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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 28, 2017 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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good afternoon and thank you for joining us at noon. i'm andrea roane. president trump goes to capitol hill today for lunch with senate republicans as he pushes for his biggest domestic priority, tax reform. right now, two gop senator have come out -- senators can come out against the -- have come out against the bill because they say it favors big corporations over small business owners but republican senators ron johnson of wisconsin and e
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change their votes if adjustments to the bill are made. as weijia jiang reports the gop only has two votes to spare in the senate where they have a 52- 48 edge. >> reporter: president trump attends lunch with senate republicans today. as he personally lobbies them to pass a tax reform bill. >> i think it's going to benefit everybody. >> reporter: gop leaders want to get a deal done this week and are working to secure the votes. they held an event this morning, highlighting the importance of tax reform for small businesses. >> every small business group i can think of is on board for this comprehensive tax reform. >> reporter: small business may be a sticking point to getting the bill passed. senators ron johnson of wisconsin and steve danes of montana have said they won't vote for the bill in its current form because it favors big corporations over small business owners. both johnson and danes say they are open to changes that will
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but republican leaders have to make sure any changes they make don't alienate other senators. the gop can afford to lose only two votes. at least seven republican senators have not said how they'll vote. >> my concern has been some of the phaseouts and whatnot. gimmicks that typically you know come into a bill like this. >> reporter: the congressional budget office projects the bill will add $1.4 billion to the deficit. republicans are considering a trigger that automatically increases taxes if the bill fails to generate as much revenue as expected. weijia jiang, cbs news, capitol hill. >> president trump was also supposed to meet with top democrats this afternoon. but we've just learned representative nancy pelosi and senator chuck schumer have canceled today's meeting. our news partners at the "washington post" say a woman approached one of its reporters with the false story about roy moore. the paper says it was part of the
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veritas which has used questionable techniques in the past in efforts to expose individuals and organizations. the post became suspicious about the woman's claims and recorded the conversation with her. roy moore continues to deny allegations that the post has reported including groping and pursuing teenage girls decades ago. president trump continues to face criticism over a comment he made while honoring native americans that many are calling racist. roxana saberi has more on the concern over not just what the president said, but where he said it and why some believe he crossed the line. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a ceremony focused on honoring native american code talkers. but that focus quickly shifted from those who used their tribal language to relay military orders during world war ii to language president trump used while recognizing them. >> you were here long before any
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although we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago. they call her pocahontas. >> reporter: the president was referring as he often has to massachusetts democrat senator elizabeth warren. warren has claimed she's part cherokee. after the event, the navajo nation released a statement calling the president's words culturally insensitive. and the national congress of american indians described it as a slur that overshadowed the native american war heroes the president was there to honor. >> it is all so disturbing. that at an event like that, a celebration of heroes, that donald trump has to turn once again to a racial slur. >> reporter: white house press secretary sarah sanders when asked about it insisted the president did not intend to sound offensive or use a slur. >> i think what most people find offensive is senator warren lying about her heritage to advance her career.
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critical fire, mr. trump's comment was made underneath a portrait of andrew jackson. the president who signed into law the indian removal act. roxana saberi, cbs news. >> just 13 navajo code talkers are still alive. those at the ceremony asked for a museum to be built in honor -- in order to help remember their heroism. president trump agreed to help telling them quote -- you deserve it. many of you have had plenty to say about the president's comments on our wusa9 facebook page. here's some of them. dear president trump, you think the only people who are people are the people who look and think like you. but if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew you never knew. og tweets oh by the way, president, honoring the code talkers under a portrait of andrew jackson, dude, have you ever read a history book? and finally, c will, tweets as a one eighth ti
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warring lying about her heritage than trump's pocahontas comment. was the president's comment racist or just people too sensitive? log on to any of our wusa9 social media pages and join the conversation. republicans now control the virginia house of delegates after a couple of disputed seat races were finally resolved. virginia's board of elections certified two state legislative races yesterday. the big issue? some voters were given the wrong ballot. one of the disputed races was for district 28 which covers fredericksburg and stafford county. republican bob thomas beat democrat joshua cole by only 82 votes. feeling melissa's words, whooppy doo a great forecast for today. >> we do. we have a beautiful forecast for today. and also for tomorrow. and enjoy
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temperatures. they're fantastic outside. won't last forever. this is the very ending of november. and i'll tell you what, coming up in about ten minutes, i'm talking about something that might be lurking in december. that winter lovers might enjoy. hint, hint. not that hint. cold weather. okay, sunshine right now. temperature-wise, we are sitting in the 50s. 56 degrees. we jumped up actually about five degrees over the last hour which is good because i have forecasted temperatures all the way up in the sneeze for the afternoon. -- 60s for the afternoon. we've got a south wind coming in helping the temperatures warm up. from here for the next two and a half, three hours we keep going up with these temperatures. we've got 54 right now in frederick and up to 60 if cull pep -- in culpeper. look at that feeling fantastic outside. 62 fredericksburg and 54 winchester. high pressure still overhead. keeping us with sunshine and a little south wind today. weak disturbance moves through tonight. it's going to move through dry. we're not going to see any rain from that but there's rain in our future from the next cold front
