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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  October 20, 2017 5:00pm-5:29pm EDT

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more on what's next. dusty is dust? >> the dust has settled on dusty baker. they gave him just two seasons. two nl east crowns, 97 wins this past year but he did not get the team over the hump and that's why the team decided not to resign dusty baker so he is looking for a new gig. now the nationals are now looking for a new manager. this will be their third one in the last four years. now the buy in the blue shirt there is gm mike rizzo who is making a decision here under the duty ladies and gentlemen of the ownership so the owner said we've got to go a different way and the reaction on social media about dusty baker's departure was a bit mixed as we see on twitter here earlier today. there was some folks who said that dusty was an incredible regular season skipper. he simply is not cut out for the post season. his record shows it but it is the manager's jo
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the team and get them up and running. that was jared on our facebook page. on twitter kevin francis said bravo nats you can't have a team with this much talent and continue to lose the divisional round. a look back at his record one pennant in 22 seasons not good enough. that's the team's attitude. not good enough. dusty baker we hardly knew you and will be out of a job as the team does not renew his contract. who is next? who knows. that will be a big surprise this off season. wusa 9. >> frank thank you. we go back to our lead story. the fairfax county school board is set to vote next week on a new name for jeb stuart high school but parents and teachers are confused about the process. >> tonight is the homecoming game here at jeb stuart high school and you will see stuart t-shirts and also hashtag news 2. >> perhaps the community did get ahead
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the name change the name that got the most support is dropping the jeb and keeping it stuart high school. >> with that the community believes their vote matters and that's what the name is going to be but at the school board meeting this week several members who had said they would consider the compromise of just stuart high school now say they can't support any ren addition of the name stuart and appear to be leaning towards their good marshall high school. >> not only what didn't you hear us but marshall? >> they are actually talking about marshall high school. >> thurgood marshall high school. >> i get it but you don't call- -usually you don't call a high school by its full name you call by the last name and there's already a problem. >> the biggest problem is we already have a marshall high school just five miles away right down route 7 also in false church.
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marshall high school be? >> i think it is going to be terribly confusing. it's not only nearby but in the same region as we are. we are conference rivals. >> the same justice who would be called justice high school and you might be the justices. >> justice high school? that sounds like an okay name but doesn't sound like it will be cost effective to change all of the signs and uniforms for the athletic programs and change a lot of stuff. >> all right that was peggy fox reporting. by the way the board will vote next thursday. it's been given five choices from the top names the community supported in that vote. they are stuart, marshall, johns, peace valley and mendez. enough already. that's what some gold star families are saying about this whole back and forth over how the president trump said or didn't say to a widow whose sold
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niger. a massachusetts gold star family is pleading to an end to the bickering. >> we've already gone through enough as it is and they are making this into a contest and it's disgusting. >> this all started earlier this week when president trump made a condolence call to the widow of army sergeant johnson. some members of congress said johnson knew what he signed up for words they found insensitive. today the white house continued to dispute that and said mr. trump's comments were very sympathetic. president trump is praising last night's senate vote on the budget that paveed the way towards tax reform. the president tweeted this now allows for the passage of large scale tax cuts and reforms which will be the biggest in the history of our country. this g.o.p. tax proposal would add about one and a half trillion dollars to the federal deficit over ten years.
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the wealthiest americans the most. tens of thousands will run the marine corps marathon this weekend in d.c. and janice park found some remarkable stories emerging already from the race including gold star fathers and mothers doing their best to make sure their son's sacrifices are never forgotten. >> out of the tens of thousands in the crowd, joann and tim will be there sunday, two new york families forever connected first by horror then heroism. this video shows the smoke in iraq in 2008 as lieutenant corporal jordan herder and jonathan yell shot at a suicide bomber. >> he and another marine tried to stop a suicide bomber and it saved the lives of 30 marines and countless iraqi police men and civilians but they both lost their lives. >> the video ends with not much left of the iraqi
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come up to the door bell they wait another 15 seconds to give you 15 more seconds of your life as you knew it because everything changes after that. >> a year before jordan was killed tim share's son christopher was killed by a sniper in iraq. today both families have made the same choice. >> two choices, mourn his death and celebrate his life. we choose to celebrate his life. >> share has raised over $40,000, sent packages to troops and help raise service dogs for wounded veterans. lyles who was comforted by share shortly after her son's death puts on a yearly run on her son's birthday and established a scholarship in his name. on sunday there will be two families one race and continuous countless acts of heroism. >> that's hard. i want him to know i try to do all good in his honor. and i just want his name to be remembered. >> at the national
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janice park, wusa 9. >> after his death, corporal jordan herder was awarded the navy cross for extraordinary heroism. have you seen this viral story about lulu the black lab who flunked her bomb sniffing training with the cia. >> poor lulu but don't feel bad for her, she apparently has a great gig as a stay at home dog. lulu's handler is a member of the department and has adopted the dog and the officer says lulu is an amazing happy and loving dog and even has a playmate at home who is a canine in training. >> look at that face. just in time for the weekend we have fantastic fall weather. topper is on the terrace tonight and sounds luke a great night for high school football and looking up in the sky. >> anything you want to do it's pretty much picture perfect not only for october but really any month this is pretty good stuff. we start with high school football
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and 56 at 9. our featured game is west field at centreville. we have highlights for you tonight at 11 on that. and yes, the orionid meteor shower peaks tomorrow night. best time is up late. you could see as many as 10 to 20 miles per hour but i find these are over done and it is debris from haley's somat. your best bet is flat on your back or in a lounge chair. you don't want to crick your neck. it is going to take a while to see a couple. 8:00 tonight a few 50s in the burbs and 10:00 upper 50s to low 60s just a perfect night for date night as well. coming backtracking a strong cold front next week and let you know if we could see a few flakes fly not too far from the metro area.
