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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  August 12, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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ian: here we are back with chris stroud. currently tied for the lead this to remain there. ? [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ian: dottie this hole has been unbelievable today. i've seen so many lip-outs. that was a good putt. over to 1.
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nick: as good as you can do. jim: that's paul casey inside of him and casey is at two under with the likes of patrick reed, who shot 69 earlier today and is in it to. 17. ian: how about the putt at 16 for jason day? peter: this is an 8-iron right now on the way. >> what is that? ian: oh, peter. that's exactly what chris stroud did. it didn't roll down quite as far. just a little safe. it's so hard with the water there on the left and you're not too sure? peter: he's kind of had that frustrated look all day. he realizes his golf swing is out of sync and he's battling it all day long. ian: and when the course
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tough as it is, it plays on your mind and that's one of the hardest things to get by when the course is tough and it keeps beating you up hole after hole. nick: it really does. the mental effort on ere shot. makes your eyes go wandering. you're going to look to the right and left. see the water, see the bunker. you have to paint yourself a really good picture and that takes a lot of mental effort out there today when it's pretty warm. ian: hideki now, peter. peter: 8-iron. ian: looks pretty straight from here. peter: on a pretty good line but i don't know that he got it all. ian: non ripples so it must be in the bunker or just in the
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the bunker is not bad. peter: i think it might be in the long grass just left of the bunker but i lost it in the air. ian: the bunkers have been so much better to play from than that long rough. that's for sure. peter: it's not like there are many places on this fwosk to bail out and play safe. now kisner with a 7-iron. ian: on a good line. thipe stopped way quicker than i've seen any other balls stop. it must have landed just on the front fridge. every other ball has bounced up. 18 tee. jim: this was earlier, oosthuizen.
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dottie: signaled right very quickly. nick: struggling to stay it in down there these couple of holes, because they're right there, these guys at five usually. jim: here's thomas live on the green. by the way, that other ball, i beg your pardon, belonged to rickie fowler, who was in closer than justin. paul casey got a bad hop with his second shot and it hopped into thick rough and then chipped it back over the green, right in front of the green. very nearly came across another one of the player's bags before a caddie moved it. could have been a pencil. stroud on the tee. dottie: just made that one bogey all week, coming a is the last. nick: he's a little
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the -- short of the other guys. that hells. he can freely swing it. jim: so again, fouler is the -- fowler is the best of the three coming in here. casey is going to lose at least a shot and rickie has a chance to pick up one after the double at 1. nick: we've had three three-putts on this home. just got to get it started then a bit of a misread and it's still going. look at that. it's gone six feet past. jim: barely made contact with that. this was the hole location when rickie won in the playoff against rory and d.a.
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position and he was, that day, able to throw a wedge in there for about the point where he has the putt for par. holed it for the birdie and the win. nick: it's very different now with the bermuda grass, the subair. they've turned the golf course into a major golf course. it's maybe got an little close to the edge today -- we could do with a few more birdies. hopefully the hole locations are a little easier tomorrow but that's what makes are all about. it's meant to be a physical, mental and technical test. jim: 17. ian: hideki in the bunker, peter? peter: i'm on the other side of the pond but i believe he's in the grass just short of the bunker and it's going to take all of his deft touch with the green run wag from him. ian: he and
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who's to go. i see it now. just in the san. nick: so much hook in this bunker shot, isn't there? ian: 0-2 in bunkers today and not a good lie. and quick, nick. quick and hook. very nicely don't he'll be happy with that. uphill putt left for par. and now, peter, before, chris stroud hit it in the same place as jason. we'll get back there. just off the edge. jim: rickie for par. nick: oh, carnage down the last three holes. isn't that unbelievable? played beautifully. we were talking him up on how smart and consistent he'd been and now wallop.
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green by a foot and it disappeared in that thick bermuda and he made double. nick: wow, went from two under to two over in his round. jim: 17. ian: it just goes to show how difficult a chip this is because jason stay normally money with this type of chip and he's chosen the puter. peter: fit gets to the hole it's going to go six or seven feet bit. is that what you've seen, ian? ian: totally. chris stroud hit a good one and it went seven feet by. nick: this is very much like the masters. you have to plot or plan -- ok, if i'm going to miss it, i'm going to leave in it this little quadrant and even if i have a six-footer at least it's left edge or right edge. you tonight want to leave yourself anything, even a
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four-footer with a foot of break. thipe has to hook quickly. nick: as we said, that's the last thing you wanted to do. he went higher and it got stuck up. ian: exactly. it didn't get to the downslope. at 1. jim: just a moment ago. par for thomas. two-under par round. he's at minus five. that's the best in to this point. he better fowler by four and casey by five today. now oosthuizen blocked out. dottie: he has no lie, no clean look at the flag. this is a very wise move. nick: just got to be careful and just play for the five. just because it's a wedge now for your third, you can't get super carried away.