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-- arrives here on thursday night. rest of today noontime 57. where we are right now. up to the low 60s at 3:00. and then as the sun is setting this evening you're heading home from work. we have a waxing moon tonight. 55 degrees. coming up talking about the chance of rain for thursday and there is a super moon. that's coming. i'll tell you when that hits and of course you can always get our full forecast on the wusa9 app. andrea? thanks melissa. scam artists in montgomery county are facing up to 55 years in jail. after they convinced a man to sign over his entire will to them and it was worth millions. a jury found anna bet tamonina and javier molina guilty of scamming a man out of his life savings of about $4 million. authorities say anna was a maid for shapiro in 2012. this is him signing over his will to the molinas. >> she used a classic technique ofis
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of an elder gentleman who was starting to degrade because of his dementia. >> this scam happened over a four year period before he died last year. a heads-up for drivers on i- 66. starting in about a week, you will need your ez pass to drive that highway from the beltway to route 29 in arlington. right now, only carpools can use that stretch of the road during rush hour. it will open up to solo drivers though willing to pay. tolls will vary based on traffic just like the 95 express lanes. today, is giving tuesday. that's when we stop thinking about ourselves and open our wallets and our hearts to help others. but where did all start? -- did this oleaster? wusa9's evan koslof is -- this all start? wusa9's evan koslof is here to break it down for us. >> reporter: it's held every year the tuesday after thanksgiving. what if at least for a day we stopped thinking act ourselves and -- about ourselves and started thinking about others? the year was 2012
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called 92nd street y. thought of the idea. their cultural center in new york city and they decided to collaborate with the united nations foundation to kick off the very first giving tuesday. and the idea is essentially this. use social media, harness its power using hashtag #givingtuesday to bolster donations be get the charitable season started early. last year, $177 million were donated through giving tuesday. and that was from 98 different countries. so are you watching this and wondering how you can donate or help out? well, they've got a tab just for that. as you can see, it says what's happening near you? you just type in where you live, and it will list out all the places you can donate and you can even choose the type of organization you're looking for. for example, let's say you live in bowie, maryland, and you're looking solely for nonprofits. well, you just type it in and there you go. tons of options. you can also search by schools, universities, corporations, faith based organizations,
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literally anything you want to give to you can find it right there on that website. happy giving tuesday everyone. evan koslof, wusa9. >> if you want to see that portal to find places to donate near you, we put the link on our website, next, a new procedure that's just as effective as gastric bypass. but it's noninvasive. coming up, find out how esd could be just the thing for someone struggling to lose weight. but first, why some are probably relieved they blew off their post thanksgiving workout after this happened at a california gym. we'll be back.
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whoa. well, that one lit -- got your heart rate up during a workout and good thing the gym wasn't crowded when that driver plowed through over the weekend near los angeles. security cameras caught the whole thing. witnesses jumped into action to make sure everyone including the driver was okay. >> and it looked like he was okay. from the looks of it he looked like he was banged up a few scratches and bruises but nothing too crazy. >> investigators believe the driver simply lost control of his truck and so far police have not charged him. and in new york, police there are looking for the guy they call the bathroom burglar. here he is rummaging through kitchen drawers at a home through a window. this was saturday morning. it's not clear what the guy took from the home. in today's health alert, overweight and obesity continue to be chronic problems in the u.s. affecting about two-thirds of adults. if you're struggling with excess weight, endoscopic sl
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an option unlike surgery it's a noninvasive weight loss procedure that achieves similar results. this was christy peck in 2016. this is christy today. and those afterpictures and in person, the 30-year-old is smiling because she's happy, healthy and more than 100 pounds lighter now than this time last year. >> i feel so much better about myself. i feel so much more energy. and i'm really pleased with the success of this? >> in 2016 at 5'5" tall, christy weighed 308 pounds. it affected her personal life and her profession. her job as a children's social worker needed stamina. which she didn't have. >> i had issues with breathing, when exercising. with fatigue, had trouble sleeping. and didn't have much energy. >> but her new figure and all around good he
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esg. endoscopic sleeve gastrop lasty that doesn't involve surgery. gas are interrologist is christy's doctor. >> the beauty of this procedure is in fact that we actually just refashioned the stomach rather than re-- remove any issue. >> the doctor refashioned christy's stomach by first attaching a suturing system to an end scope. a flexible tube with a camera. the end scope is then inserted down the mouth and into the stomach. the camera allows him to see where to place about eight to 12 sutures in the stomach. when the sutures are tightened, the walls of the stomach come together. >> the way we do our suture plan is not option that we bring the -- only that we bring the stomach smaller and also shorten the stomach as well with further results and you end up with a stomach that's only 30% of the size it originally was. really a very dramatic change in the volume of the stomach. >> the outpatient procur
