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Additional collections of scanned books, articles, and other texts (usually organized by topic) are presented here.

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This collection of 15 curriculum projects is the result of a summer seminar in China for teachers and scholars. Projects in the collection are: (1) "Perspectives on Modern Political/Social Issues in China" (Sandy Conlon); (2) "Ancient History X Projects/China" (Michael Corey); (3) "Education and Development: China, a Case Study" (Marcia J. Frost); (4) "Homo Erectus in China: Zhoukoudian and Peking Man" (Nancy Hazam); (5) "Getting to Know China and...
Topics: ERIC Archive, Area Studies, Asian History, Asian Studies, Chinese Culture, Clothing, Cultural...
This paper discusses Aboriginal English speakers in Australia, noting the importance of recognizing prior learning and of recognizing Aboriginal English within the context of programs that understand the particular areas where Aboriginal English speakers need support to achieve outcomes in standard English. It defines recognition of prior learning (learning from experience that children bring to their schooling, particularly when the experience has been in a speech community different from that...
Topics: ERIC Archive, Aboriginal Australians, Dialects, Elementary Secondary Education, English, Foreign...