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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  October 19, 2017 11:50pm-12:49am EDT

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all. >> tony: up inside. >> jim: on the left, and the throw! and he was out-of-bounds! another flag is on the field. patterson. >> tony: we have another play! >> jim: patterson called it to the back of the end zone. >> referee: incomplete pass, however, there is holding, defense number 21. >> jim: this is one for the books. >> referee: we will play another one down. >> tony: you see patterson, he has read through the middle, running on cooper, and sorensen tries to go out, now three penalties. can you sneak in the run? you can't, now you have all thee big boys inside. you can throw to anybody on the play. he is one-on-one
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decide, and it is a touchdown! crabtree! >> tony: get him off the field, jam, the extra point will go back way for what a play though. >> jim: crabtree turns on mitchell. that will be confirmed for for sure, without a doubt. points after drive to win the game. remember that they lost by a point on sunday to the chargers, and they missed a point after that game after the fourth snap.
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so tavecchio who has had his struggles. one on three of field goals, he has a chance from 33 yards out to win. >> tony: you said earlier, janikowski could come back in week 8. he gave a nudge the same way that i needed earlier, they did not call that one. and mitchell calling for the push-off. they will confirm this unless there is something that we cannot see that they got. >> tony: i can tell you if tavecchio makes the extra point, it goes a long way of of keeping your job. >> referee: after review, the ruling on the field stands, it is a touchdown. >> jim:
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their breath in the arena. best of friends right there. >> tony: i cannot believe the drive. >> jim: they just went 85 yards in 11 plays in the last play, forgo times over. now for the win. snapping it to king. tavecchio, it all rides on this. and the raiders win!
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crabtree's touchdown to tie it. the point after two win. >> tony: oakland is not dead yet, jim, getting to 3-4, right in the mix now in the west. and jack del rio knows how big it was for his team. 342 yards, three touchdowns, playing a perfect game today, giving his team the chance to win. you have to have your defense, both of these teams neither defenses to step up. >> jim: the game with a seven lead changes. and for plays at the end that we thought was basically the last play of the game. >> tony: you called it the last play of the game a five times. >> jim: five times. >> tony: and each one was a great
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such playoff expectations coming into the season that had a more important game this week then the raiders. >> tony: i was talking about how important it was, and some of the drives were huge, and they came through. that speaks a lot about the character of your team. all right, tracy, it is all yours. >> this is what makes it so great. >> tracy: right now we are having some audio issues. coach, what a drive, what a game that you have been part of. have you ever been part of something as crazy as this. >> tony: we talked about showing up with the why we love this game, and i talked about the fact that i love this stuff. like, the highs and to the lows that you get from being a part of the team and the nfl team, the sso
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of that, it is awesome. >> jim: what can you say about the team, the offense, derek carr into the way they responded after struggling? >> we believe. we believe, we are going to keep working. a great group of men, and i'm not surprised that derek could deliver the way he does tonight. >> tracy: go enjoy it. thanks, coach. >> jim: thank you, tracy. derek carr 417 yards. three touchdowns. mark davis, i think that was -- i'm not sure which touchdown that was a celebration of. >> tony: we said that he had to put the team on his back. >> jim: he did. the fragile back at that. about jack del rio saying that he is not an excuse guy, the coach, very proud of this team. the fabric of the locker room is close, and i don't think this will bolster the confidence and
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after the way they win this one tonight. >> tony: it was an incredible game. i tell you right now, oakland knows that they are in the mix. they feel it tonight, they have a chance. kansas city with a devastating loss. >> jim: 31- 30, oakland takes it. coming up next is "mazda postgame show." back with more after this. you have been watching "mazda postgame "thursday night football" on cbs and the nfl network. ♪
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>> what a finish here in oakland as derek carr hits michael crabtree with zero seconds left on the clock as the oakland raiders come from behind two win 31-30. andy derek carr, the star of the game will be joining us here on the "mazda postgame show"'s head, welcome income everybody. i am amber theoharis, along with deion sanders, marshall faulk, steve mariucci and michael irvin. and it ends the way it does pay to the raiders stephen mays be saved here. my goal. >> saving the season game tonight. we talked about the way that the raiders were incoming and they came out and played. i loved how they made such an effort to get amari cooper involved early. get those wide receivers and then later on in the game, michael crabtree won the game. an incredible job by
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raiders defense. >> one of the great games of the season came down, two quarterbacks, coming down to the last play, 417 yards passing by derek carr, and this is how great it has been. >> derek carr showed us everything that he has made up tonight. a star he is. >> amari cooper, michael crabtree, derek carr, this game really, like you said. i think that they preserve their season. i hope that they can find a way to bring marshawn lynch back into the fold and utilize him to the best of his capabilities. >> for more on the wild finish, we will send it to the booth and hear from jim nantz and tony romo. >> jim: thank you, tony, this is your ninth game, but i promise you will never see a last sequence of plays like you saw here tonight. i
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seeing anything like that. >> tony: not everybody knows, but i'm pretty sure that we would have called you over when you were in the young '86. i think you are right. that was unique, different, and wow. i could not believe that that kept happening. it never happens that way. a special night in oakland. >> jim: where do those teams go from here, tony? the raiders getting the lift, saving their season with that, in kansas city meanwhile having to accept their defeat and a second loss four days. >> tony: this is a devastating loss for kansas city, but both of these teams neither defenses. and to win in january and win the whole thing, they have to, really hurt kansas city being out. nickel and dime, putting a lot of little guys out there. you can do that when you can play run and back, but i think that they have two morph a little bit defensively.