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up top. can't hear that. still ahead why a cable news channel is getting criticized for their story of a fake navy seal. >> plus a petition for the president encouraging people to stand for the national anthem. >> and right after the break an update on the maryland woman badly injured during the las vegas massacre. >> you are watching wusa 9news at
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we have an update on tina frost the maryland native shot at the route 91 music festival in las vegas. her mother says her daughter under went a second successful surgery one of many she is expected to under go as she continues her recovery over the next few weeks
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steps thursday smiles sometimes and hugged her dad. >> that's encouraging to hear. >> wonderful to hear. now to a national anthem petition that has a lot of you talking on our wusa 9 facebook page. >> it's called the official stand for the national anthem petition paid for by president trump's make america great again committee. the president is asking for a list of supporters who will stand for the national anthem and then there is space for people to fill in their information. eric moore fought in the armed forces and believes that everyone should respectfully stand during our national anthem but i will not sign a petition forcing someone to do something he or she does not believe in. rodney writes absolutely yes because i was taught in kindergarten why and how to respect the national anthem. if you don't stand for the national anthem you don't stand for freedom. take a knee, remain standing or do what you want but tell us what you think on our wusa
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facebook page. topper has a fantastic weekend dialed up for us. he's back in a few minutes with your full forecast. and one of d.c.'s historic land marks is about to lose its last permanent tenant. coming up a look at some of the most iconic moments at rfk stadium. and after the break the
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two weeks after a bomb shell expo in the new york times the harvey weinstein sex assault scandal continues to grow. another oscar winner has come forward with her story and we are learning more about a rape claim against the movie mogul. chris martinez has the latest. >> los angeles police are investigating a claim that harvey weinstein raped an italian actress. >> he basically bullied his way up into her room. her greatest regret is opening that door. >> more than 50 women have come forward with allegations against the movie producer who denies engaging in non consensual sex. >> part of the reason the story is stay allege arrive is women keep coming forward and each
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tale is so powerful. >> in an essay in the new york times oscar winner detailed two encounters the first as a college student at weinstein's home after a film screening writes harvey led me into his bedroom and announced he wanted to give me a massage. for the first time since i met him i felt unsafe. she left that room but says weinstein propositioned her again during a dinner in new york. she declined and as she was leaving she said to him i just want to know that we are good. she says he responded i don't know about your career but you'll be fine. actor tom hanks says this is a moment for hollywood. >> we've got to hear from everybody so we understand how vast and all encompassing this was. that's a. b is it's all got to change. >> the new yorker online published a letter from a group of 30 staffers at the weinstein company
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serial sexual predator. weinstein's reps have not commented on that statement. chris martinez, cbs news los angeles. >> the television academy is initiating disiplinary proceedings against weinstein which may terminate his membership. it's the end of an era for a landmark after d.c. united plays this weekend rfk will lose its final permanent tenant. it has a rich and storied history home to the washington redskins during their glory days. the team won three super bowls in the 1980s and 90s. the burgundy and gold's last game was in 1996 after they failed to reach an agreement with sharon pratt kelly. they played several seasons until the owner moved them to texas in 1971. decades later the
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made rfk their home in 2005 but would leave three years later for nats park. d.c. united will make its new home in audi field and buzzard point. rfk hosted numerous concerts and shows. the beatles play their during their final u.s. concert tour in 1996. the eagles, rolling stones and bruce springsteen i remember we covered the jackson five victory tour that was amazing. just amazing. >> do you remember going there too? >> of course. i went to a lot of redskins games. >> i remember covering a d.c. united game which was fun to see many years ago. >> kind of sad but time marchs on. what a weekend. great weekend for october or any month. pick a month, this is picture perfect. not too hot, not too cool. i have not turn on the furnace yet. i've come close. let's start with fall colors. here's the deal. don't go to the
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weekend. give it at least until next wednesday or until the following weekend. a little bit behind schedule. not much color at all southeast of 95. good color in winchester and oakland and petersburg. marine corps marathon sunday morning just about perfect. 56 to start, 60 at 9:00 and 66 at 11. good news is you are not going to run against any wind. it's not going to be breezy at all. just about perfect. live look outside gorgeous and 75 dew point in the mid 40s. pretty dry air mass. winds turned northwesterly at 10. great date night, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. you could have dinner outside at a restaurant. super saturday and still nice sunday for the marathon. monday will be warm and dry actually a pretty good day. tuesday is the wet day probably our next yellow weather alert with rain showers and thunderstorms. the 70s last through tuesday before the cold air rolls in. 77 tomorrow, 76 sunday