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get out with a five. jim: 17. ian: for birdie. to extend the lead now. we've seen that movie before today. peter: he's had at least a half a dozen putts where a portion of the ball was over the hole and didn't go in. ian: he's been solid. just one bad shot, really, that we've seen, and a lot of putts so close. colonial champion earlier this year in similar style grasses, these bermuda grasses. have a look at both of these putts. chris stroud coming upe
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16. and both putts exactly the same thing. maybe a fraction too much pace but they looked like they were heading pretty close to center. both kisner and stroud. back at 16 green. nick: like they're doing a dance. ian: 18 now. jim: and stroud coming in dottie: a 6-iron from 185 on the fwround but playing 190. five yards of uphill. jim: good shot. nick: yeah, that's all you can do. forget that flag. jim: very smartly played today by stroud. nick: absolutely. rickie and quite a few guys were playing that way but still got seriously tadged getting into the clubhouse. jim: 17. ian: this putt for jason day. he's got to try and keep that momentum on his side coming off three birdies in a row. doesn't want to give it back here. he looks like a different person the last three holes after all the frustration
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it has to go in at deadweight. ian: you can see how far out to the right he's aiming and he'll barely touch it. no. that's what he was expecting the first putt to do. to come all the way downhill. e he just didn't quite get to it that fall point. nick: yeah, he went a little too high. the more he was aiming right he didn't realize how much uphill it was that first 20 feet before it hit the ridge. ian: jason day, bogey at 17. we two to the last. jim: and the third shot for louis. dottie: that's starting just right of the flagstick. needs a little spin to the left. beautiful. jim: he's going to have a great chance of getting out of here with a par. nick: that is an awesome wedge. dottie: that is smart golf, nick faldo.
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i was saying go long and take the five but looks like he could make the four. jim: 17. ian: after the very smart bunker shot. matsuyama makes a three. so kisner at eight, stroud at seven, matsuyama at six. thought the chalupa couldn't get any better? meet the double chalupa. get it with a doritos locos taco, a crunchy taco, and a medium drink. the new limited edition $5 double chalupa box. love it while it lasts.
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jim: we're back live at 1. they say you have to be a little defensive to play around here. nick: yeah. jim: and chris stroud, again from the golden triangle, southeast texas, went to the same high school, port neches groves high school that produced maybe the best defensive mind in the nfl, wade phillips. nick: oh, really? jim: let's see if he has to be careful here again. dottie: throw it up to the apex and then get it -- let it gather speed but don't force the issue. jim: easy now. nick: that's kind of ok. well maybe not now. four feet past on the downhill is nothing but eight is getting a little more gift difficult. jim: hi decky back on the tee.
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peter: seems to have found his rhythm the last couple of tee shots. nick: going to be right down the left edge. really good. really good. jim: excellent. kisner. nick: he needs the perfect draw off the left edge of that right bunker. peter: yeah, he can get to that bunker if he doesn't turn it over. jim: doesn't even have to watch it. nick: that helps when you know even if you reached it you'd be in the back of it with plenty of room, no lip issues. jim: he's miles back of matsuyama but fine. peter: nick, your guess is as good as mine here with jas
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his good ones have been spot on. nick: he's got to hit the perfect draw because that's what he likes to play. he has to trust he can swing fractionally in to out. square clubface and just turn a tiny draw. short underneath it, you see. scared of hitting it left he's blocked to it where -- oh, even worse where louis oosthuizen was. peter: he's way up on the bank by the cart path and most likely it will be a pitchout. nick: most definitely. might be a serious one. he might be stick behind a tree. might be coming out sideways, or backwards even. jim: rainbow in the distance. brings back memories of winged foot 20 years ago. 1997.