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they save their season in a lot of ways with a schedule that they have upcoming. kansas city is okay, but now all of a sudden, there game next week is big. >> tony: alex smith played another game. by derek carr over 400 yards, here he is a couple of weeks removed from the back injury. and you have seen him three times. he wanted to see if he was taking the next step, i remember that in the first of the seas impaired what do you think now if you see the way that he led the team from behind? >> tony: you saw the last leap, the great young quarterback, boy, this guy, he had not face the adversity after the expectation came in. the expectation once you become a guy that people think is really good and in the upper echelon, when you hit the road block and not playing well, you know what, people are going to ask questions. for you to come back after that, transverse process and play a game like that and win. sending a message to everybody
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here to stay. >> jim: great job, tony. we will see you sunday and next thursday and baltimore, miami coming to baltimore. coming up next after local news, do not miss "the late late show with james gordon, that is tonight on only cbs. ♪ so, take a wild to get your mind completely around this one. for more of the "mazda postgame show," continuing on nfl networ nfl network. we will love hearing the insights and the live interviews coming up there. in the meantime, for tony, tracy, jake, this is jim nantz, thank you for watching the "mazda postgame show"!
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>> did those nfl national anthem protests stop one big sponsor spending money on ads. one crime that sounds like it was riched from the pages of a novel. body parts found just steps
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did this owner torch it for the insurance money. don't make plans for the weekend until you hear from topper. let's get started. >> but first tonight, breaking news. 120 people arrested and charged in a sting operation, all of them believed to be connected to trafficking children for sex. the fbi gave us an inside look at how it went down. agents and police officers waited in hotel rooms, casinos, even truck stops, handcuffs at the ready. once the suspect was secure, they turned their attention to the victim. s men, women, most of them underaged believed to be sold into sexual slavery. >> you're okay. okay. you're not in trouble. >> if you want to stop all of this, stop what you're doing, stop this work, you can call that and they can do that for you. they can help you stay in the united states or go back home to familiarly. >> in denver, a case that shocked
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a three-month-old girl and 5- year-old brought to safety after a deal was made to sell both children for sex in exchange for 600 bucks. among the 84 young men and women getting the help they need tonight after living through hell. >> while we were looking into that fbi sting, we found two other sex trafficking cases from our area that were not part of it. stephanie ramirez joins us with a story that you will see only on wusa 9. >> this is new information only wusa 9 has from the u.s. attorney's office saying a 37- year-old just pled guilty on monday to sex trafficking children. i'm talking about at least four minors, ages 14 to 17, according to these charging documents that say the 37-year- old marshall and another person, 29-year-old, ran a prostitution business out of an apartment in this south capitol street apartment building. hey. over here. so if you think this only ha
12:12 am
arlington, virginia right now right off of the 395. this best western is where prosecutors say a security guard saved a 16-year-old girl from sex trafficking. that security guard has seen multiple men go in and out of the hotel rooms and called police. i can show you his photo. andrew lee thompson pled guilty today. it is happening all around us. stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. what controversy might be brewing with the nfl tonight? you heard about athletes losing endorsement deals for taking a knee during the anthem. have you heard about sponsors pulling ads from nfl broadcasts? two businesses in tennessee and new jersey have reportedly pulled their ads with the nfl and there is stuff floating around online that budweiser is parting ways with the league. there is a purported statement saying we are disappointed and not yet satisfied with the league's handling of behaviors that go
12:13 am
culture and moral code. what is the deal, is budweiser pulling the plug on advertising with the nfl? we want today verify. we contacted anheuser-busch. they say even though they may not agree with everything, they have no plans to end the sponsorship with the nfl. as for the other statement floating around social media, we traced it back to 2014, when the company was upset about how the nfl was handling domestic violence cases. remember the ray rice fallout, when this video surpassed. we can verify, false. the king of beers is keeping the nfl in his majesty's court. listen to what happened when our verify time called the brewery. >> we have a long heritage of sponsors the armed forces and veterans. please feel free to share your feedback after the tone. >> so that
