long time. it was probably 30 seconds or a minute. i remained calm and said i was trying to watch the game and i thought he was trying to do the same thing, but, at the same time, he is a public official and this is a america and i think we have the right to say what you believe as long as it is not crude or profane. >> he was there, because his son works for the brewers. just two weeks ago he was booed in new
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foul ball. >> don't look down. the world's largest suspension bridge is now open in switzerland. it is 1650 feet long and it connects the hiking trail between two towns in the swiss alps and at the heightest point the bridge hovers 279 feel the off the ground. there is no way i could do that. the previous bridge had to be closed seven years ago due to safety concerns. >> >> a man and his dog are safe after a water rescue caught on camera. this is video from the facebook page of the fremont county sheriff's office in colorado. the man was parked in a creek bed when a flash flood trapped the two in the car. firefighters had to use a ladder truck to get to them. luckily they are safe. good for him. i'm not leaving my dog. i know you wouldn't leave yours. >> absolutely not. he goes first. >> there are people we would leave but not our dog. >> if i don't show up with the dog,
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either. we're looking at a little stretch of hot weather. let's talk about the three degree guarantee. we went for a high today of 88 and as we always tell you if it is dry air and this is not very humid, dry air cools off quickly and heats up quickly. it was 57 this morning in dulles. we'll see how we did tonight at 11:00. a live look outside. gorgeous. still 88 but it feels like 88 because the dewpoints in the low 60s. humidity is not pushing that temperature any higher. if it feels like 88, that is a good thing. winds are calm. >> i did put this on facebook and tweet the it out. 1.15inches of rain. 3 and a third came on friday. the third wettest national. the wettest all time
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1945. dulles, it was there wettest 8.8 inches. we average 3 and 3/4 so. if you thought it was wet, it was. remember june was a dry month, so it works out. another comfortable night. temperatures it 60s in the bushes. about 80 by 9:00. then we get into the rest of the week. temperatures hot, 90. a much better chance of showers and storms into the weekend, saturday. low 90s thursday, friday. 86 on saturday with a much better chance of showers and storms. dayplanner, low 70s to start. we're warming up pretty quickly. 84 by 11:00. 87, almost 88 by 1:00. a few storms on wednesday, 91. a few storms on thursday, 93. the next several days. evening plans may be okay, but saturday could be our next weather alert. a lot of
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z2e2dz z1a2z y2e2dy y1a2y now wusa 9 game on sports gh
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day four of training camp winding down. diane roberts has been tuning into get the polls of the fans and players especially when it comes to the washington new wide receiver. fans are keeping their eyes on terrell prior, the quarterback turned wide receiver charged with making up ground in the absence of desean jackson and they left for other teams. prior is a big guy, 6'4", 225 pounds and he hopes to be a target for kirk cousins. he works very hard to stay in shape and he posts his workouts on social media. he says he does it for the kids on the streets in poverty. he wants them to know that hard work does pay off. >> they are trying to find a way out and when they look up, i know there are so many kids. i can walk anywhere. anywhere i go, kids come up to me. you want to be able to when people see you on the internet
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is all there is nowadays so hopefully when they are looking at me, they are like i want to work hard. he inspires me to do great things. >> that hard work includes catching 100 passes a day before the first practice of the day. he is working hard before, during and after practice. at day four of training camp, diane roberts, wusa 9 sports. >> and it is looking hot there. we'll turn it up around here too. >> low 90s there. maybe 95 in richland by thursday. here a slight chance of a thunderstorm wednesday, thursday, friday. then saturday, a chance for showers and storms so right now sunday is better than saturday. >> that is the news at 6:00. cbs is next. >> you'll be back at
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>> mason: killing the messenger. anthony scaramucci is removed as white house communications director as general john kelly takes over as chief of staff. but the president says no chaos here. >> general kelly i think will bring new structure to the white house and discipline and strength. >> mason: also tonight, the president slaps sanctions on venezuela after an election the u.s. calls a power grab by a dictator. >> they're still in the streets. they're still screaming fort wha they want, and that's freedom and liberty. >> mason: the medal of honor for a hero who repeatedly risked his life to save a comrade. >> did somebody tell you to go get him? >> no, sir. i saw him go down, and i


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