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still 73 tuesday and 63 on wednesday. that sounds super cool but our average is 67 so within four degrees of average. we are closer to average next wednesday than we are this weekend. all right future cast tonight at 8:30 still 66 downtown. a few 50s, 58 in gaithersburg and manassas and 63 in buoy and fairfax. by 10:00 primarily in the burbs temperatures aren't going to fall that fast tonight but cool and comfortable. in the mountains cumberland, romney still 55. pretty good deal at 10:00. by 7:00 a.m. a smattering of 40s you can see 45 in culpepper, 44 in manassas but 54 downtown and 49 in gaithersburg so pretty wide range of temperatures and by the time we get to 10:00 into the low 60s and tomorrow evening just a few clouds. still a beautiful day in the mountains and perfect
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72 downtown, 70 in manassas and 70 in l.a. platta and tomorrow night even milder by 9:00 mid 60s downtown and temperatures around 60 in the burbs. for tonight clear and cool 45 to 57 with light winds. day planner look at this 50s to start 67 by 11:00 and 73 by 1:00. perfect, perfect day. sunday still great. just a few clouds staying mostly sunny. 76 and still warm on monday also 76. next seven day here come the showers and storms on tuesday. again probably our next yellow weather alert day and cooler in the wake of the front. low to mid 60s wednesday and thursday but then back in the low70s on friday and a couple of snow flakes possible wednesday night west of the divide talking out towards garrett county, deep creek, timber line and maybe down towards west virginia. cooler next week does not last long though. >> randall county now where police have an update on
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this week. >> it was a grim discovery made wednesday along the chesapeake bay and shady side maryland. authorities say they have since recovered additional skeletal remains. the medical examiner says the remains are of a white asian woman 20 and 30 years old and was about 5-foot 3-inches tall. they believe this woman has been missing within the last year but they still don't know who she is. security is being increased at virginia state university following the second shooting in less than a week. a student was wounded behind a building on the petersburg campus overnight and is said to have life threatening injuries. last saturday another man was shot on campus during the school's homecoming weekend. police have not made an arrest in either case. following a washington tradition melania trump donated her inaugural ball to the smithsonian institution today. >> during the ceremony she introduced the designer of her dress and said things re
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in washington he only had two weeks to design the gown. it will take its place in the first lady's exhibit one of the museum's most popular. the tradition of donating the inaugural gown goes back more than 100 years. what one credit card company is doing to speed up check out lines. plus are body cameras helping relations between police and citizens here in d.c. and why breast cancer survivors are writing letters
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30,000 people are expected to take part in the annual marine corps marathon this sunday and that's going to require planning to get through all of the traffic. ellen bryan has the 411 on avoiding the road closure. >> you are going to see a lot of the road closures because of the marathon. most will kick in early sunday morning. you'll see crews putting up signs. the earliest closures are 3: 30 in the morning on sunday right around the pentagon right where this race starts. the course will take you up rock creek parkway up to beach drive and a lot of closures of course around the national mall. some of these roads will start to open around 1:00 maybe at the latest but back into virginia you might see road closures as late as 5:30. there are far too many roads so tweeted out
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when they close and open back up. it's on my twitter at ellen bryan. if you are heading to marine corps marathon you can take metro opening two hours early at 6:00 a.m. the best station to get off at is pentagon. the blue and yellow lines you will see extra trains running to accommodate all of our runners. one station will be closed arlington cemetery and if you are not running the full marathon just the 10k the stations you want to get to are archives in l.a. font plaza. speeding up the check out line. >> that leads our consumer news tonight. master card says customers will not be required to sign for purchases starting in april. merchants will have the final say on their own store's policies many of them already don't require signatures. a master card executive says their research shows that most customers believe check out lines will move faster without those signatures. walmart and
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taylor may be meeting online close to a deal to build a web- based partnership. walmart wants an online mall with high end brands and lower price points. and another clothing company wants in on the subscription business. under armour is growing in a list of companies testing the appetite for customized shopping using a mix of artificial intelligence along with traditional styling services to curate these boxes for you and have an option to sign up for 30, 60 or 90 day windows. that's wusa 9news at 5. the news at 5:30 starts right now. high profile police shootings have led a lot of cities to put body cameras on their police officers but if you thought the camera would change an officer's behavior think again. a brand new study shows when it comes to d.c. police officers behave the same way whether they are
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the study was conducted by a research team within the mayor's administration. it involves more than 2200 officers. they were randomly assigned to wear a camera or not. the study found no significant difference when it came to factors such as use of force or whether citizens complained about their actions. d.c.'s police chief says a lot of people were surprised by the results. chief news room suggests maybe officers have been doing the right thing all along. the chief says he remains committed to the use of body cameras for a training tool for use of evidence and to boost transparency and accountability. a montgomery county guidance counselor is behind bars accused of committing sex offenses against two women on separate dates through the tinder app. this is 33-year-old colin black of brockville. one of the alleged assaults happened in march the other in 2016 but in that case police were just notified a few weeks


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