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davis love's very touching win. now stroud for par. nick: he's got his little formula working. angles the putter for the practice stroke and then -- everything goes left. comes down right to left and goes back the other way. jim: i'd be interesting finding out, if we can overnight, the three-putt percentage here, it's got to rank up there with the highest we've seen at a major. you get on these greens -- remember stroud? you saw fowler ahead of him. you would think in most cases these would normally be two-putts, if you don't even make it. fowler had a chance under normal circumstance but not here. nick: if you can get away with just one three-putt a day, four for the week, that's pretty
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good. jim: ayes ayes hasen -- louis oosthuizen is in at five under. shoots 71 even though he had that wrist issue earlier. stroud shoots 7 to come in at minus six. kisner is in the fairway. his lead now has increased to two as he comes up the 8th. the 99th pak championship is sponsored by -- jim: tonight on cbs --
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we're back tomorrow, final-round coverage, 2:00 eastern time. final round of the year in major championship golf 2017. who will join sergio garcia, brooks koepka and jordan spieth as a major champion this year? nick: well, at least we have plenty of guys really in the hunt, don't we? whatever kisner finishes, eight. we have half a dozen very much, very much still in it. a couple of major champions, obviously with day and louis oosthuizen. jim: 16 players in red figures. casey dropped back to even. had a poor finish here with the unlucky break at 18. hopped just off the green, led to a double. but how far back do you go? kisner coming up 1
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position off the team. just as we suspected, this thing could barack back up at the end and compress it and bring a lot of folks into it. nick: if it's equally as difficult tomorrow and we throw in the sunday fourth round trying win a major. if it was to come back to six, five under could win and then you can go down to the ones maybe. somebody could shoot a great score and post. that's the way to do it here. post a score but i think we have enough right at the top of the leaderboard in those top six names there. more than likely going to get our winner from there. jim: earlier today in the first two groups there were a pair of 67's shot including j.b. holmes. we didn't see the afternoon yield anything quite like this but i can't help but think of spieth and dustin johnson and your mexico ill
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if -- mcilroy, if they could have somehow found a way to shoot 67 they could have gotten themselves back in it for sunday. so day -- just as you suspected, nick, stymied. nearly stymied. peter: when i first looked at it, i thought it would be a pitchout to a 150-yard third shot but he's moving the crowd back and thinking about going down the cart path line. nick: wrecked -- where could he end up, though? seriously. peter: i don't know. there's nothing been trees and concrete. i don't know what he's looking at. nick: you are kidding me. this is entertainment. it's going to take 10 minutes to get everybody back because like many, they can't believe he's thinking of going down t
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now, the best he could finish, peter is 30, 40 yards front right in the rough pitching it over the ice cream scoop at the front of the green. jim: and the green running away toward the ware. peter: well, he's making a high hook practice swing so we'll have to let him show us what he's visualizing. nick: let's pull out from the blimp. i'm guessing if he could get it into that area that would be pretty fantastic or maybe keep going as far as he can to get almost past the flag. i didn't see this one. this is unbelievable. jim: peter, it looks like there's one tree a yard in front then another one some 20 yards. what's he going to do with that? go to the right of it? peter: yeah, go to the right of it and the one in front of him i believe is going to
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jim: tried to go under it. uh-oh. that is -- peter: it caught something and now it's up here by the pavilion some place. jim: going to end up in the bushes. peter: that was a decision born from fatigue, i believe. nick: good point i can't believe colon swatton didn't give him a wedge and start walking. saying that's the only choice, mate. jim: kisner ready to go with his second. nick: steady, steady, steady. hang on. oh. oh! jim: wait until you see this next shot, though. nick: he's got no shot at all. jeesh. peter: virtually every shot that he's hit that's been errant except for that one at 16 has got an tremendous bouncer
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you have to have those if you want to win a championship. jim: it's going to be tough to make five from this nick: yeah. it would be a great five. chip it out 20 feet. jim: high-techy makes par here, who knows, he could be co-leader here. peter: yeah, he's got 149. this is on a fairly aggressive line just right of the home. nick: oh, a super shot. super shot. exactly. i would say plan a where you want to leave it. jason has the garden going. it's like a horticultural show.
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>> folks, can we get you to move back? >> we'll drop it there and hit right over here. nick: now, if jason day could have just seen what lays haze -- louis oosthuizen d
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peter: i can tell you that his second shot ended up in the middle of the bushes. he's looking to take an unplayable lie of relief and locking at that spot between him and the hole going back as far as he can. jim: i don't know how he plays that shot. hedge right in front of him. let's bring in mark wilson. he's about to take the unplayable and play his fourth. what do you see here? mark: that's right. he hit his second
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bushes. there's no free relief from the bushes. he's deemed this ball unplayable and is going to drop keeping that point where the ball was in the bushes directly between the hole and the spot in which he's dropping and it now he's dropped into it a position where he's going to get relief from this temporary immovable structure. let's see if he has interference from the t.i.o. jim: we're back to royal birkdale on the 13th hole on sunday. nick: i was just going to say the same thing. if he could find the range, he could drop it back there. peter: wherever this relief ends up being, he's got a seven-foot bush right in front of him. jim: i don't see how he gets it over. unless he goes out sideways.
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nick: that bush is higher than the fences at the grand national. oh, boy, this is -- half laugh that is the craziest decision i've ever seen a professional make, peter, trying to play that second shot. this is from outer space we're zooming in. international space station. especially if kisner makes six, drops back to six. he's going to really kick himself. jim: kisner a lot of time to think about a shot that is borderline impossible on its own. nick: he's watching on the july wrong -- jumbotron on the leaderboard. jim: gooduc


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