12:14 am
while, especially as more of their product is consumed. you will find people with opinions of the national anthem protest sharing it all over social media right now. now to a story that is new tonight from great falls, virginia. the woman who owned this multi million dollar mansion owes her insurance company a whole lot of money tonight. almost a million dollars. suzanne ratner either set the house on fire herself or knows who did. this is video from the day after, back in november of 2015. the house burned down days before it was supposed to be auctioned. and court papers show that ratner e-mailed his attorneys saying he would rather, quote, burn the house down than see it sell for less than a million dollars. the court ruled she has to pay back the insurance money that the company sent her and cover the cost of the investigation. feel like a drink tonight? this guy would have
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covered if he hadn't gotten busted. atf agents raided his place. 22 gallons of moonshine. under arrest. terry, 73, from jonesville, virginia. the man knows how to party. topper's first alert forecast may mean changes for your weekend plan. the chief is out on the terrace tonight. do you need a jacket. >> not yet. it is comfortable right now. here is the deal. this is a picture taken yesterday of skyline drive. not much color. i don't want folks flocking down there expecting peak color. not going to happen. little change east of 25. a little bit of color north and west of town. and good color west of i-81. the best chance for really good color is hagerstown over to cumberland. skyline drive, i would give it another week or five days or so. futurecast tomorrow morning, temperatures primarily in the 50s. even at 6:00,
12:16 am
53 in leesburg. by 8:00, we're still in the 50s, although already 57 downtown. we will come back. we're tracking a pretty cold front. we will tell you which day of the next seven will be an alert. the shooting in maryland. the manhunt for the suspect started wednesday at a countertop business north of baltimore. it ended hours later in newark, delaware. that's where police captured prince. there is no word yet on a motive. but records show that prince has a long criminal record and a hot temper. one of the people killed at that shop in edgewood lived in arlington, a 53-year-old. his daughter says he had concerns about a coworker named prince. >> he would come home and mention that he had a roug
12:17 am
at work with this person. and i think the guy didn't really get along with the other workers. it is tragic that, you know, this happened to my family. you know, it had to be him out of all of the people in the world. it's okay. he is in a better place. he is with god right now. he is in heaven. so -- >> the family came here from monday goala mongolia. that was 12 years ago. his dream was to live in the united states. she is glad that he made that a reality. investigators found body parts, body parts just steps from the chesapeake in the shady side community. officers tell us at this point that those remains were so decomposed they're not even sure they're human. they have lined up forensic tests. we will follow it closely and keep you updated. ra> hard to imagine a convicted
12:18 am
child born of that crime. but it happened. just last month in michigan. now, the judge has just reversed his original order. but victims advocates in our area say it is still a call to action. >> reporter: in maryland the law is on the side of rapists. if a man rapes a woman and conceives a child, the father still has a right to custody. victims advocates say changing the law should be common sense but it has taken them a decade with no luck. a bill to end the parental rights of rapists ran out of time this year. but those pushing for it think they have the support they need now. i spoke to lisa jordan with the maryland coalition against sexual assault. she says it has the support of mike bush. lawmakers finally realize that this is the right thing to do. >> honestly there was a lot of concern that women will lie. and that's what blocked it for years and years. and i think
12:19 am
have started to believe sexual assault survivors, have recognized that we need to respond to them. frankly in today's political climate, women don't want to stay silent. they want it fixed now. >> there is one more early sign of life for this bill. it has already been given a bill number, house bill 1. only six states do not have laws keeping rapist fathers from custody. wusa 9. for the second time in a week, president trump's chief of staff, general john kelly, faced reporters directly in the white house briefing room, hoping to put a controversy to rest. and this time it's about the president's interactions with the families of men and women who die in combat. they're called gold star families. general kelly is among them. his son was killed in afghanistan back in 2010. take a listen. >> he was doing exactly what he wanted to
12:20 am