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with no incisions, there are no scars and no long recovery time. christy went home to williamsport, pennsylvania the same day with no complications. esg was the first step. but like any other weight loss program, it's going to be christy's commitment to a healthier lifestyle that will help to ensure her long-term success and permanent weight loss. >> it was difficult. it was a complete change of my lifestyle. however, i continued to do fun things with my friends. and a lot of times that includes food. and i am able to still enjoy food just not as much of it. >> and end scopic sleeve is best suited for someone 18 or older. with a bmi of 30 or higher. mild to moderately obese and someone who is not a candidate for or chooses not to have bariatric surgery. esg costs about $12,000 and might not be covered by insurance. there are no flights from bwi, dca or dulles
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bali. today, an active volcano continues to spew ash and lava. things are getting so bad, people living outside of mount aug un's danger zone are also dealing with hot ash raining on them. authorities told 100,000 people to leave right away. >> isn't this crazy? >> it's unbelievable story because you tell 100,000 people to evacuate. but to where? >> all the tourists that are there. they're stuck on the island. they can't get out. because planes are not going to fly. the airport is still closed there. >> right. hotels put them up for one day but the rest of it they don't have any rooms. >> just a waiting game. so we'll have to see. i mean, it's just -- >> what do you see? >> well, i mean -- >> spewing and still active. >> it's still active and this is like kind of the beginning process. they go through almost these life cycles of eruptions similar to other life cycles like the water cycle and everything so they start with spewing the ash which we started seeing saturday evening and then -- >> creating that cloud. >> then we see
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ma. so yeah, it's -- we'll have to see what happens in the coming days over there in bali. of course we hope that it doesn't end up being a worst case scenario eruption. closer to home, we've got sunshine. we've got sunshine that's going to help those temperatures continue to warm up throughout the rest of the afternoon. so we are looking at spectacular weather for today. and really nice weather for tomorrow as well. right now, with our sunshine out there, temperatures have been warming up. we are up to 56 degrees now after starting off this morning down in the 30s for a lot of us. so we've got a south wind which is helping to warm those temperatures up. most of us do make it into the 60s today. guess what? we got 60s on the way for tomorrow as well. now what is going to change later in the week though is we start to see cooler air coming in and the next chance of rain. so not from this next cold front which is moving through tonight. with just a few clouds around. but it's the cold front that's right now pushing into the pacific northwest. this i will be tracking in here by thursday night. that will bring our next rain chance with it. so let's go
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talk a little bit about this. after a cold front moves through tonight with just a few clouds. sunshine returns tomorrow. we're back in the 60s once again. by thursday morning, we start the day with some sunshine. but here's the comfort sitting over -- cold front sitting over the corn belt area on thursday morning. thursday afternoon, increasing clouds with a few showers over the mountains. then after about 8:00 open thursday evening -- on thursday evening the chance of a few showers in the metro area. this is not going to be a heavy rain event. we're going to see spotty showers. maybe a few pockets of just light rain. rainfall totals will be less than .2 in total. friday 2:00 a.m., still a few spotty showers possible. but by 8:00 on friday morning, the clouds are out of here. the rain showers are out of here. and sunshine returns for your friday afternoon. setting shape for a nice friday evening. so thursday, we have the national tree lighting at the white house. i don't expect during tree lighting time to have any showers around, just going to be chilly. skies becoming mostly cloudy we
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40s for that. cooler later in the week behind this cold front. look at this up to 64 tomorrow after hitting the low 60s today. cooler by saturday. so for your weekend, looks like we're going to have a cool weekend ahead. 50s for both sad and for sunday -- saturday and for sunday. maybe a stray shower saturday but what's more exciting for some of you at home saturday night is the soup mono. the next super moon will end up happening january 2nd. the reason why it's called a super moon. the moon moves in an ellipse cool orbit so -- elliptical orbit so it will appear about 7% larger and 16% brighter than the average moon. here's your seven day outlook. warm with sunshine today and tomorrow. 56 with a night shower on thursday. cooler for the weekend. we'll
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. the holiday season has arrived in full force at the white house. it took 150 volunteers from 29 states to put up this year's decorations. the theme? time-honored traditions. and lots of people will get to see it in person. the white house is holding more than 100 open houses in december and will host more than 25,000 people
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okay, your seven day forecast. mild today and tomorrow. little cooler with a few showers possible thursday night. >> forecast looks absolutely gorgeous though isn't it? >> blue skies just like our blue
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>> love it. that's it for wusa9 news at noon. we will be back with more at 5:00. until then, have a great afternoon and we'll see you tomorrow. [ captions by: vitac 800-278- 4822 email: ]
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>> victor: you're sure you're not gonna join me? >> victoria: no, i'm fine. thank you. >> victor: well, then i suggest we toast your return to newman enterprises. >> victoria: we've already done that. >> victor: oh, we have, haven't we? well, then, why don't we toast to those who attempt to destroy us? and may they be destroyed in the process. >> victoria: i'm not sure if you mean zack. >> victor: i mean everyone, my darling. they won't beat us. >> victoria: they can't go after a corpse, so they're coming after us for the financial link to the sex ring. but they can't prove that we were involved because we weren't involved. >> victor: [ groans ] there's a little wrinkle in this tragic saga. apparently the gun that was used to kill that zack fellow...


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