killed. he knew what he was getting into by joining that 1%. he knew what the possibilities were. because we're at war. and when he died, and the four case that's we're talking about, and my son's case in afghanistan, when he died he was surrounded by the best men on this earth, his friends. that's what the president tried to say to the four families the other day. >> the four families general kelly just referred to are the loved ones of the four u.s. sergeants killed in niger. a lot of people were caught by surprise that there were u.s. forces there at all. virginia senator tim kaine said in an interview, it is time for a public open briefing on where u.s. troops are working. >> the general's remarks came as two former presidents broke the code of silence. normally the men who have
12:21 am
criticize the person currently there. but as we have seen over the last year or so, the old rules may not apply anymore. >> bullying and prejudice in our public life sets a national tone. provides permission for cruelty and bigotry and compromises the moral education of children. the only way to pass along civic values is to first live up to them. >> instead of our politics reflecting our values, we've got politics infecting our communities. [cheering and applause] >> instead of looking for ways to work together and get things done in a practical way, we've got folks who are deliberately trying to make folks angry. >> that comment from president obama just a few hours ago campaigning in richmond for democrat
12:22 am
for governor. people head to the polls on november 7th. getting to d.c. from baltimore in just minutes? it sure sounds like the stuff of fantasy. maryland's governor says he's ready for that to be a reality. her tragic story begins in virginia and ends a state away. next, new information about a crime that sounds like the plot of a novel. and a little later, we will talk about the redskins. they're getting back to work. it is all ahead as the news continues right here on wusa 9.
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12:24 am
>> more breaking news to tell you about right now. details coming into the assignment desk at wusa 9 talking about virginia state university in petersberg near richmond on lockdown after a shooting. a tweet from virginia state police warning students to stay indoors. as of yet, no word on circumstances surrounding that incident there in petersberg. it is the second shooting on campus in less than a week. one man was shot last weekend during homecoming. the suspect in that shooting is still at large. new details we will bring them to you as we get them
12:25 am
washington. a maryland teenager just started culinary school in hampton roads when she vanished. her body was found 380 miles away in charlotte, north carolina. 31 bays later, the fbi is still looking for her killer and her parents are searching for answers. her parents just buried their daughter on monday. tonight they talked to marcella robinson, sharing her pain and mission to carry on their daughter's name. >> i still feel numb. i feel like it is a nightmare that i keep going to sleep and wake up to the same nightmare over and over again. everything changes. everything changes. nothing is the same anymore. >> she she lost h f
12:26 am
we lost our future. >> now i don't have the opportunity to walk her down the aisle as the father on her wedding. i don't get a chance to hug grand kids, you know. there's a lot of detraction in my life because of this. i want this for no one else and for everyone that we can assist, it will mean a lot. it will mean a lot that we have accomplished, you know, part of our goal, you know. and in the name of ashanti. >> her parents also plan to start the ashanti billy foundation. they want to make sure that no one forgets who their daughter was. that includes a scholarship to anyone interested in culinary schools and the families of other missing people. this is
12:27 am
absolutely no idea who would want to hurt their daughter. the fbi is looking for any information that could help them answer that question. and they are offering a $20,000 reward for that information. remember when billionaire and whacky ideas die elon musk said he had had a verbal government approval to build the hyper loop from new york to d.c.? he got more today. hogan announced his support for the project and led others on a tour of where the company would start boring underground holes  in maryland. the segment that hogan has endorsed would shrink travel time between d.c. and baltimore to just minutes. so the marine corps marathon is this sunday. 30,000 runners will be on hand, a shifting sea of humanity. one runner will be easy to spot. >> i'm going to be
12:28 am
marine corps marathon in my police uniform to raise awareness and money for warriors. a nonprofit started by myself and my wife lori. we got the idea are from this little guy wyatt. >> wyatt was born with medical complications. they provide money, supplies and support to first responder families who have kids with significant medical needs. we encourage you to check out their facebook page. >> he's going to be running that 26.2 miles in his police uniform. >> hopefully not in his police shoes. >> you have done that marathon, so you know how intense that can be. >> it is long. >> and we're going to be cheering for him and everybody is too. >> hopefully the weather will cooperate. >> it will. 50s and 60s when you run. that is pretty good. and no breeze. not running against a strong breeze. that's about as good as we can get in october. i'm going to start with this picture. i posted this
12:29 am
facebook. that is spectacular. a little bit of river fog. probably see the same thing again tomorrow morning. 3 degree gear an tree. i had to sweat this one out. i went 75. and by golly it was just barely 72 today. i'm going to go 76 tomorrow for our 3-degree. live look outside. it is down to 59. dew points in the mid-50s. settle into the low 50s downtown and a few upper 40s in the burbs. bus stop temps, in the 50s. i'll tell you what, small price to play for a fantastic and still warm friday. warm and just spectacular over the weekend. mentioned this on the web. i mean, this is going to be a great weekend for october. this is going to be a great weekend for any month. it is that spectacular. rain and storms on the horizon for tuesday. some could be heavy. some rain is possible. it could be heavy and also severe weather. we will watch both of
12:30 am
factors probably the next yellow weather alert next tuesday. the 70s extend into next week. 76 tomorrow and also -- it slipped object me because it is after midnight. no, it didn't. 76 tomorrow. 76 saturday. upper 70s on sunday. upper 70s monday. and then mid-70s on tuesday. sometimes when you go on late, the days slip ahead of you. tomorrow morning, look at the temps. a few 40s. but mainly 50s. 56 downtown. 54 in buoy. by 9:00, we're generally in the 50s. still 56 in culpeper. by 1:00, low 70s. even cumberland and romney are 71. by evening, just spectacular for football. high school football temperatures 65 to about 75. that's a pretty good deal. westfield at centreville will be the big game tomorrow. and then for tomorrow night, maybe it
12:31 am
temperatures even at this time, not quite this time, but 10:00 tomorrow, only in the 50s, which isn't bad. 52 downtown. generally in the 50s. 55 in fairfax. and 54 in gaithersburg. 52 in frederick. day planner goes like this. 50s to start. we rapidly get to 67 at 11:00. low 70s by 1:00. good day to have lunch outside. beautiful on saturday. 76. sunday, just great. 78. so we've got a homecoming for howard. looks fantastic and the marathon great. 50s and 60s during the run. monday, we're in good shape for the day. showers and storms will develop overnight. and that will continue all of tuesday. probably our yellow weather alert day. then we're a little cooler wednesday and thursday. nothing crazy behind the front. okay. >> how do you feel about the redskins. >> i don't like monday night games. >> the question is can the redskins carry momentum over from the san francisco win? up
12:32 am
tough philadelphia eagles, yeah, on monday ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama. we also know that you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way. >> what day is it? it's been a long thursday. it is now
12:35 am
and we're already looking ahead to monday. >> yeah. we still have a little ways to go for the redskins. monday night they get the philadelphia eagles on the road. let's preview it now. >> now wusa 9 sports with frank brought to you by xfinity. >> remember week one, redskins looked sluggish in a season opening loss to the eagles. but the redskins get another shot at first place philly on monday night football under the bright lights. that has not been kind in the past for the redskins. long week of prep for the skins back in ashford today, on thursday. some interesting drills. the stay low drills. they are now losers to the 5-1 eagles. they are 3-4 since losing to the phillies. likely got to crack
12:36 am
the eagles. they feel good about their chances on monday night. >> we had an opportunity a couple years ago. it is a fun atmosphere to play in. i'm excited about the opportunity there. probably the best team in the league right now. >> i feel like while it is a big game, they're all big. don't know of a single game that i go to and feel this one is not as charged. >> those reports of rookie defensive lineman johnson being done for the season may be premature. he has had a solid start his first season. he was hurt on the san francisco win last week. hopes that he can come back in eight weeks after successful surgery. best of luck to him. >> if i could have the benefit of turning the clock back and have one piece of wisdom that i didn't have at 12 is your parents are right. [laughter] >> good advice. that's former
12:37 am
chief. she was one of several panelists to show young girls what success looks like. they told 7th graders stories of per is perseverance. >> they told us to stay positive and don't put things on the internet that you might regret later. >> don't let people bring you down. it's kind of better to like push it aside because it is better to focus on yourself and let the negativity just go behind you. >> i love it. always listen to your parents. >> she has always been a great role model. >> talk about
12:38 am
mark herring: my mom to provide for our family. at one point, she got fired for of all things -- getting married. that was a lifelong lesson for me: when people are hurt, you need to stand up and do something. and i've never forgotten that as your attorney general.
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shady debt collectors, or cracking down on gangs and drug traffickers, i have one guiding principle: do what's right for people. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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>> break out tha
12:41 am
day. >> whamo. >> thank you for cooperating. >> it doesn't sound as good coming from me. >> great for the marathon. >> whamo. >> thank you. showers and storms mop night and tuesday. the yellow alert tuesday. cooler by wednesday and thursday. by then our average high will be 65, 66. back to afternoon. we are really spoiled this weekend. >> we are. >> that is very sweet. >> yes, it is. >> i second that. "the late show" with stephen colb
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"dawn of the bill," rated "r" for "really, this thing again?" >> announcer: it's the "late show" with stephen colbert. tonight, stephen welcomes: jeff bridges. senator jeff flake. and musical guest miguel. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, what's going on! hey, everybody.
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you're too kind. welcome. welcome, one and all, to the "late show." i'm your host, stephen colbert. ( cheers and applause ) folks, this week-- this week, those of you who watch the news, this week in washington, d.c., the thinkable happened. republicans are trying to repeal and replace obamacare, again. this is beyond beating a dead horse. this is getting damn close to beastiality, okay. i hope that horse has a safe word. "pumpkin patch" is what i recommend. you might remember, back in july, republicans tried a plan called the "better care reconciliation act." it would have cut medicaid, increased premiums, and left millions uninsured. whereas, this new bill has a different name. this one's called the "graham- cassidy bill." and south dakota senator john thune paid one of its authors
12:48 am
the ultimate compliment, saying, "i just told bill cassidy he's kind of the grave robber. this thing was six feet under, and i think he's revived it." actually-- this is interesting-- grave robbing is a big part of the new plan. you know, get yourself a new hip or some dentures, or something like that. it offers complete shovel coverage. but the g.o.p. needs to move fast because, due to senate rules that i refuse to learn they're facing a september 30 deadline. it's a race against the clock. they've got ten days to overhaul the healthcare system, or everybody lives. ( laughter ) in fact-- ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: they all lived. i'm ready to live. i'm ready. >> stephen: so, thank you. we're all gonna die! in fact, this is being done in such a rush that "the congressional budget office won't estimate the full effects of obamacare repeal until after the vote deadline." well, that there is just good health ce.
12:49 am
like when you go to the doctor's office and he says, mr. smith, we won't have your test results for a week, but in the meantime, just start munching on that bowl of pills over there." now it's a complex bill that reworks, i think it is, one- sixth, one-sixth of the world's largest economy. so before the vote, republicans have set aside 90 seconds of debate. in other words, they're going to repeal obamacare in roughly the amount of time it takes to microwave a burrito. both will kill you. ( laughter ) now, there's a little wrinkle getting this done toot suite, including the 10 days that are left to vote are, three jewish holy days, which the senate has off. but that doesn't bother senator lindsey graham, who said, "i want to honor every religion's holiday." but then added, "harry reid had a vote on obamacare on christmas eve." that doesn't even make sense, because christmas is the sacred story of how a w g
12:50 am
and it was fine. worked out great! ( cheers and applause ) perfect! perfect! now, here's how the plan works. the plan takes the money from obamacare's medicaid expansion that 31 states opted into about five years ago, or something. and turns that into a pool that gets re-divided into block grants to all the states whether they opted in five years ago or not. so that means states like my home state of new york loses a lot of money, while my home state of south carolina would get a lot of money. so half of me is totally on board with this. the bill's sponsor, lindsay graham, explains it this way: >> i like massachusetts. i like maryland. i like new york. i like california. but i don't like them that much to give them a bunch of money that the rest of us won't get.
12:51 am
they're just going to spend it on lattes and npr and gay cakes." ( cheers and applause ) the cake is gay, right? >> jon: right, something like that. >> stephen: for a gay wedding, the cake itself has to be gay. that's the complaint, isn't it? ( laughter ) all right. well, here's will deal, you know who cares a lot about obamacare? obama. remember that guy? remember obama? ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: great guy. really tall. >> stephen: what? >> jon: really tall. >> stephen: very tall, very tall. that's what he's known for. he's so tall. and here's what obama said today: >> this is something i always had to emphasize to my staff when i was president: better is good. ( laughter ) you laugh, but sometimes people forget that. i will take better every time.
12:52 am
>> stephen: i miss you. ( laughter ) ( applause ) ( cheers ) but just for my own self here, jimmy, can we put that picture of him back up? look how gray he's gotten, now. that's how bad donald trump is: obama's aging faster watching someone else be president. ( laughter and applause ) obama knows him-care isn't and obama is somewhat passionate about this. >> when i see people trying to undo that hard-won progress for the 50th or 60th time with bills that would raise costs or reduce coverage or roll back


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